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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Augusta sat on the sofa in the living room in silence while coolly looking through a newly sent Academic Journal of the magic world. What bothered him was that he couldn’t read a word. The proper nouns, which were already quite obscure and difficult to understand, were like an alien language that made his mind swell. And it was all because Kyfayar was moving around like a bee — not only as industrious as a bee, but also buzzing like a bee.

“Lord Augusta, would you like some tea?”

“Lord Augusta, would you like a snack?”

“Lord Augusta, would you like a blanket?”

“Lord Augusta, may I open the window?”

“Lord Augusta…”

The magician threw his journal over. “So much noise! Shut up! Can’t you be quiet for a while?”

Kyfayar zipped his mouth and said he would shut up. He helped Augusta get the journal back (as the clever retriever would do, Augusta muttered in his heart), got close to the magician, pecked him on the lip without any permission, and then flew into the kitchen before Augusta got angry.

Augusta covered his mouth and blushed, “How dare you!” 

Kyfayar poked his head out of the kitchen, “Aren’t we dating? What’s wrong with a kiss?”

“Who allowed you to speak?”

Kyfayar grimaced, his tail wagging like a whirling electric fan. Augusta thought bitterly that when the next batch of herbs arrived, he would immediately go into the alchemy laboratory and shut himself in to produce the potion to do away with the wolf’s ears and tail. In this way, he would never have to see the hairy tail swinging in front of him. It was as if even the tip of his heart had been scratched by the tail.

Ding Dong——

The doorbell rang. Augusta sat still, “Kyfayar, open the door!”

The young werewolf hopped to the door. Before he could open it, the doorbell rang again. The visitor was too impatient to wait.

He opened the door, thinking that it was either Quentina or Mr. Leopold, or even the unicorn (which part of his body did he use to ring the doorbell?) that was in a rush to run into the house and take a bath The result was unexpected — the visitor was a strange young man.

“Ah, are you…”

The young man on the other side had black hair, which was different from the ordinary person’s shade of black. His hair had more of a dark purple tinge, like some strange metal. At first glance, he seemed to be about the same age as Kyfayar, but after a while, Kyfayar felt that he might be much older than him and just looked younger. The young man’s expression was indifferent and showed a trace of impatience. 

Facing Kyfayar who came to meet him, he did not show any gentle expression on his face, as if Kyfayar was just a sculpture in front of the door. Kyfayar felt that the young man looked more like a sculpture. His face was very deep, like the ideal man carved by a sculptor. No one could look at it. 

If there was anything unusual about him, it was his eyes, which were also quite different from ordinary people. His iris were amber gold, and the pupils were spindle shaped like lizards. Once one noticed his eyes, they couldn’t help but find it creepy. In fact, Kyfayar was so scared that the hair on his tail exploded up.

“Is Lord Augusta, the great mage, here?” The young man asked indifferently.

“Yes. Who are you? What can I do for you? Hello, Hello, wait a minute!”

Hearing Kyfayar say, “Yes,” the young man rudely pushed Kyfayar away and went straight into the house without changing out his shoes. He came with a huge suitcase, which he left at the door. Kyfayar didn’t know whether to drive him away, or to welcome him in. He was stunned at the entrance. At last, he could only call out, “Lord Augusta! Someone is looking for you!”

The young man walked into the living room and quickly scanned the surrounding environment, as if he were a soldier looking for favorable terrain to use on the battlefield. Augusta raised his head from his academic journal of magic and looked at the young man who had walked up to his door and sat down on the sofa opposite him in a casual manner, as if he were the master of the room.

Augusta hesitantly looked = at the youth and then at Kyfayar in the distance. “Your acquaintance?”

Kyfayar exclaimed, “Isn’t this your acquaintance?”

“What a joke! I don’t know this man at all!”

“What? I thought he was your friend, seeing how he was so familiar with this place.”

“How could I have such a friend?”

Their gaze turned to the youth. The youth had crossed his legs and was tapping his fingers on his knees rhythmically, like a customer sitting in a restaurant, waiting for the waiter to serve his food.

“Are you Augusta Hollich?”

It’s just baffling! Augusta screamed in his heart. Why did a stranger break into my house early in the morning like an old friend I’ve known for many years? Where the hell did this guy come from? What’s the matter with Kyfayar? How can you let strangers in?

He slammed the journal and threw it aside.

“I’m Augusta Hollich. Who are you?”

“You don’t have to know my name.”

…Fuck you! Augusta sweared.

“Well, what can I do for you? I’ve always had a bad face for strangers who rashly break into my house.” Augusta said darkly.

“I have come to seek your help.”

What’s your attitude of asking for help?! Augusta held back his anger towards the young stranger, and said sarcastically, “You don’t look like you’re asking for help at all.”

The young man glanced at him strangely, as if to say, ‘I have condescended to your house. What else do you want?’ There was a sweet smell in Augusta’s throat.

“If there is nothing important, I will ask you to leave!” He threatened.

The young man stopped beating his fingers on his knees. “The great mage is well-informed. You must have heard stories like ‘the dragon takes the princess’.”

“…Yes, but is there any connection?”

“The dragon captures the princess, and the king asks the warriors in the world for help. Whoever can save the princess will get a large reward. The warrior will not only defeat the dragon, save the princess, win the reward, but also win the heart of the princess.”

“I know. But what is the connection?”

“That’s why I came to you for help.”

Augusta’s brain was working fast. The dragon caught a princess, the king looked for a warrior, and the warrior defeated the dragon… Oh, wait a minute. Since this young man was asking for help, was he playing the role of the king in the story?

“You mean a woman around you was caught by a dragon, so you want me to help you get her out?”

“…No.” The young man looked pitifully at Augusta as if he were mentally retarded.

“What the hell do you mean then?”

“A man shamelessly broke into my house and I couldn’t get rid of him. I think I’ll have to live with you before it’s settled. I have all of my luggage here. Let your werewolf servant bring it in. There is nothing I can do. I can only ask the great mage Augusta for help. Please drive the man away for me.”

“Isn’t it your problem?”

The young man looked pitifully at Augusta again. “…No.”

The magician had a splitting headache. Is this guy psychotic? The real sense of mental illness is not Kyfayar’s kind of people who go crazy. In a word, first of all, stabilize him. It’s terrible for a mental patient to get sick! By the way, we have to call the police to see if there is a missing person reported in the nearby area recently!

“Oh, Kyfayar, bring this gentleman’s luggage in.” Augusta exclaimed with an affectation.

Kyfayar muttered, lifting the suitcase that the youth had left at the door. He thought it was just an ordinary box with some clothes in it, but he didn’t expect the box to be so heavy! He yelled, and the box fell to the ground with a heavy, muffled sound.

“What’s in your suitcase? A box of big stones?” Kyfayar wailed as he picked up the box again. He did not walk two steps when he heard a ‘hiss’ sound. The box itself could not bear the weight of the objects inside and the whole child cracked open! A pile of glittering things slipped out of the box and almost blinded Kyfayar!

“Are these… gold coins? So many gold coins? A box of gold coins?” Kyfayar exclaimed.

Augusta immediately prepared a defense spell. He thought the young man could not be a mental patient but was a robber. He ran to his house just after robbing the bank. What would the police do if they thought they were accomplices? No, as a law-abiding citizen, he should call the police immediately!

The youth looked at the gold coins lightly, “Don’t panic, these are all mine.”


“My legal private property. Is it strange to take some cash on a trip?”

“It’s not strange to go out with cash, but it’s strange to bring a whole box of gold coins!”

The young man sighed, “Well, that’s it. I can only tell the truth. In fact, I am a dragon.”

An awkward silence ensued.

The youth didn’t care about their glares and said lightly, “I’m a dragon. A man broke into my nest rudely and even hung onto me shamelessly. I had no choice but to come here and ask for help from the great mage Augusta.”

“Wait, wait! Since you are a dragon, why couldn’t you drive away a human? I can’t. You could have just killed him.”

The young man’s face showed a look of surprise, “What era is it now? How can I kill people casually? That’s a crime!”

You are a good law-abiding dragon!

“What kind of princess was captured by the dragon? What does it have to do with your predicament?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve heard that you human beings like to beat around the bush. You have to say something that seems irrelevant but relevant before you get down to business. That’s why I talked about the story of the dragon taking the princess.”

“You misunderstand mankind!”

“Am I? But our conversation went smoothly…”

“What a success! No, why on earth did you ask me for help? Can’t you call the police? No, no, there seems to be no police in charge of the dragon people in the world…”

“Because the man who broke into my nest has a special status. It is said that only Augusta Hollich can match him in the world. Otherwise, I would not have traveled all the way to such a remote country…”

Augusta suddenly had an ominous premonition, “What’s the name of the intruder?”

The dragon said a name. Augusta didn’t find it strange to know that it was him. That guy was only someone who could do this!


“He’s a magician like you. He’s called the great mage Cavaldien.”


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January 17, 2021 1:52 pm

Kyfayar is literal puppy dog boyfriend.
Looking back at the cover picture, now we miss only the black unicorn in the story.

January 17, 2021 11:13 pm

😲😲😲cavaldien lover ran to augusta

January 17, 2021 11:31 pm

That’s a unexpected turn of events. Cavaldien actually broke into a dragon’s nest and the said dragon came to Augusta for help in getting rid of the said mage. I kind of knew that sooner or later Cavaldien would appear but disturbing a dragon?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 15, 2021 11:01 pm

I’d believe the dragon, but he seems as nutty as all the other creatures so I’m sure there’s more to it. But Cavaldien still seems like a total jerk.

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