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Chapter 49: What Did You Just Call Me?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey hopes author’s not lying


Gu Ang’s condition improved and regained a lot of strength soon after the mark. He asked again with a cold face, “What are you doing here?”

“Do you think the Empire is really that comfortable letting a group of you, made up entirely of schoolchildren, go to the borderline to quell the rebellion? Of course someone else was sent to investigate.” Without giving a definite answer, Ye Fei simply asked a faintly rhetorical question. On his way here, he had made up a story for himself about belonging to the same camp, but a different organization.

Gu Ang had a quick mind, and instantly understood what the other man meant, but still didn’t dispel the suspicion in his heart, “The names of the rebel leaders have been investigated, so there was no need for you to linger. You didn’t answer my question. Who are you really, and why are you here?”

“I’m a member of His Majesty’s Precision Force directly under the Emperor.” Seeing that Gu Ang’s expression was still thick with distrust, Ye Fei really had no choice but to combine some of the information based on his observation and experiments on his way here, and continued to make up his story, “This time there was an accident on Ice Blue Star, and I was sent here to investigate the situation. At first, the enemy did a good job of hiding, so I was led to believe that this was just a very unusual rebellion. But I hadn’t been able to get the news out for long before I realized that things weren’t that simple.”

Gu Ang propped himself up on his side against the rock, looking serious, “What do you mean?”

“After the message came back, I was supposed to send a message to my fiancée that I’d be back to see her soon…” Ye Fei was making up bullshit with a face that didn’t belong to him, trying to lighten the mood a bit. And for Gu Ang to let his guard down, he was really not a bad guy who craves people’s bodies.

“You even have a fiancée, you fucking cheater…” Gu Ang pulled the corner of his mouth, “Go on.”

Ye Fei’s face darkened as he didn’t take Gu Ang’s tirade to heart and finished his sentence, “But I couldn’t send this one message.”

Gu Ang frowned, he had just tried the contact device within the mecha and assumed it was simply malfunctioning. He tapped on his communicator to try to send a message to Ye Fei, but the screen showed no signal and the message was blocked. Not only him, but even someone like the other side, who claimed to be a sophisticated Imperial force, had no way to communicate with the outside world, which meant the situation might be more serious.

Gu Ang asked, “What the hell is going on?”

“I suspect that the Federation is behind this rebellion. These tactics and ways of action of that group of grandsons are all too familiar to me.” Ye Fei made up half-truths, but also tried extremely hard to convey the information he had gathered to Gu Ang. When he forced a landing earlier, he found the missile fragments that had been stolen from the battleship.

Ye Fei recognized them as some special model of the Federation establishment that he had seen during one of the sparring sessions. All this was said just to remind Gu Ang to be careful and beware. There were still some things that Ye Fei held back from giving away, mainly what he guessed would be the worst outcome.

At worst, this wasn’t an ordinary rebellion, or even one that resulted from mere collusion between local administrators and the Federation. Ye Fei suspected that this was an operation against him and Gu Ang. And the person who planned all this might be the same Lu ChangBai who hated him to the bones.

If it really was the teenager who couldn’t figure out his temperament, it could only mean that the other party had colluded with the Federation, thus aggregating a more powerful force to target them.

All sorts of tactics that did seem like something that a crazy person would do. This was something Ye Fei knew from the first moment he met the other man that he was definitely such a person without principles. But if Gu Ang knew that the power behind it was Lu ChangBai, with the old family feud in his previous life, plus the deliberate targeting in this life, Gu Ang would definitely use all his strength to get the person out for revenge.

However, Lu ChangBai’s power seemed to be even larger than he thought, and Gu Ang could easily suffer losses when he was single-handed and hot-blooded. In that case, the less Gu Ang knew about the shit this face was involved in, the better.

Gu Ang heard Ye Fei’s analysis and sort of completely dispelled the suspicion that the other party was a spy or a mole. But, that didn’t mean Gu Ang would be any kinder to him. Perhaps the Frontier collusion with the Federal rebellion was doom and gloom for the average student. But Gu Ang wasn’t a freshman, he was a stronger person than himself in his last life as a five-star Admiral.

When he was done dealing with his injuries, a small rebellion, on it was, not enough to worry about. Perhaps influenced by pheromone, Gu Ang, having confirmed that there was no fear for his life, was still more concerned about being forcibly marked by this dog thing.

Fuck, and even twice counting the last time and this one!

Gu Ang looked at the man with anger running through his eyes, “Okay, your background’s explained, now tell me, why the fuck did you mark me again?”

“I’m afraid you’ll have an accident when you’re weak.”

Ye Fei looked at the resistant look Gu Ang displayed again after dispelling his suspicions, and was somewhat unforgiving, filled with a huge amount of self-recrimination inside. Indeed, for Gu Ang, being marked twice in a row by a stranger was a big deal of distress.

He panicked, looked ahead, and picked the worst decision. Ye Fei told himself that this was the last time and he would never touch Gu Ang again with this face on. But still, not much could be said about what was behind the face of the disguise. The disguise machine could change to other looks, he wouldn’t use this face again.

Consider this man dead in battle, or lost in the vastness of this universe.

Ye Fei opened his mouth and took a long moment to find the words, “I was the one who offended you again, I’m sorry. I won’t be around in the future.”

“Mn, I hope you’ll do what you say.” Gu Ang looked at him coldly, “It won’t last but three times, this was the second time, next time I see you, I’ll just kill you no matter what precision unit you’re from.”

His expression was cool, his eyes like a knife, and he let out harsh words like it was nothing.

“I’ll leave the medical kit here, so you can bandage it yourself.” Ye Fei bent down and picked up the medical kit and put it at Gu Ang’s feet, “Goodbye, I don’t think I’ll see you again, take care.”

“You talk a lot, get lost.” Gu Ang was impatient to get rid of this person.

Ending the conversation, Ye Fei couldn’t afford to stay any longer and had to leave through the cave. After coming out, he immediately found a secluded place and after making sure he wasn’t being followed by Gu Ang, he turned on the special communicator on his watch and started trying to get in touch with the others.

After testing a few times, he finally found two signals, one was Jiang RuiYuan and the other was Lin XiuYong.

Jiang RuiYuan, as the Empire’s top mecha designer, had installed this kind of signal source on every mecha as a necessary addition, so it was naturally unlikely it would fail, but what surprised Ye Fei somewhat was Lin XiuYong.

Although he knew that the other party was a rare research genius, he was able to connect the source and break through this signal blocking barrier so quickly…

In a second, Ye Fei’s vigilance against Lin XiuYong went up two notches again.

This kind of person, if he hadn’t fallen during his growth, could definitely be a top elite comparable to Jiang RuiYuan. There was absolutely no way that he would be so obscure that Ye Fei hadn’t heard of this person in his last life.

Lin XiuYong’s background was really a bit strange, as if he was someone who came out of nowhere. But now the situation was urgent, and Ye Fei couldn’t care that much. He hurriedly sent the coordinates of the cave’s location to both sources and included a message.

“This is Gu Ang, please gather everyone here.”

Immediately after sending the message, Ye Fei turned off the special communicator and put his regular one back on his hand. Gu Ang’s bite on his shoulder couldn’t be discovered, so he did a simple treatment, taking a bandage to wrap it. Gu Ang bit down hard, leaving deep bite marks that carried viciousness.

Ye Fei knew that Gu Ang had a real hatred for the person who marked him.

After changing back to his original appearance and packing his gear, Ye Fei sat in silence outside the cave for a few more hours. After some time passed, he went back to the cave entrance. Just as he entered the cave, Gu Ang was seen half-naked and struggling, trying hard to apply medicine to his back.

“Who…?!” Seeing a shifting figure at the entrance of the cave, Gu Ang immediately recoiled and stood up, assuming a full-force fighting stance. Gu Ang wondered if the douchebag with the online name YG was back. He never put down his guard against the mystery man from the beginning to the end. Even if the other had made up a great story, even if they had more evidence, he wouldn’t drop his guard completely in this environment.

“It’s me.” Ye Fei stepped in a bit, “I was looking around for you and passed by and smelled pheromone, so I came in to check it out. After all, your pheromone smells pretty special.”

Gu Ang saw that it was indeed Ye Fei’s face and his entire body slackened again. Sure enough in this situation, he felt reassured when this man appeared. After the mystery man had just left, he sat alone in the cave and thought for a long time. Thinking about all the recent events, thinking about the suspicious target that had attacked them, and also reconsidering his relationship with Ye Fei.

The moment the mystery man marked him, all he could think about was Ye Fei’s face and the profound realization that his love for that person was etched into his bones. It wasn’t something he could just hide from and forget if he wanted to. He felt that he had recently been the one to be pretentious, and that it was unfair to give Ye Fei a death sentence because of unknown variables in the future.

It wasn’t his, Gu Ang’s style to be so cowering, sensitive, and vulnerable. He was the interstellar fierce Alpha, a daring five-star Admiral who was arrogant enough to love or hate whoever he wanted to. If one knew what the problem of one’s last life was, and had a chance to change it from the beginning, why not go ahead and give it a go?

After settling his father’s affairs, calming his mother, and then securing the family inheritance for Ye Fei, then there would be no other obstacles between the two of them. As long as the worst was yet to come and as long as Ye Fei still loved him, there was still a chance of getting back together.

It was just that everything took time. The butterfly effect, from the moment he crossed over, from the moment he was told he had become an Omega, had begun. He had been resistant, forced to convince himself to accept it, but thinking of it another way, how was it not a kind of guide?

Guiding him in a new direction, revising all the regrets of his last life. By getting to the reversal before it happened, the ending had the potential to change. When he figured this out, Gu Ang was enlightened.

The wall that he had built up with his own hands between the two men had a gap chiseled through by him. He grinned at Ye Fei, “Do you have a dog’s nose? You’re so smart.”

“Mn, specifically to smell you.” Ye Fei saw that Gu Ang didn’t seem to be as distant from him as before, as if something had changed, but he couldn’t tell what. It was clear that Gu Ang still had an angry expression when he had just left, but now the face before him looked like it had melted with some subtle closeness.

What happened in between was a mystery. But he had a hunch that he seemed to be slowly, but surely getting inside Gu Ang’s head again. Ye Fei sat down against him, feeling the tightness in his body, “What were you nervous about?”

Gu Ang shook his head, “A dumbass was just here and I thought he returned.”

Ye Fei: “……” He deserved to be called a dumbass to his face, so he had no complaints. He feigned indifference and asked, “Who was it?” 

Gu Ang snickered, “I don’t know, I drove him away. He was a psycho.”

Ye Fei coughed lightly and changed the subject, “Are you hurt? Let me help you apply the medicine.”

Gu Ang opened his hands and spread the bottle of medicine in his hands, “My back, it’s a bit of a pain to apply it.”

“Turn around.” Ye Fei rolled his cuffs up to his forearms and sat next to him, taking the bottle of medicine. After what he experienced earlier, he now felt what a joy it was to even simply sit with Gu Ang like this.

Gu Ang turned his back to him, revealing a lean waist, “I can’t see if it’s serious, I only did a simple treatment earlier.”

“The wound isn’t big, but it’s deep, so bear with it, it’ll hurt a bit.” Ye Fei frowned in distress and carefully dabbed the medicine all over the cotton swab, rubbing it on the wound little by little.

Gu Ang closed his eyes to endure it and said stiffly, “Soldiers aren’t afraid of pain.” He felt the antiseptic water soak into the wound, a fine pain spreading in, and Gu Ang gritted his teeth slightly before he felt a cool breeze blow up the wound with a little breath of heat. Gu Ang twisted his head and asked, “What are you doing?”

Ye Fei’s lips were pressed near his wound, still carefully exhaling, “Blowing on it, so it won’t hurt anymore.”

“It’s not like I’m a child…” Gu Ang was glad the cave was darkly lit and the other couldn’t see his gradually reddening face.  He felt his numb heart reviving little by little under this man’s tenderness, “Ye Fei.”


“Nothing.” Gu Ang didn’t really have anything to say, just simply wanted to call his name.

Calling his name and getting a response seemed like something to be happy about in this little planet of the universe.

Ye Fei rewrapped his back with a bandage, wrapping it around his chest and then tying it in a nice knot, “Where else? Left hand?”

Gu Ang got up, ready to move over and get the bottle of medicine, “I’ll do it myself.”

“Don’t move.” Ye Fei reached out to hold him down, causing a vague pain on the wound on his shoulder. It was a real bummer for them both. Two wounded men staying together.

The moon was charming and the cave was so dimly lit that only the blurry outlines of people could be seen. Gu Ang lowered his eyes at the man who was meticulously tending to the wound on his hand, his expression careful like he was treating a precious object. He felt Ye Fei’s fingers squeeze his, gently holding it in place before applying the medicine.

Time was stretched out indefinitely, and all was silent, except for the sound of the rustling of the medicine. Ye Fei looked down like he did earlier, applying the medicine while gently blowing on the wound, treating him like a five year old. Gu Ang’s fingers moved slightly and the wound was pressed against Ye Fei’s lips.

Neither man moved, looking like Ye Fei was kissing his ring finger.

After a few seconds, Gu Ang reacted and removed his hand, “Sorry, my hand was covered in medicine. It’s bitter, right?”

Ye Fei pursed his lips and raised his eyes to Gu Ang, “It;s pretty sweet.”

The atmosphere was a bit ambiguous, and Ye Fei took advantage of the right atmosphere and was about to say something when he was interrupted by Bai SiNing’s voice.

“Brother Ang, are you in there? Fuck…?” Bai SiNing approached, staring back and forth at the two, one half-crouched, the other half-naked, looking evocative. “Did I come at a bad time?”

Gu Ang panicked and pulled the shirt next to him and draped it over himself, “What’s with that nonsense? I’m hurt.”

Bai SiNing’s round eyes darted about, “Oh, I should have shown up later, sorry to interrupt.”

Three other figures also appeared at the entrance of the cave against the light. Lin XiuYong approached and asked, “What’s wrong?”

He was followed by two other seniors he didn’t know.

Gu Ang waved his hand, “It’s just a minor injury.”

Not daring to say that he was in heat, Gu Ang could only make a couple of casual remarks before hurriedly changing the subject to something else, “I couldn’t believe four of you made it in one piece, how lucky.”

Bai SiNing giggled, “Hey, hey, it was all thanks to my brother Lin. He’s the one who found us and brought us together.”

“Gu Ang, are you there?” Before Gu Ang could say anything, a female shout came again from the entrance of the cave. Jiang RuiYuan also arrived at the cave with the others at about the same time.

Even Ye Fei didn’t anticipate that the originally scattered eleven would reunite so quickly.

Lin XiuYong and Jiang RuiYuan had two tricks up their sleeves.

When the eleven people sat down on the ground, Jiang RuiYuan, who was the leading teacher, was the first to ask, “Gu Ang, how were you able to send us a message? I tried to contact everyone earlier and found that the communication of this planet was very strongly interfered with, and only the special communicator was able to pick up the signals on the planet.”

Gu Ang immediately waved his hand and explained, “I didn’t send the signal, but I probably know who sent it for me.”

Bai SiNing scratched his head, “Are there others trapped here?”

“A member of an elite Imperial unit reached the planet ahead of us to confirm for us just how high the risk factor of the planet is.” Gu Ang then told the crowd about his suspicions with the mystery man, only omitting the part where he was marked by the other man.

After hearing the summary given by Gu Ang, almost all the students fell backwards.

They didn’t expect things to really get this serious and involve the Federation.

“If it was really as you say, I’m afraid it’s far from simple.”

Jiang RuiYuan said in a low voice, “Thinking deeper, we might all just be some bait thrown out by the masterminds behind the scenes, in order to be able to provoke a war with the Federation, thus diverting the internal conflicts of the Empire. After all, you guys must be well aware of the Empire’s oppressive policy, war has never been the best means to divert internal conflicts!”

Wei YangZe asked, “What should we do now that it has happened?”

Where do they, a group of students, fit in this conspiracy?

Jiang RuiYuan looked at him, “YangZe, as the oldest senior, do you have any ideas?”

Wei YangZe cupped his hand into a fist, “We’re all soldiers, so I think even if we’re at this point, the first thing we should do is to complete the mission given down by our superiors, which is to complete the beheading of the rebels!”

Ye Fei and Gu Ang nodded in unison, “Agreed.”

No matter how bad the external disturbing conditions were, the priority should be to complete the assigned orders.

“But now that the situation has changed, everything’s out of control!” Jiang RuiYuan countered out loud, “Now we should just find a way to get out of this hellhole first, or at least have to capture a large cosmic signal tower and send a distress signal to the outside world to send us back.”

There was silence in the cave… The crowd didn’t utter a word, and fell into contemplation.

Gu Ang carefully protected his injured hand and spoke, “Dean Jiang, we all understand your good intentions. But you’re just an R&D officer, not a soldier. You don’t understand that the first day of a soldier’s job is to complete the operational objective regardless of the environmental situation. So we must fulfill the orders given by our superiors.”

There was no telling how nasty a fight it would eventually devolve into, but with both him and Ye Fei in the picture, Gu Ang was confident and sure of himself. Furthermore, he was a soldier, an Admiral, and military orders were like mountains, a truth that had been ingrained in his mind from his first day in the army.

Brainiac Bai SiNing was ignited by this fervor, “Okay, let’s follow Brother Ang!”

The others were pumped up and responded in kind.

Ye Fei raised the corner of his mouth slightly, the thorny Gu Ang was back.

“Then let’s take advantage of the moonlight and act now.”

Everyone was getting up from the ground and heading out of the cave.

Ye Fei reached out to help Gu Ang up and walked at the end of the crowd, carefully admonishing, “I know you’re good, but you’re injured, stay close to me for a while.”

“Don’t worry, I have a handle on it. I’m stronger than you think, too.” Gu Ang lifted his chin slightly and took a big step across towards the crowd.

The cave was obviously excessively dark, yet Ye Fei felt that he saw light.

Seeing that Ye Fei was slow to follow, Gu Ang turned back to look at the man. Countless times when he had to go to war, the man was by his side, and this time was no different. Gu Ang opened his mouth slightly, suddenly not wanting to call Ye Fei’s name. He took a deep breath, as if doing a tremendous mental build-up, his heart beating so violently that it almost jumped out of his throat.

Gu Ang’s voice was soft, pretending to be calm, “Brother, keep up.”

Ye Fei followed in stride and grabbed his wrist firmly, “What did you just call me?”


Author’s Note: 

He called him Gege, satisfied?

ps. The disguise later won’t even appear, so you don’t have to worry about Guang Guang’s heat later, Ye Fei will show up with his own face, so no need to be anxious.

Of course the vehicle will be driven, and domestic violence will also follow after (doge face)

It’s my birthday today (May 13th), so I hope the new year will make the writing a little better, and I’ll get a bonus for all the comments on this chapter today.


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