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Chapter 126: Lin/Bai (8) I Love You With Instinct

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, The Expert Procrastinator…


Bai SiNing was breathless from the kiss, but still grabbed Lin XiuYong’s shoulders and returned the kiss. He was hot to the touch, and the man’s rapid breathing exposed the invisible tension. It turned out that the seemingly unperturbed Lin XiuYong, on the proposal of such an important event, would still panic.

This person seemed to have everything under control, at this time secretly revealing his vulnerability, making him feel softer. But Bai SiNing couldn’t think of anything else, he felt dizzy and his legs went weak. Today was too worthy to make people happy, Lin XiuYong was really true to his word, doing what he promised.

Bai SiNing was dazzled by the 30,000 roses, disturbed by the enchanting night, and overwhelmed by Lin XiuYong’s moving words of love. Only when he was short of breath did he gently nudge the person’s shoulder, shying away, “Okay, many people are watching.”

“Let them watch.” Lin XiuYong was full of care and lowered his head again to peck a kiss. It seemed that all at once, he wanted to show all the love owed these years.

Bai SiNing’s face was red, as if it was dyed with rouge. He reached out to pull Lin XiuYong’s hand, pinching his burning fingertips, “Go inside, you’ll catch a cold if you stand outside for long.”

Everyone sat back down at the table, and that night, Bai SiNing drank a lot of wine and managed to get himself drunk once again. He couldn’t hide his jubilation today, and he caught one of them clinking glasses.

Gu Ang poured wine into the glass while handing it to Lin XiuYong.

Bai SiNing muttered unhappily, “Why don’t you drink with me?”

Gu Ang pushed his hand away and handed the wine glass to Lin XiuYong, in a serious tone, “Bai SiNing isn’t very good in the head, if you’re angry in the future, you should be more tolerant, don’t beat him. Although I had the urge to beat him up many times before, but after all, he’s family, bear with it and it will pass.”

“Mn, I know.” Lin XiuYong replied with a smile.

Gu Ang looked like he wanted to marry his own son’s attitude, and patted Lin XiuYong’s shoulder, “I’ll tell you in advance, the child’s silly, a big burden.”

Gu Ang wasn’t at all worried about Lin XiuYong’s deep feelings. So many years watching from the side, even a stone would be moved to tears. He just felt that on such a serious occasion , giving away Bai SiNing’s hand into the hands of others, had to say something serious. Unfortunately, the protagonist was a silly and amusing person, unconsciously the style of painting was carried away.

Bai SiNing listened to the conversation between the two, tears in his eyes, one moment wanting to cry, the other wanting to laugh. He couldn’t help but hammer Gu Ang and muttered, “Why are you being so melodramatic?”

“I’m just trying to help you out so you don’t get pissed off.” Gu Ang looked at him from the corner of his eyes, “Besides, I’m afraid you’ll be bullied, am I not?”

“I don’t want to bully him. You really don’t have to worry.” Lin XiuYong was dumbfounded and laughed, silently drinking his wine. He could understand Gu Ang’s feelings, but the person he so eagerly chased, holding in his hands like he was afraid he would melt, couldn’t get hurt even a little. He poured another glass of wine for Gu Ang and replied, “In the future, in the military camp, he’ll become your adjutant, so you also have to take care of him more. Don’t let him get hurt.”

Gu Ang touched him with his wine glass, “No problem.”

Ye Fei watched with a light expression as the two of them drank together, and couldn’t help but interject, “It’s not that serious. Why do you guys make it look like you’re parting and explaining the aftermath?”

“I’m just a little emotional, even Bai SiNing is getting married.” Gu Ang red-eyed tail, tilted his head back violently and drank the glass of wine. The last second, they were just joining the school, taking classes together and training together, and in the blink of an eye, they all grew up to be adults.

The trivial things in life were changing little by little, but once they got together, it was like time stopped in the green campus life. This trip was really worth it, to make up for all those days they missed each other in the past, all complete.

Shen Fei Zhou was beside him with his hands on his chest, chewing Gu Ang’s words with a pensive face, “Even Bai SiNing is getting married and I’m still single. Unbelievable.”

“Shen Lap Dog, can’t you see a big live person here with me?” Jiang HeYi was obviously not too happy. These years passed and everyone started to pair up. The longer the friendship, the more dog food they ate, so they were snoozing to death.

Bai SiNing, with a sharp eye, put his arm around two despondent people left and right and said with a smile, “May you also find true love soon, like I did.”

While blessing people, he also didn’t forget to show his love. He now kind of understood why Gu Ang always loves to mention Ye Fei to others. There was so much love on the tip of his heart that even spitting out his name on the tip of his tongue would be sweet. He still had low self-esteem though, often wondering how Lin XiuYong could like his ordinary self.

But the god of men was about to become a husband and couldn’t wait to take a loudspeaker to a radio broadcast.

They all drank noisily until midnight, and finally made an unbearably delayed end to the bureau. People drank a few, so were half crazy, half awake.

Bai SiNing pulled Lin XiuYong, and looked out the window at the roses spreading to the sky, “What about the roses? We have to take them back.”

“Take them all back?” Lin XiuYong looked at the more than 30,000 flowers and got a headache. He called several florists this afternoon to put together the quantity, and sent them here to toss all afternoon to set up. To take it all back would really be a bit of torture.

Bai SiNing couldn’t let the beautiful scene pass like a firework. He blinked and had an idea, “Let’s take a picture first, then we’ll share some with others.”

“This is feasible.” Lin XiuYong told the crowd standing in the sea of flowers, “Call the waiter to come over and take pictures.”

The two main characters stood in the middle, surrounded by a large circle of good friends, this scene was really warm. Bai SiNing learned a good lesson this time and made a cute expression early, then leaned his head gently on Lin XiuYong’s shoulder.

It was very warm and sweet.

After the flash was finished, many pictures were taken in a row.

Bai SiNing was the first one to run over to check, and this time he smiled sweetly and was satisfied that it looked better than the last photo.

“When I go back to develop the photos, I’ll send them to you each.” Bai SiNing topped his red face, “Now it’s time to divide the roses, there are nine of us, thirty nine thousand six hundred, one is…”

He wasn’t good at math, apparently doing some miscalculations.

Lin XiuYong lowered his eyes and calculated mentally, thoughtfully picking up, “Each person takes four thousand four hundred.”

“Ah yes, your brain is really fast.” Bai SiNing bent his eyes and waved his fingers around, “Everyone has to take… oh, no one is allowed to run.”

“What? You want us to go home and eat dog food by taking the roses?” Everyone gave a good-natured laugh.

Fortunately, all came in a mecha which was quite spacious. Several people moved their respective portions away in the dark midnight, porter-like, and worked for a while before the site was cleared.

Gu Ang stared at his family with more than eight thousand roses and sighed slightly, “We’re tired enough for you to propose.”

Bai SiNing gave an oops, “This is sharing joy and happiness. Then let’s disperse today, go back to your homes and be safe.”

After everyone said goodbye to each other, Bai SiNing followed Lin XiuYong up to the mecha. With a large bush of roses piled up, it became a little crowded. He shrank into the passenger side and started to touch the silver ring on his hand and stare at the roses as he giggled.

As if in a dream, he exchanged rings with Lin XiuYong and set a marriage contract. Lin XiuYong was still awake and quickly manipulated the mecha to return to Bai SiNing’s house. There was no way to get the roses, so they had to stay in the mecha for now.

“Here we are, come down.” Lin XiuYong opened the hatch and reached out to pull him.

Bai SiNing was now a little dizzy with hindsight, acting soft and pampered, “I can’t walk, I want to hug.”

“I’ll carry you, reach out and hold on.” Lin XiuYong good-naturedly answered, bending down to hold his waist, lightly upstairs.

Bai SiNing only now had the actual feeling of a proposal, he stifled his head resting on the man’s shoulder, snapped awake, “Oh my God, we’re getting married, shouldn’t we tell our parents?”

“Mn, my dad already knew.” Lin XiuYong laughed lowly, “He should have waited for this day for a long time.”

Bai SiNing’s eyes widened and he felt like a fool, “When did you tell uncle?”

Lin XiuYong helped him remember, “The first time you came to my house for dinner, remember? He made you a big table of food and praised me a lot. At that moment I told him that the child I brought home was the one I liked and the one I would be with for the rest of my life. It was only a matter of time before we got married.”

Bai SiNing remembered the first time he went to Lin XiuYong’s house, when he was a freshman. It was surprising that he confessed his thoughts to his father so early, and only he was foolishly kept in the dark. No wonder, at that time Lin XiuYong’s father was particularly enthusiastic about him, and also gave him a bottle of special perfume. At that time, the tone of voice was somewhat inscrutable, and the expression was also very rich.

After that time, Bai SiNing often dawdled with him at home on weekends. Uncle was a nice guy, he looked rough, but he was particularly attentive to him, and every time there was a big table of good food. Bai SiNing now understood that he had been treated as family. He sighed with relief and moved his lips slightly, “My parents don’t know yet, I’ll go back and give them a call.”

After all, he was so crazy to quickly determine the marriage, they had to let them know.

Lin XiuYong looked down at the time, it was almost one in the morning, “It’s very late, let’s talk tomorrow.”

“No, do it now, I can’t wait.” Bai SiNing wiggled his legs, thinking one thing and urging, “Hurry up and go upstairs.”

Lin XiuYong cried and laughed, wondering what kind of wind he was having again. But his steps were quicker, and he carried him back to the house in a stable manner. Bai SiNing sat on the sofa and dialed the video call with great apprehension. He hadn’t even mocked up an opening statement when he got through.

“Little Bai, what can I do for you at this late hour?” Bai’s mother looked like she had just gotten up from under the covers, wearing pajamas, her hair was a mess, and her face was sleepy.

The words came to his throat, but Bai SiNing suddenly didn’t know how to speak. He stammered, “Do you remember the boy I was with last time I came home, my good friend Lin XiuYong?”

“Mn, I remember.” Bai’s father also came over with a bewildered look, “What happened to him?”

Bai SiNing asked politely, “What do you think of him?”

Lin XiuYong lit a cigarette next to him and listened to the conversation with a stifled smile. The kid was usually big-hearted, but he was still shy when it came to this kind of thing.

Mother Bai said with a bewildered face, “He’s quite good, he knows how to work hard, and is also very smart. Oh yes, also very handsome.”

Lin XiuYong put forward this condition, and no one should find any fault.

“So that means, you guys like him, right?” Bai SiNing cleared his throat, “He’s… he’s getting married.”

The puzzlement on mother Bai’s face deepened, “Is it worth you calling us in the middle of the night to video him getting married?”

“Is it that you like people, but he’s getting married and you’re sad?” Father Bai, who considered himself smart, broke it down in one sentence.

Bai SiNing held back a laugh and nodded, “I do like him quite a bit.”

He glanced sideways at Lin XiuYong, who was idly flicking his ashes, using the cute ashtray he had bought. Bai SiNing gave a tsk in his heart, even while smoking he was so charming.

“No wonder you looked for us in the middle of the night. You’re sad, right? You don’t tell people when you like them, this is what you get. Now that he wants to get married, you can’t stop the wedding…”

“What are you saying? What stopping the wedding? Let me tell you Little Bai, don’t hang on a tree, there are many good men in this world, some day Dad will introduce you to one.”

Bai SiNing saw Lin XiuYong’s face sinking, hurriedly interrupted, “No, he wants to marry me.”

The two old people across the screen, “…”

“Mn, he proposed to me today, so I wanted to let you know.” Bai SiNing reached out and tugged Lin XiuYong’s sleeve, “Do you want to come over and say hello to my parents?”

Lin XiuYong nodded slightly, put out his cigarette, and straightened his shirt again before sidling into the shot. He finished in one breath, looking across the screen as if stuck, the two elderly people didn’t move, “I proposed to Little Bai today, and the wedding should be held soon. The last time we met was rather hasty, so I’ll pay a formal visit in a couple of days.”

“Wait, our son is getting married?” Mother Bai reacted belatedly.

Father Bai looked at the two heads touching together over there and slowly spoke, “It seems like, surprisingly, someone doesn’t mind Bai SiNing being stupid?”

“Dad, am I your child?” Bai SiNing interrupted with a red face.

Father Bai waved his hand and hurried to find a remedy, “Blame me for saying the wrong thing, and not that, it happened suddenly, we were just a little surprised.”

After all, there was no hint of anything before, and the suddenness of such heavy news was simply shocking. Bai SiNing puffed out his mouth, his parents’ damaging kung fu was really first-class, “Anyway, it’s settled, just to tell you guys. I have someone who wants me too, and he’s super into me.”

Lin XiuYong smiled and nodded, rubbing his hair again, “Little Bai is very good, I begged him to marry me.”

The words gave enough face.

“Gee, that’s good. Let us know when the wedding date is set. It’s the middle of the night and it’s keeping me awake.” Mother Bai changed her smiling face and gave Lin XiuYong a standard smile, “Little Bai sometimes doesn’t quite understand things, Little Lin, take it easy.”

“No problem, auntie.”

“Also, he has a bad stomach, he can’t eat messy things all the time. This guy has a straightforward nature, sometimes talking without thinking, don’t worry about it.” The more they said, the more Bai SiNing’s mother’s emotions became heavier, silently began to wipe tears, “The child has grown up, it’s really quite sad.”

Bai SiNing was infected by his mother’s sentimental emotions, sighed, and casually sent the photo of the proposal, “I’m not not coming back later. Take a look at the photos and get some rest.”

“Okay, okay, good night.”

After hanging up the phone, Bai SiNing was staring at the dialog box. He was just about to say how he hadn’t given his blessing when he saw his mom posting a friend’s message with a lot of fanfare.

[My son’s getting married, so excited in the middle of the night that I can’t sleep! His husband is handsome, wishing good luck for a hundred years!] The photo had them both circled with peach hearts, which looked awkward and funny.

Bai SiNing looked at the peach heart and squeezed his communicator to stifle a laugh, “My mom has such a long reflex arc.”

“Same as you.” Lin XiuYong took the person into his arms and hoofed it to the next plan, “I’ll set a wedding date and go register soon, okay?”

Bai SiNing tilted his head to look at him, his voice was greasy, “Elder brother, you’re in such a hurry, afraid that I will run away, right?”

Lin XiuYong twisted his ear, his voice was very soft, “Time to call me husband.”

Bai SiNing strained his neck and refused to call him that, of course, that had to wait until the certificate. It was a really nice thing to become partners—

Lin XiuYong was superb in execution and soon set the date and began to prepare for the wedding. He took all the preparation work on himself and did it by himself.

Bai SiNing was so happy to be free that he wasn’t even sure about the wedding venue and the set up. He didn’t bother to ask, and when the time came, he took it as a surprise.

Soon he and Gu Ang went back to the barracks to join the army, and thought he would be separated from Lin XiuYong, but in not even two days, this person was transferred back to the Imperial Star. The two were separated for a short while and stuck together again.

Lin XiuYong bought the house next door to Gu Ang’s, and the two pairs officially became neighbors. When the renovation was finished and they moved, Bai SiNing became a daily commuter with Gu Ang, and the meals became a four-person meal.

Bai SiNing often thought, This is probably the ideal life.

Friends living next door, lovers next to each other, life was going in the most beautiful direction. And the wedding came at the right time.

On the day of the wedding, Bai SiNing was dressed up in a rare and sophisticated way, wearing a well-fitting white suit and a dark black bow tie, like a pretty little prince. But the little prince was not calm and reserved, but rather like a fire was burning his butt. He fidgeted in the dressing room and simply stood up and turned around nervously, “Brother Ang, were you like this when you got married? Is it true that the more nervous you are, the more you pee?”

Gu Ang, as a group of family and friends, lazily leaned back on the sofa looking at people and recalling the scene of getting married with Ye Fei. He slowly shook his head with a calm face, “I wasn’t nervous, I was feeling more anticipation.”

“Wow, you’re in a good frame of mind. Do you think that Lin XiuYong will suddenly backtrack and run away?” Bai SiNing frowned as many strange news flashed through his mind, “The kind of groom who runs away on the day of the groom, oh my God, what am I going to do?”

He still had some low self-esteem in the end, always flustered by this sudden and surging love.

What if Lin XiuYong found out he wasn’t as cute as he thought and backed out?

Gu Ang was simply amused by this nonsensical speculation, “Lin XiuYong would run away? He’d be crazy.”

“Then why hasn’t he arrived yet?” Bai SiNing stretched his neck and looked down from the window. The quiet boulevard was empty. The more time he spent with Lin XiuYong, the more he could appreciate how good this man was. Now even if he wanted to, he couldn’t let him go. He panicked when he didn’t show up.

Gu Ang leaned on the sofa and was messaging with Ye Fei, without raising his head, “Almost there, downstairs immediately.”

Bai SiNing sighed with relief and went over to look in the mirror and straightened the tips of his hair, “Is my hair messed up?”

“It’s not messy, it’s fine. Stop for a while.” Gu Ang propped up his head and waved at him, “Come sit down.”

“I can’t breathe anymore.” Bai SiNing loosened the buttons of his suit and was just about to sit down when he heard a knock on the door and jumped up again. He reached out and pulled Gu Ang toward the door, “Coming, coming, open the door.”

“What’s the hurry? I have questions to answer.”

Gu Ang hung a smile, slowly paced to the door and shouted as usual, “Who’s at the door?”

“Lin XiuYong, came to pick up Bai SiNing.”

“Okay, first answer a few questions, and then let you in if you get them all right.”

Gu Ang took out the hand card prepared in his pocket and dutifully asked, “First question, Bai SiNing’s favorite fruit.”


“Mn, Bai SiNing’s height and weight.”

“177, 60kg.”

Bai SiNing couldn’t wait even a bit and nodded frantically, “Yes, yes, yes, let him in quickly.”

“Don’t rush, there are many more questions.” Gu Ang pressed the elbowed man and continued to ask questions, “Bai SiNing’s most sensitive part.”

Bai SiNing blushed and hit him, cursing, “What kind of questions are you asking?”

Just as the words left his mouth, he heard a light laugh from the other side of the door, “Ears and waist.”

“Is that right?” Gu Ang turned his head to confirm the answer.

Bai SiNing nodded silently, his voice lowered a bit, “Yes.”

“What does Bai SiNing like most about what you do to him?” The question was so evocative that several people who followed Lin XiuYong at the door were laughing uproariously. The question was crowdsourced by a group of detractors on the first day, and everyone was waiting to see the joke.

Only, Lin XiuYong said seriously, “Like to tell him bedtime stories.”

“Fuck, you’re so innocent.” This answer was all out of Gu Ang’s expectation, he silently gave a thumbs up, “You’re worthy of this elementary school chicken.”

Bai SiNing couldn’t listen to it anymore, reached out and pulled the door open with a jerk, forcibly interrupting the question and answer session. Lin XiuYong with a bunch of people standing at the door, holding a large bouquet of flowers, wearing a black suit similar to his, looking handsome and proper. 

Suddenly, Bai SiNing was at a loss for words when he faced him. He pinched the palm of his hand, his voice shaking a little in surprise, “You’re here.”

“Mn, it’s three minutes earlier than promised.” Lin XiuYong entered the door and handed him the bouquet, “Are you ready?”

Gu Ang leaned against the door and spat, “If you didn’t come, Little Bai would’ve thought you didn’t want him anymore.”

Everyone burst out laughing, causing Bai SiNing’s face to turn red.

Lin XiuYong whispered, “I’m sure I’ll come, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

“Oh, you two are so numb, don’t say love words, directly kiss instead.” Shen Fei Zhou couldn’t look down, reached out and pushed Lin XiuYong’s back to speed up the process. 

The two noses hit together, Bai SiNing rubbed the location of the hit red, raised his head to take the initiative to receive a kiss. He hooked his neck and carefully touched his lips before complimenting, “You’re so handsome today.”

“Mn, you’re not bad either, the suit suits you well.” Lin XiuYong smiled and wrapped his waist, “The ceremony is about to start, get ready and we’ll go over.”

While everyone was mingling in the dressing room, Bai SiNing was full of drowsiness. He was completely dazed by today’s Lin XiuYong, and didn’t know the process behind him, so he stupidly followed everyone.

After entering the middle of the hall, Bai SiNing finally saw what the wedding looked like, it was so beautiful that people were at a loss for words. All the flowers were in aquamarine color, piled up everywhere in sight. The cascading blues were like the starry sky he had seen in Lin XiuYong’s eyes.

On the way to the red carpet, he saw many faces he hadn’t seen in a long time. Many former classmates and relatives were invited to the venue one by one by Lin XiuYong. It was a grand wedding, and the ordinary Bai SiNing was the most dazzling protagonist. He stood under the spotlight and listened to the officiant’s vows, feeling like he had fallen into a beautiful dream.

Tying the knot forever, tying the knot. These were some very nebulous and beautiful words, now used for him and Lin XiuYong. He seemed to see no one else, his gaze locked firmly in Lin XiuYong’s eyes.

The man took his hand, interlocked his fingers, and spoke the most beautiful words of love in the world.

“Bai SiNing, thank you for coming to my side and bringing me warmth and happiness. After I met you, I discovered the meaning of life, and I think there will never be another person in the world who brings me such a stirring. I will let you live the rest of your life with me in peace and health. I love you forever.”

The microphone was handed to him, and Bai SiNing was trembling even with his tail finger. The lines he had prepared earlier were long forgotten, and his mind was moved to a blank.

“I love you too, forever.” Bai SiNing was clumsy with words, inexperienced, could only clumsily pull out the words from his heart to tell him. “Lin XiuYong, thank you for loving me. I will never let go of the person Bai SiNing has decided. This time, I will protect myself well, be healthy and safe, and stay with you for the rest of my life, without leaving.”

He thought that Lin XiuYong should understand what he was talking about. After two lifetimes of entanglement and a journey through the vastness of time and space, they finally came together with great difficulty. Only Lin XiuYong himself knew the hardships involved.

The officiant then said, “Please exchange wedding rings and kiss each other.”

Lin XiuYong nodded slightly, reached out to pull him closer, and kissed him with his head down. The darkness had passed, and they had ushered in the light. Bai SiNing fluttered his eyelashes and responded to the kiss over and over again. In the haze, he smelled a crisp mint fragrance that grew stronger and stronger, coming from all directions.

“Mint, is your pheromone mint?” Bai SiNing snapped open his eyes and looked fixedly at Lin XiuYong with some surprise.

At that second, he thought he smelled Lin XiuYong’s pheromone. It was the fresh fragrance that he had always regretted that he couldn’t sense. This thing had always bothered him, as if it was reminding him every time that a combination of Alpha and Beta weren’t so suitable.

Like even now, they were standing in the hall of marriage, still holding anxious feelings. He was very inferior and very frightened, just like the pheromone that couldn’t be smelled, very afraid that Lin XiuYong’s love would pass away. This love was illusory, but he had fallen deep into it. While afraid, while falling deeper and deeper.

Lin XiuYong nodded his head, “Yes.”

Bai SiNing lowered his head and sniffed his neck, there was still no smell, so he hung his head in loss, it was an illusion. It was just the mint fragrance that seemed to be floating in the air, tantalizing him as if nothing was there, “Where did this smell come from?”

“Each table arrangement of flowers, I have added the mint scent device. You said that love can not help but emit pheromone represents love, so I prepared these.” Lin XiuYong fully understood that Bai SiNing couldn’t smell his pheromone to confirm the kind of panic of love. He squeezed Bai SiNing’s hand, touched the switch in his hand, and added, “Baby, I know you’re clinging to this, but actually pheromone doesn’t matter, neither does the second gender, what matters is that I’m loving you with instinct.”

These words were so pungent that they made people want to shed tears. Bai SiNing closed his eyes and sniffed, and the dense mint fragrance almost overwhelmed him. He whispered, “Honey, I really love you so much.”

Lin XiuYong was too delicate at heart to use the smell of his own pheromone to show him love on such a sacred and important day. Although it was fake, Bai SiNing felt happy from the bottom of his heart. Lin XiuYong gave him enough security to defeat all those fragile inferiority complexes. He was finally relieved by all the people cheering and blessing.

In fact, there weren’t so many miracles in this world. He still couldn’t resist the physiological structure, maybe he won’t be able to smell Lin XiuYong’s pheromone for the rest of his life, maybe Lin XiuYong also won’t find a 100% fit excellent Omega, which would be regrettable in the eyes of the public. But, what did this have to do with it?

They loved each other, so they could overcome everything.


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