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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“But some things can’t be shared! It’s like the one cup from the magic challenge and the numerous mage disciples. There is and only one person can get it!”

“If it is a thing I can’t share with you, it must not be a good thing! I don’t want that kind of thing! There are thousands of beautiful things in the world. Why not leave them alone and pursue something else?”

“Because those things are very important to me! There are thousands of people in the world. Who knows if you will one day think they are more important and give up on me?”

“That can’t happen, because I like you! What’s the point of pursuing those things if you give up on your word?”

Augusta interrupted, “That’s enough! I’ve heard enough! It doesn’t make sense! I shouldn’t have said that to you at all! Get out of here!”

Kyfayar bit his lips as he stared at Augusta. 

The magician repeated, “Get out! What are you still doing here?”

Kyfayar released his hand. Augusta was finally free. He immediately retreated to the center of the bed and pulled up the quilt to cover himself. However, Kyfayar did not leave obediently. He grabbed Augusta by the shoulder and kissed the magician’s lips.

Augusta froze. He instinctively pushed, but Kyfayar didn’t move and held him tightly. Once he was out of the chair, he was all over Augusta. Who knows if it was due to Augusta being ill and weak that he didn’t use his magic on the werewolf. Kyfayar forced open his teeth, stuck his tongue in and licked his upper jaw. The feeling of numbness ran up the spine and made Augusta shudder.

He didn’t know what to do. If it was in the past, he would have beaten Kyfayar and taught him a good lesson. Now he didn’t want to do so. He didn’t want to do anything. He just wanted to let this moment last forever. He didn’t have to think about anything or worry about anything. The kiss was tough but gentle, and the feeling of their intertwined lips and tongues was very strange, but it made him shiver happily. Then he gave up his resistance and let Kyfayar kiss him deeply.

When he was almost out of breath, Kyfayar let go of him. Augusta covered his red and swollen lips, and his shoulders were trembling. He was not sure whether he felt cold or was angry.

“You… Wanton…” His vocal cords twitched, and he could hardly finish a sentence, “Get out of here! I don’t want to see you again!”

“I will not go! Even if you drive me away, I won’t go!”

“You! You! Turn around!”

Kyfayar was stunned, “What are you doing?”


Kyfayar somehow turned around and lay in bed with his back to Augusta. Augusta hugged him from behind, arms around his chest, forehead against his back, hugging him like a koala holding an eucalyptus tree.

Kyfayar’s heart was pounding. Could Lord Augusta detect that his heart was racing? After a long time, there was a faint sound like the buzz of a mosquito.

“Don’t go, Kyfayar…”

There was a sob in the voice. Kyfayar felt the back of his clothes become wet.

“Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me alone…”

He couldn’t say a word. Something choked up in his throat, making him not only unable to speak, but also become breathless. He could only hold Augusta’s hand with the ring against his chest and whisper, “Mn, I’m not going.”

Lord Augusta had been cheated and betrayed, and had such a sad past. But now everything was different. Lord Augusta had him. Kyfayar seemed to understand why Lord Cavaldien sent him to Augusta. Did he feel guilty, or was he trying to atone? No, it didn’t matter. The important thing was that he was here, with Augusta. He would do his best to take care of him, protect him, and make his day comfortable, full and happy.

The sobbing from behind him eventually stopped, and Augusta’s breathing became steady and regular. He must have fallen asleep. Kyfayar enjoyed being hugged by Augusta for a while, then carefully pulled the magician’s arm away and placed a pillow in his arms. Augusta didn’t wake up. He threw his arm around the pillow and turned over. He mumbled a few words that no one could understand. He fell into a deep sleep.

Kyfayar tucked in his quilts and brushed aside the magician’s messy brown hair. Augusta’s eyes were stained with tears, but his eyebrows were no longer furrowed. Kyfayar hoped that he had put down the burden of his heart and that wouldn’t worry even in his sleep.

He bent down and kissed Augusta on the corner of his eye, “Good night, my Lord.” Then, he took the tableware from the head cabinet and quietly left the room.

The next day, Kyfayar went to wake Augusta up with a cup of hot black tea. On entering the room, the bed was empty and Augusta was sitting in front of the window in his thin pajamas, gazing out into the distance. The cold wind was pouring into the bedroom from the wide open window.

Kyfayar screamed as he quickly put down the teacup, and ran to close the window. He scolded, “How can you sit by the window in just your pajamas? It is very cold! You are still ill!”

Augusta’s mouth curled and he turned his head. “I’m all right.”

Kyfayar suspiciously put his palm against Augusta’s forehead. The magician subconsciously shrunk back before allowing him to do so. Kyfayar said, “Mmm.” Augusta’s forehead was no longer hot, and the heat had miraculously subsided. Aside from looking a little haggard, and ill groomed by his illness, Augusta looked completely normal.

But Kyfayar was still worried. “Maybe it’s just a temporary relief from the fever. You’d better go back to bed and lie down. “

“…I said I’m okay.”

Kyfayar took out the momentum he had learned from Quentina and said in a strong voice, “No! What if you fall ill again? At least take another day off to make sure that the cold will not recur before getting up and moving!”

Augusta tugged at his pajamas and, sulking, turned his head in the opposite direction to Kyfayar as he said something indistinctly. Kyfayar cocked up his ears, “What did you say?”

“I said, I’ve been thinking since I opened my eyes today…” He dropped his head, and the more he spoke, the lower his voice got. Kyfayar had to concentrate on his words, “We… Do you want to… Try to date?”

The hair on Kyfayar’s tail stood up. He couldn’t believe his ears! Did Lord Augusta just say something explosive? Was he dreaming?

“I seem to have heard it wrong…”

“You heard me right.”

“Are you talking about the ‘date’ that I know of?” Kyfayar looked dreamy.

Augusta’s head dropped lower. Kyfayar saw the blush spread from his cheek to the base of his ears. “If you don’t want to.” He muttered quickly.

“No! I do! I’d love to!” Kyfayar hugged Augusta and shook the magician’s body violently. He picked him up off the ground and spun around three times.

“I must be dreaming! Sob! How could I dream of such a beautiful thing! Give me a slap and tell me it’s not a dream!”

Augusta nodded but instead of slapping him, he grabbed Kyfayar’s tail and pulled it hard.

“Ow!” Kyfayar was so tearful with pain that he exclaimed, “Stop pulling! It hurts! I know it’s true! Not a dream! Please don’t drag!”

“Hmph.” Augusta, looking unhappy, went back to bed and under the quilt.

Kyfayar rubbed his buttocks, and his tail drooped weakly. He thought that it was reasonable for human beings to lose their tails in the process of evolution. The tail was a great weakness!

“That… What should I do? I mean, since we… Should there be a change?” He asked sheepishly.

Augusta squinted, “Just as usual.”

“Oh… I’ll bring breakfast later.”

With that, Kyfayar went forward in high spirits and gave Augusta a kiss on the cheek. The magician, though unhappy, did not say reject it. Kyfayar danced on his way down the stairs, and people who didn’t know what had happened would have thought he was performing a musical.

Lord Augusta accepted him! Lord Augusta accepted him! He never dreamed that this day would come true! Today’s air seemed to be particularly fresh, the weather was also particularly refreshing, the unicorn even looked particularly cute today, and even today’s doorbell sounded particularly pleasant.

“Doorbell!” Kyfayar knocked on his head. He was so happy that he almost ignored the doorbell. He hurried to the gate and opened the door. Outside the door stood a skeleton in a black cloak who was carrying a bucket. Several suitcases were stacked at the skeleton’s feet. Kyfayar recognized that the suitcases were the ones they had left in the forest. They forgot to go back and get it!

“Er… You are Mr. Landlord?” Kyfayar hesitated. The skeleton looked similar to him, and God knows if it was Mr. Leopold, the landlord of the vacation home.

“Do you have facial blindness?” The skeleton asked.

“It is Mr. Leopold! What can I do for you since you have come all the way here?”

“I found you left your luggage in the forest.” The skeleton said, “After you left, I calmed down and thought about it carefully, and found that it was wrong on my part. After all, you are tenants who have paid. Even if my suspension bridge got damaged, I should have found a lawyer to deal with it. I shouldn’t have just swept you out of the house. Besides, Mr. Augusta was ill. Then I found out that the suspension bridge had been fixed — I guess it was done by magic — and your luggage was left by the bridge. So I brought the luggage to you.”

What an unexpected result! Kyfayar thought they would never see the skeleton landlord again, but he didn’t expect such an adventure.

“Thank you very much! Come in quickly. You must be tired…” Kyfayar didn’t know if skeletons could get tired, but it was certainly right to be polite.

“No, no, has Mr. Augusta not recovered yet? I’m sorry to disturb him. Please accept this gift. Mr. Augusta doesn’t hate this, does he?” The skeleton handed Kyfayar the bucket in his hand. The bucket was full of live fish. Kyfayar remembered that there was a pond near the cottage. They had planned to go fishing. Unfortunately, Augusta had fallen ill and the plan could not be completed.

“I think he likes fish very much.” Kyfayar asked, “How did you get here? We didn’t say mention our address…”

“I knew the Hollichs lived in Radier, Hollic County, so I went to the town to ask the local residents. When I talked about Augusta, they knew who he was.”

Kyfayar imagined Mr. Skeleton holding a passer-by on the street and asking him, “Do you know where the great mage Augusta Hollich lives?” The passer-by shivered with fear and had to tell the truth. 

“Did you just go to town so casually…”

“There’s a Zombie Parade or something in town. A lot of people are dressed up strangely so I didn’t look very conspicuous. People also praised me for my superb make-up and perfect dressing! I don’t quite understand what they mean, but it should be a compliment?”

“Well… It should be. I don’t know.” Kyfayar commented. The two exchanged greetings for a while. Then the skeleton landlord left and said that he would go to the town to have a good look at the so-called “Zombie Parade”. Kyfayar waved him off and carried the luggage into the house. Just as he was about to close the door, the unicorn suddenly appeared at the door.

“What did the skeleton give you?” There was an excited light in his eyes, “Can I have it?”

“A bucket of live fish. Would you like to eat? Why, don’t you eat grass?”

“Hum! Poor skeleton! Some fish. Does he think we are beggars? Can’t we afford fish? I don’t know how to send some good ones!”

“You have the face to say! If you hadn’t stepped on the suspension bridge, we would have still been living in the vacation home. Not only eat them, we could have even fished in person! What’s more, you forgot to bring our luggage back and let them lie in the forest for so long.”


“How could I bring back our luggage? I don’t have any hands, you idiot!”


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January 16, 2021 3:15 pm

Ahhhh!! THEY ARE NOW OFFICIALLY DATING! I can’t wait to see more lovey-dovey scenes! Thanks for the chapter! ^^

January 16, 2021 4:24 pm

Now that we are over the tsun tsun, it’s time for some dere dere *.✧。*゚♡

January 17, 2021 3:46 am

Good for you Kyfayar. It is said that wolves mate for life. I don’t think werewolves are any different, so Augusta doesn’t have to worry about Kyfayar leaving him. I’m looking forward to more, since it seems that Augusta’s farm is about to gain another creature. 😆😉

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 17, 2021 10:26 pm

Omg…augusta is the tsundere now🤣🤣🤣

April 1, 2021 1:35 am

Yay! However, I’m now wondering whether there wasn’t in fact, an ulterior motive to Cavaldien sending Kyfayar to Augusta (unbeknownst to Kyfayar)… like suddenly demanding him back. I’m sure he expected them to bond. Overly pessimistic I hope.
Thank you for the chapter.

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