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Chapter 52: We’re Locked In

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey has a bad feeling about this chapter


Gu Ang was confused for a few seconds, before he realized what Ye Fei was looking at. Fearing to be overheard, he added dislike in a soft voice, “And why should I show it to you?”

“I’m your big brother.” The voice was faint, as if he were talking about what to eat for breakfast. Now he was using his ‘big brother’ to pressure him, and it just sounded a little weird.

Gu Ang froze, and threw a punch, “You’re a pervert.”

Ye Fei couldn’t help but strain a smile as well, and when he thought about it, he was kind of right. Gu Ang pulled a blade of grass from the ground and played with it in his hands and suddenly realized a very serious problem. He was an Omega. Did he still need this?

God damn it. He felt that the sun was so blinding today, and yet he felt desolate inside.

Bai SiNing watched the two interact, snickering and giggling, when he was pulled aside by Lin XiuYong.

“What’s wrong?” Bai SiNing looked at him suspiciously, “Wow, Luminous CP is so sweet, I’m so happy.”

Lin XiuYong nodded, “You should watch your words from now on.”

Bai SiNing was bewildered, “Watch out for what?”

“Just now you said something about Gu Ang peeing last night.” Lin XiuYong reminded him that it was also Gu Ang who had a big heart, “If it was someone else with heavy idol baggage, he would be angry with you.”

Lin XiuYong usually talked little, and when he was with Bai SiNing, he felt like a nagging old father. This kid acted like an idiot and had to be watched and controlled.

He didn’t expect Bai SiNing to look up proudly, “I grew up! I was fronting for Brother Ang then, he did something else last night.”

Lin XiuYong raised his eyebrows, “What did he do?”

Bai SiNing covered his mouth, “I promised Ah’Ang I couldn’t tell, I have to keep it a secret.”

Lin XiuYong thought it was funny that he used to send people’s photos around, but now he finally knew to keep his mouth shut. He had a hunch that Gu Ang must have done something to Ye Fei. He rhetorically asked blandly, “I won’t tell anyone either.”

Bai SiNing shook his head, “Can’t.”

Lin XuYong looked at him with an expressionless face and let out an “oh”.

“XiuYong, you’re angry?” Bai SiNing tugged on his arm, “I’m definitely not hiding anything else from you except this.”

Lin XiuYong was in a good mood as he watched his unconscious intimate actions. It took a few moments before the word was slowly spat out, “Okay.”

Gu Ang called to them from a distance, “What were you two tired-lovey-dovey crooks doing? We’re getting ready to depart.”

Bai SiNing responded and trotted back to the main group, “It’s time to go to the rebel leader’s base camp today.”

Gu Ang nodded, “I looked at the map, it’s not too far, a few dozen kilometers.”

Bai SiNing fiddled with his pockets, “If I use the mecha, that won’t even take a minute.”

Gu Ang looked at him like a fool, “Wouldn’t driving a mecha reveal your whereabouts? Yesterday you tossed and turned with Lin XiuYong for half a day, and you still don’t know what you’re doing?”

“Ah…” Bai SiNing turned pale, “Then we won’t, go, go…”

Ye Fei spoke up a few meters away, “Walk over.”

“Dozens of kilometers to walk over!” Bai SiNing wailed, “I’m so hungry, I’m so sleepy, I don’t have the stamina.”

Gu Ang touched his injured hand, “I’m still wounded, did I say anything? For military cadets what’s a few dozen kilometers?”

Bai SiNing made a bow, “You have an invulnerable body, we are mortal and can’t hope for anything else.”

“Feels weird, you talking in a literary way, you’ve been spending too much time with Lin XiuYong.” Gu Ang snickered.

“Gu Ang come here, I’ll remedicate you and get a new bandage, and we’ll get ready to depart.” Ye Fei crouched on the ground and opened the medical kit, laying out the medicines one by one.

The little fighter who had been so instrumental just now was now as good as a cat, lowering his eyebrows and obeying as he went over to squat down. Ye Fei helped him remove the bandage from his hand, and the wound inside had turned deep red. He carefully finished disinfecting the area with a cotton swab and applied a layer of anti-inflammatory medicine.

“Does it still hurt?”

Gu Ang dropped his eyes at his careful movements, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Mn, be careful when you fight today.” Ye Fei admonished him, “Turn around, show me your back.”

Gu Ang began to undress, folded the jacket in his arms, and began to remove the t-shirt inside.

Bai SiNing stared at his abs and tsked, “Brother Ang, you have a nice body.”

Gu Ang looked up at him, “If you do a little more training, you’ll have them too.”

Bai SiNing squeezed his stomach, “I only have a thin layer, I’m not lean enough.”

Wei YangZe spat sourly, “Why is everyone getting so riled about that? Except for Dean Jiang.”

“But their faces aren’t as good as Brother Ang’s.” Bai SiNing adhered to Gu Ang’s brainless blow, defending with a stubborn face, “I just don’t know, God Ye’s abs…”

Lin XiuYong slapped him on the head, “You still want to see Ye Fei’s?”

Gu Ang deflated, “Not for you to see.”

Ye Fei laughed softly, “Not showing.”

With those two words that fell on his heart, Gu Ang felt beautiful inside.

After the back injury was taken care of, Gu Ang quickly dressed and the group packed up and departed. By now the sun was hanging so high that even the ground was burning. In order not to have their tracks detected, the group had to walk deep and shallow in the direction of the base camp. Walking on the march was pretty normal too, it was retro, but it worked. But they were hot and thirsty.

A group of military cadets could barely see it, but Jiang RuiYuan’s body was a bit too much to support after spending years in the research lab.

Gu Ang thoughtfully asked, “Should I carry you?”

Jiang RuiYuan waved her hand, “You still have an injury on your back.”

Wei YangZe took the responsibility of being the senior, “I’ll carry you, all of you shut up and don’t tell Liang Xin.”

Gu Ang frowned, “What’s it to do with Liang Xin?”

Bai SiNing let out an “oh”, “You don’t understand that, he’s afraid that Liang Xin would be jealous.”

Gu Ang: “…You could eat this kind of vinegar?”

Ye Fei spoke up, “You’re the only one who’s nervous. Let’s take turns, Wei YangZe if you get tired let me know, I’ll take the next shift.”

Wei YangZe threw Jiang RuiYuan onto his back to secure him and continued on, “Okay, but I’m physically fit, so I should be fine.”

Gu Ang deflated, probably understanding that feeling of jealousy. It wasn’t cool to even touch other people when you like someone. Despite the sourness in his heart, Gu Ang was a man who carried himself well, and the big picture was paramount.

On the back walk, everyone took turns carrying each other, and it was hard to get a good glimpse of the base camp.

Bai SiNing leaned towards Lin XiuYong in defeat, “I’m dead, in this state, how could I fight later?”

“Don’t worry, we have such a big group of people.” Gu Ang tried to move his injured left hand, and it barely worked.

As long as he avoided tearing the wound by direct impact, the rest wasn’t a big problem. The crowd arrived outside the base camp where the leader of the rebellion, Cotton, was located. A giant castle made entirely of the material of static alloy stood before it.

Static alloy, as its name implies, had a molecule that moved at a speed infinitely close to zero in all circumstances. It could withstand almost every type of weapon attack including but not limited to ions, lasers, pulses, etc. The probability of destroying it from the outside was almost nil. Not only that, but the outer perimeter of the castle had a thirty-meter-high wall covered with various standard weapons with Federation numbers.

And the only entrance and exit was a steel gate over thirty meters high.

Gu Ang and the other nine took out their mecha, enlarged them, then entered the cabin in order, and were standing in a line outside this gate at the moment.

“Gu Ang, were we just going to stand here and charge inside?” Wei YangZe was standing next to Gu Ang’s mecha in his mecha, rubbing his steel fist over and over, “Fuck, sneaking up on old man and making us walk so much, don’t want to live.”

“Sure, you have a better idea?” Gu Ang responded casually in a careless tone while sitting in the cockpit, still checking the condition of the weapon.

Ye Fei, standing on the other side of Gu Ang’s mecha, nodded in agreement from his cockpit.

This tactic was very Gu Ang.

The recklessness was dominant while also being most thoughtfully calculated. The opponent’s base camp was supposed to be built from static alloy, and trying to destroy the opponent from the outside through powerful firepower was already impossible. And the probability of infiltrating an opponent’s fortress loaded with detectors and heavily patrolled was low.

Instead, if they didn’t break through as fast as they could and withdraw after bending and sinking their decapitated heads, they’d be surrounded by a steady stream of reinforcements from behind them.

The consequences, then, were unthinkable.

They were special squads and mecha had a limited amount of energy, and weren’t likely to survive a sea of people ten thousand times over a hundred thousand times over. At that point, only Ye Fei and Gu Ang would be able to escape without leaving everyone behind.

But, how could they have left their fellow man behind?

Gu Ang wouldn’t, and neither would he.

“Nah, this kind of manly offense is right up my alley.” Wei YangZe replied excitedly.

With that, he smoothly turned on the music player he carried with him, and through his mecha, he began to play the Red Flame Military Academy’s school song three hundred and sixty degrees without fail. The earth-shattering, feverish tune of the song didn’t just rock the students of Red Flame, it managed to capture the attention of everyone in the rebellion.

At this moment, Gu Ang felt like the entire world had gone silent, with only Red Flame’s school song reverberating in his ears. He struggled to crane his soon to be petrified neck to look at Wei YangZe.

Expression breathlessly making a gag, “What are you doing?”

The others tacitly turned their heads sideways, glancing sideways in unison as eight pairs of eyes looked at Wei YangZe. If mecha didn’t have eyes, Wei YangZe would have been able to read a lot of little question marks in the others’ eyes.

“What… What’s wrong? Everyone is a Red Flame student, couldn’t I choose Red Flame’s school song as my battle cry?” Wei YangZe, sensing the intense malice his companion was generating towards him, stammered and opened his mouth to ask.

“Do you think the question now was whether to use Red Flame’s school song as a BGM or not?”

We’re sneaking up, brother, you’re fucking drawing the enemy from all over.

Gu Ang felt that he had been exasperated by Wei YangZe, and he really didn’t understand the brain circuits of the people around him. Bai SiNing, the head fanboy of the little death-doers.

Wei YangZe who was obviously a war wolf persona but likes to play BGMs on the battlefield.

I actually picked the lieutenant between these two idiots back in the day? Gu Ang held his forehead, expressing his heartbreak over the vicious battle.

“It’s fine, we’ll have to attack head-on anyway. If we could draw the other side in and make them open the gate themselves, we could also not expose the first bottom so quickly.” Ye Fei reassured after the song was played, what else could be done?

True to Ye Fei’s words, the doors in front of the crowd slowly opened and uncountable assorted Federation military mecha began pouring out.

“Charge!” With a command from Gu Ang, everyone launched at the same time, swimming against the opponent’s torrent of steel.

Gu Ang was the first to start, and the formation formed by the ten men was like a sword away from a sharp sword plunging straight into the heart of the enemy camp. And Gu Ang, was the sharpest tip of this ion lightsaber. As soon as the two sides made contact, the originally blackened torrent of steel kept surging to both sides like a tide that had been forced apart.

Gu Ang couldn’t care less about hurting his hand, and kept bouncing frantically on the control panel inside the mecha, like playing the most furiously fiery piano piece.

Every weapon in the “Luminous” mecha’s body cut into the attack at the perfect angle at the perfect time, incapacitating one or two local mechas.

“Change formation, Formation Three of the One Long Snake Formation.”

“Bai SiNing take care to cover the left flank, and keep your right flank curated at all times.”

“Wei YangZe attention, do not venture into formation position!”

The corners of Gu Ang’s mouth lifted as Ye Fei’s familiar cold but security-inducing voice rang out from within the mecha.

It had been a while since he fought in such a familiar real-world scenario…

It had been a long time since he’d heard such a low, steady commanding voice…

Gu Ang had mixed feelings about returning to the battlefield with real swords and guns. He and Ye Fei had never lost a battle side by side, and even this time, it would definitely not be allowed.

At this moment, seemingly affected by his high-spirited emotions, Gu Ang’s spiritual power rose once more to a higher level. Not only did the hand speed of controlling the mecha go up a notch, but the mecha linked by mental power also exerted more power, instantly blasting away three mechanical attacks from the opposite side.

Gu Ang raised an eyebrow at his strange hormones that seemed to burst into a strong fight at times like this. Dare I say it was differentiated into a, quite literally, battle-ready rampaging Omega?

“Hmm?” Ye Fei, who was aware of Gu Ang, also noticed the sudden change in strength of his opponent and instantly changed his tactics to accommodate Gu Ang, the sharpest blade of his team.

Did he have Saiyan blood in his ancestry? Why was it so easy for him to become strong… By the time the battle was over, he wanted to find a chance to study Gu Ang’s strange body.

Inside the castle, the pot-bellied Corden pushed the naked woman beside him away and cursed as he stood up, “Fuck, these Federation dumbasses are asking me to take them alive?”

Someone did sell messages to the Federation, and people over there were quick to collude with them. Corden also knew that his opponent’s mission was to kill him, and gave a downward spiral before the other ship landed.

He was thinking of catching them alive one by one, but never thought… These guys came to the door on their own, and they could all fight.

Watching the images of the two sides of the battle on the light screen, Corden couldn’t dare to move his eyes. Other than that, this teenager at the front of the line, he was just a military student? Looking at that battle power, it was more like he was an Imperial 5-star Admiral.

“Go tell the Zhang Lang commanding the battle to follow up the fight, alive or dead! Don’t even think about capturing them in exchange for finding the Federation for weapons! Also, all those heavy weapons on the walls and on the outside of the castle, move them all!!!!” Corden grimaced and banged the armrest frantically in a fit of rage.

“But master, if we use those heavy weapons, our people would suffer the ripples too!”

“Heh, punk.” With a sneer, Corden pulled the adjutant in charge of the order at his side to his side with one hand and gave a firm twist of his wrist.

The deputy who had just made a sound was instantly twisted into a ball and could make no more sound.

“What do I care if those lowly absentees go to hell?” Corden craned his head to look at the others beside him, his fingertips stopping casually on one, and said, “You, yes, that’s you, you’re the new lieutenant from now on. Go tell the Zhang Lang what I just decided!”

“O-okay master.” Kowtowing three times violently to Corden, the resigned unlucky man got up shivering and immediately ran to the internal communicator to convey Corden’s orders.

At the same time, after receiving Zhang Lang’s order, the walls’ attack pattern changed. The castle, which had been completely closed off, slowly revealed a mouthful of blackened, planetary-grade heavy weapons. While there was still no way to attack the castle through the entrance sticking out of these weapons, the shift, apparently, was from a stationary form to an attack form. One by one, all the heavy weapons began to recharge within ten seconds one after another.

The glow of energy that was drawn but not fired was quietly gathered, waiting to explode when the charge was complete.

“Starting to move the heavy weapons? It’s time to reveal our first card.” Ye Fei spoke up, “Dean Jiang!”

Before breaching the gate, Ye Fei arranged for Jiang RuiYuan and Lin XiuYong, who were in charge of the technology, to stand by at a distance.

If they wanted to strike a complete blow, then they’d have to lend a hand.

“Roger that!!!” Jiang RuiYuan’s excited voice came from inside the cabin.

The next moment, the sky, which was still bright as day, suddenly flashed with hundreds of even more dazzling lights. Immediately afterwards, a beam of light from nowhere fell from the heavens like an apocalypse, carrying unparalleled destructive power and unleashing a scalpel-like, exquisite strike on all the heavy weapons that showed their heads. Perfect energy distribution, perfect choice of position. Even the direction of heavy weapons dropped after destruction was fully accounted for.

Hit for maximum gain with minimum energy consumption!

All of this was because of the strategy planned by Ye Fei who burst into the wall.

After observing all the heavy weapon locations at close range, he provided Jiang RuiYuan with precise location calculations, as well as precise calculations for the heavy weapon firepower carried by Jiang RuiYuan’s exclusive mecha, signaling the move. By building up not much combat power into one place and combining it with Gu Ang’s explosive fighting, the enemy was almost left in the lurch.

The tables were turned, a miracle that could only be performed by two of the empire’s top geniuses joining forces.

“Good job, remaining energy report.” Ye Fei’s expression didn’t waver much, everything was within estimation and the attack turned out as it should.

“You boy, I still need you to call me the Dean of the Hall? Fifty percent energy remaining.” Within the communicator, came the trembling voice of Jiang RuiYuan who was trying to suppress her inner excitement.

“Speed up thirty percent, Gu Ang, watch your teammates behind you for support distance!” Without continuing the conversation, Ye Fei once again turned his energy to command.

What made a genius a genius was Ye Fei’s ability to seize every opportunity and break in the battlefield and pursue the situation while it lasts. This boost was the result of the heavy counterattack that had just hit the enemy, creating an unspeakable sense of oppression and threat to them. Seize the moment to accelerate the distance between the team and the castle while the opposite side replenishes its ammunition.

The attack, which was as devastating as it was, also directly knocked everyone, including Corden and his henchman Zhang Lang, out of their seats. After all, where had he seen such military literacy and execution when he was only the second in command of a mining planet?

“My Lord, our heavy weapons were destroyed by the other side in one breath by nine percent…. Nine… Ninety??” He didn’t seem to believe his own eyes or the statistics that the optical computer was showing. The battlefield briefer, trembling all over, broke off in an extremely hoarse voice and shouted out the first numbers he saw for all to confirm.

“Pfft…” The commander in charge of command, Zhang Lang, was the first to vomit blood. He was a member of the dark side of the Federation, primarily responsible for assassinations, rebellions, and liberating key planets of the Empire.

Other than that, the number of battles commanded was considered uncountable. It was because of his good combat experience that the Federation had ordered him to take the students alive as long as possible. But now… It felt cool through and through.

After a great wave of maneuvering on their side just now and a wave of contrarian maneuvering from the other side, the crowd had burst in a long distance very quickly and the huge castle was close at hand.

“God Ye, we’re almost to the castle where the target is, but we can’t get in now.” Wei YangZe was now so impressed with Ye Fei that he was close to opening his mouth and calling him father.

“Don’t worry, a firewall of this level won’t stop the professional technicians on our side.”

“Thanks for the trust.”

Taking Ye Fei’s words, Lin XiuYong’s voice came over the public screen, “I cracked the firewall on my side long ago, just waiting for Ye Fei’s command.”

“XiuYong is awesome!!! XiuYong is the best!!!! Brother Lin, I love you!!!!” Bai SiNing gave a crazy call to Lin XiuYong.

On the other side of the communicator, the fair-skinned Lin XiuYong coughed lightly, his face slowly turning red.

“Open the gate and send a copy of the 3D map of the castle’s interior to everyone.” Ye Fei instructed in the public screen.

This man, Lin XiuYong, had previously felt tricky as an opponent, but was equally reassuring enough if he was a teammate. In a sense, Ye Fei even felt that Lin XiuYong allowed him to trust him more than Bai SiNing on such a battlefield.

Bai SiNing might still drop the ball because of his poor ability, but Lin XiuYong definitely wouldn’t. Of course, Ye Fei was willing to trust his back to Bai SiNing, but definitely not comfortable trusting his back entirely to Lin XiuYong.

The man’s background was a blur, and there was no telling when he’d be sold. As the castle gates opened, the Gu Ang squad began to fish their way into it.

Corden, the real owner of the castle at the moment, was in despair. Through the light curtain, he could see the gates of the castle that he thought would never fall were slowly closing. He was not stupid, even a little mercenary was smart.

Never put the lives of his men at heart, and definitely wouldn’t mind his men’s lives to fill the big hole that was Gu Ang. He also had numerous henchmen, and a steady stream of many, many more from all directions were making their way back. Once one held on until they arrived, then one was able to gain victory.

But the doors of his own castle were closing slowly after letting in the Red Flame squad, being the doors of death in general. It also meant that what had been his own Castle of No Fall had become a cage. A cage that completely separated him from hope.

Corden hissed an order, “All hands!!! Get to the mecha barn immediately! Take as many weapons as you could get for me!!! Kill !!!!”

But at this moment, no one moved. Everyone in the room looked at Corden with a dead look. The might of the other side needed no further explanation, and no one was willing to lay down their lives for such a tyrant any longer. As he watched his familiar henchman give that look he was so familiar with, Corden panicked.

That look was all too familiar to him; he had stared at his top boss with that look before taking his place. As the bystanders slowly moved over, Corden raised the gun he carried and waved it aimlessly, mouthing some meaningless threatening words. But none of this was going to stop the others from moving forward.

Bang! The gate opened and Zhang Lang appeared at the door with a team of mecha.

“Lord Zhang!!! Help!!!” As if he was a drowning man holding onto the last straw, Corden wailed frantically and lunged in the direction where the chapter corridor was, “Lord Zhang Lang, I give you everything, the domination of this planet, all the mecha all the ores in the warehouse, here you take it all!!! As long as you could bail me out…”

Before the words were out of his mouth, the laser gun in Zhang Lang’s hand made a black hole directly in the running Corden’s head. Slightly side-stepping Corden’s body that had lost its power and slid by, Zhang Lang walked up to everyone and said cold-faced, “The rest of you go to the mecha barn, pick the mecha then follow me to kill the enemy.”

No one moved.

This reaction was also within Zhang Lang’s expectations, and continued, “I’m sure you all know what I’m capable of and who I am, not a punk like Corden. Pick up your weapons and fight with me, I’ve signaled the Federation.” He continued, “Even if you surrender and the other side didn’t kill you, you would still have to die when the Federation army comes. Killing all the enemy is your last chance, think it over.”

After saying that, Zhang Lang turned around and left the hall with the elite soldiers following him.

“My lord, why waste time talking to these losers?”

“It’s just a waste of time, a delay. Being able to consume a bullet that depletes my opponent’s ability a little bit didn’t count as a waste of my breath.”

After walking behind the control room and destroying the gate control system, Zhang Lang muttered, “Looks like I, the spy, am going to follow these little buggers and die here.”

A shot rang out and Zhang Lang fell to the ground.

Once the Gu Ang team entered the castle, it was clear that the opposing team had dropped a few notches in combat. The original minions were considered miscellaneous, but when they came in, the men who were manipulating the mecha couldn’t even use it properly and weren’t even as much of a threat as a regular laser gun.

Gu Ang and the rest took it easy and kept cleaning up the mess.

Although they had encountered a few elite soldier level opponents halfway through, this lack of superiority in numbers was no different from ordinary people in front of Gu AngYe Fei and the others. It was all a one-trick pony.

Looking at the 3D map within the mecha, the crowd breathed a slight sigh of relief after the last red dot on the map had been eliminated.

“There’s good news and bad news for you all.” Before the crowd could celebrate, they heard Lin XiuYong’s voice coming from the public screen.

“Hmm? Are there still enemies? XiuYong?” Bai SiNing asked.

“This was also the good news I want to inform you all, the command has committed suicide and the enemy was all wiped out, don’t worry.”


“It’s finally over!”

Everyone had exclaimed that they could finally breathe a little easier after this up and down winter break winter camp had come to this point.

All that was left was to get out of the castle, go to the high-powered signal tower and send a distress signal to the Empire, and they would be home safely.

“Don’t be happy, I haven’t said the bad news.” Lin XiuYong’s voice was as sweeping as ever, “The control system of this castle has suffered forced physical damage from the outside, and there’s no way to manipulate it now. At least I have no way to control it through hacking.”

Gu Ang: “What the fuck?”

“Which means all nine of you are locked up in this castle and can’t get out.”

“Huh???? XiuYong, then what do we do now?”

Bai SiNing didn’t panic, he, Brother Ang, God Ye, and Lin were in this together.

Immediately afterwards a yellow dot was marked on the map.

“This place is the control room, you could go see if you could fix it.”

The crowd didn’t wait much after hearing Lin XiuYong’s words, and one by one, they began to converge in the direction of the control room. The control room was covered in complex instruments, with buttons of various colors lined up side by side, making it a dazzling sight to see.

Bai SiNing rubbed his sore neck, “Too bad Lin isn’t here, otherwise he would have gotten this in minutes for sure.”

“Don’t you XiuYong, let’s try something random.” Wei YangZe prepared to get his hands on it, fiddling with a few keys at random and sending out the two couldnonballs.

Everyone fell into speechlessness.

Bai SiNing pressed his hand, “Brother, don’t fool around.”

Ye Fei lowered his eyes, “All such special gates require several lines to be connected and the control buttons to be pressed at the same time to make it possible. Don’t press them indiscriminately, in case it triggers the internal bomb, we’ll be finished.”

A group of people with sad faces stared at the bronze-walled castle in disbelief. It wouldn’t open. Do they have to die here?

Ye Fei stepped forward and lowered his head to work the line, “I’ll try.”

He wasn’t a technical player, but he more or less knew something about parts construction. He disassembled the operating panel and fiddled with the intricate dark wires inside, discharging them one by one to remove before reassembling. Care was taken to avoid tangled wiring that could lead to unwanted consequences.

Ten minutes later, Ye Fei let out a long breath. No surprises, once the red and blue wires were connected again, they’ll be out.

Gu Ang was still immersed in the excitement of winning the battle, and looking at Ye Fei, who was carefully removing the stitches with his cuffs rolled up in front of him, he suddenly wanted to give him a hug.

But… He turned his head sideways and saw a group of blackened heads in distress next to Ye Fei.

Fuck, too many light bulbs, didn’t seem to work.

Gu Ang took a half step back and gave Bai SiNing a big hug first, “Great combat today, come on, give everyone a hug one by one.”

Bai SiNing grinned and hugged the man back, “Brother Ang, you’re the one who’s awesome and handsome.”

Gu Ang gave a perfunctory “hmmm” and turned to Wei YangZe, extending his arm, “Aside from being an occasional idiot, you fought beautifully.”

“I could brag about this for the rest of my life after we took this big castle with so few people.” Wei YangZe laughed and patted him on the shoulder, “Dude, you were really good.”

Gu Ang racked his brain, mentally thinking of words to compliment each and every one of them, and managed to finish the lap. He gritted his back teeth and jumped right on top of Ye Fei for a hug, “Our biggest contributor today, you worked hard.”

It was a lot of work for him to hold him.

Ye Fei lurched crookedly at the violent rush and quickly turned back into the hug, closing his arms around his waist, “You’ve worked hard too.”

Gu Ang chattered away to start a fight recap in order to cuddle with Ye Fei a little longer. He even went into great detail describing the expressions of the place, and just wouldn’t let go. Ye Fei’s fingertips brushed against the man’s waist, feeling the warmth coming out through his clothes. The person in his arms seemed to accidentally exude a little bit of pheromone, soft and sweet, from the excitement.

Ye Fei thought up that Gu Ang was still in heat. He suddenly kind of didn’t want to go out, it was fine to stay here. Shut up in the castle, it was so big and there were many rooms. He and Gu Ang could be alone. Ye Fei held the man loosely in one hand, and with the other hand he attached the thread he was just about to remove back up. His expression was loose, with a tone that left no room for doubt, “I couldn’t figure it out, we’re locked in and can’t get out.”


Author’s Note: Locked up, locked up, locked up, locked up.


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