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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After arriving at the training camp, Xi Ran received a half month’s notice for an upcoming trip. A new group of soldiers currently in training under him would soon undergo a drill test, and those who passed the test would be officially accepted into the army. Although Xi Ran had come in halfway and hadn’t accompanied the new recruits from the beginning, he was quite popular and the Zerg under his command all respected him, so he was included in the list of those who would assess the drill.

“Do I need to do anything?” The news was a bit sudden, and Xi Ran tried to recall his memories of taking the assessment when he was young, and it seemed to him that the instructor didn’t really do much.

“There’s nothing to do,” his mentor said. “We just need to bring the team over, give them encouragement and a few words of advice after they get settled.”

“I see.” Xi Ran looked down at the schedule again, and saw that he was going away for three days. It wasn’t that long by any means, but he’d been a little uneasy since morning, filled with thoughts of whether or not Master would do this and that sort of thing when he wasn’t home.



“Instructor, sprint training is over.” The new squad leader, who was leading a group of Zerg back to the starting point, reported to Xi Ran. It was not often that Xi Ran was distracted.

Xi Ran then came back to his senses and hurriedly gave the next instructions.

“Is Instructor not feeling well?”

“I’m fine. Thanks for your concern. It’s up to you guys, go for it on the next test.” Xi Ran was facing a group of young kids, and he was too embarrassed to tell them that he was thinking about his family, so he changed the subject to them.

The young Zerg were all looking forward to the test and many of them were nervous and asked Xi Ran how his test went. However, nothing special happened at that time and it was a long time ago, so Xi Ran couldn’t remember anything special that needed attention, so he could only encourage everyone to relax and perform as usual and not to stress about it.

The young Zerg were all very energetic and wanted to do their best. During the lunch break, Xi Ran was able to catch his breath from the bombardment.

After fetching food from the cafeteria, Xi Ran took it to a corner table, not in the mood to chat with his colleagues today. He was repeatedly thinking about the morning’s events, and he looked unconsciously absent-minded.

Xi Ran knew very little about how to maintain a relationship between a couple. He was confused for a while. In the beginning of his relationship with Huan Xiu, Xi Ran thought that he should always be the passive one, and the only thing he could do was to do housework and take care of his male Zerg in bed. Hua Xu is very easy to get along with and always helps himself in turn. As a result, Xi ran gets used to such a relaxed and happy life.

When he thought about it, he was worried that he was too lax and that his life was really a straight line, focusing on the trivial things at home. Although Master said that he likes the warm sense of home, will it not be boring in the long run?

He couldn’t talk to a Zerg he was familiar with, because if it was a misunderstanding, it would be awkward afterward. As for his best friend Lan Ji, Xi Ran has no doubt that he would start yelling at Huan Xiu and reach the final conclusion that his male Zerg was no good and would not help him think of a solution.

Yes, Xi Ran has unconsciously made up his mind from the very beginning that even if Huan Xiu was really related to another Zerg… he had to ‘steal’ Huan Xiu back.

Flooded with ideas, Xi Ran chose an approach he would never have tried before… and decided to go online to see if he could find a topic with a similar problem.

When he first browsed the forums on gender issues, Xi Ran thought that most of them were probably made up, and that if he really had a bitter heart, he would just keep it to himself. Now it was a real slap in the face.

Xi Ran finished his lunch as fast as he could, and read several posts during the rest of the break. Most of them were not very good, and he was forced to accept them all, which was probably a typical case of scaring himself. 

There were no male Zerg reading this forum, and to be frank, there was not much to discuss, it was just a place for female Zerg and inferior females to vent their emotions.

Xi Ran hesitated, but still managed to sign up for a new account and posted his situation on the site. Of course, his situation might be a bit special, and it would be easy for the Zerg to guess if he described it honestly. That was why he omitted the remarriage and his child and didn’t mention his background as a military female who retired with injuries. He hadn’t made any such forum posts, so he just described the general situation in a nutshell.

There were quite a few unhealthy responses soon after.

[It feels so dangerous, this situation…]

[Mn, I don’t want to say something that would be offensive to OP, but I think that this… is a good place to start.]

[Your rival is your boss? Isn’t that hot?]

Although he sent the content out himself, Xi Ran’s heart was a bit reluctant to see the responses going sideways.

[But there’s no evidence that he’s really thinking this way.] he wrote.

The following responses were basically this:

[We all understand the reluctance to face the reality of the situation. This is quite common. Let him marry, it will make a better impression for your male Zerg. But if he competes with you for the position of monarch, fight.]

Huan Xiu is different from any common case… Xi Ran subconsciously argued with himself. It was like he was holding a fire in his heart and couldn’t spit it out.

Finally, there was an objective comment. 

[It doesn’t look like he is marrying a new female. According to OP, the male Zerg is at home every night, and he doesn’t smell like other Zerg, so there’s no need to start scaremongering so soon.]

Finally, Xi Ran was relieved to have gotten an optimistic opinion.

The comment then went on to say, [But I can’t say it’s all right. There might be a hint of a problem now, but there is still a chance to nip it in the bud.]

[How?] Xi Ran honestly asked a simple question of his own.

The comment seemed to be from an inferior female with a resentful tone, [Oh my God! Are all female Zerg’s heads made of wood? Go on, please, pester him so that he doesn’t have the energy to do anything else!]

There is another inferior female response at the bottom, [You can tell by the tone of OP’s post that he is a typical steel female Zerg. The boring kind…]

Was he really boring? Xi Ran was a bit sensitive to this word at the moment and returned to reading his own post. He just described the situation and his confusion in the best possible language within the limited time available.

The post was starting to turn into a brawl again. The female Zerg were very unhappy with the attitude and comments of the inferior females, the inferior females also had their own reasons, although they could easily get a male Zerg’s preference, but in the end, they could not have offspring, so they were basically not challenging a monarch’s position. While on the other hand the female Zerg had what they wanted the most, and they seem to not appreciate that, making the inferior females more or less jealous and a little bit angry.

But at the end of the day, they were all worried and agitated by the actions of the male Zerg, and they were not that different from each other.

Xi Ran ignored this, politely replied [Thank you] to the person who gave the advice, and decided to give it a try.


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December 24, 2020 11:16 am

He must Spice things up in bed! 😅 Good Advice.

Thanks for the chapter!

December 29, 2020 9:03 am

Lol, these forums are always hit or miss. I think if they knew he was remarried and his son was accepted by a male Zerg, they would see that he is treated really well

Thanks for the chapter

January 7, 2021 3:08 am

oho we are up to something good huh~ thank u for the chapter!!

July 28, 2021 9:45 am

Give what a try? Wearing Huan Xiu out? He already does 😆😅 I think we’ll now see an even more bold and possibly even dominant side, of Xi Ran.
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