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Chapter 26: Gu Ang… Was Nesting? Is He Pregnant?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey needs another smoke


Gu Ang cursed in his heart, pretending to be dumb, “What the hell?”

Ye Fei quickly walked to his bed, picking up a piece of clothing, “I’m asking, why are these clothes on your bed?”

And rolled into a ball with arm pressed creases in the middle of the clothes. It looked like he had slept with them all night. Gu Ang would sleep with his clothes? Were they rolled into a ball and hugged or used as a pillow?

As these thoughts ran through his head, he became softhearted. He’s too damn cute.

Ye Fei’s expression slowly melted, even wanting to go up and rub his head.

That was why Gu Ang panicked and took his clothes by mistake in the morning.

Ye Fei relaxed and leaned back on the sofa, watching how the man would explain.

Gu Ang paced back and forth in the room, his head in a tangled mess.

The act of taking someone’s clothes was too demented, and if he said it directly, would Ye Fei think he was a pervert? He didn’t know what other Omegas did in heat, but on that night, he subconsciously wanted to wrap himself in Ye Fei’s pheromone for comfort.

But now in this situation, the two standing opposite each other were in front of a messy crime scene. The physical evidence was present, and he was caught in the act. How could he explain?

Gu Ang thought of the afternoon of the confrontation with Wei YangZe, and had an idea.

“I’ve been having a bit of a stress reaction to pheromones lately, and you weren’t there,” Gu Ang paused and thought he was weaving the perfect excuse, “so I took your clothes to try and see if the Alpha pheromone was still stimulating to me.”

I’m such a witty and clever little genius, Gu Ang raised the corners of his mouth. It was a perfect and beautiful excuse. 

He still wouldn’t admit he’d become an Omega. Was it so hard to say that he needed it?

Ye Fei revealed, “Was the amount left on the clothes enough?”

Gu Ang stiffened, “No, it wasn’t, so there was no reaction.”

Ye Fei laughed and teased, “No wonder you took so much. There’s still more in the closet next to you, why not take it all?”

“Why do I need so many?” Gu Ang annoyed, “Okay. I was just borrowing some of your clothes, so petty. I’ll hang them back up for you right now.” He said, while moving to the bed with a red face to pack away the clothes. 

Fuck, how could he take so many? Ten or so clothes were like they were from a bazaar, each one wrinkled.

Ye Fei couldn’t let go of the person, picking the bones, “But the clothes are wrinkled.”

“Wrinkled, wrinkled.” Gu Ang wrinkled his eyebrows and muttered, “I’ll iron it for you.”

Ye Fei hmm’d, “Do it now, I want to take them away.”

Gu Ang was too annoyed, but he had to bear the consequences of his own sins. There was no iron in the room, so he had to run to the aunt to borrow a portable one, and carried it back in a panic.

Ye Fei was propped up on the sofa, watching as he clumsily hung up his clothes and ironed them smoothly, bit by bit. He looked at Gu Ang as a teenager, from his forehead to his chin, full of pride and sharpness. It was as if their time together had never been amiss and everything was as usual.

The day was like an unbelievably normal day after the wedding, when the two returned home from the training ground. He bullied Gu Ang to help him iron clothes.

Ye Fei’s heart was filled with a sourness that hadn’t been felt in a long time.

It was already a luxury for them to live together peacefully after the divorce, but now, he wanted more.

He wasn’t satisfied, he was greedy. But there were still a lot of problems between them, and Gu Ang refused to open up to him. What in the world would he have to do to get his Guang Guang back?

“It’s ironed. Is the boss satisfied?” Gu Ang rubbed his sore arm and looked at the person with a smirk.

Ye Fei nodded, “You worked hard.”

He returned from his thoughts, dragging out his suitcase to fold the clothes one by one into it, moving slowly, as if no one wanted to break the silence.

After being marked, the past two days had been much better. Gu Ang wanted to tell him that he didn’t have to go. However, he couldn’t open his mouth. He watched as Ye Fei put away the last piece of clothing and zipped it up.

Ye Fei’s heart felt a faint squeeze, “A few more days, when I’m not busy, I’ll come back.”

Gu Ang shrugged, “Well, it’s up to you, I don’t care.”

Ye Fei pulled his suitcase downstairs, but didn’t rush back to Bai SiNing’s place, instead, he found a bench under the dormitory building to sit down. Chewing on a cigarette and lighting it, he opened Starnet to search.

Why is an Omega hugging Alpha clothes?

Feeling that it wasn’t precise enough, he re-edited the question.

Why does an Omega sleep with an Alpha’s clothes during estrus?

There were a lot of results from related searches, mostly affirming that the Omega was interested in the Alpha. Ye Fei was in a good mood afterwards, since this indicated that Gu Ang still loved him.

The cigarette burned halfway, when Ye Fei fingertips stopped on a reply.

[Officially, this is called ‘Omega nesting behavior’. Because of insecurity as well as being more sensitive, they will make a small nest with Alpha pheromone stained items. In order to obtain psychological comfort, generally pregnant Omegas will do this, except for special cases.]

Gu Ang, he… was nesting? Was he pregnant?

Pregnancy was impossible, Ye Fei was sure that Gu Ang wouldn’t let anyone touch him easily.

Like the day Ye Fei pretended to be a stranger and temporarily marked him, Gu Ang was about to blow up. Only, if it really was Omega insecurity, as the answer said, and he packed away all his clothes, what about Gu Ang?

He stared at the suitcase, exhaled the last mouthful of smoke with some regret, and put out his cigarette.

If he had known, he would have left one piece.

As soon as Ye Fei left, Gu Ang’s room felt empty, and he couldn’t get motivated to do anything. He sat on the bed, feeling stuck. Because of what the doctor said about the slim possibility of going back to being an Alpha, and his pride in not wanting to show weakness, he couldn’t be honest with Ye Fei.

What if they made up and went back to how it was before? His father would still come out of the closet, his mother would still kill herself, and what would be the point of it all? In the end, it would still come to that end.

He couldn’t say anything until there was a confirmed outcome. His heart was anxious, carrying this huge secret, but no one he could share it with. Gu Ang sank back into bed and stared at Ye Fei’s empty closet.

His dog ex-husband, who was preparing to move or something, didn’t leave a single piece of clothing and took it all away. The smell of brandy in the air dissipated, leaving no trace of it.

Gu Ang rolled around in bed, full of irritation. After burying himself in his pillow for a while, Gu Ang suddenly popped up and pulled his suitcase out from under the bed.

There was indeed a black shirt lying inside, the one he had taken that day.

He carefully picked up this missed piece and covered his face, and the lingering smell came to him, the familiar scent of liquor. His heart that was fluttering settled back into its original place, and all the panic also instantly went to zero.

It was still not enough.

Gu Ang had a red face and his school uniform, which smelled as if it was dipped in white peach oolong, came untied, his beautiful body visible, but unfortunately no one could appreciate it. He paused for two seconds, as if he had made a great determination, his head full of impulse overcoming shame.

His fingertips lifted up the shirt, Gu Ang put it on and buttoned it up one by one. The shirt was tightly buttoned at the collar, and the smell didn’t escape at all. Gu Ang closed his eyes and felt extraordinarily at ease.

Ye Fei’s pheromone was now all his.

The next day was the weekend, and there were no classes. Gu Ang was in the dormitory grinding into the night, bored. He clicked on his communicator and sent a message to Bai SiNing, [Are you home? I’ll come over to hang out with you.]

Bai SiNing: [Yes. God Ye is here too, are you coming?]

The hint was obvious: don’t come, avoid a world war.

Gu Ang: [Wait for me.]

Bai SiNing held the communicator in deep thought. He dwelled for a while but couldn’t figure it out in the end. Finally, he looked at Ye Fei who was lying on the sofa reading a book, and reported to him.

“God Ye, Brother Ang said he was coming over later. Are you going out?”

Ye Fei raised his eyes and looked out the window, the moon hanging among the branches, “It’s a little late, so I’m not going out.”

Bai SiNing scratched his head, “It’s late at night, why is he coming over?”

“I don’t know.” Ye Fei was also curious about what this man was up to when he came over.

Did he miss him? He had a little smile in his eyes.

Soon after, there was a knock at the door, and Bai SiNing stepped into his slippers to open the door. Once pulled open, Gu Ang stood there wearing a white sweater, a pure and unpretentious college student look.

Gu Ang entered like it was his own home and he was familiar with it. He nodded in greeting and sat down on the sofa next to Ye Fei, “You’re both here.”

Bai SiNing muttered, “I just told you.”

Gu Ang lounged back on the sofa, “Did you have a good time in the past two days?”

“Yes, God Ye even cooked for me.” Bai SiNing mentioned it, bragging happily.

The iceberg was a bit of an iceberg, but his cooking was really good, and the picky-mouthed man was very impressed. Bai SiNing licked his lower lip, he didn’t want to let Ye Fei leave.

When Gu Ang heard this, a hint of jealousy surfaced in his heart. 

This person agreed to cook for me only, so how could even Bai SiNing such ordinary classmate join in on it?

Dog ex-husband! His words don’t count! 

He indignantly took a sip of the tea in front of him to vent his anger.

Bai SiNing exclaimed, “That’s God Ye’s cup!”

“I’m thirsty.” Gu Ang let out an ‘Oh’, and grumpily continued to drink, two sips to wet his throat. “What’s the point of you guys just sitting around like this? Let’s play cards.”

Ye Fei stared thoughtfully at the teacup that had been placed back on the table, the mist at the mouth of the cup haloed by the lipmark Gu Ang had left.

Great, an indirect kiss.

“You’re really came over to play.” Bai SiNing dawdled for a moment, breathlessly pulling out the cards from the locker, “God Ye, are you going to play?”

Ye Fei closed his book and rubbed his sore eyelids, “I’ll play.”

Bai SiNing stared, shocked. God Ye was so grounded, how could we start playing poker together when they said they were deadly rivals? He was still in a state of confusion, and Gu Ang had already started to shuffle the cards rapidly.

The three of them couldn’t play complicated ones, and finally simply chose blackjack, and they were punished with tea if they lost.

After a few rounds, Bai SiNing was alternately hung by the two players in a fancy style and drank a whole pot. He rubbed his bloated stomach, “No more, you two are too fierce, I can’t.”

Gu Ang wanted to stay with Ye Fei a little longer, grinding out the time, “It’s still early, let’s play a few more games.”

“I can’t count you guys, and my luck is bloody abusive, I refuse.” Bai SiNing shook his head and resisted frantically, “Brother Ang, don’t toss and turn, go to bed early.”

Ye Fei quietly lit a cigarette and watched the two bickering back and forth. He couldn’t guess what was going on in Gu Ang’s little mind. Was he willing to stay up with him?

The hand on the wall was already pointing to one o’clock, Bai SiNing was constantly yawning, relying on his willpower to hold on. Gu Ang got up to get a new pot of tea, thinking about how to ask Ye Fei to return with him.

When he passed by the tatami, he had an idea and spilled the pot of tea all over the blanket. The dark blue duvet cover and tatami mats were completely soaked.

Gu Ang let out a sigh of regret and said, “I’m to blame for my carelessness, the bed is wet now and Ye Fei has no place to sleep.”

Ye Fei’s eyes were smiling, and he followed his lead, “I really can’t, so I have to go back and stay in the dorm up for the night. Do you mind?”

Gu Ang’s cheeks were tinged with a slight blush, and he was about to be arrogant and say that he didn’t mind with reluctance, when he saw Bai SiNing roll over, stand next to the sofa and pull the bottom out, a face wrapped in enthusiasm.

“God Ye, don’t worry, I didn’t mention it before, but in fact I have a sofa bed here.” Bai SiNing finished turning around and felt the atmosphere, which was lively just now, freeze abruptly. He scratched his neck in confusion. Did he say something wrong? Why did these two people have such fierce expressions that they look like they wanted to kill him?


The author has something to say: 

Those passing by Bai’s closed coffin should scatter paper money, thank you!


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March 30, 2023 11:35 am

Having pride for all the wrong reasons is a BITCH!!

Gu Ang is a prideful idiot😆😆😆

March 30, 2023 6:46 pm

I will burn paper money for Bai Bai. Gu Ang you could trust the person you like more. Thanks for the chapter!

March 31, 2023 4:00 am

Just be honest with each other and work things out together! Pride comes before a….
Thank you both for translating and editing.

April 10, 2023 1:27 am

Ha ha ha Sorry Bai Bai, you should learn how to read the atmosphere when the two around😅

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