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Chapter 28: Crossed The Line

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey (my ass hurts on this chair)


Gu Ang looked up and his gaze crashed into a dark and unreadable emotion. He inexplicably felt that the tone and content of the words were somewhat familiar, and suddenly swayed.

He remembered.

That day on the rooftop, that person squatted in front of him and said, ‘Don’t let anyone touch you in the future, I’ll help you.’

The same domineering, strong tone, with an inexplicable desire to possess.

And the same pair of eyes… exactly the same.

Gu Ang didn’t reply to his request, as he subconsciously asked, “You… two days ago, did you go to the rooftop of the third building?”

His heart clenched, like a crumpled piece of paper, and fearfully unfolded. Expecting him to admit, but afraid of him to admit.

Ye Fei let go of him a bit, remembering the wound on his back that hadn’t fully healed yet.

The recent scramble for the marker was getting bloodier and bloodier, and the melee had started to get out of hand. Some people had even started to secretly lay their hands on the participants, involving their families one by one. The weak were threatened, the tough were doing the extortion; there was no smoke and mirrors in the battlefield filled with chaos.

There were only two people he cared about in his life, one was his father and the other was Gu Ang. Ye HongFeng couldn’t be touched for a while, he was an army leader, with military power in hand.

But Gu Ang was different, even though his family background was strong, he was also an ordinary college student.

When he ran to Bai SiNing to live, he wanted to clear the relationship, and wanted to give Gu Ang less trouble. Especially if people found out that Gu Ang was an Omega, the danger would be even greater then. What was more, Gu Ang couldn’t be involved in too many family affairs.

In his last life, he had already experienced once that public opinion drove people crazy, and the same thing could not happen again. He would prefer to meet Gu Ang later and fall in love later, as he did before. He could have taken care of everything without any distractions and given him a peaceful and happy home where Gu Ang didn’t have to know anything.

But now, that time was ahead, everything had become different.

He could only be careful, and go step by step.

Ye Fei lowered his eyes and shook his head, answering the rooftop question, “No.” He didn’t dare to look at Gu Ang, afraid that the sight would leak into the trap, and changed the topic, “I’m telling you, don’t look for other people to do pheromone confrontation with in the future.”

“Why?” Gu Ang put away his hangdog expression and asked him with a serious face.

Ye Fei rubbed his hair haphazardly, turned around and walked away, “Didn’t you say that my pheromone’s the strongest?”

“But I don’t want it now.” Gu Ang shoved his hands into his pockets, smiling, “Before, when I was looking for you, you didn’t want to help. Now? Forget it.”

He was mouthing off, in fact, he was eager to try how to cope under a powerful pheromone. But he was afraid. With his body, he simply couldn’t withstand Ye Fei’s suppression.

In case of a forced rut, what would he do? What would happen next is unimaginable.

“You don’t want it anymore?” Ye Fei paused in his steps, feeling novel. It was clear that last time this person had been pestering him all day just to get him to release his suppression.

Gu Ang nodded, “Yeah, I’m not a cheap bastard.”

A breath of air was blocked in Ye Fei’s chest and couldn’t get out, looking back at the other with a cold face.

At that moment, he was afraid that the pheromone stimulation would have after-effects. Now, this person would rather find someone else than him.

Who could he blame? There was no one who could be blamed.

Gu Ang walked towards the outside of the school and casually asked, “How did you know I was here?”

Ye Fei answered in one breath, “I got up in the morning and saw that you ran away, and came to see and make sure that we didn’t do anything that crossed the line in the middle of the night.”

Crossed the line… 

Gu Ang thought of the unbelievable dream last night, ears half red, “How can two Alphas cross the line? You think too much.”

Ye Fei thought it was funny. Wouldn’t he know best?

“You slept with me in your arms.” He directly pointed out, “You refused to go back, and had to squeeze with me.”

Gu Ang: “?”

Was his little mind that obvious? He stammered back, “I-I was too sleepy and wanted to fall on the bed when I saw it.”

“Oh, but you wouldn’t let go of my arms.” Ye Fei pulled the corner of his mouth, making up half-truths and half-lies.

Gu Ang turned red completely, all the way up to his neck, “Then it wasn’t you who grabbed my quilt.”

“The quilts were all on you.” Ye Fei pointed out.

Gu Ang shamefully pushed him, “I’m sick of it, you’re so annoying. Let’s turn the page on last night, you should leave.”

“You’re not well, take care of yourself, I’m leaving.” Ye Fei reverted to his expressionless face.

“You…” Gu Ang blinked, wanting to ask him when he was going to move back, but couldn’t say it. He said he wouldn’t cross him, so what was he doing back then? He scratched his head, “Forget it, it’s fine, you can go.”

Ye Fei hmm’d, and the two parted ways at the school entrance.

Gu Ang didn’t rush back, but turned around and went to the small store where he bought the same masking agent as last time, from the same uncle who smoked. He was good-looking and memorable, and the owner recognized him after a quick glance as the white peach oolong kid.

“You came again? The last stuff was used up?”

Gu Ang propped himself up against the glass case, “No, I want to buy something else this time.”

“Not brandy, either?” Uncle winked at him.

“No.” Gu Ang cupped the bottle, was about to put it back, but he hesitated, and eventually lifted it on the tip of his nose and smelled it carefully. The smell was the same as that of the man on the roof that day.

It was brandy, as if it was trying to imitate Ye Fei’s smell, but when he really smelled it, it wasn’t quite the same. Ye Fei’s scent was more high-class.

Maybe the same kind was used on purpose to confuse him. But he knew Ye Fei too well, and he could tell the difference at first smell. Whether intentional or unintentional, he knew it had something to do with his dog ex-husband.

Gu Ang settled his mind, “Uncle, who else has bought this stuff before?”

The boss, holding a cigarette, replied vaguely, “There are more people buying, this is a new type.”

Gu Ang gestures to his face, “He’d be a little taller than me, very handsome, a man with a cool expression?”

“Your description is too cryptic. Do you have a photo?”

“No.” Gu Ang shook his head, “Next time, I’ll come to you with a photo.”

The uncle smiled, “Okay, so what exactly do you want to buy?”

Gu Ang lowered his voice, afraid that the onlookers would hear it, “Do you have any Omega inhibitors?”

He had been studying the physiological knowledge of Omegas for the past two days and was buying it just in case.

“Oh, did you get a girlfriend? Which sweet little Omega are you buying it for?”

“Just, a pretty one… Fuck, why do you care so much?”

The uncle didn’t gossip, and regained his cold face, “They’re there on the shelf, take it yourself.”

Gu Ang picked one at random, calmly paid the money and fled.

He also didn’t know why he felt like a thief for buying a suppressant. Forget it, the school was filled with powerful Alphas and in order to avoid trouble, he should carry one.

The campus gradually fell into silence.

The office of several teachers, however, was still lit up.

The office of Yan Yidao, the teacher of Class S, was silent. A silver-haired old man was sitting on a recliner, eyes half closed, and seemed to have no intention to speak.

Wei YangZe, who had always been unafraid of the sky and the earth, was now obediently sitting across from him with his head bowed and his ears drooping as he waited for a lecture.

“Played enough?” The old man slowly spoke for half a second.

“Actually, I haven’t played…” Wei YangZe just opened his mouth, when the old man glared at him, so the latter half of his sentence could only be swallowed.

“Hmph, unexpectedly, you became jealous of a freshman child because of a woman. You should come back.” The old man coldly snorted and reprimanded.

“Before was a spur of the moment, but we got together these days. I really like Liang Xin.”

Wei YangZe spread his hands, indicating that love comes too quickly like a tornado, before it was too late to avoid being swept in.

“You, ah…” The old man let out a long sigh, “Then again, with your strength, how could you lose to that freshman named Gu Ang? Did you throw the game?”

As soon as Gu Ang was mentioned, Wei YangZe became interested. “You really think too much, I didn’t let him win, I’m just not as skilled as him.”

“He beat you fair and square?” The old man also became spirited, stroking his exquisitely trimmed beard, deep in thought.

“Well, a loss is a loss, I dare to do and admit it. If I’m able to bear defeat and then grow, I’m still the strongest.” Wei YangZe’s face that already looked excited now looked even more exuberant, “This time, I learned a lot from this fight. Having such an opponent will make me stronger at an accelerated rate.”

The old man nodded in recognition of these words, and then slumped back into his recliner.

“Old man, can I leave now?” Wei YangZe saw that the talk was over, so he got up and intended to leave.

“Hold on.” The old man called out to the person, “This time for the Undifferentiated Combat Games, bring me first place for the senior Class S.”

Wei YangZe looked back at the old man in the recliner and spoke in a series of words.

“Huh? I’m already a senior and I’m still taking part in the bullshit Games. I’ve won first place twice, it’s no fun. Besides, there’s no reward, and I have to spend time directing those idiots. I don’t want to do such a laborious and unpleasant thing.”

The old man also didn’t open his eyes, just faintly spit out two words from his mouth.

“Social prestige.”

The treetops moved slightly, and the moon shadows followed.

In another part of the campus, another pair of teachers and disciples sat together, discussing the same thing.

“…So did you hear me, XuYong?” Class A class teacher Qin Yang put the tea he was carrying on the table and spoke in a soft voice.

Lin XuYong had a pair of flat glasses on, covering his eyes full of calculating light. He held his hands on his knees and sat across the table without saying a word. After a long time, he opened his mouth and asked, “Why?”

He was puzzled, clearly he didn’t need to participate.

Qin Yang’s face also showed a hint of confusion, “To be honest, this time the mission was designated by that lord himself, so it is imperative that you help Gu Ang and Ye Fei get first place.”

Lin XuYong nodded, looking like a well-behaved good student, “The lord is highly strategic, sp naturally it’s not something that Teacher and the two of us can compare to. Since it’s his intention, then XuYong has to definitely try his best.”

“Alright, alright, alright…” Qin Yang said three ‘alright’s in a row, put down his worries, and then took out a white envelope from the drawer, placing it on the table. He gently tapped on the table and spoke.

“This is the reward that the lord advanced to you. Do a good job and maybe in the future, Teacher will need you to take care of me.”

“I dare not, a teacher for one day is a teacher for life. Without Teacher’s guidance, there would be no XuYong today. In the future, if you can join the army, I will, since I do not dare to forget Teacher carrying the grace.”

Lin XuYong took the Admiral’s envelope from the table and gave Qin Yang a slight nod.

Two people chewed the words, each with their own thoughts.

Putting those dark sides of the deal in a cloudy way.

“Good talk, good talk.” Qin Yang picked up the tea cup on the table again, lifted the lid to skim the tea dregs and settled down.

A seemingly normal sporting event turned into a contest between various forces.

One night had passed, the mountain was full of wind.

The next day between classes, Gu Ang passed by the class blackboard and saw a whole row of sports registration hanging on the side of the board.

His and Ye Fei’s profiles were ranked at the top. The sign-up sheet had everything including name, birthday, height, and second gender.

So far it clearly said, Alpha.

Gu Ang rubbed his brow, remembering his doubts about the mystery man, and he had to hurry to make sure Ye Fei hadn’t bought the bottle of brandy masker. If he did, then he had reason to suspect that Ye Fei was involved in the matter. He looked in through the window, sunlight spilling on the table. Ye Fei was lazily leaning on the seat, chatting with Bai SiNing.

The light and shadow outline on his angular profile, between light and dark, looked very eye-catching. Gu Ang surreptitiously moved to the seat next to Ye Fei, covered his communicator with his cuffs, and set it to photo mode.

He just needed to take a picture and show it to the clerk, then he would be able to find out the truth. He pretended to look out the window and gave a quick press of his finger.

A distinct flash of light suddenly flickered, brightening the two people chatting and then they turned around.

Gu Ang hastily covered it with his hand and smiled awkwardly, “You guys keep talking, I’m listening.”

Ye Fei mercilessly cut in, “Were you secretly taking my picture?”


The author has something to say: 

Lao Ye: Oh wife misses me too much at night and wants to sleep with my picture.

Guang Guang: Fuck, screw you! So is he the mystery person or not????

You two tune down the channel, please.


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More twists and turns than a maze!
What’s this underlying plotting going on, I wonder. Is it related somehow to YF’s family thing, which I don’t fully understand.
Thanks for translating and editing…. editor needs a cushion.

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