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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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Before the Shadow Race came to Arsène, the Celestial Clans were happily discussing the beautification of the city, and had already begun to put it into practice. Since God had come to Arsène, the Celestials residing in the Sky City could be said to be motivated to the max, showing unprecedented unity for a common goal.

Hearing that the Celestial Race was studying ways to beautify the city for his sake, Jiang Ci raised his eyes, “Arsène is fine as it is, and I am not dissatisfied with anything.” And then added, “So don’t do anything special.”

Jiang Ci was now in the huge, towering white clock tower on the upper level of the city, which made the Celestials who staffed the tower leap visibly, “Everyone wants to do this voluntarily.”

“We want you to see a more beautiful city.”

That was the main reason. Beyond that, there was another reason.

They wanted to announce to the other races with a more prosperous city that God would choose the Celestial race as a matter of course. The Celestial Race looked like they were in a good mood, and Jiang Ci opened his mouth and finally didn’t dissuade them.

Jiang Ci was very comfortable with social interactions, but was not good at dealing with the one-way giving of others. Jiang Ci had always felt that unconditional giving like this, when he just wanted someone to be happy, was rare and precious, and those who could get it were lucky.

Still, not having it did not mean misfortune, it just required a little more independence than the average person.

The Shadow Race arrived in Arsène a week later. The preparation took a day, the rest was voyage time.

The territories of the Shadow Race and the Celestial Tribe were very far apart; they were not on the same continent and were separated from each other by the deep blue sea with raging tides. Given the current level of civilization development in the world, vehicles similar to the airplane in Jiang Ci’s original world have already been invented.

On this side of the world, these vehicles were called floating airships.

The maximum speed of a float ship ias actually comparable to that of an aircraft in the Jiang Ci original world, but due to the many storms formed by elemental disturbances during the journey, the float ship had to sacrifice a certain amount of speed in order to improve its defense, so the journey time was relatively long.

When the Shadow Race’s float ships entered the airspace hundreds of kilometers away from the Sky Tribe’s territory, Arnold saw a very different sky.

The clear blue of this sky and the dangerous black on the other side were like the division of two worlds, which Arnold had observed with magic before but was still shocked to see with his own eyes. The serenity and peace of the elements in the surroundings was proof that God was here.

The entrance to the Celestial Race’s city was on the lowest level, and when the Shadow Race’s floating ship approached the entrance to the city, the Celestial Race guards were immediately alerted.

The relationship between the Shadow Race and the Celestial Race was not good, as the two races had fought the hardest in the war seventeen hundred years ago. In the many years that followed, although the two races no longer fought, they seldom interacted with each other, so it was clear why the Shadow Race was suddenly visiting.

—For God.

“No one is eligible to enter this city, and you are not welcome in Arsène.” The Celestial in charge of vetting the eligibility for entry was mercilessly given a no-entry line.

Arnold simply snorted, “You think we’d like to come here? If it weren’t for seeing God, we wouldn’t even want to go near this continent.” The word ‘seeing God’ stimulated the nerves of the Celestial race present very precisely.

The other raised his jaw, “God doesn’t want to see you.”

“God didn’t say that,” Arnold denied. “You don’t want us to see God because you’re afraid that God won’t see you after he sees us.”

“That’s funny.” The Celestial looked at him with a cold face, “The first place God chose to come was our Celestial city.”

Arnold continued in denial, “That doesn’t mean anything.”

“Then why do you think God didn’t choose your city?”

There was no possibility of agreement between the two races on this matter, and the atmosphere was visibly tense and getting worse.

“Beep! There are people of other races visiting the city, and there will likely be a conflict at the lower level entrance. The host is advised to stop this.”

Jiang Ci’s eyelids jumped at the prompt.

“Luci. “Jiang Ci looked to the silver-haired Celestial standing not far from him, “Are there people of other races coming to Arsène?”

“Yes.” Luci replied, “It’s the Shadow Race.”

Luci wouldn’t volunteer to say this to Jiang Ci, but he wouldn’t lie if Jiang Ci asked.

“The person in charge of managing the city’s facilities reported that Arsène was not able to receive visitors at this time due to all the elevators being out of order.”

Jiang Ci was speechless. 

The three brothers looked alert as they were allowed to enter the palace. Shaya and his two brothers looked at Jiang Ci with eyes wide open, because they didn’t want God to be snatched away by people from other races.

God had just promised them that He would visit their school tomorrow. Ever since the arrival of God, every student in the school was very serious about their studies, including Shaya of course, who never skipped classes anymore.

Even though the content of the course couldn’t catch up with his study progress, Shaya now went to class obediently so his attendance sheet would look good.

If only he could get full attendance for the semester and get a perfect score in all subjects, it would be nice to have God praise him.

This was what Shaya was trying to achieve.

Jiang Ci coughed under the gaze of these four sets of eyes, “… Let them in.”

Luci’s demeanor didn’t seem to change, and he obeyed Jiang Ci’s words, “Yes.”

Even if it was true, reaching the upper level of the city was not a difficult task for most of the Shadow Race, who made their way to Jiang Ci in front of the unfriendly eyes of the Celestials. Unlike their behavior at the entrance of the lower level, the Shadow Race members who came to Jiang Ci appeared to be very humble and respectful.

The eyes they gazed at Jiang Ci were not different from those of the Celestials; they were both as bright as if they had fallen into a sea of stars, but they were also swayed with various kinds of nervousness because they were seeing him for the first time.

Even though there was the administrator of the Celestial Race standing next to God, Arnold still firmly stated the purpose of his visit, “God, would you please come back to the City of Night with us?”

Completely lacking the confidence he had when dealing with others, Arnold bowed his head to the God above him, “Due to the overabundance of dark elements in the environment, some of the people of the Shadow Race are reacting with discomfort and those with weaker immunity may even be sick. Where you are, the elements will quickly return to balance, so I would like to request that you come back with us….”

The reason sounded very legitimate, but Shaya couldn’t help but pout; he didn’t want God to go to the cities of other races. It hadn’t been more than a few days since God had arrived in Arsène, and the beautification of their city hadn’t been completed, and he hadn’t been praised by God, either.

Jiang Ci felt a little numb from the stares of both races at the same time.

“You said before that you would visit our school tomorrow,” Shaya said this in an odd way.

Jiang Ci knew that if he left Arsène, the Celestials who were busy setting up the city would be in a bad mood, and it was with this situation in mind, Jiang Ci thought he should stay in the city for a short time.

But now, the situation could not wait any longer.

“I’ll visit tomorrow and leave afterwards.” First of all, he can’t break his promise. Jiang Ci stroked the hair of the three brothers, “At that time, you all will help me tell the others that I’m looking forward to seeing a different Arsène when I come back, okay?”

That should calm the Celestial’s mood a bit, Jiang Ci thought.

Not being able to interfere with God’s decision, Shaya finally nodded obediently, “Okay.”

After coaxing the three brothers, Jiang Ci turned his head to look at the most difficult target.

“Luci…” How to coax this one, Jiang Ci was at a loss for words for a while.

The main reason was that the other party’s expression remained unchanged throughout the discussion, which made it a bit difficult for Jiang Ci to distinguish whether he cared at all or not. If he didn’t care that much, then it would be counterproductive for him to say any more.

Without waiting for Jiang Ci to reconsider, Luci spoke up and said, “I will go with you.”

Jiang Ci looked at him with an unspoken question.

There seemed to be something wrong with this result. Intuition made Jiang Ci feel a little bit cautious about it, but as things stood, he obviously couldn’t say no. The end result was that Jiang Ci took an airship to the Phantom Race the next day, accompanied by Luci and a small group of Celestials with four wings.

For Arnold, although the return trip was not planned with the extra Celestials, the goal of his trip was still accomplished.

At the normal speed of the floating ship, excluding storm-related damage to the hull, the round trip to and from the Phantom City and Arsène should take about two weeks.

Arnold returned on the ninth day, which was much shorter than the normal round trip time.

Receiving the news that the adjutant had returned to the city, Ivy didn’t really care, he lifted his hand to touch the mask that fit on the left side of his face and continued to attend to government affairs while waiting for his confident adjutant to return with a wailing face.

Oh, of course he was not going to comfort the other man, no snide remarks were the least of his tenderness.

The reason Arnold came back so quickly was that they had not encountered even the smallest of elemental storms on their return trip, as Jiang Ci had sat on their floating ship during the trip. The black skies where the floating ship passed by were like a mark directly erased by an eraser, and the restless elements in the air became very peaceful after being calmed down, turning gentle when they surrounded Jiang Ci.

The floating ship landed at Ivy’s private residence, and when Ivy heard the sliding door in his study, the corner of his mouth curved up in mockery.

“How about this? Do you need me to give you… a couple of days off….” The last few words didn’t come out, and Ivy’s voice came to an uncontrollable halt as he raised his eyes to see the dark-haired young man who had stepped through the door with his deputy.


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