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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


As the sun set, the golden red afterglow sprinkled on the sea of trees, and the leaves reflected the faint light. In the spring, the already warm wind blew over the treetops, blowing up the hillside, shaking the branches in Kyfayar’s arms and a rag on the arm of the vampire Quentina.

“I didn’t expect a horse stable to be near Augusta’s house.” Kyfayar said in awe.

They were at the back of the house, and in the corner near the east wing of the house stood a stable with only one fence, covered with straw. But there were no horses in the stable now. Today, Quentina and Kyfayar’s task was to clean the stable.

“It’s not a horse stable to be exact, it’s a unicorn stable.” Quentina explained to the ignorant youth.

“Unicorn?” Kyfayar was shocked. “You mean the kind of magical creature in fairytales that looks like a horse, silver all over and has a long spiral like horn on its head?”

“Yes. Is there any other kind of unicorn?”

“There are unicorns in the world?” Kyfayar sighed, “I always thought they were a fairytale.”

“Of course.” Quentina glanced at him and seemed to laugh at him. “Mr. Augusta has another one. There it is,” she pointed to the stable. “Isn’t he eating grass in the stable?”

Kyfayar’s eyes widened. The stable was empty, not to mention unicorns, there wasn’t even a horn. “Miss Quentina, I don’t see anything!” He said in a panic.

“Why can’t you see him? He’s really big.”

“There’s really nothing in the stable!”

Quentina slapped her thigh, “Ah, I know why you can’t see.”

“Why? Is there something wrong with my eyesight?” Kyfayar wanted to cry without tears.

“Unicorns are a noble magical creature, and only pure virgins can see them. Are you…” She bumped Kyfayar with her elbow sarcastically. “Oh, I didn’t know. You’re quite experienced?”

Kyfayar quickly blushed, “No, nothing!”

“Liar! If you can’t see the unicorn, you’re not pft, hahaha!”

“I did get involved with girls before, when I was in school, but… but…” Kyfayar said incoherently, “but that kind of thing has happened to everyone! At my age, it would be strange if such a thing has not happened…”

“Lord Augusta has not. He often goes for a ride on the unicorn. As soon people see him riding the unicorn, we all know he is still… Hahaha!” Quentina chuckled.

“Wait, Miss Quentina, that doesn’t seem right!” Kyfayar’s brain flashed with a ray of light. “If only virgins can see unicorns, then in most people’s eyes, Lord Augusta riding a unicorn is… won’t he appear to be floating in mid air? They wouldn’t know what Lord Augusta is riding, would they? And how can you see unicorns? You’ve lived hundreds of years. Have you never had a lover?”

Quentina stopped laughing. After a long time, Quentina rolled on the grass with her stomach in her arms, “Hahahaha, you believed it! Do you really think that only virgins can see unicorns!?”

“What?! Did you cheat me just now? There’s no such thing as ‘virgins can see unicorns’?”

“Of course there is! It’s the same as the ‘emperor’s new clothes’. Ah! Help! I’m going to laugh myself to death, hahahaha!”

She was rolling about on the grass with laughter. Kyfayar grabbed the broom he was holding and jumped where he was standing, “Miss Quentina! How can you do this?! It’s too much!”

A window on the second floor of the house slammed open, and Augusta poked his head out.

“What are you talking about? You’re so loud!” He roared, “It’s too hard to study!”

Quentina got up and patted the grass off her clothes. “I’m sorry, sir. We’re going to work now!”

“Less nonsense, more work!” Augusta slammed the window shut.

Quentina was still very happy. But she straightened her face and told Kyfayar, “What are you looking at? Go clean the stable!”

The young werewolf muttered to himself as he went to the stable, casting a resentful glance at the vampire from time to time. He swept the hay and dust from the stable ground, while Quentina wiped the posts and fences.

“Is there really a unicorn?” Kyfayar was suspicious.

“Of course.”

“Lord Augusta has one?”

“Yes, or why would we clean the stable?”

“…Are you lying to me again?”

“Why would I deceive you! Just ask Lord Augusta!”

Kyfayar was still a bit unsure, “Where is the unicorn? Why is it not in the stable?”

“Miss Lilianna borrowed the unicorn the last time she visited. She said that her old classmate was going to have a wedding, so she borrowed the unicorn to pull the flower cart.”

Kyfayar imagined such a picture: on a clear blue day, the “Wedding March” resounds through the sky and jubilant people scatter colorful petals into the air. On the petal paved road, a flower cart slowly comes with the beautiful bride in a white wedding dress sitting on the cart. She’s holding a bouquet in hand and waving to everyone as a silvery unicorn pulls the flower cart.

“Unicorns are creatures. You can… Can he even be casually borrowed?”

“It’s not ‘casually’ borrowed.” Quentina said, “You need money. To be precise, it should be ‘renting’ the unicorn.”

“What?!” Kyfayar’s view of the world suddenly shook. “Does Lord Augusta make money by renting out a unicorn? Isn’t he already rich?”

“Why can’t you make money by renting unicorns? Who doesn’t need money? Would you rather sit on a mountain and eat nothing?! Besides, the unicorn is also an adult. He can’t always live at home for free. How expensive it is to raise a unicorn? He has to go out to work and subsidize the family.”

Kyfayar stared at Quentina. This was unbelievable. He’d been at Augusta’s house for more than a week and he thought he knew this magician well. But he didn’t know that there was another special family member in the house, let alone the special structure of this household…

“Miss Quentina, are you telling me the truth? Are you cheating me again? Ouch!”

Quentina threw a chestnut at his head.

“You stupid werewolf, can’t you tell the truth from the lie?”

Kyfayar rubbed his red forehead, “If everyone could tell, no one in the world would be deceived!”

“You dare talk back?!” Quentina was going to hit him again. But, as she raised her hand, her movements changed midair and pointed behind Kyfayar, “Look! The unicorn is back!”

Kyfayar pouted, “Lying again! This trick is too old. I’m not going to fall for it…”

Before he could finish his sentence, his whole person was hit by a tremendous force coming from behind, just like a deer being hit by a speeding car on the highway. He flew more than ten meters in the air, fell again on the grass, and rolled five or six times before he stopped. If Kyfayar was not a werewolf, he would have been seriously injured. But his body was naturally stronger than ordinary human beings. After lying on the ground for a few seconds, he immediately jumped up.

“Who? Who hit me!?” He rubbed his aching back, snarled in the direction of Quentina, then froze.

Next to Quentina stood a white creature. It looked like a horse, but it was taller than a horse. Its silver mane was like water cascading down its slender neck. The biggest difference between a horse and this creature was the thing on its forehead: the creature had a silver spiral horn on its forehead which looked very sharp, and could probably stab people to death.

“Uni! Uni! Unicorn!” Kyfayar stammered, pointing to the beautiful creature.

The side of the silvery unicorn’s head tilted, and he asked Quentina, “Where did this guy come from?” It had a deep, beautiful voice, and it sounded like a young man.

“Mr. Augusta’s new slave… Oh, no, servant.” Quentina replied.

“Ha, so you finally lost your job?” The unicorn had some schadenfreude in his voice.

“It’s a promotion. I’ve become a housekeeper manager, you silly horse!” Quentina punched the unicorn.

The unicorn retreated in horror. “Don’t touch me! Fallen woman! Keep a safe distance of at least one meter from me!”

As they spoke, Kyfayar approached the unicorn curiously and reached out to touch the legendary magical creature. But before his fingertips touched the unicorn’s mane, the legendary creature moved quickly in the opposite direction. Kyfayar didn’t know horses / unicorns could move in that way.

“Get your dirty hands off me, dirty man!” The unicorn screamed.

Kyfayar froze. He swore that he didn’t mean any harm. He just wanted to touch the beautiful creature. But why did it look like the picture of a wolf man trying to rape a pure girl?

“I won’t hurt you!” Kyfayar said as kindly as he could, “My name is Kyfayar, a servant of Lord Augusta. I just want to touch you…”

The unicorn retreated into the stable and exclaimed hysterically, “No touching! Stay away from me! Fuck off!” 

Kyfayar had an injured expression. He was hated by such a pure and good beautiful creature. Did this mean that he was actually an evil man in his heart?

He looked sadly at Quentina. The female vampire comforted him, “It’s all right, this silly horse isn’t virtuous. He’s kind of a germaphobe and unless someone is a pure virgin, or is a good acquaintance, no one is allowed to touch him.”

“So only Lord Augusta can touch him?”

“Yes, although sometimes he even likes to ignore Mr. Augusta…”

The windows on the second floor of the mansion opened again with a bang. Augusta leaned forward and roared, “What the hell are you fighting about?! It’s annoying! I can’t even research properly!”

Quentina put her hands around her mouth and exclaimed, “Sir! The unicorn is back!”

“What? Lilianna came back?”

“No! It’s just one of them.”

“I’m coming down!”

Augusta closed the window and in the next moment, he ran out of the house, panting as he approached the stable.

“Unicorn, you… You’re back at last…” He put his hands on his knees. After only a short run, he was breathing heavily like this, which showed how much exercise he lacked. “And Lilianna? Didn’t she say she would bring you back in person?”

“You have the face to say it!” The unicorn kicked the ground with its front hooves and looked very angry. “You let me work for that treacherous woman! I knew for a long time that you were not good!”

“What happened? Didn’t you go to the wedding to pull a fancy cart? What’s wrong with Lilianna?”

“I went to pull a fancy cart, that’s right. But the woman said that she would send me back in person. However, she got to know a man at the wedding ceremony, and they got together immediately and completely forgot about me! I thought when she finally remembered about me, the sun would be a fuckin’ superstar, so I went to her. Do you know what she did? She even said that she would help me book a ticket and let me fly back by myself! On a plane! I’m a unicorn. She made me fly! Finally I ran back by myself! It took a whole hour and a half! Fuck the plane!”

The unicorn swore. Kyfayar was stunned. This noble and pure legendary creature could curse using that kind of swears. No creature in the world could be judged by its appearance!

Augusta was even more astonished than Kyfayar. With a look on his face that seemed as though the world had been destroyed three seconds ago, he asked in a tone of no love, “You just said Lilianna’s dating a man?”

“Yes!” The unicorn exclaimed, “They’re like hot wood and glue!”

“How dare she!!” Augusta bellowed wildly, “She betrayed me! We were supposed to spend Valentine’s Day together and buy single ticket cinema seats. She only spends a few days with me and she has now she has betrayed me! I will never forgive her! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Traitor! Renegade! Our friendship has come to an end!!”

He tore his hair madly, jumping up and down as if he was on fire. He ran around the grass several times like a fly. Finally, he got back into the house and disappeared.

Kyfayar and Quentina looked at each other.

“What’s wrong with him?” The werewolf asked, “Miss Lilianna is not his lover. Why is he reacting so fiercely?”

Quentina shrugged. “It seems that they have joined a secret association, like an ancient brotherhood, called ‘lovers can go die group’? If you fall in love, it’s like betraying the organization, right? I’m not sure. Oh, I’m old. I can’t understand the new things of you young people…”

“Miss Quentina, don’t talk in such a changing tone, okay…”


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December 25, 2020 11:26 pm

This unicorn is quite unique. And as such he fits nicely into the household of Augusta, the Wizard. I’m very looking forward to more creatures! .🥰🤩😳

Thank you for the chapter!!!

noname but i'm cute
noname but i'm cute
January 20, 2021 6:15 am

Dear Kyfayar, to say that such thing happens to everyone and it’s weird if it doesn’t is an overstatement. It’s a matter of choice babe. The living proof is here 😏

Well, thanks for the chapter 👍🏻♥️

January 31, 2021 1:45 pm

From last chapter. Although Augusta did say they would kiss for the cake.

November 15, 2021 7:27 pm

The werewolf is skeptical that a unicorn exists. Okay. Buy obviously Kyfayar, as a young man wouldn’t understand the pain of having a tried and true ‘also single’ friend finally get a man and get laid. Don’t worry Kyfayar, you’ll help Augusta get over it. 😉

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