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Chapter 27: How Did They Sleep Together?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, done with another smoke break


Gu Ang’s mouth dropped, showing an expression of suppressed anger, “Why didn’t you say it last time?”

“I was afraid that you would come to live here and fight again. Today, I feel relieved to see the harmony.” Bai SiNing stuck his tongue out, “God Ye said yesterday he was going to stay a week, so he doesn’t have to leave early.”

He wouldn’t turn his back on him, but would also give threats.

Gu Ang kept telling himself, Calm down! Calm down! Don’t bother with stupid single-celled creatures!

If it was Bai SiNing in his previous life, he would probably be indifferent to come and go. He dawdled and sat down next to Ye Fei, “This bed isn’t comfortable to sleep on…”

“It’s comfortable.” Bai SiNing sat on it and bounced it twice, “Look, how elastic it is.”

Gu Ang wanted to kill him, and Ye Fei, with his line of sight on the pair, felt the same.

In the middle of the night Bai SiNing better lock the door, lest he couldn’t resist slipping in and wringing someone’s neck.

After a second of silence, Ye Fei’s fingertips tapped on the table, trying to find a better excuse.

It was already late, so it wasn’t a good idea to stay up. Gu Ang’s rut hadn’t passed yet, and if they stayed longer, what should they do if the scent of something that shouldn’t appear was discovered by Bai SiNing? That wouldn’t be good. He reminded, “Let’s just make do with today, Gu Ang, you should go back.”

Gu Ang reluctantly said, “It’s still early. Tomorrow is the weekend, let’s play all night.”

“Brother, give me a break.” Bai SiNing blinked his dry eyes, “Why do you have so much energy today?”

Gu Ang tricked him, “Just a few more games.”

Bai SiNing almost pulled up his eyelids with tape and glued them to his eyebrows to refresh himself. His Brother Ang had probably drunk too much tea today and was in high spirits.

The three men started dealing slowly again, and Bai SiNing fell asleep before he could finish the game.

The three-person game became a two-person bet, and Gu Ang was the next to fall. He said he was in good spirits, but the cards he was holding were scattered all over the floor, and he fell asleep on the couch with his head tilted.

Ye Fei rubbed his eyebrows, looking at the crooked duo, letting him become the one to clean up the mess. He first picked up Bai SiNing, threw him into the bed in the inner room, and closed the door. He also got up and threw the wet quilt on the tatami into the washing machine before sitting back on the sofa bed and looking at Gu Ang.

Under the gentle moonlight, the furry little lion became well-behaved. Quietly leaning his head to the side, his long eyelashes casted a shadow on his cheeks. A few mischievous strands of hair fell out of the messed up hair, sticking up haphazardly, very cute.

Ye Fei reached out and put his hand on the top of his head, his palm felt the soft touch. He helped him smooth out his hair little by little, and then carefully held the person’s neck to flatten it, and covered him with a new quilt.

He was about to get up and smoke a cigarette to calm his mind when his coat was pulled. He lowered his eyes and looked over, it was Gu Ang’s beautiful hand, the palm of which still had not fully healed wounds. His fingers were white, long and slender, and in the moonlight, they looked particularly seductive.

His fingers were only loosely pulling on the corner of his coat, and with a little force, they could be torn away. Ye Fei couldn’t move and finally gave up.

His clothes were grabbed, and his heart was also. He hesitated for a moment, obediently lying on the other side of the sofa bed, supporting his arms next to the person.

The sofa bed was for one person, so two big men of 1.8 meters made it look extra crowded.

Ye Fei laughed since there was so little room and turned Gu Ang over so he wouldn’t fall down. However, tonight, in this situation, he probably wouldn’t sleep at all.

He moved in again and his fingertips touched the soft texture of Gu Ang’s sweatshirt, like squeezing a piece of cotton candy. His fingers slid along the jumper and stopped at his waist, and he couldn’t resist taking one more step.

Ye Fei had the thought that he may be drunk, and wasn’t thinking with his head, as he was being very bold. He brought Gu Ang into his arms, directly embracing him tight, and his empty heart was also filled.

On the narrow bed, they were close to each other, their eyes closed.

The moonlight was cast over their overlapping bodies, pulling their shadows into a long line.

Ye Fei thought he would lose sleep tonight, but unexpectedly, he fell asleep quickly while holding Gu Ang.

In the middle of the night Gu Ang felt a little cold, he dazedly reached for the quilt and touched Ye Fei’s hot chest. Like a warm water bag, it instantly gave him warmth.

Gu Ang couldn’t help but rub against the source of warmth, shrinking into the embrace, head buried into the crook of Ye Fei’s neck. As if afraid the warmth would run away, he also hooked his legs around Ye Fei.

Since being re-differentiated, he had been having nightmares, the images were filled with blood and were sad. Some bad memories repeatedly appeared in his mind and wouldn’t let him sleep, but tonight he slept well.

He even… 

Had a dream that made him blush.

He dreamed of a tightly built man, pestering him, fondling, kissing, tangling, and eventually rubbing him until he fired.

Gu Ang had never lost to anyone, but this time, he was pinned down. He was pressed down so firmly that he couldn’t struggle. The force of the man was very strong, the palm of his hand pinched his chin and kissed hard, rushing to possess him.

He was like a small boat, swaying, not able to dock.

He seemed to be gasping for air, gasping until his eyes were flooded with tears, making the pillow wet. The man on top of him still refused to stop, increasing the pace faster and harder.

Gu Ang’s teary eyes seemed to see Ye Fei’s face.

He woke up reflexively, and the sky was just showing the slightest light in the afterglow.

Fuck, it was all the fault of his rut. How could Ye Fei be in his erotic dreams… 

And why was he so angry, how could he be pushed down?

Gu Ang came back to his senses and saw a magnified face in front of him, with tightly closed eyes and sharp angles. The face slowly overlapped with the one in the dream and folded into reality.

This image was more refreshing than a nightmare, and his original chaotic head suddenly jolted awake. Gu Ang wide eyes began digesting the current situation.

How did he and Ye Fei end up sleeping together?

His memory was a bit scattered, stopping at the time of the card game, after that it was no longer clear.

This was Ye Fei’s sofa bed, was it because he was crazy and had to sleep with him? Gu Ang felt some shame and his face quickly turned scarlet. He carefully climbed up and got up past Ye Fei, trying to quickly escape the scene of the crime. Just as he reached the middle of the living room, he saw Bai SiNing rubbing his eyes and coming out to look for water.

“You haven’t left yet?”

Gu Ang yawned and forced himself to stay calm, “Mn, I fell asleep on the couch. I’m leaving now.”

“Oh, it’s so early now.” Bai SiNing grabbed his cup and finished his water, “I’m going back to sleep. Where are you going?”

Gu Ang scratched his head, “Looking for Wei YangZe to fight.”

Bai SiNing’s eyes were full of questions, “What kind of fight is it early in the morning? Besides, he’s in the hospital, so you should still have some conscience.”

“Liang Xin? What’s the matter with Liang Xin?” Gu Ang wondered, “How did she get into the hospital?”

“I meant conscience, not that Liang Xin.” Bai SiNing poked his chest, speechless, “Forget it, I’m so sleepy. Bye bye, Brother Ang.”

Gu Ang got up and changed his shoes to go out, he first went to the entrance of the school to have an early breakfast and waddled until ten o’clock, then he went to the school hospital. He turned to Doctor Zhang’s office first, scaring the old man who was drinking tea.

“Gu Ang, what are you doing here?”

Gu Ang sat down casually, “I came to report on the past two days. Recently my body has gotten even stranger. I feel as if my strength and speed are stronger than before. Do you think I could have a mutation?”

Doctor Zhang held his glasses and looked him up and down, “Are you still dreaming? Not awake?”

“I’m serious.” Gu Ang repeated his test results, “Is it like I evolved? Am I super human?”

His words were a little bit cheesy, but after hearing them, the doctor really thought it was a little bit possible. “Your case is already special, so it’s interesting that you might be differentiated again to create stronger hormones.” The doctor sluggishly rubbed his chin, half-awake, “Can I draw another tube of blood from you and take it back for experimentation?”

Gu Ang speechlessly got up and shielded his arm, “Goodbye.”

In the university hospital, he strolled around twice, and Gu Ang finally found Wei YangZe’s ward. This guy also had exclusive access to VIP rooms. It was just a broken arm, why bother?

He lazily put his hands in his pockets and pushed the door in, and as soon as he entered the ward, he saw a spicy scene.

The battlefield crazy Alpha, was like a husky at the moment as he spread in the nest with a simple smile. On his side was Liang Xin, holding a small bowl, and feeding a spoonful of soup to the husky’s mouth.

The boy and the girl were in love.

Gu Ang felt that he might have eaten too much breakfast and was a little bit sick.

“Gu Ang, what are you doing here?” Wei YangZe noticed Gu Ang and took the initiative to open his mouth to greet him.

“The last time I came to the hospital I saw you two, this time… Tch, the progress is amazing, really admirable.” Gu Ang half leaned against the door, the corners of his mouth slightly raised in teasing.

“He said he was sick and had no one to take care of him.” Liang Xin put the bowl on the bed, got up and pulled a stool to invite him to sit down.

Gu Ang couldn’t help but laugh. Who would even believe this? These two were such a good match, one was dumb and the other was stupid.

Liang Xin was looking at Wei YangZe, who was grinning, and Gu Ang said, “I’m here to ask you a favor.”

Wei YangZe froze, “What can I do for you?”

“I want to go to the training ground. I want you to fight with me.”

His words weren’t finished, when Liang Xin stood up angrily and tried to push him out, “Gu Ang! A’Ze is still injured, how can you be like this?”

Gu Ang spat in his heart. A few days ago, you confessed to Laozi, and in the blink of an eye, you’re calling out A’Ze? 

Thinking about it this way, his dog ex-husband was more affectionate.

“Let’s fight, ah.” Wei YangZe instantly radiated a slightly excited battle intent from both eyes when he heard this. The whole person instantly switched into that wild and unbridled wolf on the battlefield from the silly husky state. He held the angry Liang Xin with his left hand and pointed to his clothes with his finger.

Liang Xin frowned and turned to the hanger to take off the clothes, carefully helping Wei YangZe put his clothes on, who still had a cast on his hand.

“No, I’m not that despicable as to bully a sick person.” Gu Ang then slowly explained, “I just want you to help me do pheromone confrontation training. You just have to stand there and release your pheromone, don’t make it sound like a life and death battle.”

“Huh? So, what do you…”

Wei YangZe heard that it wasn’t a sparring match, and slouched back lazily, “Not interested. I won’t help.”

Gu Ang’s face was full of black lines. This person, except for fighting and Liang Xin, nothing else could be loaded into his brain. He took a few quick steps and whispered in Wei YangZe’s ear, “If you don’t train with me, I’ll tell Liang Xin that you pretended to be seriously injured to gain her sympathy.”

Wei YangZe looked up and immediately flung his head like a whirlwind, “I didn’t, I didn’t! Don’t talk nonsense.”

Whether it was true or false, he couldn’t deny it.

Gu Ang teased, “Don’t you think I know how strong my punch was?”

“Only once, not more.” Wei YangZe stewed for a few seconds, “XinXin, go back to my dorm and bring me a change of clothes.”

Oh, XinXin? Gu Ang thought he may really have eaten too much and was truly sick.

“Don’t be silly, keep your clothes on, just think of it as rehab.”

When they arrived at the training ground, they stood opposite each other without much ado and started training straight away. Gu Ang didn’t explain why he wanted to do this and Wei YangZe also didn’t bother to ask, he just wanted to speed up the battle.

“Let’s start with ten percent, so you can test it.”

Wei YangZe stood holding his cast, when a familiar rusty smell with Wei YangZe’s mental power pushed forward.

“Hiss…” Gu Ang gritted his teeth. He broke out in cold sweat and a dry heat from his abdomen began to slowly rise upward, the feeling of weakness in his limbs surging up again.

Sure enough, after being differentiated into an Omega, he was affected by the pheromones of an Alpha. He wasn’t pretentious, as he immediately released the pheromone of white peach oolong for interference, then began to attack the rust man of the practice field.

His strength wasn’t affected…

But his reaction speed was somewhat affected…

The change of his stance appeared sluggish…


Mental power attached to the pheromones and continued to strengthen the confrontation.

As soon as the two sides’ pheromones came into contact, Gu Ang could clearly feel that his pheromones seemed to be melted away by the other side.

Obviously, the sheath was like a sword, but as soon as it touched, it softened into a puddle of water. In theory, the two sides’ pheromones were S-class, and there shouldn’t be such a situation.

The pheromone confrontation is like mental power as soldiers on the battlefield; while the pheromone was the weapon to arm soldiers, it could most intuitively enhance the quality of mental power. It seemed that the Omegas’ natural disadvantage was still present.

Gu Ang’s eyes sank, thinking of the doctor’s words. It was Alpha/Omega hormone disorder, but at least that meant that both of those hormones were still there.

Then… what if he tried mobilizing the hormones in his body that belonged to the Alpha side?

Pro-Omega cholinesterase blockers raise… 


Pro-Alpha synthetase production raise…


Under Wei YangZe’s pheromone pressure, Gu Ang kept experimenting and mobilizing various hormones to fight back. He couldn’t believe that this seemingly mutated body couldn’t find a solution.


The moment the H protein hormone was raised, Gu Ang clearly felt that his mental power, which was about to collapse at the first touch, suddenly stabilized its decline. The quality improved by thirty percent.

At that moment, the released pheromones colliding with Wei YangZe’s from Gu Ang felt more obvious. He encountered such a pheromone for the first time and found it unbelievable. White peach oolong pheromone permeated the entire empty training ground, indistinguishable from an Alpha’s or an Omega’s, sheepish yet ruthless.

The first second Wei YangZe was tempted by it, and the next second he was wounded by the blade. Originally he could withstand the destruction. Suddenly, the pheromone was like a sticky substance, like sand at the bottom of the sea that was moved by a huge wave, and destroyed his combat power, not leaving even half a spark.

Wei YangZe struggled to stand firm and opened his mouth to ask, “What did you do?”

Gu Ang’s forehead was already slightly sweaty, ignoring the other’s question, he continued to mobilize the hormones in his body, testing them non-stop, “Don’t be a wimp, keep releasing!”

“Damn, I shouldn’t have agreed to this kid…” Wei YangZe exhaled deeply and raised the pheromone release slowly.


By the time their confrontation was complete, the two were drenched in sweat.

Wei YangZe dragged his exhausted body on the ground, “You’re a fucking monster.”

He had seen many people in his life, both Alphas and Omegas and this was the first time he had encountered such a strange pheromone. Within a few hours, he had enhanced his pheromone level.

In a word, he changed it into a violent, fierce stone hammer.

Ignoring the slightly resentful gaze of the other, Gu Ang whistled, and his body and mind were relieved.

At least he had found a way to make his pheromones stronger, and they were able to be further strengthened, and later, him differentiating into an Omega wouldn’t affect his combat.

Today, with this confrontation down, he saw a ray of hope.

“Okay, you can go back to the hospital. I’ll go back to the dorm and take a shower.” He patted Wei YangZe on the shoulder and got up to walk towards the outside of the arena.

Ye Fei was waiting at the door for a long time. He had woken up in the morning and slept until he woke up naturally, but the bed was empty with his person gone. When he asked Bai SiNing, he was told that the man was going to run to Wei YangZe to fight, and to not be worried about him.

From the hospital he ran into Liang Xin where he learned that the two went to the training ground, and he rushed over again. At that time Ye Fei stood at the door before entering, saw Gu Ang stubbornly purse his lips, and kept trying various methods to resist.

An arrogant, freshly differentiated Omega.

Stubbornly resisting the natural destiny of being born to be suppressed by an Alpha. He was relieved, and full of heartache at the same time. Gu Ang clearly didn’t need to go through this. He wanted to tell him that no matter what, he didn’t need to be so strong, he was there.

But Gu Ang was really proud and tough. In the long five or six hour grind, he finally did it.

Although sweat dampened the hair on his forehead, he saw Gu Ang smiling with special vigor and relief.

Ye Fei realized that it was he who had underestimated Gu Ang.

He didn’t need anyone to protect him, he just needed someone to love.

Inside, the two stood in confrontation all afternoon, and the entire training ground was filled with the powerful rust and white peach oolong scents in the wind.

Ye Fei smoked one after another in the doorway, turning from initial concern to deep jealousy. He didn’t want Gu Ang’s pheromone to get tangled up with anyone else’s.

Not even for training.

Gu Ang came around the corner and was so shocked by the sudden appearance that he reflexively tried to dodge.

Ye Fei pulled him hard against the wall, ruffled his damp hair, and spoke in a low voice. “Want to practice pheromone confrontation? I will practice with you. Don’t look for someone else.”


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