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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


The #1 trending tweet on the website was a picture of Jiang Ci sleeping on Lu Yi on the plane, with tens of thousands of retweets and comments. The numbers continued to rise rapidly.

[I thought it was impossible for me to stan a real gay relationship until I saw this couple.]

[Who doesn’t like to see two beautiful guys together, kswl] 1

[It’s so sweet to let your partner sleep on your shoulder. I’m looking at them very respectfully. #blessed]

[Sure enough, everyone is just like me. At a glance, do you think the left side is the gong and the right side is the shou? ]

[So beautiful, amazing, I stan!! ]

[Since sister stans, I stan too. ]

[I want to be a beautiful man…]

[No, no, no, no, no, if their looks are this godlike and yet they haven’t entered the entertainment industry, it’s just outrageous. They’re trending. Media companies and studios are not paying close attention to it. They are going to scout these people and bring them to Xiangshan or Hengdian. They are filming 365 days a year! ]


Mostly, there were just positive comments, and only in the back row and few in number, there were the opposing voices.

[Everyone needs to chill. You know, some people look good when they cover half of their face, but not anymore when you see their whole face. ]

[+1, you don’t know what he looks like when he takes off the mask. You’re gonna cry once you find out he’s not as pretty. ]

[The one on the left is godlike, but the one on the right is wearing a mask with his eyes closed. Can you see if he looks good? Y’all reaching. ]

[Seriously, isn’t this shopped? The one on the left is a little unreal. It feels like CGI. ]

[You start with a picture, and the rest depends on editing. Sleeping next to each other makes them a couple? How? If they’re not like that, do you realize how much influence you have on others by making up rumors like this? It’s really gross to look at others like that. ]

Jiang Ci only casually scanned through the comments, his lover still clinging to him intimately. He really couldn’t care too much about other things, or later Lu Yi would say he was not focused again.

“We really have to go out, or we won’t make it to the musical.” Jiang Ci nudged Lu Yi, who was still hiding his face in Jiang Ci’s nape, “You’re responsible for my clothes.”

It was because of him that his shirt was so wrinkled.

“Hmm.” Lu Yi responded, he had added new hickeys to the side of Jiang Ci’s neck and was now satisfied.

Lu Yi rebuttoned those few shirt buttons that he had unbuttoned earlier, and then used his powers to smooth the shirt out easily.

“We won’t be late,” he said.

Jiang Ci quickly moved to leave the house, telling his lover on the way, “We were photographed on the plane, and Lin Ze just called me to tell me about it.”

Lu Yi replied, “Mn, I know.”

Jiang Ci did not mind it; even if it was trending, he didn’t care. Lu Yi’s attitude was similar, or he was very willing to let their relationship be open.

Still, there were some remarks he cared about.

“I just saw someone on there saying they think you don’t look good.” Luci’s face was expressionless. “Someone also said we might not be lovers.”

Jiang Ci smiled at him. “Online discussions are like this, there would be all kinds of comments.”

What Jiang Ci didn’t expect was that the power of netizens was really great; just as they were about to watch the show, his Twitter account was found.

Jiang Ci had not tweeted for aeons. His last tweet was promoting his company’s game. The increasing number of comments and private message alerts made him notice the change in his account’s situation.

Jiang Ci could not figure it out. In that photo, he was not showing his face, so how could they also find his Twitter account?

Jiang Ci frowned slightly and went to the bottom of the previous tweet, and saw a new comment that was linked to the photo—


At the end of the comment, there was a link to a picture. When he clicked on it, it was a photo of Jiang Ci sketching in a cafe, the angle of the picture making his face perfectly visible.

This comment was sent less than half an hour ago, but not only did the number of likes quickly grow closer to the first, the replies were in thousands.

[The actual beauty is really amazing, and I’m available.]

[Can +10086]

[This pair really is too eye-catching, following.]

[I’ll put it straight, I want to see them go to bed.]

[Sis, mood.]

The replies were running wildly in the NSFW direction, and Jiang Ci wordlessly curved his mouth and chose to ignore them.

Jiang Ci did not have to look at the ID to know that the OP had to be Lin Ze. As expected, Jiang Ci clicked on WeChat and saw the other party’s message to him half an hour ago.

“I give up. Have you seen Twitter? Give some reaction at least.”

“Shit, I knew you wouldn’t react. I can’t help it, some people talk too much.”

“I’m going to post your picture, I’ll give you ten minutes to stop me, if you don’t reply I’ll take it as your agreement.”

Jiang Ci, in these ten minutes, of course could not respond, so Lin Ze posted and linked his photo.

Jiang Ci was speechless.

At first, it didn’t seem like he needed to bother with it, but after seeing the large number of private messages and comments asking if he and Lu Yi were lovers or not, Jiang Ci thought about it and decided to wrap this up himself.

“Let’s take a photo together later.” Jiang Ci pondered, “And then… then let’s go buy a pair of rings, what do you think?” 

Jiang Ci just suddenly realized that he and Lu Yi were together but had no proof.

This type of thing was no longer important, but there still had to be some way to make up for it.

Lu Yi lowered his eyes to look at him, “Is it the kind of ring that only lovers would wear together?”

“Yes.” Jiang Ci nodded his head.

The next second, Jiang Ci saw an extremely faint smile appear on the other person’s face, “I’m very happy.”

When a person who was always outwardly cold suddenly softened his eyebrows a little, the contrast was extremely strong – especially when Lu Yi’s appearance was so good-looking, the smile was playing against the rules.

Jiang Ci cupped his face and said thoughtfully, “One person in the comments was quite right, you do look like the kind of person that can only be shaped with CGI. So unfair.”

The world’s will who fused to become a complete individual was truly a perfect creation, and it was because the external conditions were so perfect that it seemed unreal.

“I was created by you.” Lu Yi looked at him and stated, “Everything about me belongs to you.”

Jiang Ci couldn’t stop himself from blinking; Lu Yi lowered his head and gently kissed Jiang Ci’s earlobe, “My God.”

The combination of the kiss with this title suddenly sent a tingle of electricity up Jiang Ci’s spine.

Jiang Ci coughed and dragged the man towards the downtown shopping district to find a jewelry store that sold rings.

The young store assistant in the store was greeting each customer with a professional smile, but when she saw Jiang Ci and Lu Yi walk in together, she froze slightly.

As the shopper approached with a smile, Jiang Ci succinctly expressed his desire to purchase a pair of rings.

“A pair of rings is it.” The salesgirl took a few steps to the side, “How about these over here? If you’re not satisfied with the styles on display, we also have beautiful models that are not on display.”

Jiang Ci lowered his head to look, but a glance, he did not really like any of them. The assistant smiled and said, “The upper left corner of this is very popular with women, If you buy this, your girlfriend—”

“Boyfriend,” Jiang Ci interrupted her in time, determined not to give Lu Yi any chance to mess things up with his jealousy.

The salesgirl froze again, looked at Jiang Ci, and then at the handsome man standing next to Jiang Ci. A low ‘ah’ escaped her mouth before she snapped out of it.

“Sorry.” The shopper, though young, reacted quickly, and she put back on her smile, “You guys look good together.”

They did, and she couldn’t help but look at them a few more times as they walked side by side.

Jiang Ci smiled at her; not interested in any of the styles on display, he decided to ask for a custom design.

The custom-made rings were engraved with Lu Yi’s name on the one he was wearing and his name on the one Lu Yi was wearing.

It was like a statement of belonging.

After the ring arrived, Jiang Ci took a picture with Lu Yi as he had said before, and then took a picture of the two of them holding hands, with focus on the rings on their fingers. After sitting on the couch and doing this, Jiang Ci opened his Weibo account and sent out a Weibo post with these two photos.

The accompanying text were only two short words—

‘My future.’

Jiang Ci was thinking that he and Luci would become each other’s future when he posted these two words. Jiang Ci tossed his phone aside after posting the tweet, but basically he had only been tweeting for a few seconds when a steady stream of new comment alerts started up again.

[Oh my god, the main person responded! Heavenly!]

[I hope this Weibo will be updated with more of your daily photos.]

[I admit I’m a sucker for your faces! I can’t take it! Wishing 99x!]


Jiang Ci only inadvertently looked at a few of the notifications on the lock screen. Lu Yi was playing with his fingers at the moment; he said to Jiang Ci, “You know, there are countries where marriage is allowed between people of the same sex.”

This can’t even be said to be a hint, it was very straightforward. Jiang Ci raised his eyes, “Do you want to? I have no problem with that.”

It was not that difficult.

However, Jiang Ci was too naïve; the next second, Lu Yi’s follow-up question made his smile freeze.

“So, which personality would you prefer to be in charge at the time of the wedding?”

That question meant death.

Jiang Ci huffed, and with an erratic sound, he wordlessly picked up the book next to him and opened it, holding it up a bit more to shield his face, pretending to be reading a book in an attempt to avoid the question.

Lu Yi jerked the book out of his hand, then gazed at him silently.

“Six times …” Jiang Ci barely found a way to even out, “we can go to different countries and have six weddings.”

Jiang Ci finished his sentence, he himself thought this was really the best way.

Lu Yi was convinced. “Okay.”

Jiang Ci sighed with relief, now in a helpless and funny mood; this mood gradually settled down and turned into a warm feeling in his heart.

“I want to take a nap,” Jiang Ci said as he fell towards the person next to him, “Wake me up in an hour.”

Lu Yi lowered his eyes to look at him, “Mm-hmm.”

Until he fell asleep, Jiang Ci could feel the other person’s silent watchful gaze on him.

Jiang Ci was thinking that when he woke up, Lu Yi would still be looking at him like this.

In a future where he once could only see himself alone, there was now another person.

When being loved passionately, Jiang Ci suddenly realized that he wanted to be loved as much as anyone else, and didn’t like the feeling of being alone.

He understood belatedly that it was a very happy thing to be loved.

The author has something to say:

This is where the novel ends; thank you for your company.

After writing this, I also reflected on the novel’s shortcomings, mainly the core setting there are some problems, the rhetoric of this side of the upgradeable space basically no, itself in a very high position, so high that there are no enemies, all creatures like him.

The plot is difficult to appear cool, easy to weak, emotional line and repair field because of the same reason difficult to have too much ups and downs.

So choose to write a short story, it is better than having to write a long become bland as water.

I appreciate your understanding, and I accept some of the legitimate criticism in the comments.

I’ll say goodbye to you. OwO


The translator (Addis) has something to say:


Thank you all for sticking with me for this short novel. I know it is different from the author’s other novels since it’s not as cute and fluffy with small animals, but I still like the concept of the novel, though it did feel a bit rushed towards the end…..


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Translator Notes:

  1. kwsl means “it’s killing me.” that guy is so hot. He is killing me.


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February 7, 2021 3:57 pm

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Sue R
February 9, 2021 10:21 am

When I read this novel I like the perspective and consideration of the author. At the end it showed that being united can lead to successful which ias the fundamental of the society.

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hako ooyari
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