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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Wen Chen was a food anchor with his number of followers only in the three digits. A few hundred followers wasn’t worth mentioning in the Interstellar era, which had a population of tens of billions, but it made him one of the top-ranked anchors in the food section.

Wen Chen had long known that interstellar’s food had gone into decline, and even he was beginning to consider a transition. Passion could not be a meal, and after persisting for so long, he was also a little tired.

This day, as usual, he prepared the ingredients needed for that day’s live broadcast, and then entered the live broadcast room at a fixed time.

“Hello everyone, I’m anchor Wen Chen. Today I’m going to show you what the ancient books say…” Halfway through his words, he habitually went to glance at the number of viewers.

According to his expectation, the number of viewers should be within 10. These people loved food as much as he did, but this time, when he looked at the two bright numbers, his brain immediately got stuck.

48 people? How was that possible?

Wen Chen first suspected he had eyesight problems, and raised his hand to rub his eyes and look again. However, he found that the number of people only increased, and was now actually more than 50 people. This was actually true! Wen Chen’s heart thumped, and he had a kind of illusion that he was going to be on fire.

This illusion didn’t last long, as soon some viewers noticed Wen Chen’s daze and sent a pop-up asking him why he hadn’t started yet.

“Ah…Oh! I’ll start right now! Today I’m going to do the ancient recipe…”

Before his words were finished, another pop-up drifted by.

[Anchor. Anchor. Do you know how to make corn cake? The kind of golden,  mouthful of very crispy corn cake!]

Lo, another glutton. Wen Chen blinked and replied good-naturedly, “Sorry, I don’t know how to make this dish. If you want to see me make it, I’ll look up the relevant information after I get off the air and make it for you when I find it.”

He thought this was just a request from one of the viewers, but he didn’t expect that after he said he wouldn’t, he actually drew a big sigh of relief.

[Hey! I would have guessed that corn cake is complicated, and it’s only natural that the anchor wouldn’t be able to make it.]

[I’ve come from other the anchor places and none of them are good at it either. It’s too hard! What to do next? Do we have to go to a more professional chef for advice?]

[I don’t think any anchors will be able to do this dish, unless big brother Demon Xing suddenly opens a live stream to teach us how to make it. It’s a pity that I bought so many seasonings in the game, and can only eat dust, it really pisses me off!]

[The food section is really the most spicy chicken board. This one can’t, that one over there can’t…If you can’t, is there still a need to exist? Anchor, do you really not know how to cook this dish?]

Except for the last viewer, the other viewers had a fairly calm tone, as they chatted among themselves. When Wen Chen saw the last pop-up screen, a sadness inevitably rose in his heart. Yes, with the interstellar’s food, was there still a need to exist?

However he was still live, so he couldn’t continue to drown in negative emotions. Wen Chen took a deep breath, raised a smile and said, “Although I do not yet know how to make corn cake, for the dish I am making today, the main ingredient is also corn. It’s called ‘popcorn’, and according to the ancient books, it seemed to be a very popular small snack in the ancient Blue Star period.”

After the words were said, the pop-up screen was empty for a few seconds, and then suddenly there was a discussion frenzy.

[What?! Popcorn? Is it good? If it’s good, I want to learn! Anchor teach well! I will learn! Buddha jumping over the wall! Sweet and sour radish x10]

Buddha jumping over the wall, and sweet and sour radish were both gifts that needed to be purchased at a cost in the live stream, the former cost up to 1000 star coins and the latter cost 5 star coins a piece.

[Hahahahaha! No corn cake, but popcorn is okay. As soon as I learn it, I will go to the game and try to make it. Cheering on the anchor! I will learn it seriously! Sweet and sour radish x20]

[I’m alive again! Good boy waiting for the anchor’s teaching! Spicy diced chicken x5]

For a time, the screen was full of all kinds of delicious rewards, something Wen Chen had never seen. He almost froze again. In order to wake himself up, he secretly pinched himself and ate the pain to avoid making a fool of himself once again.

Everyone’s desire to learn was unprecedentedly strong, Wen Chen also took out his best state, seriously explained the ingredients needed to make popcorn, and then from the first step, hand to hand to teach the live audience to make this snack.

From time to time there were pop-ups floating slowly over.

[Great, the anchor said the lack of conditions with oil, sugar and corn kernels can be dealt with, these happen to be in the game!]

[It seems that the finished product will look better with butter, but there is no butter in the game, hey…]

[Brother don’t be sad. It’s hard to make a dish, we should be happy! When I learn it, I’ll make a few plates on the game, hopefully it will be a success!]

Wen Chen was teaching, even as he quietly paid attention to the content of the pop-ups, and found that these viewers all had a common point, that was, they all talked about a ‘game.’

Game? What game would involve cooking such items?

This was a bit hard to imagine, but the fact was right in front of him. These dozens of viewers who suddenly descended on the live room, were all players of the same game. Their only purpose of entering the live room was to learn the cooking techniques from him, and then go back to the game to practice.

But could there really be such a game? How come he had never heard of it?

Could it be a kitchen simulation game?

His mind tumbling, even Wen Chen himself did not realize that he had asked his inner thoughts out loud.

This question was enthusiastically answered by the viewers of the live stream.

[How can it be a kitchen simulation game? That’s so boring! The game we play is much more interesting than what you guessed, anchor! The game is called Carefree Farmstead, a farming game. We found that the crops grown can also be made into delicious food, and someone has already succeeded. The person who succeeded also made it because of a recipe. The others simply can’t make decent food, that’s why we’ve come to you as a group to learn.]

[Mn, that’s it! Teach us well, anchor! Our belly cravings are depending on you!]

[Seriously, this game is so much fun. If it weren’t for learning to cook, I wouldn’t want to come out of the game until it’s time! I’ve been offline for half an hour, and now I’m already a bit tempted to go back…I don’t know if the corn I planted is ripe yet!]

[You can only be online for a maximum of six hours at a time, how can you do that if you don’t race against time? Like me. I bought three Lucky Magic Spring Water Packs. Luckily I opened a total of 167 bottles of magic spring water. A bottle of spring water can reduce the growth time of crops by 15 minutes. Wheat matures in one hour so I used two bottles. Corn that takes two hours to mature, I used four bottles. Isn’t my time saved? If not for the fact that the crop maturity time can only be reduced by half at most, I would drown them to maturity…The time is finely calculated, seamless planting is not a dream…]

The long-winded planting tips took up a small half of the screen, and the audience who sent the pop-ups sounded with a vague sense of pride and self-gratification.

As expected, someone soon expressed envy at what he said.

[Wow! The big brother upstairs, your luck is too good. Three gift packs and you opened so many spring waters. I bought almost ten, and each time it was less than ten bottles. It is too unbelievable wuwuwu…]

[Ohhh, stick close. Super close…]

[Stick and rub a little! Can’t wait to go back and open a gift bag hehehe!]

By this time, Wen Chen’s mind had been seduced by this amazing game. Fortunately, the production of popcorn had reached the end. He just needed to wiggle the pot once it came out of the oven. He wiggled the pot as he continued to ask questions. “This game sounds fun, why haven’t I ever heard of it before?”

[It’s been out for less than a week, so it’s normal that you haven’t heard of it, anchor.]

[Are there quests in it that require fighting monsters? I’m not very good at fighting, and I’ve only played games a few times before because I couldn’t beat the monsters and couldn’t play anymore.]

[Uh…This is not easy to say, but anyway, there are none. The main activity inside is farming. If you have nothing to do, you can lie on the grass to rest. Kinda, well…carefree! And, oh, I tell you, after entering the game, I feel as if my temper has become better, no one fights.]

The deeper the questions, the more excited Wen Chen was about the game, finally, he could not help but ask the mouth, “Then I want to play!”

If he could, he’d register a game account after he got off the air.

Not only was it Wen Chen, but the original fans of Wen Chen in the live room were also silently waiting for these players’ answers. Their previous exchange of questions and answers were all seen, and they were equally interested in that amazing game.

A game where one could make food freely. As food lovers, how could they not aspire to it?

However, to their disappointment, the question was given a negative answer.

[Oops. Don’t think about this for now. The game designer is using an E class virtual reality game builder, with only a maximum of 500 players. These spots were snatched up in one day. I was lucky to grab one, this is simply the most wise decision I have ever made in my life!]

[Yes, yes. Many people in the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition forum are envious of us. By the way, I forgot to mention that this game was entered in the competition, and according to my deduction, this game will definitely explode in the future. More and more people will want to enter this game. If you guys are interested, you must pay more attention to the opening of the game quota, ah.]

[Yes, yes, yes, that’s it! When the time comes, you grab the game quota, come to the game to find me. My game name is ‘Indefinite Future.’ Then I will treat you to white flour steamed buns. Ah, how much is enough?!]

[What’s going on little brother? The anchor taught us the practice of popcorn, you’re inviting people to eat white buns? How to say you also have to put all the delicious arrangements on ah!]

[Hey, it’s not just white bun now…]

Looking at the pop-ups, Wen Chen’s heart burst with joy. The loss of not being able to enter the game immediately also dissipated a few points. He smiled and said, “Thank you. If there is a chance for me to enter the game, I will make delicious food in the game to treat you.”

These words sparked an enthusiastic response, and the new fans who learned how to make popcorn brushed off another wave of gifts as promised before they exited the broadcast room satisfied.

Towards the game, punch the duck!

After the broadcast, Wen Chen and the original fans together went to find the ‘Carefree Farmstead’ home page, found that the game quota was really in the “0” state, the message at the opinion book was full of tears, begging to increase the game quota, of complaints, and very empathetic.

After he inexplicably brushed the messages for almost half an hour, Wen Chen’s desire to enter the game became even stronger, and he also left a message before he reluctantly quit. He saved the page belonging to the comment book into his daily favorites, and decided to brush them every day when he had nothing to do. Maybe one day he would be lucky and just happen to brush the game’s designer and ask to increase the number of game slots?

As he was about to quit Starnet when, by some miracle, he moved his eyes to the official forum of Virtual Reality Game Design Competition. When he clicked in, he saw a certain post.

[Hahahahaha! I finally made a corn cake! I’ve eaten it! It’s not poisonous, if you dare to try it. Plus it tastes 10,000 times better than the real one!]

Several exclamation marks in succession, expressed the excitement of the posters. Wen Chen first presumed that the corn cake mentioned in the title and the viewers of the live broadcast were talking about the same thing, that is, the poster was also playing the game Carefree Farmstead.

By the time Wen Chen reacted, he had already clicked into the post. The first thing under the title was a close up screenshot of the legendary “corn cake”.

The snow-white round plate held a piece of unknown burnt black things. You could see the obvious evidence of grain, and carefully identify them, that in their last life they should be corn kernels. The edge was uneven and wavy, while also more black and hard than the central area.

Wen Chen frowned, his intuition was that this was not the real appearance of a corn cake.

The bottom of the post was filled with other users laughing away.

[Pfft!!! Compared to the one big brother made, it is not the same, only irrelevant. OP, you actually have the nerve to say that this is corn cake?]

[Haha, the owner of this big talk. Love it. Love it.]

[The owner’s courage is touching! If you are still alive, squeal, ah…]

All in all, those who had played the game wrote replies that did not agree that the thing in the owner’s photo was a corn cake. Even if the latter jumped up and down to reply that they were guaranteed to be true and trustworthy, no one took his words to heart. They laughed a lot, and soon entered the game to work on their own.

Wen Chen silently read the post, and his mood was particularly subtle. If it was him, he would be able to produce good-looking and delicious food, not like the picture in the post. Just looking at it made his appetite drop.

It was a pity…So many players grabbed the game qualification, but how come there wasn’t one for him? QAQ! It’s so enviable!

What happened in Wen Chen’s food broadcast room and the follow-up, also happened in other food anchors. The food anchors, in particular, were wailing in their hearts, thinking that this game and their profession were simply a perfect match for each other.

Bai Li, who was the designer of the game, knew nothing about it. He came out of the game, fixed himself up a little and took Supreme out to familiarize himself with the neighborhood. Suddenly he sneezed a few times as he circled around and returned home.

“Meow?” Supreme looked at his human, in concern.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Bai Li touched the head of the little kitten in his arms, saw how the tips of his ears twitched, and wondered in his heart whether the original soul’s body was not very good, and that he’d accidentally caught a cold after walking outside for a little half a day?

Feeling the trickle of faith power that was constantly moving towards him, Bai Li drove his latent grass and wood clear spirit of Qi around in a circle. Sure enough, he felt refreshed and more comfortable. Supreme also followed the excitement. The small body in his arms arched, the nose shrugged, as if he was looking for something, his round cat eyes filled with suspicion.

Strange, he had just felt a very comfortable sensation on the human’s body, how did it disappear all of a sudden?

Bai Li already knew that Supreme had a reaction to the grass and wood clear spirit qi. He thought that no matter what, he couldn’t starve the child, so he gathered some on his fingertips and reached towards his head. Then he remembered the previous scene where he was licked, so he quickly put his hand on Supreme’s head and just as quickly withdrew his hand.

Supreme was so happy that he went “Mimi! Mimi! Mimi!” and didn’t even notice the psychological changes in the human.

Both the cat and the man were satisfied.

Bai Li was about to open the door to enter the house, when he heard a slight click from behind him. He subconsciously turned around to meet his neighbor across the street.

It was a boy who was not that old.


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