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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Bai Li had rented in an old neighborhood, there were not many residents around, so he took Supreme downstairs to walk and only ran into two passersby in a hurry, not even a greeting.

One of them gave him a vicious glare, as if Bai Li’s presence had interrupted his thoughts on the world. After the glare, the man’s expression changed to more than a little chagrined, as he accelerated his steps and left. This gave Bai Li some understanding of the world and of Genetic Collapse Disorder. From the reaction of the passersby, it was estimated that the latter was also deeply troubled.

With only three or two children living in the neighborhood, Bai Li realized for the first time that there were people across the street from him.

The boy’s half body was exposed to Bai Li’s sight through a door. He was wearing a simple house outfit, his hair was flaxen, and under his slightly long bangs were a pair of round eyes. His cheeks bulged with baby fat, and his skin was a cold white that hadn’t seen the sun for a long time. His height was only a little shorter than Bai Li, but his face was still childish, so he looked even younger.

The boy just put both hands on the edge of the door and looked at Bai Li. When Bai Li glanced his way, his eyes didn’t dodge, as if….The boy was waiting for Bai Li to speak first?

Bai Li tentatively said, “Hello?”

Sure enough, when Bai Li spoke to him, the boy’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly said, “Hello, my name is Song Xinran. I’m your neighbor. Are you a new resident here?”

So it was a shy, shy kid.

Bai Li’s voice got softer and softer, “Yes, I just moved here a few days ago. My name is Bai Li and I live right across the way from you.”

“Uh-huh, I know.” Song Xinran’s expression looked even more urgent, and one foot unconsciously drew circles on the ground. Finally, he seemed to make up his mind. He took a deep breath and raised his volume a bit, “These last two days I often smell a nice and fragrant smell coming from your house, Brother Bai Li. Can you tell me what those smells are? I can’t stop my stomach from grumbling…”

After he said that, he seemed embarrassed, as he covered his face, and didn’t dare to look at Bai Li again.

Now Bai Li knew that this child had been tempted by the food, so he came out to say hello to him. Such a reason really made him want to laugh and cry.

He thought about it. The houses here weren’t soundproof and didn’t insulate smells. He had to  heat up meals to fill his stomach every day, so instead of putting the matter off, he should give Song Xinran a reasonable enough explanation.

So he replied, “What you noticed should be the smell of food. A friend of mine made the meals and sent them to me by courier after they were done. He’s a good cook, so the dishes he makes will smell better than ordinary food…”

After all, they were from a God of Food. If the food didn’t taste good, how could he be called a god?

When he heard that the scent really came from the food, and that the source of the food was Bai Li’s friend, Song Xinran’s mood was like a roller coaster ride. He didn’t know whether to be happy that he had finally succeeded in solving the mystery, or sad that the fragrant food couldn’t be purchased directly on Starnet. His head hung down in mourning, and his mouth pursed into a wavy line. He looked pathetic.

Bai Li hugged Supreme, suddenly snorted a laugh, and waited for Song Xinran to look over shyly before he waved his hand apologetically at him. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh out loud, but little Song, your expression was just too funny. Haha! How about this? As an apology, I will treat you to dinner? I’m going to have braised chicken wings, spicy and sour shredded potatoes and a bowl of white rice tonight. The amount is a bit much for two people.”

Supreme seemed to understand what Bai Li said, and his golden cat eyes flashed with hunger. He also super liked chicken wings! A small, light orange tail rose up and tickled Bai Li’s wrist. Bai Li felt an itch on the skin of his wrist, so he caught the tip of the tail that kept acting up and rubbed it gently.

Mn, comfortable.

Although Song Xinran didn’t know what the flavor of braised chicken wings or spicy and sour shredded potatoes was, he knew that these two must be the ultimate delicacy! So, his body preceded his brain, and by the time he came back to his senses, he was already nodding his head frantically.

This time, his face completely burned up. It was so humiliating! He was obviously very restrained. He had never shown such impatience before.

Despite that thought, Song Xinran still couldn’t refuse the invitation. If nothing went wrong, today’s dinner might be the only chance in his life to get in close contact with that kind of food.

If he didn’t hold on to the opportunity in front of him, he could simply stop being a human being!

“Thank you, Brother Bai Li.” Song Xinran whispered his thanks, and followed behind Bai Li like a small tail.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to be polite.” Bai Li said as he led Song Xinran into the house. He took some new spare slippers from the shoe rack for Song Xinran to change into, and then led him to the small dining room he had opened up.

Supreme was put back on the ground by Bai Li, and followed the two of them. His cat face was full of confusion. This unknown human, why did he enter his and the human’s home? What was he trying to do?

Since he was possessive, he suspected that this new stranger was going to steal his human from him! The kitten chased after him with a small mew, mew. However, because of his short legs, he quickly fell behind a large distance, so he anxiously called out meow, meow.

The expression on his face was super fierce.

Song Xinran heard the sound, and looked in the direction the sound came from. When he saw those big kitten eyes were staring straight at him, his own eyes couldn’t help but flash with love. He thought that since the kitty looked at him, it must like him.

However, it wasn’t his cat, so he just stood still and watched, then told Bai Li his cat looked anxious. Was there something important going on?

Bai Li turned and looked down. He remembered Supreme’s impatient little appearance every time he ate, and irresponsibly guessed, “Mn, he should be hungry too. I’ll move a little faster. Let’s try to eat early.”

“Okay, okay.” Song Xinran vaguely sensed that Bai Li’s guess was wrong, but he couldn’t find a better reason. He looked at Bai Li who was turning around to get busy again, and he felt he couldn’t just stand there. He hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Brother Bai Li, can I help you with something?”

“You can help me set the dishes.” Bai Li saw that Song Xinran really wanted to help, so he didn’t push back and assigned the child a simple task. He pointed out the position of the chopsticks rack.

Song Xinran quickly went to work.

Supreme, who was successfully ignored, after the initial anger, fell into infinite sadness. In his usual position, he spread into a fat cat cake. Occasionally he puffing up to look up at Bai Li, and when he saw that the other party still hadn’t noticed him, he returned to the original spot.

Mimi, ow, ow, ow! What a cruel human, to not know that his kitty was sad!

This state continued until the smell of cola chicken wings wafted out.

Bai Li had taken the dinner elements out of his space before he left home, otherwise he wouldn’t have brought Song Xinran straight inside. As he had said, the food could be served immediately after a simple heating. After some quick work in the kitchen, the rich and delicious aroma of the braised chicken wings was the first smell that wafted over to the two people and one cat in the house.

Song Xinran immediately froze in place. All his body’s senses seemed to be concentrated in the nasal cavity. His brain had been emptied, the brain cells screaming to smell more, and then smell a little more, and then this special feedback went into a deeper space. His tears, were almost flowing down.

The small light orange figure that suddenly jumped on the desktop brought him around, and Song Xinran awoke with a jolt. He was so dazed that he didn’t even think about stopping Supreme. He watched as Supreme pounced at the braised chicken wings, then braked in front of the plate containing the braised chicken wings, and then cast a contemptuous look at Song Xinran.

Song Xinran. “???” I seem to be despised by a…small cat?

He realized with hindsight that he didn’t seem to be liked by the kitty, but rather the other way around.


But why? He didn’t attack the kitty, and he wasn’t rude to the owner of the kitty. Hate can’t come without a reason, right?

Song Xinran was amazed and somewhat aggrieved by the fact that a small kitten had such a big temperament.

Bai Li brought the spicy and sour shredded potatoes over and noticed the confrontation between one person and one cat, a round cat face and a round bun face, which inexplicably made him feel that the two were somewhat similar. He quickly guessed what was happening and explained with a smile, “Little Song, you don’t have to worry about Supreme getting on the plate. He is more careful about food than I am, and would never allow his fur to get on the food.”

“Oh…” Song Xinran gently responded. When Bai Li sat down, he silently moved his chair and sat across from him. He no longer shifted his eyes to the little cat that leered at him next to the braised chicken wings.

And when Song Xinran took the rice bowl that Bai Li pushed over, his attention was instantly drawn to the crystal white rice bowl with its clear sheen and a subtle fragrance of rice. His eyes glazed over!

Before he snuck out of the house, he had always eaten food made from natural ingredients a few times a month, and white rice was naturally eaten. In his impression, white rice was the most tasteless of the staple foods. It was like chewing hard plastic grains in his mouth, and pulled on his throat so hard.

But today…

Song Xinran used his chopsticks to shove a large mouthful of rice into his mouth. It had a soft texture, and when ground between the teeth it was a little chewy. After that, the unique taste exploded in his mouth, and sent him straight to the sky, his soul into a state of sublimation.

“Delicious, so delicious…” Song Xinran choked out. He picked up several more large mouthfuls of rice. Look at the situation. He would even eat dry white rice.

Supreme watched from a short distance away, then cast another contemptuous glance at the strange human. The white food wasn’t delicious, not as good as chicken wings! He kept hinting at his human with his eyes, asking him to hurry up and give him some big, tender chicken wings.

Bai Li held back his laughter, and chose the three largest chicken wings on the plate. Then he carefully removed the bones from them before placing them in Supreme’s special bowl, and arranged them for easy biting.

He didn’t know if ordinary kittens could eat such heavy food, but this plate of chicken wings was from the God of Food’s hand-raised spirit chickens, and he had selected the most fat and tender ones. He had used special techniques to remove the last impurities in the chicken wings, the best quality seasoning he provided, and even the bones contained a hint of spiritual energy. For small animals to eat it, it would only do good and no harm.

Supreme gave a meow to express his gratitude to the human, and then buried his head in the plate, as he ate it up.

“Xiao Song, don’t just eat the rice. Eat some chicken wings and shredded potatoes, ah.” Bai Li reminded Song Xinran.

“Oh, oh, okay!” Song Xinran reluctantly put down his rice bowl for the time being. He hesitated between the chicken wings and shredded potatoes, then decisively chose the former which had given him a deep shock at the beginning.

And then…

Tears, shot out!

Song Xinran’s eyes were brighter than ever, and at that point he couldn’t care less about being shy, as he cherished the bite of chicken wing meat in his mouth as he swallowed it and excitedly praised it, “Brother Bai Li, this friend of yours must be the most powerful chef in all of Interstellar! He’s amazing! Not only can he make the most flavorless rice smell so good, but he can also make chicken wings that taste like this! I’ve never had such delicious food! The chicken is so tender, it comes off the bone with a bite, even the bones smell good when you bite into them! Oooh…Thank you so much! Oooooh, it really smells so good! It’s so delicious!”

After he said that, he became incoherent, as he gnawed on another piece of chicken wing meat, and returned to the world of food.

Look how excited the kid was, even using honorifics. However, Bai Li still had to say one thing for Interstellar’s ingredients, “His craft is really good, but more importantly, the ingredients he used are special.”

Song Xinran could no longer listen to the subtext of this sentence. His mind was full of Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

After he ate shredded potatoes, the same scene was repeated.

Supreme had been filled with three large chicken wings, and was making a show of taking each bite of shredded potatoes. When he saw the situation, he turned his head to the other side. He didn’t want to see this “have not seen the world” attitude of a strange human.

Still, his human was good. What kind of delicious food hadn’t he seen?

The meal ended with Song Xinran’s shouting. As he touched his obviously bulging stomach, Song Xinran’s face took on a happy blush. After fifteen years, fifteen whole years, he finally experienced the satisfaction of a full meal!

After the meal, Song Xinran took over the dish cleaning work from Bai Li, and only when the kitchen was clean and tidy did he bid farewell to Bai Li and prepare to go back across the street.

It was worth mentioning that when Song Xinran was cleaning up the kitchen, Supreme was also conducting his ‘territory patrol’ after the meal, and the place he visited the most was the kitchen where Song Xinran was.

His idea was simple. He wanted to see this cheeky strange human, and how long, in the end, he stay in his and his human’s home when he should leave! To stay so long was also to want to stay, huh!

Bai Li really didn’t know that Supreme’s sense of territory was actually so strong, and happily complimented Supreme for being a kind kitty who knew how to stay by his guests. Only Song Xinran knew that he was being stared at by the little kitten behind him, and the cold hairs on his back were standing up.

Fortunately, he could leave soon.

As the door closed, the abashed Song Xinran heard a heavenly voice coming from inside the door, “Little Song, come over and play often when you have time.”

In an instant, the dark world regained its light.

Song Xinran, Ah, I can do it again!!!


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