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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Augusta’s next destination was a small, well-decorated restaurant called ‘Mowanya’. At lunchtime, many people were eating, but there wasn’t a boss or waiter in sight. There was no one behind the cash register, only a black and white cat who was sleeping on it. As they passed by the cash register, the cat suddenly opened its eyes and glared warily at the visitor. 

Kyfayar bared his teeth and hid behind Augusta. Werewolves were a race that didn’t deal with cats. The stripes on the cat’s body were very distinctive. Its chest was white, but there was a black spot in the shape of a bow tie in the middle, which made the cat look like a gentleman in a suit and bow tie.

Augusta was familiar with the restaurant and took a seat in the corner. There was a menu on the table, and he scanned through it in boredom before throwing it to Kyfayar, “Look to see if there’s anything you want to eat.”

The cat jumped down from the cash register and like a cloud of smoke, crossed half the restaurant before quickly jumping onto Augusta’s table. Kyfayar stared at the cat, wondering why it was presumptuous enough to jump on the guest’s table.

The cat sat down with its tail wrapped around its front paws. And then something incredible happened. It looked at Augusta and asked haughtily, “What do you want to eat?”

Bang! Kyfayar fell off his chair. The rest of the restaurant glanced at him and then looked back.

“Cat… Cat… The cat is talking!” Kyfayar squatted under the table and only half of his head appeared from the edge of the table, his eyes filled with horror.

“Shut up! Most cats can talk!” said the cat, aiming it’s paw at Kyfayar’s head. Kyfayar was so scared that he sat on the ground and covered his head. He didn’t expect that he would be taught by a cat one day.

“The usual.” Augusta was calm and unfazed. “Where’s the waiter?”

“Probably working on the latest dark food.”

With that, the cat turned to Kyfayar, and its slender fur shook. “Is a dog biscuit okay?”

“No way!” Kyfayar yelled, “I’m not a dog!”

“Oh, aren’t wolves and dogs different subspecies of the same creature? That means there’s no reproductive isolation between them.”

“I am a werewolf! Werewolf! Not just a wolf!”

“Dog biscuits can also be eaten by people,” said the cat sincerely.

Kyfayar released a whine from his throat, as if angry. He suddenly reached out and poked at the cat. The cat jumped dexterously to avoid his attack, landed steadily, and ran to the kitchen with its tail up.

“He’ll just eat the same as what I order!” Augusta called out to the cat. 

The cat replied with a long, “Meow~”

Kyfayar crawled back to his seat and looked into the kitchen in horror. “What happened to the cat?”

Augusta was holding his cheek and rhythmically tapping the menu with his fingers, “It’s the witch’s cat. The great master of Mowanya. So it’s not surprising for it to be able to speak.”

“Eh? Do you mean this shop is owned by the witch ‘Mowanya’, and the cat belongs to her?”

Just as the words fell, a waitress in a black and white uniform stumbled out of the kitchen with two cups of hot tea in her hand. She yelled, “It’s hot! It’s hot!” She came up to Augusta’s table like a fast-moving vacuum cleaner and put the two cups of tea on the table.

“Please, Mr. Augusta!” The waitress shook her hands as she spoke, hoping to get rid of the heat as soon as possible.

Augusta and Kyfayar looked suspiciously at the two cups of tea, neither of them meant to taste it. “You can use a tray next time.” Augusta suggested.

The waitress explained, “The cat says I can’t use a tray. It’s afraid that the dog — I mean, werewolf, will mistake the tray as a frisbee and take it away.”

“I said I’m not a dog!” Kyfayar protested.

The waitress stuck her tongue out playfully and ran back to the kitchen. The young werewolf watched her leave with hatred. “Lord Augusta, I can see that the lady is a witch.” He said, “She is the owner of the cat — ‘great master Mowanya’?”

Augusta, with his fingers crossed over his chin and his elbows on the table, said in a deep voice, “No, her name is Antosa. She’s just a waitress. The cat is her mentor, the owner of the restaurant ‘Mowanya’, and is also called ‘great master Mowanya’.”

Kyfayar’s expression froze. Even if he had a thousand words in his heart, he could not say a word, and he was silent.

The two sat in silence for five minutes, and Antosa, the witch maid, finally began to serve the food. Delicious mushroom soup, spaghetti drenched with sauce, and dried fish properly roasted. Kyfayar thought it was food made not because customers liked it, but it was what the cat liked. They ate quickly and swept away the food like wind. The dessert was cherry pudding. Kyfayar looked at the cherry on the pudding, and his blue eyes suddenly filled with tears.

Augusta was startled, “What are you crying for?”

“Because… It’s delicious.” Kyfayar choked. “I’ve never had such delicious food.”

A drop of cold sweat slipped down Augusta’s forehead. He admitted that the food was really good, but it was not delicious enough to make people cry after eating it? What food did this werewolf eat before? Then again, if the great master heard his praise, it would turn her stomach with joy!

“Er… Now that you’ve come to a restaurant, it’s natural to taste a high level of cooking?”

Kyfayar went on, “Compared with these delicious dishes, the food I make is hard to swallow!”

“No, it’s not that bad!”

“I’m ashamed to have Lord Augusta eat that every day!” Kyfayar blamed himself bitterly.

“Don’t say that! Ordinary people can’t compare with professional chefs!”

“What I make is a piece of shit!”

Augusta grabbed the pudding in front of him and shoved a spoonful into Kyfayar’s mouth. “Shut up! You mean I eat shit every day?”

The young werewolf grabbed his throat as he choked. His face turned red and he tried for a long time to swallow the pudding. “Cough, I didn’t mean that, sir! I just…” He looked at the table dejectedly, “Wuwuwuwu, I’m really worthless. Not only is my cooking level poor, I can’t even speak, wuwuwuwu…”


Kyfayar sniffed and pushed his untouched pudding in front of Augusta.

At this time, there was a strange smell in the air, which was like ‘walking on the street, suddenly smelling a sweet fragrance, and following the smell all the way to find that it was from a bakery.’ Their eyes turned towards the kitchen and saw Antosa push out a small cart full of delicate cakes. She placed the little cakes on a long table at the end of the dining room, and arranged them in a flower pattern.

“It looks like a good meal,” Kyfayar wiped the saliva off his chin.

The werewolf youth froze suddenly, quickly grabbed a napkin, wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth. “I’m sorry, sir! I, I was distracted! We werewolves have a better sense of smell than ordinary people, and the smell of that cake is really…”

“Do you want to eat it?” Augusta asked.

“No, no!” Kyfayar looked left and right, his face filled with the words ‘I really want to try one!’ He wanted to say such words but was too embarrassed to speak.

Augusta waved at Antosa. The witch maid came running over and she asked gallantly, “What can I do for you, sir?” 

“Give us two of those cakes.”

Antosa looked puzzled, “This I’m sorry, sir. It’s not for sale.”

“What?” Augusta was shocked. “Are you just putting the cake there for decoration?”

“No, no, no, you misunderstood me! Our shop is holding a special event now. Those cakes are the prizes. Take part in the event and you’ll be able to get one.”

She pointed to the table full of cakes. Augusta noticed that the wall behind the desk was covered with photos, and a love heart was circled with pink paper.

“What event? Can we join in too?”

“Of course! Anyone can participate!” Antosa was elated. “This activity is called ‘spring of love’. As long as a couple kisses on the spot, takes a picture and pastes it on the wall — “

“Kyfayar, let’s go home!” Augusta said decisively.

“Ha? You aren’t going to take part in the event?” Antosa did not understand.

“Where can I get a lover to kiss?”

The witch maid stared at Kyfayar, “Isn’t this Mr. Werewolf your boyfriend?”

Augusta almost spit out the mushroom soup he had just drunk, “Which eyes of yours did you use to see him as my boyfriend?”

“Isn’t he? Don’t you always come to dinner here with Miss Lilianna? Today, Miss Lilianna didn’t accompany you. Instead it’s Mr. Werewolf, wearing matching couple clothes. This… Isn’t this what people often call ‘forgetting righteousness and abandoning your best friend’?”

There’s something wrong with your brain circuit! Augusta roared in his heart. How do you reason out this bullshit result?! What does that cat teach you every day?!

The angry magician immediately left. Kyfayar looked at Antosa and Augusta at a loss. He wanted to explain to the witch maid, but Augusta was almost gone, so he rushed to follow him.

“Lord Augusta! Wait for me!” He caught up with the magician. “Don’t be angry! Miss Antosa has misunderstood you. She is so blind that you need not be angry.”

“Why do both Adalee and Antosa think so?” Augusta grumbled bitterly, “It’s definitely their eyesight! This town is hopeless! All of them are critically ill!”

“Don’t be angry with the whole town!”

Augusta suddenly turned around, “Let’s go back!”

Kyfayar panicked. Oh, no, he’s not going to summon some monster to flatten the store, is he? Antosa just said a wrong sentence, which led to such an end! No, I can’t let that happen!

“You can’t go back!” Kyfayar stopped the magician.

“Why stop me?”

“Calm down! You can’t do that! Miss Antosa just misunderstood you. How could you kill her?! Don’t destroy the whole store! There are other guests in it!”

“I’m not! Let me go!”

Kyfayar hugged Augusta from behind, arms around his body. Augusta was extremely thin. It felt like he didn’t even eat three meals a day. How could he be so thin? Kyfayar was even more skeptical about his cooking skills. If he couldn’t give Augusta a healthy diet, would he die of malnutrition? With this in mind, Kyfayar was deeply moved.

“I told you to let go of me!” Augusta yelled. The people on the street pointed at them like monsters and avoided them one after another. No one dared to come within three meters around them.

“I won’t let you go! I can’t let you make a big mistake!”

“Let go! Let me go back! Damn it, I just want to go back and check out!”


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December 23, 2020 2:11 pm

lmaof! they are on their first date. smh

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When someone suddenly changes the usual pattern, people are bound to misunderstand. And I think that event s a bit too early for them anyway.😁😉

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Sue R
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Ha ha .. getting more interesting. Love it.
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