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Chapter 127: END: Love Each Other Forever

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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Gu Ang regretted that he didn’t take measures the day he went to see Ye Fei at school. He didn’t expect General Ye to be so good that he really hit all the shots. At that time, a compliment out of thin air had somehow become true. That day, he was a bit reckless, not prepared for anything, and let him lust take over his sanity.

Gu Ang hadn’t been so crazy for a long time, wearing the instructor’s uniform Ye Fei simply made people’s hearts flutter, unable to be controlled. He ripped someone’s clothes and soiled his uniform jacket. That alone wasn’t enough. And then, what happened after made one blush when thinking about it. He shouted hoarsely, cried his eyes red, gasped unevenly, and was a mess.

General Ye, who was a full-timer, rarely skipped work and hung out with him until sunset.

Gu Ang still remembered that Ye Fei’s uncontrollably lust-stained eyes were mixed with the sunset coming through the blinds outside the window, which was fascinating. It was about the fact that it was a forbidden thing to do in school.

This was just a time of indulgence and mischief, and was hit again. After more than three years, he experienced the heartache of pregnancy for the second time. Although it wasn’t the first time, he wasn’t tossed much, but just inexplicably felt annoyed. But if he lost control, he’d have to bear the consequences.

Ye HongFeng and Qin LeHe were very happy, good things were happening, Ye Fei was a little heartbroken.

Later, after thinking about it, in the end, he wasn’t willing to give up, Gu Ang still decided to give birth. But it was a coincidence that he and Bai SiNing were pregnant right after each other, and they both took a leave of absence and rested at home for a long time.

When the children were born, it was a coincidence that both of them were girls, with pink faces and red lips, both of them were quite cute. With their similar age, they naturally became sisters. But Huang Huang wasn’t too happy, he had a chattering sister, who hung on him daily like a sticky little follower. Now that he had grown up a bit, his personality was becoming more and more like Ye Fei’s.

Some high and cold, and too precocious. He was a boy and didn’t really want to spend time with girls every day. But as time passed, the little baby grew into a clinging spirit.

The godfather’s daughter next door, wearing a white dress every day in front of him, said to grow up to be his bride. Iron warriors didn’t need a bride, there were mecha and weapons to make people leap.

Gu Ang, as an onlooker, finally said to Bai SiNing, “Your Lin SiBai has a rigid heart. Our family has a straight man.”

When he said this, Bai SiNing lounged in Lin XiuYong’s arms, muttering in a low voice, “Huang Huang looks too good. Children this age are all face cons, she has a rigid heart. What’s more, there’s You You, the helper.”

You You was Gu Ang’s daughter. When she took her nickname, she thought that Huang Huang and You You were pretty cute, so she got together.

Gu Ang shook his head and said he couldn’t understand it at all, “At this young age,  his enlightenment is too early, not at all like silly Bai.”

Although Bai SiNing into the military camp, the intelligence quotient emotional intelligence had improved significantly. But the nickname had become a habit, Gu Ang was also too lazy to change it.

“I’m not stupid anymore, I’ve been promoted to an officer.” Bai SiNing coldly snorted.

Although it was a recent event, it was worth showing off.

Tsk, promoted to an official and also becoming my adjutant.”

“Well, it’s glorious to be your adjutant.”

Gu Ang speechless, he was right.

“How about taking a year off to go out and play? I’m getting annoyed by these kids.” Gu Ang hadn’t finished speaking, when three children chasing each other ran past him noisIly.

They were children, but they never stopped.

Huang Huang heard the point first, stopped walking and turned his head to look at his father, his small face was very serious, “Go on a trip? Why not take me with you?”

“Yeah, why not take us with you?” The two girls answered their mouths in unison, one sharp, the other soft, their voices crisp and questioning.

Gu Ang felt a headache, tugged Ye Fei’s sleeve, and straightforwardly dumped the pot, “You explain.”

“It’s like this, it’s coming up to the dads’ wedding anniversary and we have to celebrate it alone.” Ye Fei actually didn’t calculate the time carefully, and pulled out an excuse casually. But apparently, this was already difficult to deal with a six-year-old child.

Huang Huang lowered his eyes and pondered for a moment, “No, how can you all just happen to have an anniversary?”

Ye Fei, “…”

The children have grown up, the open-mouthed nonsense reason could no longer be concealed.

Gu Ang broke down and said in a lazy voice, “You have to go to school, we’re on vacation, next time we will take you out to play during your winter vacation.”

Huang Huang was smart and obviously knew there was no way to refute it, just glared at him and stopped talking.

Gu Ang was in a good mood when he managed to shut his mouth with this comment. He simply asked the remaining three in front of the three kids, in a particularly flamboyant manner, “So where are we going?”

“Brother Ang, how about finding an island? A cooler place, it should be comfortable.” Bai SiNing’s eyes lit up and he quickly suggested, “We can fish, skydive, and watch the sunrise and sunset.”

Lin XiuYong, who had no opinion, nodded obediently, “Go if you like, baby.”

Gu Ang squeezed Ye Fei’s arm sideways and patiently asked, “Honey, what’s your opinion?”

Ye Fei, another man with no family status, said curtly, “Whatever you say.”

So round and round the circle, Gu Ang inexplicably became the top of the food chain. He carefully examined the options and really didn’t have any other ideas, so he settled on, “Okay, then an island.”

The three children were left in the care of their respective grandmothers, and the trip was quickly planned. They picked a sparsely populated island, not too disturbed by people, the landscape was also good. Most importantly, they were lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis. They had been sailing around the universe for years, seeing nebulae and galaxies, and wanted to see something special. It was already evening when they arrived on the first day, and the hotel arranged a comfortable spa bath for them.

Gu Ang and Ye Fei went out after changing their swimming trunks and saw Bai SiNing already lying comfortably beside the bath, drowsy.

Lin XiuYong was on his side, slowly rubbing his shoulders with his palms. After several years of marriage, this doggy nature remained the same.

Bai SiNing lazily raised his eyes, his gaze fell on Gu Ang and he exclaimed, “How come you’re in such good shape again?”

“Practice. I asked you to train with me every day, but you’re lazy.” Gu Ang lifted up a bit of water and sprinkled it on Bai SiNing, taking advantage of the bullying momentum.

The water splashed around with a little burning temperature.

Bai SiNing wasn’t very defeated, he was now a little more temperamental, and could vigorously shoot the water back. Two people like a chicken, going back and forth.The person in question was fine, next to the massage Lin XiuYong was wet, hit by a thorough, simply unwarranted disaster.

Tired of playing around, Gu Ang clattered into the water, pulling Ye Fei’s wrist, learning Bai SiNing pampering, “I also want a massage.”

The voice was very sexy, with a few titillating implications.

Bai SiNing turned his head sideways with a disgusted look, “Brother Ang, don’t do that. My goose bumps are rising.”

A certain Gu person completely forgot his intergalactic fierce O persona and refused to get up from the edge of the bath.

Gu Ang tapped his foot against the water, splashing around, soundlessly urging.

Ye Fei smiled, patted the tip of his buttocks dotingly, and leaned up, “Okay, I’ll help you massage.”

He had a very good technique, he had been helping Gu Ang massage his shoulders for years to exercise, the light weight was appropriate.

Ye Fei pressed, while chatting with Lin XiuYong, “Why do I feel that this trip you guys are enjoying it more?”

Lin XiuYong was a bit more smiley than before, probably infected by Bai SiNing, “It’s bound to be like this, we’re serving our ancestors.”

He was joking, they were obviously more than willing. Bai SiNing had long lost the inferiority complex of a careful lover, and he was now proud of his favor.

Gu Ang, needless to say, was arrogant at the beginning, and now he was even more aggressive. The people who were loved were emboldened.

Gu Ang was lying on the edge of the bath, in the same shape and position as Bai SiNing. His mind was dizzy and he felt a sense of happiness from the inside out.

Ye Fei loved him, for several years as one day, as if every day was fresh and vibrant. Never did that love become a little less because of the passage of years. He got into a mushy mood and wanted to turn his head and kiss Ye Fei. However, due to the fact that there were still people around, he just buried his hand in the water and quietly went to Ye Fei’s waist and gently squeezed it.

The small action was blocked in the slightly fluctuating pool, no one noticed it. Just a little bit of a small touch, were making people feel thumping.

“What’s wrong? Not feeling well?” Ye Fei slightly lowered his head and asked close to his ear.

Gu Ang was tickled, pinched his earlobe and spoke in a low voice, “It’s too comfortable.”

Just as the words fell, the air froze for a second.

Lin XiuYong stopped, dryly fished up the wet Bai SiNing to get up, “We’ll open another room.”

“Agreed.” Ye Fei smiled and nodded.

So, the trip for four somehow turned into a double date again.

It should’ve been expected that when people who loved each other were together, anyone next to them was a distraction.

When Bai SiNing and Lin XiuYong disappeared in the doorway, Gu Ang couldn’t wait to turn around and hook the neck of the person. Eyes locked for just a second before moving over to receive a wet kiss. He loved Ye Fei so much that he couldn’t wait for their soul and body to melt into one.

If it could be poured into a statue, in exchange for a lifetime of stillness, he wouldn’t hesitate. With the water ripples, and the mood rippled, and Gu Ang had bad intentions again. But with two children already, there couldn’t be any more surprises this time. He gently kicked Ye Fei’s waist with his leg, with a titillating tone, “Have you brought anything?”

“Brought, a lot.” Ye Fei remembered that when he packed his luggage, he had specially stuffed a large box.

“Then, let’s do it.” A bold and straightforward invitation, with unconcealed desire.

Ye Fei thought about how Gu Ang had never changed, had always been the original model of his love, hot and bold. The next day he slept until the afternoon, but Gu Ang got up refreshed. He changed his clothes and went out to meet Bai SiNing, who had finished his lunch next door with his messy hair.

“Just got up?”

“Mn, half an hour ago.”

Both of them had the same kind of hoarse voice, and they laughed heartily. The men in the family, ah, were too tortured.

Gu Ang tugged at his collar to hide a brimming patch, and raised his hand to lift the zipper of his jacket even more, “Want to go skydiving this afternoon?”

Bai SiNing held his mouth in contemplation for a moment, “I want to go ice fishing, brother Lin said he’s very good at fishing.”

Gu Ang laughed, “So it’s splitting up again?”

In the beginning, it was really intended to be a trip for four people. They made a lot of preparations and even brought poker, but they didn’t expect all of them to be useless.

“You guys can come find us when you’re done dancing, it’ll be quick.” Bai SiNing scratched his head, “I’ll go back and change, see you at the door.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you downstairs.” Gu Ang leaned against the door, just in time to look at Ye Fei who came out. He reached out and hooked the person over, “Let’s do parachute jumping, are you scared?”

“Do you have a misunderstanding of the admiral? I’m afraid of nothing.” Ye Fei curved the corner of his lips, “You don’t cry either.”

Gu Ang shook his head and brainstormed that scene, “No way.”

He had never seen any sword and saber, how could he cry because of the fall from height?

Gu Ang laughed lightly and put his hands into his pockets to go downstairs. The temperature on this island was much lower than that of Di Xing, and the air carried a hint of cold. He and Ye Fei stood at the door waiting and couldn’t help but wrap their coats tighter. The cold wind drilled into the cuffs and chilled the air.

Gu Ang wasn’t afraid of heights, but if he jumped down from such a cold place, wouldn’t he freeze into an ice sculpture? But since it had been said to this point, he could only be hardened.

When Bai SiNing came out, he was wrapped into a ball, fully armed, with only the tip of his red nose left outside to breathe. Like a very stupid snow doll.

“You’re wearing so much?” Gu Ang spat, while pulling his thin jacket tight.

Bai SiNing shivered and pulled the collar up again, “It’s cold, and I heard there’s snow at night.”

“Ah, will it snow?” Gu Ang looked up at the weather, there were no clouds and the sun was shining high.

Ye Fei squeezed his palm and felt the coldness of his fingertips, “Why don’t you go back and add another piece of clothing?”

Gu Ang tensed his face, changing into a stubborn face, “No, let’s go…”

He needed to go back to change his clothes, how embarrassing.

There was some snow on the road, a thin layer, and the trees all around were frozen to a transparent color, a beautiful cold weather scenery. Coming out from the warm place, Bai SiNing was very new, and had to pull Lin XiuYong’s hand skating forward all the way. Not too young, yet still like a child.

Gu Ang a little more calm, just pull Ye Fei’s hand, slowly sway. When people looked at them, they think they were still a couple in love. They walked to the parachuting place, Bai SiNing took back the fishing equipment, and patted Gu Ang’s shoulder, “I’ll watch you from the bottom and take your picture.”

Gu Ang laughed uncontrollably and mourned Bai SiNing’s lack of common sense, “Silly Bai, it’s strange if you could see clearly.”

He found his pre-booked coach, finished his preparations, and split into two mecha with Ye Fei.

The line of sight gradually rose, and Gu Ang was excited. He watched from a distance through the glass of the mecha as Ye Fei’s mecha followed him.

At first it was ready for a double jump, but both were inexperienced, and in the end they were afraid of accidents. Before getting on the mecha, Ye Fei whispered to him, “Stay away from the coach, he just looked at you a lot.”

The jealousy was no less than that of the past.

Gu Ang wanted to say that he couldn’t quite look at that big, thick coach either. But in a life-or-death desperate jump, he still had to put a smile on his face. The coach tied himself to him, and when he reached the spot, he quickly opened the hatch and the cold wind hit his face.

Gu Ang had seen too many more bloody scenes, standing at 10,000 meters high, and didn’t feel afraid. He was just a little cold, and really underdressed.

After the coach patiently explained the precautions, he added, “When you’re ready, count three, two, one.”

Gu Ang nodded, “OK, three…”

Fuck, then a hand was pushed down. Gu Ang thought that he should’ve chosen a gentle coach, but that wouldn’t work, Ye Fei might be more angry. Generally gentle people, all look cute. After a strong feeling of weightlessness, the parachute opened.

Gu Ang’s heartbeat vibrated wildly, and he opened his eyes slightly, and the whole island was in full view. This was his first parachute jump, but it wouldn’t be his last.

The natural landscape was so magnificent that it was hard to describe his mood for a while. Mountains and rivers stretched in the distance, covered by snow-capped peaks, and the flowing seawater roamed into infinity. The distance between heaven and earth was stretched to the extreme, and one was a drop in the ocean. The speed of landing gradually smoothed out, and Gu Ang turned back to look for Ye Fei’s figure, just in time to see the person floating past.

He instantly came to life, and with all his strength, he shouted at Ye Fei, “Ye Fei, I love you!”

The cascading sounds resounded through the sky, spreading out like a wave. After yelling this sentence, feeling happy through the body, Gu Ang smiled more than the sun.

“Gu Ang, I love you too!” Ye Fei followed his example and responded in a silly manner.

The persona of the high and cold male god collapsed, and now he was a wife lover. The whole sky was floating with the confessions of the two.

It was an amazing experience, as if they were telling the world how much they love each other.

Gu Ang shouted over and over again, without getting tired of it, almost deafening the coach.

Until Ye Fei said to him, “Light, look down.”

Gu Ang dropped his eyes, the parachute was still a long way from the ground, his eyes snapped into focus and he saw a scene that blew him away. The heartbeat was unbearable, the heartbeat was so fast that one lost his breath. The ground was a snowy white, the appearance of the snow that had fallen last night and accumulated.

In the middle of the thousands of snow, the words “Gu Ang, I love you” were pieced together with fiery red roses. This scene and the confession in the air just now inexplicably echoed, making people’s hearts soar. He was high in the sky, perfectly overlooking Ye Fei’s confession to him.

Ye Fei, he… when did he prepare it?

They obviously stayed together all the time, yet this man was so willing, Gu Ang thought to himself. He blinked, his eyes dry from the cold wind, and there were so many words he wanted to exhale. But the wind was so strong that it blurred his voice, leaving only a more violent heartbeat.

Gu Ang was a little impatient and didn’t care to enjoy the view, and hurriedly urged the coach, “Land down quickly, right next to that field of roses.”

“It’s a great view, don’t you want to see more?” The coach didn’t understand.

Gu Ang pointed to the rose, “My husband confessed his love to me, I’m going to kiss him.”

He said it bluntly, without hiding.

The coach was successfully shown a face of love, silently speeding up the descent.

Gu Ang stared straight at the red and white in harmony with each other, but in the end, he couldn’t get tired of looking at it. As soon as he landed, Gu Ang first saw Bai SiNing and Lin XiuYong.

He looked up into the air, Ye Fei was still floating.

“Why are you two coming over?” Gu Ang glanced at the rose next to him and asked curiously.

Bai SiNing held his mouth, aggrieved, “We were ice fishing, and heard someone say that someone next to us confessed his love with a rose, so we came over to watch the fun.” He paused and said with slight envy, “I didn’t expect to eat the dog food of you two.”

Lin XiuYong sensed the implication of pointing to the mulberry outlet, pinching his wrist, “Don’t forget, I also used roses to propose to you, more than 30,000, no less shocking than this scene.”

“That was a few years ago!” Bai SiNing hammered him, “You’re not romantic anymore.”

Lin XiuYong was dumbfounded, “Okay, I’ll make up a romantic one for you tomorrow.”

He also didn’t expect Ye Fei suddenly here to play such a helpless lie shot.

Gu Ang came over with a whoosh and touched Bai SiNing with his arm, “Weren’t you going to take a picture of me? Come on, let me take a picture with the rose.”

He was so happy, it turned out no one disliked romance.

Bai SiNing hummed, “No, I’m jealous.”

That little arrogant look was adorable.

Ye Fei finally landed slowly, he unhooked the parachute and ran quickly to Gu Ang, “Surprise! Do you like it?”

Gu Ang nodded heavily and went over to give him a kiss, “When did you prepare this?”

Ye Fei smiled and replied, “I contacted the staff two days ago and asked them to make sure it was set up within ten minutes.”

Thinking of his sneaky preparation behind his back, Gu Ang curved his eyes, “Thank you, I like it very much.”

“Because when Lin XiuYong proposed before, you resented not having a romantic confession, so I’m making up for it now.” Ye Fei pinched his ear and cleared his throat. He said, “With the sky as my vow, with snow as my match, with flowers as my witness, I love you with all my heart.”

The most afraid of high cold people say love words, Gu Ang listened to the heart crisp.

It was a pity that this touching only lasted for five seconds.

Bai SiNing smiled happily and owed a swishing squeeze, “I didn’t think brother Ang was still resentful because of such things. It was also, after all, more than 30,000 roses, interstellar fierce A look at your heart. I forgot you guys also took more than eight thousand back, right? Blame me, blame me.”

“Bai SiNing, are you looking for death?!” Gu Ang’s face turned red as his heart was picked. He let go of Ye Fei and chased after Bai SiNing, beating him like crazy.

The snow was covered with running scratches, and the noise was never ending.

Ye Fei and Lin XiuYong stood side by side, both lit a cigarette, smoked and watched the dazzling snowy scenery. Watching them fight, it was as if the moment had been fixed for eternity. They ate dinner and found a perfect place to watch the aurora borealis.

This kind of thing depended on luck. It was said that people who have seen the aurora borealis would always have good luck. The night was low and the stars were shining. The four of them sat side by side, cross-legged, chatting and drinking while waiting for the miracle.

Gu Ang looked at the infinite night sky and sighed, “Even if I can’t wait, I don’t seem to have any regrets.”

Lin XiuYong was also drunk tonight, and rarely drank too much wine. He thought of the many sleepless nights, thinking of the mood of the original research through the machine, the uncertain future. All he could do was to bore his head and break into that unknown time and space to find a miracle. He took Bai SiNing’s shoulders and sighed with infinite emotion, “Yes, it’s already a miracle that we could go back to the past successfully.”

It had been a long time since anyone had mentioned crossing over, and before the trance, it seemed like it had been a previous life.

Ye Fei fingertips paused, suddenly spoke out, “This time now, is it just the day we crossed over?”

Gu Ang also froze and repeatedly confirmed the date before speaking in a dumb voice, “It seems to be true, this is also… It’s too much of a coincidence.”

He just happened to choose a travel day, happened to want to wait for the aurora borealis, but never thought that it would collide with the same day. Unknowingly, he was already twenty-six years old. Eight years have passed since the original crossing, they were immersed in happiness, gradually forgetting the initial suffering.

He long ago forgot his last life when he was twenty-six years old, filled with much heavy and silent sadness. It seemed that in such an ordinary night, that time and space and now this time and space crossover, collapsed into the most perfect model they could imagine. The night was silent, and the daytime banter became silent.

When the topic came up, everyone was carrying their own thoughts.

Bai SiNing’s eyes were completely red, almost falling into tears, “Luckily you all came back to me well, I can hardly imagine…”

The latter words, he had been a little unable to say. It was hard to imagine him being alone, lonely, repeating the trajectory of his previous life, living until the age of twenty-five and then dying. He wasn’t afraid of dying, only afraid of not meeting this group of people who let him put on his heart.

Lin XiuYong reached out to wipe away the moisture under his eyes and coaxed in a low voice, “Look, we’re in luck, the aurora borealis is here.”

It was true, in every sense of the word, good luck. The sky was in response to the fine snow that was falling on their heads. Under the boundless vault, colorful and brilliant light spread out like a fog, like a churning ocean splashed across the sky, layer upon layer of raging, gorgeous and breathtaking.

They became extraordinarily small between heaven and earth. They seemed to have turned into ordinary fine snow or stardust.

Gu Ang stared at the aurora of the entire starry sky, thinking that perhaps on the day of the crossing, they came upon such an aurora, burrowing into the gap of time and space from a broken world, in search of a minuscule possibility. He recalled many, many scenes, those memories haven’t been turning up for a long time. When he didn’t think about it, he always felt that he and Ye Fei had a smooth journey all the way to the present.

He remembered Ye Fei’s tearful eyes, his back on the day of the divorce, the many pounding rainstorms, and the many sleepless nights. Reality was cruel but merciful. They fell in love, broke up, and reunited. Fortunately, desperately traveling back in time, finally holding the love in the palm of his hand.

God loved people, and he fulfilled the almost absurd wishes of all people.

Gu Ang retracted his eyes from the aurora borealis and tried to open his mouth to lighten the mood, but found his voice trembling, “Today is so monumental, let’s kiss.”

Bai SiNing beside him still leaning on Lin XiuYong’s shoulder and choking, Ye Fei, as always, as he wished, lowered his head and kissed him deeply. The sound of wind came from the distance, as if a few fine snowflakes fell on his eyelashes, only the hot kiss on the lips was real.

In the moment when the two time zones overlapped, Gu Ang’s mind was filled with the roses blooming on the white snow. Under the gorgeous spreading aurora borealis, they made sure they changed the ending of the story this time. The rest of their lives were long, they would always love each other, romantic until death.


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