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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


It was as if the light was chasing after the man, a figure that one could not help but bet on even when standing casually. The youth was very good-looking by any aesthetic standard of any race.

His eyebrows were beautiful, his long eyelashes cast a small shadow under his eyes, and his lips seemed to smile lightly. His fair skin and a long, slender figure added to the impression, and regardless of gender, the dark-haired young man in front of Ivy’s eyes was the epitome of beauty.

The sarcastic curve on Ivy’s lips disappeared along with the abrupt stopping of his voice, and he flattened the corners of his lips for a moment, but quickly returned to his original form as he rose to catch a glimpse of the silver-haired Celestial following behind the youth.

Except for the fact that he did stop speaking abruptly just now, his expression was almost imperceptible of any emotional change.

As Jiang Ci took a few steps closer, he saw Ivy visibly frown. It was an obvious sign of resistance now, and Jiang Ci stopped in his tracks as he realized it.

The administrator of the Shadow Race seemed to have some resentment toward him.

Confirming Jiang Ci’s thoughts, Ivy turned his attention slightly away from them, and the side of his face, not covered by the mask, looked noble and cold, “Who told you to let the Celestials into Phantom?”

The question was addressed to the adjutant, and Arnold had the experience to choose to shut up and not answer. In fact, Ivy also knew that this matter had little to do with the other party, so Ivy didn’t pursue it much after the question.

Then he narrowed his eyes and grinned in mockery, “Don’t you feel it’s condescending to come to Phantom?”

Luci only gave him a faint glance, not moving at all. This glance, although not intentionally expressing anything, still made one feel the arrogance of the Celestial Race.

That was what Ivy hated most about the other party, the innate arrogance that he did not even know he had.

Jiang Ci had the vague feeling that there was a sudden conflict in the air, like two chemicals coming together, and leaving them unattended might produce some unknown reaction.

“Can you tell me your name?” Jiang Ci spoke out to break the mood, “Arnold didn’t tell me.”

The question seemed to step on a mine with precision, and Ivy pursed his lips for a moment.

The Shadow Race had a pale complexion and lighter lips, and were prone to an extra sense of fragility when they pursed their lips. However, there was nothing truly vulnerable about the Shadow Race, and with their special racial gifts, they had the ability to compete with the Celestials.

The pursing of his lips was unpleasant, but after a few seconds of silence, Ivy finally answered Jiang Ci’s question.

“Ivy,” he replied.

“Mm.” Jiang Ci smiled and quipped without leaving a trace, “A very nice name.”

Jiang Ci wrote down the name, temporarily unsure why Ivy was resisting him. After thinking about it, Jiang Ci thought that maybe it was because of the natural disasters…

In a world where natural disasters occur frequently and harshly, making it difficult for people of all races to live in a stable environment, “God” had been inactive for so many years. Some people would be dissatisfied with God’s inaction, and Jiang Ci thought it was only natural.

It was difficult for Jiang Ci to explain his inaction, but if it was said that he did not do it on purpose, this reason was too flimsy even if it was the truth.

What God’s smile and praise meant, Ivy didn’t want to think about. It was just a casual smile. It was just a perfectly ordinary compliment. Why should he regard them as special?

Is that the only reason he should keep his eyes on his opponent forever, like chasing an unreachable crescent moon? This was ridiculously stupid.

Ivy’s eyelids drooped and he appeared indifferent, the careless look on his face only increasing. Arnold’s blood pressure felt like it was going to skyrocket at the sight of his administrator’s face.

Shouldn’t you behave well before God at a time like this?!

What a great opportunity this is!

“Shouldn’t you be issuing instructions about this?” Arnold reminded the others, “How about you arrange temporary housing for God… and the Celestials? And the citizens of the city who reported their discomfort in the city, you were the one who treated them before, but now can you ask God to go with you?”

At the latter part of the sentence, Arnold looked at Jiang Ci with pleading eyes.

Before Jiang Ci nodded his head in agreement, Ivy said to his lieutenant, “You can decide this kind of matter directly with your authority.” The implication was that he didn’t want to bother. The next sentence he said was, “I will tend to the matters regarding the townspeople.”

It was also because of his ability to handle this that Ivy began by saying that the Shadow Race could continue to live even without God.

Arnold had no choice but to say after a careful thought, “Then, then, near the Emerald Bridge over…”

Ivy was silent and looked at him indifferently as Arnold was about to decide just that, “What about Atrium in Phantom?”

Atrium! Arnold woke up with a start, remembering this place with a sudden look.

Atrium was the place with the best environmental protection in the City of Night, and of course, it had the most beautiful and pleasant scenery. Arnold quickly made the necessary arrangements. 

Instead of following him, Jiang Ci decided to see the living conditions of the Shadow Race first.

While still on the floating ship, Jiang Ci asked Arnold to give him an overview of the current situation of the Shadow Race, and it didn’t sound very optimistic.

Leaving aside their special racial talents, in terms of magical energy amounts, the Shadow Race had a certain gap compared to the Celestial Tribe, so their city didn’t have a flawless defense barrier like Arsène.

However, the city had its own defense system, which could offset about 80% of the damage every time it faced a natural disaster. There was always a certain amount of building damage in the city, but this was not the reason for the bad situation.

The Shadow Race were inherently dark creatures in terms of their properties, and they were born with the ability to absorb and use the dark elements in their environment. Since centuries ago, when the sky was covered with thick blackness and the world turned dark, the percentage of darkness in the environment had been increasing, and this had not been good for the Shadow Race.

If the body was compared to a vessel, a vessel’s capacity was obviously limited, and when too many dark elements were passively absorbed, the Shadow Race’s body would naturally react badly. Until recently, the situation had been steady, but now it had become worse.

Words were not needed to convey the news of God’s arrival in the City of Night, as the open sky showed the news, but some of the Shadow Race’s citizens didn’t believe in the sky until Jiang Ci appeared in front of them in the flesh.

Phantom was not as prosperous as Arsène, but the city was doing well, and only in some places could one see traces of the natural disaster.

Jiang Ci intentionally went to the residential area, where the Shadow Race living there were apprehensive and excited about the arrival of God, and even the young Shadow Race were now grabbing the hem of their parents’ clothes and timidly peeking out from behind them.

At the sight of Jiang Ci, a blush of embarrassment appeared on the children’s faces.

The younger the Shadow Race was, the more susceptible they were to environmental influences. There were people among these children who were not feeling well, but they completely ignored the feeling and only gazed at the God in front of them with joyful admiration.

Jiang Ci gently touched a small curved horn on the head of a young Shadow Race member, “Is this better?”

The system said that his mind could affect the elements of the world, but Jiang Ci wasn’t sure if he was using that ability now.

“Hmm!” Feeling the pain being soothed, the young Shadow Race member lifted their heads and looked up to the gentle God cautiously, “Thank you.”

Jiang Ci allowed the excessive dark elements in his body to submissively dissolve. This method was working, Jiang Ci thought to himself, and he was able to help the Shadow Race out of its present situation.

Accompanying Jiang Ci and seeing the situation of the Shadow Race, the Celestials following Jiang Ci didn’t say anything along the way.

It was true that the Celestial Race usually did not pay attention to other races, and they did not know much about the living conditions of others. They also didn’t think that the Shadow Race would encounter such great difficulties because of the elemental changes in the environment.

If they had been faced with the same things as the Shadow Race, the Celestials who came to Phantom probably would not have been so silent, and their silence at this time was partially due to their empathy for what they were seeing. They can accept God’s attention to the Shadow Race now, but they would not surrender Him with the Shadow Race back in good condition.

The Shadow Race who had a medical condition that was counted as a case would go to a specially designated medical area to be treated, and no one else was in charge of healing them but Ivy.

“Okay.” Also with simple contact, Ivy touched the next person’s arm, “You’re good to go.”

The Night Clan didn’t really know how Ivy solved the problem in them, but with just this touch, their health did improve quickly.

“Lord Ivy, this is for you.” The two Shadow Race children each carried a bouquet of flowers over, raising big smiles, “Thank you very much for healing our mother.”

Ivy took the flowers and set them aside, dropping his eyes to them and saying, “Mn, go back.”

The two children were very obedient, and it was clear that Ivy was very trusted and loved by the townspeople in Phantom. After treating today’s number, Ivy stood by the window and raised his hand to the half of the mask that covered the left side of his face.

The pain increased.

The Shadow Race’s skin was already slightly pale, but Ivy seemed a bit more sickly now, enduring the familiar pain without a word. By “healing,” Ivy was actually just absorbing and transferring the overflow of dark elements from others to himself, and it was putting a corresponding strain on him.

If he hadn’t transferred this load to himself, the discomfort of the Shadow Race would have been much earlier and more severe. But even as an administrator, there was a limit to the load one can carry.

Before the limit was reached… Ivy pursed his lips.

Just then, Jiang Ci, who had found this place with directions from the others, happened to see Ivy’s look and asked subconsciously, “Is there something wrong?”

Ivy’s hand dropped momentarily, and for a second his expression returned to normal, “No.”

“Really?” Jiang Ci asked an additional question.

Had there been no follow-up question, Ivy would not have reacted after ending the sentence with the words he had just spoken. But when he heard the follow-up question, he didn’t know if he was suddenly motivated by something indescribable, he said in a rather stiff tone, “Do you care about me, too?”

The moment the words were said, Ivy even had the urge to use the Shadow Race’s natural ability to turn back time a few seconds.

In fact, he didn’t know what kind of answer he really wanted to hear.


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