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Chapter 53: If You turn your head a little, you’ll bump into

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey wants to see cinematic head explosions now


Gu Ang was stunned, his hand still on Ye Fei, “Is it locked?”

Ye Fei let out a low muffled whisper, explaining, “It’s been damaged, causing the system to malfunction, and it can’t be fixed.”

His tone was indifferent, and he could say anything that was false was true.

When he heard this, Gu Ang let go of his hand and moved to the side, “It’s a quiet alloy out there, so even if a support team comes, they can’t attack. Let’s rest here for a while, we’ll find a way.”

“Even God Ye couldn’t fix it? It’s over! We’re not going to die here, are we?” Bai SiNing deflated, his face disappointed.

Gu Ang wasn’t happy. What’s that look of disgust? You think Ye Fei can’t do it? 

He had to say something to take care of that high-flying Admiral’s face. Gu Ang cleared his throat and said, “It’s normal for this thing not to open, hell knows what kind of mechanism was set up.”

“Hey, I just never thought in a million years, all that fighting and winning would end us up in here.” Bai SiNing crouched on the ground, relaying the situation to Lin XiuYong on the other side of the communicator.

Lin XiuYong’s cool voice came over, “Even Ye Fei can’t solve it?”

God Ye, the almighty, was a little stuck in this situation. Why didn’t he believe that?

Bai SiNing returned with a decisive, “It can’t be solved, so think of something.”

Ye Fei thought that a day or two of being locked up here wouldn’t be a big problem. He glanced at the crowd, “Everyone has worked hard, find your own rooms and rest, we’ll talk about the rest tomorrow.”

Gu Ang looked at everyone’s downcast appearance and pulled the corner of his mouth, “You won’t die, don’t hang your faces.”

Wei YangZe was excited, “Let me study the castle properly. It doesn’t seem like it when I first looked outside, but it’s pretty damn big inside.”

Bai SiNing finally finished with Lin XiuYong, rubbed his neck and stood up obliquely, “I’m really sleepy, could I really just go into any room and sleep?”

Gu Ang snickered, “With the chief dead, this castle is ours to sleep in as we please.”

“Okay, with that word from Brother Ang, I’m relieved.” Bai SiNing shook his head and walked towards the outside of the surveillance room, “Then tonight, I’ll go and sleep in this rebel leader’s room.”

Everyone dispersed in twos and threes, and Gu Ang closed his eyes, which made him feel some pain in his back. The battle had just been so intense that his attention was completely distracted and he felt nothing. It took a moment of idleness to notice that the wound was beginning to ache vaguely. Probably too much force had opened up the otherwise healed wound a bit. He frowned slightly, pushing back the painful discomfort.

Ye Fei walked at the end and saw the blood seeping out of Gu Ang’s clothes and his expression turned serious, “Are you hurt?”

Gu Ang turned his head, “Hmm? What?”

“The blood is seeping out, you need to treat your wound.” Ye Fei was a little distressed, this heart was too big to carry an injury just now in his head and still managed to think of hugging. Is he heartless or did he have his heart hanging out with him?

Ye Fei was half happy and half sad.

Gu Ang “oh”d, “I’ll find a room to get undressed, clean up, and take a shower.”

Ye Fei followed him every inch of the way, “I’ll help you.”

The two found a room that didn’t look like it had been used much, and pushed in the door to a large, nicely decorated suite with a matching bathroom. Gu Ang went straight in and sat down on the couch with a tilt, grunting, “It kinda hurts.”

“You’re pretty sturdy, if you were Bai SiNing, you would have cried to the sky.” Ye Fei shut the door behind him and locked it smoothly.

He was afraid that Bai SiNing, the brainless one, would suddenly run in on them later and bump into something he shouldn’t see, and that would be a bit embarrassing.

Gu Ang grumpily unbuttoned and got halfway down before he realized his shirt was stuck to the wound. The shirt mixed with the blood and clotted together.

Hiss… Help me with this.” Gu Ang gritted his teeth and with a little effort, he still couldn’t get his shirt off. The clothes were going to fall off and get stuck in an awkward position.

Ye Fei quickly went over and sat down next to him and pressed his hand, unable to hide the heartache in his tone, “Will you be kind to yourself?”

Gu Ang used to be the same way, charging into battle and not caring about his life. Although he was indeed an excellent fighter, it was inevitable that he would get hurt and bleed and get stabbed. Ye Fei carefully examined Gu Ang’s back, a long time had passed and the blood stained on his clothes had turned dark brown.

“There’s no medical kit here, go get some water in the bathroom and I’ll help you take it off.”

Going into the bathroom and undressing? The sequence of actions linked together never felt very proper. Gu Ang felt a little manic as the thought flashed through his head. He shouldn’t have been alone in the room with Ye Fei, they were so close that he wanted to do something to him.

Ye Fei saw that he didn’t move for a long time, “What? Can’t walk? Want a hug?”

“Hug? The hell?” Gu Ang pushed him and walked straight into the bathroom with his half-removed clothes slung over his shoulder.

Ye Fei stared at his lean back and Adam’s apple rolled slowly for a moment. His shirt was hooked just at the edge of his shoulders, revealing rounded shoulders and a little butterfly bone, and the pale skin glowed in the warm yellowish light with an inch of soft luster that was inviting. If Gu Ang hadn’t gotten hurt, he might have been unable to resist… 

Ye Fei pressed his brow, forcing his lust down, before striding into the bathroom. There was no shower in the bathroom, only a tub.

Ye Fei knew that Gu Ang had a cleanliness problem and didn’t want to touch other people’s clothes, not to mention the bathtub. But conditions were limited right now and they had to make do.

He rinsed the walls of the tub twice with hot water and took the bathing liquid next to him and washed it over and over a few times before he started to test the temperature of the bath water for Gu Ang. Gu Ang sat on the edge of the bathtub and watched Ye Fei squatting on the floor doing all these preparations, his heart softening a little.

This man, really, was proper in every way, so good that he felt he had hit the jackpot in his last life to be with him for five years. Thinking about the old days, Ye Fei really did spoil him quite a bit. He called Ye Fei ‘big brother’, and Ye Fei literally treated him like a little kid.

Actually, when he thought about it, the two were just a year apart in age. But the man was so calm and reliable that he couldn’t help but want to rely on him. Gu Ang’s mind flooded with words as he fiddled with the water.

The way he looked at Ye Fei had changed a bit since he figured it out that day. Overtly and covertly, there was the thought of getting closer to him.

Gu Ang stretched his long legs and couldn’t resist a handful of flirty remarks, “Are you going to wash with me?”

“I don’t mind if you want me to.” Ye Fei raised an eyebrow, his eyes taking on a flirtatious tone, “I could still rub your back if you don’t feel up to it.”

Gu Ang laughed, “Open me up more and deeper?”

As the words left his mouth, the atmosphere froze a bit. Ye Fei gave him a deep look, not picking up on his words.

Gu Ang wanted to slap himself in the mouth, why didn’t he say the entire thing? He was going to say that a back rub would open the wound, but somehow it got to his mouth and changed. How it sounded, it was like an invitation to get dirty… it was so fucked up. And that was where that topic ended.

Ye Fei tried the water temperature, fearing that the wound would become infected, he adjusted the water temperature to be mild, not too cold and not too hot, “Let’s get you undressed before you go in for a dip.”

Gu Ang lowered his eyes, “Mn, whatever.”

The hackled lion cub smoothed out his temper and looked like he was at the mercy of a low-browed, well-behaved man.

Ye Fei looked and laughed, “That look on your face makes me feel like I’m forcing you into prostitution.”

Gu Ang’s ears were red, was it the wrong day or the wrong vibe? He kept feeling that the conversation was a little too ambiguous. Ye Fei dipped a towel in a bit of warm water and moistened it before dabbing it on his shirt bit by bit. Waiting until the fabric of the light blue shirt darkened, he then carefully peeled him away from the wound.

Gu Ang could tolerate pain, he’d been shot before, it was just a matter of gritting his teeth. But he could feel Ye Fei’s fingertips tremble a little, with a very nervous pity. Ye Fei, a man who was never cold and unapproachable, had, very rarely, lost his emotions like this. And that little bit of subtle nonchalance was because of him.

Gu Ang raised the corner of his mouth slightly. He was getting shy, letting the man go. Still missing the last bit, Ye Fei pressed his fingertips to the edge of his wound and gave it a very gentle tug. The clothes fell to the floor and Gu Ang sat half-naked on the edge of the tub in front of him, skin so white it almost shifted to a single color with the tiles.

“Do you want me to help you take a bath?” Ye Fei asked.

Gu Ang shook his head frantically, “No, I still have one hand that still works.”

Ye Fei didn’t push him, “Okay, sit in and wash, I’ll watch you here.”

Gu Ang almost bit his tongue, “Yo-you’ll watch me bathe?”

“Mn, you’re wounded. I’ll stay in case something goes wrong.” Ye Fei imitated his previous words, “We’re both Alphas, what’s there to be ashamed of?”

Gu Ang was dead set, “Yes, yes, there really is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just bathing.”

He held the man’s direct gaze and with a flush, pulled his pants down slowly and sat down in the tub with a swift motion. With a few splashes, the water in the tub swirled onto the floor.

It was just a shame that the water was quite clear.

What should be seen and what shouldn’t be seen was revealed in its entirety.

Ye Fei, knowing he was shy, curled his lips and turned his back to soak his changed clothes into the sink. There was only hand sanitizer here, so he made do with washing and drying, and it was barely wearable.

Gu Ang started out with a nervous heart, afraid that Ye Fei would see what was wrong with his body. The man, it turned out, didn’t have his eyes on him at all. He indignantly squeezed a large dollop of body wash onto his body, and the tub instantly rose full of bubbles.

Ye Fei was indeed quite the gentleman, keeping his back to him while doing the laundry and not making him feel any embarrassment. The man seemed to be, literally, devoting his full attention to those clothes. Long, slender fingers rubbed the bloodied parts, making the soiled stains fade little by little.

Gu Ang breathed a sigh of relief and gradually enjoyed the soak. He sat in the tub to avoid getting water on his wounds, cleaned all the areas of his body that weren’t injured, and lay comfortably for a while longer.

After two days in a row of poor rest and excessive fighting, he was only now feeling slightly more recovered. As the water cooled, Gu Ang got up comfortably, feeling good both physically and mentally. He resented the dirty bath towel and just stepped out of the tub, dripping wet.

The floor was covered in the foam he’d just spilled, and his foot slipped, about to lurch forward. Ye Fei was wringing out his shirt when he heard a loud noise behind him and reacted by turning around quickly. He looked at Gu Ang, who was flailing and struggling to keep his balance, and reflexively caught the lunging man.

Gu Ang was a little over 178 and that big of a man rammed straight into the other with a brutal rush. Straight and hard, he pressed the man against the white porcelain wall behind them.

Ye Fei’s back hit the hard edge of the wall and his back felt pain, unable to suppress a muffled grunt. The sound was low and sexy, but right now wasn’t the time to appreciate the groan.

“Sorry, my foot slipped.” Gu Ang stood strong and straight, his palm still pressed against his chest, his water-soaked hands getting Ye Fei’s shirt half-wet as well.

Ye Fei closed his eyes for a moment to slow down his heart rate before slowly opening them. The two were so close together that he could almost see the curve of Gu Ang’s eyelashes dropping.

“Why do I get the feeling that you’re doing this on purpose?” Ye Fei wrapped his hand around Gu Ang’s waist, pulling the man closer, exhaling hot breath almost directly over the man’s ear.

Gu Ang blinked, a little confused, “Why would I bump into you on purpose?”

Ye Fei raised the corners of his mouth and followed his lead, “Approaching me, or, do you want to kiss me forcibly?”

“A forced kiss???” Gu Ang lifted his eyelids and slammed them straight into his eyes. In those deep, inky eyes, he looked at an incredibly flustered version of himself. “It was really an accident, why would I hit you if I was going to force kiss you?! Wouldn’t it be better to just press you against the wall?” Gu Ang felt his cheeks burning as the bathroom was probably dense with moisture. He continued to argue, “Besides, I’m not sure I could hit you in the mouth if I just came at you haphazardly, could I aim that well?”

His mouth chattered open and closed for fear of being misunderstood. It was obviously an accident, so how come it sounded like he had planned it all along?

“Is that so?” Ye Fei tilted his face slightly sideways, his lower lip almost touching Gu Ang’s. Those lips, moistened by the warm water just now, looked like blooming petals, inviting to be plucked. His breath fell on Gu Ang’s lips as if he’d unconsciously stolen a lingering kiss.

Gu Ang felt a little weak in the legs, yet still held his chin up stubbornly. It was like whoever took a step back beyond that distance lost. So, neither moved, and they just fought in silence.

Ye Fei could hear the man’s panicked heartbeat and see the man’s red-stained ears. He drew closer, as if he could touch Gu Ang’s lower lip when he spoke. His voice was soft, spitting out one word at a time, “You aim pretty well, I think. A little tilt of the head, and we can touch.”


Author’s Note: 

Dog Ye: It’s good not to be human.


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