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Chapter 22: Off-site Assistance

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Chu Qinglin was a young boy who had just become an adult and had been into virtual reality games for five years. He spent every day in the forums of Starnet and the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition, as he looked for games that interested him.

Not long ago, he stumbled into the post of the game anchor ‘Song’s Blunt Opinion’ and learned that there was such a farming game called Carefree Farmstead, and he was very lucky to get a game qualification. Since then, the abyssal monsters were all passersby, a red heart to the field.

After he bought the first gift pack, kryptonized the magical spring water and fertilizer, and planted almost ten rounds of land, Chu Qinglin found a new goal in the game. That was to reproduce the golden corn cake made by Demon Xing, so as to save his salivating mouth.

The seasonings and stove were purchased, and the corn kernels came off the cob through violent means, but he didn’t know what to do next when everything was obviously ready. Should he put the kernels into the iron skillet first? Or should he pour the oil first? Or mix the soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and salt together to make a seasoning? Tangled up in weeds not knowing where to begin, Chu Qinglin could not help but hesitate to make a corn cake. He didn’t know whether or not other ingredients were needed.

Since it was a recipe sent out by the village chief, he felt like it couldn’t be that simple! Could the ingredients needed really be so easy to buy?

Chu Qinglin was still considered cautious. When he wasn’t sure of the correct method of operation, he didn’t dare to start easily. He suddenly thought of someone, and his eyes lit up. Maybe that person would have some good ideas, so he decisively went offline and rushed out of the room.

“Mom!!! I need help!!! Come and help me!!!”

After shouting these two sentences, Chu Qinglin came to his senses. When it came to cooking this kind of thing…in his memory his mother had never cooked, so could she even help?

It was already too late to pretend that nothing happened. Soon, a woman came out in a rush, “What’s wrong? What’s happening? Xiao Lin, what are you doing running out without your clothes on?”

When he was playing games, Chu Qinglin wore pajamas. Since he was in a hurry to find his mother, he had crawled out of the gaming pod, and did not have time to smooth out his clothes. He looked crumpled and sloppy.

But he couldn’t care less, when he heard the woman ask, he answered stiffly, “Mom, do you know how to cook very simple dishes? If so, can I learn from you?”

Mother Chu slapped her son’s head. “You brat, why are you burying me? Do I look like I can cook? It seems that I gave birth to you for nothing, you don’t care about me at all for so many years!”

Chu Qinglin hissed, hurriedly apologized. “Not at all, Mom. I care about you! I didn’t mean to ask that. It’s not. It’s not…” He told Mother Chu what had happened in the game.

He was answered by a burst of laughter from Mother Chu, “Hahahahaha! You idiots! You know how to eat, but can’t even make a dish. In the end, you actually went offline to look for mom. Hahahaha! No more! When your dad comes back I must tell him about this. It’s just too funny!!!”

Chu Qinglin heard the burst of magical laughter in his brain, and felt a few points of clarity. He muttered in a small voice, “You want to talk about it, go talk. Obviously you can’t cook yourself so maybe I am genetically yours…”

“What are you talking about!” Mother Chu gave her silly son a super fierce look, and wanted to slap him. “Although I can’t cook, I know someone who can cook! I just don’t want to do it myself. Son, follow me. Mother will take you to find him!”

After he heard this, Chu Qinglin’s eyes lit up. He hurriedly went back to his room to change his clothes for going out, and followed behind Mother Chu. He thought to himself, Sure enough, Mom is the most all-powerful being in the world…

Mother Chu took her silly son with her to a house.

Chu Qinglin quickly recognized the owner of the house, “Isn’t this Uncle Gui’s house? Mom, why did you bring me here?”

“Can’t believe it, right? Your Uncle Gui used to be the chef of Tasty Cuisine on Buddha Jumping Over the Wall Star, and you had to wait in line to get his dishes. Let him teach you a few tricks, so you can at least know how a dish should be made.”

As for how it tasted when it was made, that wasn’t within the scope of Mother Chu’s consideration. In her opinion, the ingredients in reality had little taste, let alone in a virtual reality game. Her child must have thought this was fresh and interesting.

Chu Qinglin wanted to ask why Uncle Gui now lived on their star, then thought of the current state of the ingredients today, and his mood subtly fell before he closed his mouth. Fortunately, he could still taste it in the game, even if he knew it was not as delicious in reality. Even if their taste, and the real taste of food had a huge difference, it was really delicious!

Gui Yuping learned of Chu Qinglin and Mother Chu’s intention to come and simply agreed, “Want to learn how to cook? Tell uncle what you want to cook, and I’ll place an order with Starnet. It’s been a long time since I’ve done it, so I’ll show you a few things today.”

“Hey, hey, hey. Wait a minute. Let us buy the ingredients!” Mother Chu grabbed the right to place the order. “But later on, we still have to rely on you to cook the dishes, so consider that this silly boy and I are coming here to have a meal with you.”

Gui Yuping excused himself and let Mama Chu go. While they waited for the ingredients to be brought up, he asked Chu Qinglin what he wanted to eat.

Thinking of the golden and crispy corn cake, Chu Qinglin gulped and said without thinking, “Corn cake, and…and white buns!”

These were the only two food items he had seen in the game, so he had a rare opportunity to order in reality, so he asked for them all.

Gui Yuping really knew these two. He showed only a little surprise as he raised his eyebrows, as he wondered where in the world this kid had heard about them to actually get a craving.

“How about it, Uncle Gui? Can we make these two?” Chu Qinglin’s eyes shone brightly, a face full of expectation.

“Could be. But the taste…you should not hold out too much hope, it is just like that…” Gui Yuping played a precautionary shot in advance.

Chu Qinglin was very atmospheric and waved his hand and said, “No problem, no problem. Uncle Gui you can do it, I’ll learn from you, and then go to the game to make it. Hehehehe!”

This was the third time that Gui Yuping heard the word “game” from the mouths of this mother and son, and he was inevitably a little curious. However, at that moment the ingredients ordered from Starnet were coincidentally delivered. With this interruption, Gui Yuping temporarily forgot this matter, took the ingredients and led Chu Qinglin and his mother, to the kitchen.

The kitchen of his house was very large and it was easy to see the signs of frequent use. The three of them spent almost an hour in the kitchen. From time to time Chu Qinglin would exclaim “oh,” “ah,” or “so this is the way.”

The kitchen was very noisy, but what was strange was that there wasn’t much smell coming out, and what could be smelled was only a faint refreshing smell that came after the skin of the vegetables was broken.

Gui Yuping made a total of three dishes. One soup and one main dish. Namely corn cake, cucumber, braised pork, tomato and egg soup, and white flour steamed buns.

The golden corn kernels, the bright green cucumber pieces, the humming pork in thick oil and sauce, the red and white soup, and the white fat and lovely steamed buns, each of which could be carried out to give visual enjoyment. However, that was only if they tasted as delicious as they seemed to be.

The latter was definitely not possible. Chu Qinglin had a lot of hope at first, but it was a big disappointment in the mouth. The whole eating process was tasteless, wilted and had lost its essence. He knew in his heart that he couldn’t act like this, because this table was Uncle Gui’s hard work. However, after tasting the big, soft, sweet and delicious white steamed buns in the game, it was really hard for him to control the expressions on his face.

Gui Yuping wasn’t used to it. The old god said, “I have said, according to the taste of today’s ingredients, it is impossible to make food that tastes good. Xiao Lin, don’t feel too sad, in the future, drink more nutrient liquid, some still tastes quite good.”

Chu Qinglin wasn’t frustrated. “It’s okay, I have learned the practice of corn cake from Uncle Gui. When I go home and get on the game, I can make corn cake. Big deal. I will eat a few more pieces then.”

One of the ingredients needed to make corn cake was dry starch, which was not sold on the village chief’s shop. For this reason, he also carefully asked Gui Yuping if there was an easy version of starch. Fortunately, you could make it with corn, only it took a lot of effort. But in order to eat, he can do it!

After he listened to what Chu Qinglin said, Gui Yuping remembered again, sat up straight and asked, “I’ve been listening to you guys talk about the game. What is this game? Xiao Lin, quickly tell uncle.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Chu Qinglin was immediately spirited, and spoke from the cause of his own entry into the game…bla, bla, bla, bla… to about the two days of experience in the game. With the light in his eyes and an excited red glow on his cheeks, he really liked this game called Carefree Farmstead.

Not only Gui Yuping, but even Mother Chu was a bit impressed after listening to her son’s detailed introduction. However soon, Chu Qinglin’s next sentence broke their fantasy, “Oh, you can’t play right now. This game only has 500 places, and they have long been snatched up.”

After he said this, Chu Qinglin couldn’t help but be glad. Fortunately, he was fast and grabbed the game qualification, otherwise he would have missed such a fun treasure of a game.

Gui Yuping silently went to the official website of the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition, and touched the details page for Carefree Farmstead, according to the name of the game Chu Qinglin gave. Somehow, he clicked on the comment book inside, and saw that it was full of messages urging the game designer, Bai Li, to upgrade the virtual reality game builder, and somehow felt a little comforted.

There were so many people who shared his desire for this game, so he was much more balanced in his heart.

He likewise left a message in the comment book, [I learned about this game after an introduction by my nephew, and I want to try cooking with the crops! If the taste is as good as my nephew said, I hope the designer will open more game slots, I will wait!]

After that urging, Gui Yuping felt that it was not enough. He grabbed Chu Qinglin and pestered him to also pay more attention to the news in the game. If and when the registration quota was opened, he must notify him as soon as possible.

To this end, he was also assured. “Uncle’s craft is still very good. If I can enter the game, Xiao Lin, tell me what you want to eat, and Uncle will make it all for you!” The premise was that the ingredients in the game were really as described by Chu Qinglin, rich in taste and full of fascinating flavor.

Mother Chu interjected, “And me! Talk to your father and me when the time comes!”

After the words, Gui Yuping looked over, and the two glanced at each other in silence. Very good, he confirming with his eyes, they were eager to become competitors!

For the two people’s request, Chu Qinglin naturally agreed. He also hoped that there would be people he knew in the game. When the time came, they could farm together and cook delicious food together…thinking about it was very promising!

Chu Qinglin was undoubtedly one of the more fortunate existences among game players, in that he found off-site assistance in reality and solved the problem of not being able to cook in one meal. At this time, he rolled up his sleeves and rushed back into the game, ready to experiment a good deal.

Most people, on the other hand, at the cost of nearly blowing up their small huts, sadly discovered that cooking wasn’t as easy as they thought. A group of gray-headed people came out of their huts and gathered together to sum up their failures, but still had no clue.

In the end, they had to go offline, and choose to seek the right way to cook on Starnet.

On this day, several anchors in the food section of Starnet’s largest live-streaming site found that their live-streaming room, which was so empty that there were only three or two kittens in it every day, was suddenly flooded with dozens of people.

Could it be that Interstellar cuisine was about to usher in the day of the dead wood?


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