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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Throughout the morning, Augusta was restless like a caged beast, pacing in the living room, and checking the clock every few minutes. Whenever Kyfayar looked out at him from the kitchen, Augusta would already be on the other side of the room in a span of seconds. Every time he thought of Augusta, there was a small fire in his body, which filled his internal organs, again and again, making him feel like he was going to explode.

He is in such a hurry because he is waiting for Miss Lilianna, but he still says that they are not lovers… Kyfayar thought bitterly. He must be one of those careless men who often appear in literary and artistic works, who has a favorite but doesn’t know it. Oh, how lucky the witch is to have the admiration of a man like Augusta! Kyfayar unconsciously grabbed his apron with both hands, and jealousy seemed to gnaw at his heart.

Towards noon, the telephone in the study rang. Augusta ran like a monk inspired by heaven. Kyfayar originally wanted to follow him secretly, but finally gave up. He guessed that it must have been Miss Lilianna. If he heard Augusta’s intimate words on the phone with Miss Lilianna, he would go crazy!

Soon, Augusta came back. The anxieties that had previously pervaded him had all dissipated and were replaced by gloomy disappointment.

“Lord? What’s the matter with you?” Kyfayar jumped out of the kitchen.

Augusta gave him a listless look and quickly moved away. “Lilianna said she couldn’t come today.”

This must be a revelation from heaven!!! Suddenly, Kyfayar’s head was covered with heat, and he felt that the sun was shining on his head.

Of course, no matter how stupid Kyfayar was, he must never let his joy be expressed in his words. Otherwise, Lord Augusta would think that he was gloating and would not pay any more attention to him. So he made a look of shock and regret, “How did this happen?”

“I don’t know… In the past, if she didn’t have time, she would have given a notice in advance, but today…” Augusta rubbed his head anxiously, messing up his carefully groomed hair. Kyfayar was in a hurry and wanted to help the magician pull his hair back. “Last week, Lilianna said she was going to her old classmate’s wedding. Maybe the wedding was postponed? Or something unexpected happened? I don’t know. She doesn’t seem to want to say more, and I can’t ask too.”

“Ah. Are you sure she won’t come?”

“Mn, I’m sure.”

“In that case, I’ll start to prepare for lunch.” Kyfayar immediately rubbed his hands, “but it’s a little late now. You will have to wait a little longer than usual…”

“No need!” Augusta said.

Kyfayar was stunned, “Ah?” Did this make Lord Augusta so disappointed that he wanted to go on a hunger strike?

The magician lowered his head, put his hands in his pockets, and as if brewing something, kicked his foot against the floor. After a few seconds, he coughed quickly and said, “I don’t want to eat your food.”

Kyfayar didn’t hear him, “What did you say?”

The magician turned his head and exclaimed, “Let’s go out to eat!” He walked to the porch without looking back, his steps heavy enough to create holes on the floor. “Are you coming or not?”

Kyfayar’s eyes widened. If he was in his wolf state, his tail would have started to sway from side to side. He quickly followed him to the porch, before turning back and hurriedly taking off his apron, “I’m coming! Please wait for me, sir!”

Augusta’s house was located on a low hill, surrounded by a dense forest. It took about twenty minutes to walk along the road through the forest to come to a small town called Radier. Radier was not as glamorous as a metropolis, but it was not a backwater town either. It had shops, restaurants, bars, a cinema, and even one or two luxury stores. Kyfayar only stayed in the ‘secluded’ house Augusta owned and had begun thinking that the surrounding area was deserted and uninhabited. He did not expect such a prosperous town in such close proximity.

“This is a wonderful place!” Kyfayar looked around curiously. He wanted to go into every shop along the street. But without Augusta’s permission, he didn’t dare walk around. He could only follow the magician obediently. Like a large dog taken out for a walk by his owner, he was extremely curious about everything, but could only move within the range allowed by the leash.

“Why don’t you live in town instead of that remote house?”

“Magicians like to live in seclusion. Is that wrong?”

“No!” Kyfayar couldn’t say that Augusta was wrong. Although he liked places with lots of people, his heart was now totally inclined towards Augusta, and what the magician said was what he would abide by. He thought, Lord Augusta likes the quiet. Of course, the magician needs his study to be undisturbed! As for Lord Cavaldien, who lives in a high-end apartment in the heart of the metropolis, he must be a heretic magician!

Kyfayar snapped out of his complex thoughts and was surprised to find Augusta missing. He stood alone in the crowded street, having lost his way and with no idea where he was. His heart was suddenly filled with a sense of fear: he had seen cruel owners on television who abandoned their pets, especially in a strange place before leaving in a hurry. Did this mean… Was he abandoned by Augusta? Did Lord Augusta bring him to town to abandon him? No, no, no, how could that be possible? Lord Augusta was such a good man! How could he be discarded? But why did he disappear in a twinkling of an eye? 

The young werewolf looked around in a daze and cried. 

Kyfayar was startled by the sound of a shop’s door being pushed open. Augusta leaned out of the door and said, “I was wondering why you didn’t catch up. What are you doing in the street? Come in.”

Kyfayar almost burst into tears and jumped over excitedly. “Wuu, Lord Augusta, I knew you would not have abandoned me!”

Augusta dodged his bear hug with a look of disgust. “What are you talking about? Don’t talk nonsense. Come in here.”

Kyfayar learned to be good this time, and he didn’t think about it again. He kept up with Augusta, hoping that he could stick to him like a tail.

The shop was a clothing store. Seeing a guest coming in, a lady with a sweet smile welcomed them. Her name was written on her placard: Adalee.

“Well, Mr. Augusta, I haven’t seen you for a long time. The store has a new style for this season. Would you like to try any of them?” Adalee asked warmly.

Augusta avoided her and seemed afraid to look at her, “No!” He pulled Kyfayar in front of him, as if he were a bulwark against gunfire. “I’m here to buy him clothes today!”

Adalee looked at Kyfayar from head to toe, wondering, “What this gentleman is wearing… Aren’t they the clothes you bought from our store?”

“…How do you know he’s wearing exactly the same clothes I used to buy?”

“Because this brand is only available in one local store, our shop. And the most important thing is the size. This gentleman is taller than you, and your clothes are one size smaller on him,” said Adalee. Then she looked as if she had been hit by a bullet. “Ah! If he is wearing your clothes Mr. Augusta, does that mean this is your boyfriend?”

Augusta covered his chest and looked like he was about to vomit blood. He roared, “No!” 

“Then why is he wearing your clothes?”

“Because he has nothing else to wear! If there was, I wouldn’t have come to your store to buy them!”

Kyfayar was very worried that if he touched Augusta even a little now, the magician would immediately spray blood from his seven orifices. “Yes, I don’t have any other clothes,” he said. “Because I wasn’t wearing anything when I came to Augusta’s house…”

Augusta gave him a good kick in the shin and warned him not to talk. Kyfayar squatted down in pain and hugged his leg.

He said angrily, “Get him something suitable! I’ll go to another shop if you take too long!” 

Adalee turned around with a delicate expression on her face, “Okay, okay, I won’t say it. Hand-me-down, please come over here.”

Kyfayar repeated the process of undressing, dressing, and then undressing again. Adalee brought several sets of clothes and asked him to change into them one by one. Every time he came out of the dressing room, Miss Shopping Guide and Augusta judged him. In fact, the main commenter was Adalee, while Augusta just nodded or shook his head deeply. According to the number of times Augusta nodded, Kyfayar couldn’t help but get the illusion that ‘they’ve robbed the whole store.’ In the end, they bought enough clothes to make a hill. Augusta asked Kyfayar to wear one of them and pushed all the others to Adalee. He signed the bill that Adalee had brought, “Send it all back to my house.”

“No problem!” Adalee exclaimed. “Ah, this gentleman’s clothes are paired with yours. What a perfect match!”

“Bfft! What a ghost!” Augusta threw the pen at Adalee, who quickly dodged it, “Believe me when I say I’ll return it all!”

“This one can’t be returned. The tag has been cut off.”

Augusta’s forehead was blue, and with Adalee’s ‘come back next time’, he dragged Kyfayar out of the clothing store. Back on the street, Kyfayar was turned around over and over again. The clothing store was like a witch’s cave. Kyfayar felt like a doll. He was grabbed by Adalee and had various clothes put on him. He had no right to resist at all.

He grabbed the corner of his new clothes and trotted around in front of the magician. “Sir, you have bought so many things for me! I… I don’t know when I’ll be able to return it to you…”

Augusta gave him a strange look, “I didn’t ask you to pay back for it.”

“But I take your things…”

The magician waved his hand as if to remove the dust floating in front of his eyes, “I don’t want to see you swaying around in my clothes every day. Think of it as spending money on your work clothes.”

Work clothes? As Adalee brought the bill to Augusta, Kyfayar caught a glimpse of the number at the bottom. The work clothes are too expensive! If these are just work clothes, how hard will I need to work in a single second to pay these off!

“You are so kind to me, sir,” Kyfayar sniffled. “I don’t think my labor is worth that price. You don’t have to…”

Augusta pointed at something behind Kyfayar. The young werewolf turned with a look of suspicion.

“See that forest?”

The street extended into the distance where the terrain gradually rose to a hill that was covered with trees, and the road stopped at the edge of the forest. In that forest was Augusta’s house which, of course, was hidden from view in this part of the town by the trees.

“What’s wrong with the forest?”


“The forest and the hills are my private property. Half a century ago, the land under your feet belonged to my family. So that little money is nothing.” Augusta said, “Any questions? No? Then let’s go.”


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okay daddy yoooo! he went shopping for bae to off uh? smh Augusta ..augusta.

December 23, 2020 12:03 am

I love Aususta’s matter-of-fact approach ‘This is nothing and I’m rich so shut up, and let’s go.’ When I saw the title, I thought that Lilianna will be the one dressed like a doll, but it actually referred to dressing up Kyfayar.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

December 23, 2020 3:02 am

Damn he just called me poor in a stylish freaking way that I can’t even deny lmao

January 20, 2021 2:15 am

Owning your own land is great 😌 Especially true during this neverending pandemic. Thanks for the chapter 👍🏻

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