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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


A short week of being alone together was soon over, and it was time for Huan Ye to come home.

For the first time, Huan Ye was able to properly integrate into the school’s activities, and since the trip consisted of the whole school assembly, he inevitably ran into some of his former classmates. However, Huan Ye’s mindset was now completely different. Without stirring up trouble or showing his shyness, the kids could only stare at him from a distance and then be ignored.

During the week, Huan Xiu took the time to take his driving test. Driving a “car” on the Zerg planet was much easier than on Earth. He had gone to driving school on and off over the week and passed the written test with ease. Today, considering that Huan Xiu had to pick up Huan Ye and had to carry the boy’s suitcase, Xi Ran left his car at the academy and took a taxi to the training camp by himself.

When Huan Xiu arrived at the entrance of the primary school, Huan Ye had already been waiting for a while.

“Did you have a good trip?”

“Father, I was not on a trip, I went to study and exchange.” Huan Ye frowned and corrected Huan Xiu, he was serious about studying and practicing so he didn’t want Huan Xiu to think he had gone for a week of fun.

“Once in a while, you need to relax too.” Huan Xiu touched Huan Ye’s head.

He thought it was just like a spring outing for primary school students, but when he heard Huan Ye’s descriptions on the way back, he realized that the so-called exchange was really learning, even including the most basic physical training. The young male Zerg and inferior females could participate in some of the activities selectively, while the young female Zerg must participate in all of them.

“You are still very young. Aren’t you too tired working so hard?”

“I’m not young anymore! It’s going to be in my secondary phase soon.” Huan Ye puffed out his chest. Although the week of training wasn’t visible physically, he had the illusion that he was getting stronger. Huan Ye, perhaps after a week away from home and with excellent grades in his training, looked excited and his eyes sparkled. “I want to be a very strong Zerg just like my female father in the future.”

Huan Xiu was a little surprised when Huan Ye mentioned his future goal for the first time, “Do you want to join the army too?”

“Mn… Mn!” Huan Ye nodded fiercely, “I… want to be a more powerful soldier than my female father!… This might be a little hard… I’m too whimsical…”

His voice weakened as he spoke, apparently a little less confident at the thought of his female father’s figure.

“Isn’t it fine? Try it out. You see, your female father has retired anyway, so there’s no room for improvement from now on, and you’re still young, so you’ll have plenty of time to catch up with him in the future.” Sorry to say this about you, Huan Xiu apologized to Xi Ran silently in his heart.

“Male father, do you think female father will not want me to join the army?”

“Why do you think so?”

Huan Ye himself couldn’t explain it clearly, “It’s just… it’s just… it feels like female father didn’t specifically mention it, but I always felt like he wasn’t happy in the military, didn’t come home much before he retired, and didn’t laugh as often as he does now…”

Huan Xiu sighed, “Maybe a little bit. But it’s not all because of the army…”

“Hm?” Huan Ye turned his head to look at his driving male father and made a confused sound.

“No, it’s nothing. No matter what he thinks of the military department, as long as you truly want it that much, he’ll support you. And so will I.”

“……Mn!” Huan Ye had a big smile on his face. “…You won’t go back on it, right? You promise, right?”

“Ah, yeah… I’ll keep my word…”

During the meal, Huan Xiu took the initiative to bring up Huan Ye’s dream. Huan Ye, who was full of confidence just now, was tentative when he faced his female father. How dare he say ‘I want to surpass you’ in front of his female father?

“If you can’t even compete with me, you’ll lose face,” Xi Ran said flatly. 

Huan Ye whispered in a stubborn voice, very impudently, “I won’t…” 

“Then after you finish primary school, I’ll contact some people I know to help.” Xi Ran looked as usual, and didn’t seem to have any opinion about Huan Ye’s choice.

Huan Xiu gave Huan Ye a ‘see what I mean’ look across the table.


After dinner, Xiao Ye went back to his room. Huan Xiu leaned against the kitchen table and watched Xi Ran wash the dishes while talking to him about Xiao Ye, “Even though I know you won’t have an opinion in the end, I’m still curious, do you really have no thoughts about it in your heart?”

“There’s definitely some. It’s hard to be a soldier, and there are many inconveniences. I couldn’t even go to school when I came out of the orphanage, so I had no other way out. Xiao Ye is different and he has other choices. But… even so he still chose this path, maybe there really is some bloodline of some sort. I didn’t teach him anything good about the military.”

“Are you saying that Xiao Ye is just as gifted at this as you are?” Huan Xiu asked.

It was a little embarrassing for Xi Ran to admit this, “Maybe a little bit. Ah, but I’m not really gifted. Cough, cough, I mean, at least compared to me, now he has a systematic education and parents who support him… so I want him to choose what he likes to do.”

“You’re too modest.” Huan Xiu laughed, hugging Xi Ran’s waist from behind, openly disturbing the other man’s progress in doing his chores.

Xi Ran was indeed too modest. When his good friend Lan Ji came to visit him occasionally, whenever he talked about the past at the dinner table, he would inevitably exaggerate and describe the great work that Xi Ran had done in the past. The purpose of telling the truth was obvious – he just wanted to tell Huan Xiu that ‘Xi Ran is a great female soldier and you have to be nice to him’. Xi Ran couldn’t sit still  and he would embarrassingly interrupt Lan Ji repeatedly.

However, what Lan Ji said was true.

Huan Xiu’s thinking was on a different level.

Lan Ji’s display of hostility was really overwhelming. When he thought of that Zerg and Xi Ran, he thought of the fact that, although he didn’t say anything, he trusted Xi Ran like a big brother in his heart…

Could he be a love rival?

“Master, the dishes are done, do you want to go to our room?”

Huan Xiu withdrew from his chaotic thoughts. Whether or not Lan Ji had thoughts about Xi Ran that went beyond friendship, at least Xi Ran knew nothing about it and had no feelings for the other Zerg.

Besides, the person was his now.

Huan Xiu looked at Xi Ran, who was asking for his opinion in a serious manner and patiently waiting for his response, and left the sense of crisis in the back of his mind, “Ah. Let’s go upstairs then.”

“Is there something wrong, Master? “

“Nothing, just thought I’d better hurry up and put the ring on you.”

“The ring…” Xi Ran’s expression became unnatural for a moment, a look of panic and unconcealed joy spreading on his face.

He’s so easy to read, Huan Xiu smiled inwardly.


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December 24, 2020 11:05 am

The kid wants to be Just like this dad. What’s so Bad about it? That’s cute.

Thanks for the chapter!

December 29, 2020 7:05 am

Lol, this family is so cute

January 7, 2021 3:00 am

what a happy family~ can’t really wait for the wedding!! thank u for the chapter~

February 18, 2021 4:59 pm

Like Beyonce say….🎶if you like it… then you better put it ring on🎶…

July 28, 2021 9:18 am

Being a soldier on active service is obviously so dangerous though; if Xi Ran was against it in his heart, I could understand. Would also make his support of Xiao Ye all the more selfless. Reiterating the risks wouldn’t go amiss though.
Can’t wait for the finished ring.
Thanks for translating.

August 12, 2021 11:29 am

I know when huan ye says “Mn!”, he means yes but still

November 19, 2022 4:58 am

HX really said I’m going to put a ring on it 😤💍

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