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Chapter 50: No One Would Know What They Did

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, chocolate muncher


The crowd in front of them had moved away, and silence returned to the surroundings. Gu Ang knew that everyone was still waiting for them to return to the group. He was still in heat, and his entire body temperature was a bit higher than usual, he felt comfortable with the touch of Yue Fei’s cool fingers when he squeezed them. But pulling and tugging, it wasn’t really like that. He twisted his wrist, trying to break free, “Didn’t you hear me?”

Ye Fei tightened his fingers to keep him from running, his expression flabbergasted as he pretended to be stupid, “I didn’t hear you too well, say it one more time.”

Gu Ang shifted his eyes to his mecha, which looked flaming red in the darkness. He’d bet his own cheeks were redder than mecha right now. He stammered a few times, before he slurred, “Big Brother, come on.”

The sound, with a soft upward lilt, faded into the air. Still the same tone, a little younger voice, popped lazily out of his lips. With just that one word, Ye Fei’s heartstrings trembled. Ye Fei didn’t expect that mark to return him to such a result by mistake, did it suddenly wake him up?

It had been a long time since he’d heard Gu Ang call him ‘big brother’, he only called him by his first and last name, as distant as normal classmates.

The title was simply too significant for him.

Countless memories of countless voices of different emotions began with this title. Ye Fei doted on him, loved him, and was willing to act as a big brother in their relationship. Sometimes he even had the strange possessive desire to come up and lock Gu Ang in the house so that the only person he could rely on as far as the eye could see was his big brother. Though the mind remained unspoken, it represented that Gu Ang had taken a big step towards him of his own accord.

Ye Fei looked at the man and rubbed his fingertips on his wrist, “Why did you call me that?”

Gu Ang moved his lips, “You’re older than me, and we’ve been stranded here for a long time, so I was wondering if we should get a little closer?”

“Mn, call me that from now on, I like it.” Ye Fei was in an overly good mood as he pulled Gu Ang towards his mecha, “Put your mecha away, you can’t operate well with an injury on your hand. I’ll take you.”

Gu Ang let out an “oh”, shrunk the mecha into his pocket, and followed Ye Fei to the passenger side. Taking advantage of the moonlight, the small group of eleven began to move. Although their target was the leader of this rebellion, the squad didn’t immediately move towards the base camp where the target was located.

Gu Ang, as reckless as he was, wasn’t likely to joke about the names of his squad members. He sat in the passenger seat and helped Ye Fei watch the exercise map, then communicated with the other members from time to time through the contact device.

Jiang RuiYuan’s voice came, “Gu Ang, based on the map, our route of travel seems to be going south.”

She was well versed in mecha, but not at all in military strategy, so was at a loss at the moment.

Gu Ang explained, “Dean Jiang, there are only eleven of us, we can’t possibly fight the enemy properly. It’d be useless for these trash to die even if there were more, but all eleven of us must return unharmed. Sacrifice was certainly the natural duty of a soldier, but there’s no need for us to push hard.”

Ye Fei glanced at Gu Ang and hooked the corners of his mouth slightly.

He spoke up and took over, “Based on where our ship crashed, we would have been in the radiation of the opposing base camp’s power plus counting the Federation troops still in outer space, I’m afraid the other side would’ve been able to send the location we were in to the Rebel Commander the first time.”

Jiang RuiYuan felt a headache, “I hear you singing the same tune, but what do you mean?”

Gu Ang’s eyes were fixed on the distance, “It would’ve taken us some time to assemble, and I’m afraid we’re now surrounded by multiple people by now.”

Jiang RuiYuan suddenly understood why Gu Ang had chosen a southward direction to move. Although they were all encircled, the intensity of the encirclement was necessarily different. The rebel leader was a man who was capable of treason for his own life, and the other side must have put the safety of his own life first.

Jiang RuiYuan asked, “Am I to understand that if the direction where the rebel leader was located was chosen for the breakthrough, it would definitely encounter maximum resistance?”

“That’s right, but Dean Jiang did give me a heads up. I was in too much of a hurry to leave just now, so it was just as well that I’m explaining my intentions to you all now.”

Ye Fei nodded, gesturing to him as the team’s overall commander.

Gu Ang was transmigrated and was relieved not to fall in his lap as far as military tactics were concerned. Gu Ang pulled everyone’s mecha into a private channel, taking advantage of the time to sit on the mecha and move around to communicate strategically ahead of time. One man’s plan was short, two men’s plans were long. Gu Ang would also like to hear from others.

“Gentlemen, this is Gu Ang, here to communicate the details of this operation to you.”

“Why didn’t we all just plan out our actions properly before we moved in the cave? Why should we believe a little kid like you when you’re just rushing us to follow without talking to everyone and planning?”

“That’s right, it’s a major military no-no to be indecisive…”

Two unfamiliar voices came over the channel over Gu Ang’s.

Before Gu Ang could say anything, he heard Wei YangZe’s reprimanding voice, “If you want to live, shut up with the chatter and listen to Gu Ang.” 

Gu Ang got it, thinking that the person who just spoke up would be two other juniors. He shook his head slightly, either a man who didn’t read enough or was a barbarian. There was a saying in the military that you should plan before you move, but there was also a saying that soldiers were valuable. Everything was about context, not pure paper.

In terms of battlefield platooning, no one here could match him except Ye Fei. The fact that Ye Fei didn’t even open his mouth indicated acquiescence to his approach. Still, it was important to stabilize the mind in such an extreme situation right now.

Gu Ang tugged at the gauze wrapped around his hand and slowly explained to his fellow students, “The longer we stay at the drop sight, the more time the other side has to react, and contracting the encirclement would make it harder for us to break out, which was why we’re not staying inside the cave to discuss it.”

The discordant voices in the team instantly disappeared, collectively convinced by this reasoning.

Bai SiNing voice came, “Brother Ang is right, Brother Ang is awesome.”

Gu Ang was amused and continued to explain the route of the march. He tapped the screen a few times, projecting his side of the map onto the mini-light screen within the mecha of the rest of the team. And drew crooked signs on it for everyone.

Ye Fei glanced over, “No problem with the march route.”

It was this messy schematic… Still clear and unambiguous presentation, yet poor drawing skills.

Hearing that Ye Fei had made the same judgment, Jiang RuiYuan let go of her worries. Just as she sighed in relief, she spoke nervously again, “Detected a thousand man squad up ahead.”

“Exactly how are the people distributed?” Gu Ang asked calmly, speaking up.

“Three hundred men in mecha, the rest using tanks, jungle bikes, and other old combat weapons.”

The inferiority of the natives was at once exposed in their equipment. There were obviously over a thousand combatants, but the only ones that could really threaten Gu Ang and the others in a real fight were the three hundred mecha that were being piloted, “Everyone get ready to meet the battle, Ye Fei will be in battle command next!”

Having received the positive news, Gu Ang didn’t hesitate and handed over the short command directly to Ye Fei. In terms of the art of command, he was still a little short of Ye Fei.

Ye Fei scanned the synchronized transmission of the probe bearing, his expression not changing a bit. This kind of small battlefield was like crushing ants to him. His command was as cold and efficient as ever, “Attention everyone, raid against mecha.”

Traveling opposite each other, the two camps soon came into direct conflict.

Although the other side had a full three hundred mecha supplemented by various other weaponry, Gu Ang knew they weren’t only the strongest group of students of the younger generation, but they also drove the highest level mecha using condensed essence technology in the entire Empire.

As soon as the two sides made contact, it was like hot water poured on top of ice. A mecha in all its glory, like a dance of death in a crowd of swaying flowers. They weaved back and forth, dodging, before seizing the opportunity to deliver heavy blows one after the other.

Everyone just finished intense training, and by following orders, almost every attack sent out was simple and effective. With the blast of various laser weapons, each mecha was at its best under Ye Fei’s battle command.

In just under ten minutes, this squad of a thousand men was simply annihilated in its entirety. The wreckage blended with the night, fading into the air in an instant. Stepping over the bodies, the squad set off again.

“Fuck, God Ye, every one of us became extremely good under your command!” Bai SiNing was excited, “This was the first time I’ve had a real live battle, and my hands are still shaking.”

Lin XiuYong quipped in a timely manner, “And you just killed a patch of them, I saw it all.”

A giggle came from Bai SiNing over the comm.

“Student Bai, this screw of yours was indeed very crucial to our team.” Gu Ang sat down on Ye Fei’s mecha to lie down and win, bellyaching a tirade.

Bai SiNing smacked his lips, “Irony! You’re being □nakedly sarcastic, Brother Ang! But it was okay, I found my confidence. I was nervous as hell at first, but then I realized that those rebels were really trash.”

“You may have an average IQ, but at least you’re in Red Flame Military Academy’s Class S, right, Red Flame’s strongest Beta freshman,” Lin XiuYong teased him.

Bai SiNing proudly returned, “That’s right, it’s still Sister Lin who has vision.”

Gu Ang couldn’t listen any longer, turning off the comm and rubbing his eyelids, “These two are so annoying with their flirting.”

He also understood that lover’s eye feeling. He looked at Ye Fei and thought everything of his was great, and that was because Ye Fei was already amazing. It was just that Lin XiuYong… His lover’s filter was turned up too much.

Ye Fei started the autopilot and tilted his head to rub his neck a bit, “Why? Envy that people have flirting partners?”

“Bullshit, I don’t envy that.” Gu Ang gave him a look. What he was envious of, wasn’t it this ready-made man right in front of him? Gu Ang paused and reached out to touch Ye Fei’s neck, “Do you want me… do you want me to squeeze it for you?”

Ye Fei gave him a look and teased, “Fellow Gu Ang, flirting on the battlefield is not a good thing, so save it for later.”

Gu Ang choked, “Who the fuck is flirting with you?…”

Meanwhile their high-intensity combat readiness was high. The procession continued, and after routing a total of seven waves of enemies, large and small, the group finally broke out of the encirclement for the time being.

Gu Ang called the crowd, “First objective is complete. Everyone, get out of your mechas and put the mecha away.”

He opened the hatch with his right hand and jumped down smoothly from the mecha.

Cheng JiaMu asked him, “Did something happen, Junior Gu? Why did you suddenly tell us to stop here?”

Gu Ang explained, “You’ve seen the marching route before. From here on, the route of our march would shift drastically. If we continue to drive the mecha, the other side could naturally deduce our next thoughts based on our route.”

Bai SiNing followed behind, poking his head out in confusion, “No, Ang, wouldn’t the sudden disappearance of traces of our mecha’s movements be just as suspicious to the other side?”

Wei YangZe sneered and answered for Gu Ang, “Do you really think that all those local natives have systematically learned how to track? Even your freshman and sophomore year should have only learned the basics.”

“That’s right, so we just need to camouflage the traces.” Gu Ang nodded and then looked at Lin XiuYong and Jiang RuiYuan.

“No problem.”

“Small issue.”

Gu Ang had communicated with both on mecha before.

Jiang RuiYuan used the machine wreckage to create eleven mecha machines that could leave traces of their actions, while Lin XiuYong was responsible for creating the power source to allow these fool machines to not only keep going, but also to simply change the movement paths of these machines through the control device.

Bai SiNing watched the two carry out the large and small wreckage and was amazed, “You have time to do this while you’re fighting?”

Lin XiuYong slapped him on the head, “Pig brain, come help.”

Gu Ang looked at the crowd, “It’s late, and there happens to be a creek right here, so we’ll rest here for a bit.”

Wei YangZe raised his eyebrows, “I’m a little hungry. Let’s fish and grill for dinner?”

“Let’s, Let’s.” Several others chimed in.

Gu Ang’s hand was injured and he couldn’t get it wet, so he was squatting next to the creek to watch Ye Fei catch fish. The towering Red Flame man was now treading in the water with his trouser legs pulled up, bending over to catch a slippery fish, looking really funny.

Gu Ang couldn’t hold back his laughter, “Big Brother, are you okay?”

“You’re the only one who talks too much.” Ye Fei grimaced, grabbing a handful of water and flicking it in his face, acting childish as hell.

Gu Ang dodged and was splashed by the scattered water, and even his hair became wet. He wiped his face, “Fuck, don’t bully me when I can’t move properly, watch out if I hit you.”

Ye Fei raised an eyebrow at him provocatively, “If you still want to eat, don’t mess with me.”

Gu Ang “ohh”ed, wilted, then crouched back to the shore, “Hurry up, I’m hungry.”

Someone nearby found some wood and started a fire with a machine to light it. Someone started to set up the grill, someone else was busy skewering the fish they had fished up, and by the time Lin XiuYong and the others had finished setting up their camouflaged lines and circled back, there was a burst of food scent.

Bai SiNing’s mouth watered with greed and he reached for the grilled fish, “Damn, it smells so good! I couldn’t help myself.”

Lin XiuYong slapped his hand away, “Silly, it has just been cooked. Be careful of the heat.”

“Come over and eat, everyone.” Wei YangZe greeted the crowd, “Get it while it was hot.”

The group circled around the fire, everyone dusty, two fish in each hand, and eating with gusto. It had been nearly twenty hours without rest since the ship’s accident, and everyone was exhausted. They couldn’t talk, but they would hurry up and finish eating so they could catch some rest while it was still light.

Gu Ang was afraid of getting dirty and refused to sit on the ground, so he had to stay open-legged and half-crouched, struggling to keep his balance. It was just that after squatting for a long time, his legs got a little numb.

Ye Fei saw him squirm and whispered, “Sit down. Why are you still crouching?”

Gu Ang took one look at the dirty ground and shook his head stubbornly, “No, it’s dirty.”

Ye Fei pursed his lips and handed him the grilled fish in his hand, “Hold it for me.”

Gu Ang froze and took it, then watched as Ye Fei slowly unbuttoned then took off his jacket, then folded the clothes into a square shape on the floor. The clothes were thrown on the ground, raising some dust that flew around.

Ye Fei patted the folded jacket, “Sit here.”

Gu Ang got embarrassed, feeling like he had a lot going on, “It’s not nice to get your clothes dirty.”

“The other side was already dirty.” Ye Fei knew he was stubborn and threw his clothes on the floor ahead of time.

Gu Ang “oh”ed, holding the fish in both hands, he could only silently squeeze out the word, “Thanks.”

He stretched his legs slowly before sitting down carefully. Sure enough sitting on the ground felt much more comfortable. This guy was really good everywhere, and Gu Ang’s heart softened. He handed the grilled fish over to Ye Fei and said curtly, “Finish it, it’ll get cold later.”

Ye Fei didn’t reach out to take it, just took Gu Ang’s hand, dropped his eyes and took a bite, chewing slowly and spitting out the tiny bones. Gu Ang was afraid to move his hand for fear of him getting stuck in the stinger, and it just froze in the air.

One handed the fish to the other, and the other took it with an open mouth, in a tacit agreement.

Bai SiNing finally ate his fill and had time to raise his head and surround the area, stunned by the sight of the two in front of him. He touched Lin XiuYong’s arm, “You’re really right, the two of them seem to have made up.”

The other day on the airship, it wasn’t clear if they had a fight or not, but the two weren‘t more than eight meters apart, yet weren’t talking or looking at each other. Like they had a tacit agreement, treating each other like air. In those days, Bai SiNing tried to set them up with dinner and cards, but they remained indifferent. He was even lamenting to Lin XiuYong that the Luminous CP was destined to end in tragedy.

At that time, Lin XiuYong told him with great certainty, “Absolutely impossible.”

It was unexpected, but it really did look like old love had been rekindled. As if not avoiding suspicion at all, he started reaching out and throwing food in front of everyone.

Lin XiuYongwent up to him with a solemn expression and whispered, “Look, I told you that these two wouldn’t have a tragic end.”

These two loved each other to death.

Bai SiNing’s eyes were still staring straight up, “Eh, which of them do you think is more active… Ah’Ang fed him something, is he more active?”

“Stop gossiping and get some sleep when you’re done eating, you have a tough task tomorrow.” Lin XiuYong pinched his upper and lower lips, sealing the rest of his words back to him.

It was indeed too late now, it was already early evening when the forced landing took place, and with this tossing and turning behind them, several more hours had passed. They’d probably see the break of dawn in a little while.

With field combat, people didn’t get much more prescriptive. As soon as they put the fire out, they lay down on the ground in twos and threes and got together and closed their eyes. All around them turned a dull black, so that even the figures couldn’t be seen very well.

Gu Ang was unable to sleep, maintaining a semi-sitting position, firmly restraining his butt to Ye Fei’s jacket. Afraid to move halfway to the side and get dirty and dusty. He sat frozen, trying to hang his head down on his knees and just settle in for a moment’s rest. Before his head could touch his knees, he was held by a hand on the back of his head, then pushed to the side and fell back on someone’s shoulders.

Dominant and strong, with an irresistible oppression.

“Big Brother, how did you…” Gu Ang’s heart jumped straight, was this Ye Fei’s shoulder?

Ye Fei’s voice was low, almost just an inaudible whispere, “I know you’re afraid of getting dirty and you couldn’t lie down, so sleep against me.”

He squeezed Gu Ang’s head to hold the man in place and tilted his head sideways again, pressing it gently against Gu Ang’s head. The two were in a sort of snuggling position, somewhat woefully, warming each other up on this cold night.

“Good night, Gu Ang,” Ye Fei’s voice faded, and he was indeed tired.

Gu Ang tilted his head and rubbed it, feeling the warmth between Ye Fei’s neck. The slightly cool skin gave off a very reassuring sense of security. Under the moonlight, he felt more at peace than ever. He heard Ye Fei’s breathing go from a shallow sound to a long, steady one that seemed to merge with the wind.

Gu Ang blinked his dry eyes and looked out into the darkness that was gradually becoming clearer. Obviously sleepy, but quite conscious. He wasn’t sure if his rut hadn’t passed yet, or if it was simply because the person next to him was Ye Fei. He just couldn’t help it, wanting to bring his body, bit by bit, closer to him.

Gu Ang felt like he was sick, like he was broken when he was near Ye Fei. He’d surrender all weapons and tie up his hands. His heart itched like a feather sweeping through it, the veins in the glandular locations twitched slightly, and even his entire face became hot.

It was obviously hot, but he wanted to put his hand in Ye Fei’s shirt and draw more body heat from him. Would that man know his unholy thoughts when he was asleep? He was like a common Omega at this point, with all the heat of a tense man, looking for a soothing kiss from his Alpha. He knew Ye Fei wouldn’t do that until he reconfirmed their relationship, and he was an invincible gentleman.

But Gu Ang knew that he was definitely not. He’d become the rampaging, daring little maniac.

Since there was silence on all sides, no one knew what had been done.

Gu Ang was careful to hold Ye Fei’s head so as not to wake him up and adjusted the position of his own head. He tilted his head slightly, fluttering his eyelashes to bring himself closer to Ye Fei. His lower lip painstakingly met Ye Fei’s Adam’s apple, and like before, Gu Ang opened his mouth and gently took it in.

After just a few seconds, the restlessness in his body felt like it had been appeased. By so little pathetic physical contact, he could be sustained through the lonely night. Gu Ang stuck out the tip of his tongue with intent, hooked it over the bulging Adam’s apple, and opened his eyes in alarm as he released it.

The sky was faintly white, and there was a very faint light breaking through the clouds out of the darkness. Across the extinguished fire, Gu Ang saw a figure lying on its side across from him stir. He narrowed his eyes slightly and saw Bai SiNing, who was wide-eyed and covering his mouth. So how much of that sequence of his just now did he actually see?

Gu Ang reached up and wiped a quick hand on his neck, looking at the idiot with a warning look on his face. The threatening implications were quite obvious. Say anything and you’re dead.


Author’s Note: 

You misunderstood, Ye Fei isn’t an invincible gentleman, he’s already marked you three times! It‘s well known that Omegas can’t run away after being temporarily marked by the same person three times.


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April 24, 2023 9:14 am

Well… I suppose YF has been as gentlemanly as possible, considering the depth of his feelings, the magnate between them, his fear of another marking GA when in heat and the fact both are hiding their transmigration.
I’m amazed YF (or anyone) wouldn’t wake up, having their Adam’s apple sucked! Maybe BSN is the least embarrassing one to know!
BSN better keep it 🤐
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