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Chapter 54: Harder Than Me, Great

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey greets the new day


Gu Ang’s soaked palms were still on Ye Fei’s chest, the moist fabric wasn’t anything, and it was almost as if he was touching the hard skin beneath his shirt directly. He didn’t dare to make any noise, or even breathe hard. The man’s lips were less than a centimeter away, opening and closing through the thin air, seducing him. His bare feet were on the tiles, and he couldn’t seem to stand up.

Gu Ang scrunched up on the tips of his toes, trying to stand still, and suddenly thought of that kiss at the graduation game. Same people, same distance. He was so arrogant at that moment that he opened his mouth and bit down on his lip.

He wanted to kiss him, even if it was just a light touch. But now… a large part of that arrogance was extinguished.

“A little tilt of the head, and we can touch.” Ye Fei’s words became a compulsion, and if he came just a little closer, he could get what he wanted. 

That was what he said, and he blamed Ye Fei for providing the idea. Gu Ang moved, craning his head with a slight lift of his chin. The moment he moved, their lips touched briefly and moved away again quickly and briefly.

Just a sudden warmth, a rubbing of the lower lip, and then away again. Like a butterfly wing or a dragonfly falling on a flowering branch. The insect had flown away, but the flowering branches were trembling.

Gu Ang’s heart was pounding like thunder and he pursed his lower lip and said, pretending to be off-handed, “Ah, I did accidentally knock into you. You don’t mind, do you?”

“This time, it was on purpose.” Ye Fei licked his lower lip, the scent of Gu Ang still seemingly lingering on his lips, somewhat unfulfilled.

He hadn’t kissed Gu Ang in a long time, before, he would grab him and press him deep into a kiss, now his heart was thumping over a kiss that didn’t even count.

Really, the more you live, the more you overthink. Gu Ang blinked before he remembered he wasn’t dressed. So he just pressed on someone naked like that and kissed them?

Gu Ang felt like a pervert in hindsight. If this were anyone else, they’d probably have to go out and call the police. And the scariest part was that he had a slightly awkward reaction because of that light touch he had just made.

Gu Ang reached down to cover it and silently took two steps back, pretending nothing had happened. He lifted his eyes, probing the meaning behind Ye Fei’s expression, “I told you it was an accident. Why? You think kissing with an Alpha is unacceptable?”

To this day, he couldn’t figure out if Ye Fei had crossed back. Was it the Ye Fei who carried a strong liking for him or the Ye Fei who slowly liked him as they spent more time together day by day? It was just that Ye Fei, in his last life, was a bit repulsed by AA relationships at first, not in a discriminatory way, but was a bit averse.

He wasn’t a man who would regret it.

“Did I say I couldn’t take it?” Ye Fei grabbed his hand and intertwined their fingers to bring Gu Ang towards him, “You could try again.”

Gu Ang reacted, it hit faintly against his thighs, a little hot. Gu Ang felt like he had lost. If Ye Fei were to chase after someone, they would definitely be much better than him. He chased people like it was child’s play, an elementary school chicken trick of hounding.

Ye Fei was different. He could drug, compel, and disorient people. This man looked like a cool and ascetic person, but his tawdry operation was set. Gu Ang felt again that he had become the rabbit that the hunter had seen and was being lured step by step into the trap.

“Shame on you.” Gu Ang scolded him dryly and wronged.

“Okay, stop playing.” Ye Fei finally managed to let go of the man, pushing him aside.

At this rate, he couldn’t guarantee he’d not do anything out of the ordinary.

Gu Ang looked around the bathroom, “What am I going to wear since you’ve washed my clothes?”

“I did your laundry and you didn’t even say thank you?” Ye Fei swept him up and down, tasting the gloriously wonderful nakedness with his eyes again, “You’ll have to stay naked for now.”

Gu Ang’s eyes widened, “You’re leaving me naked???”

“Otherwise? I’ll take mine off and I’ll go naked?” Ye Fei made a move to unbutton, “One of us has to be naked.”

Gu Ang stammered, “There’s luggage in the mecha.”

Ye Fei nodded, “You’re going to take the mecha out in this little room? Not afraid that this wall will burst apart and everyone will see you naked?”

There was no sense in refuting reason.

Gu Ang gave up, “You’ve seen everything anyway. I’ll be naked… so tired.”

Ye Fei hmmed, “Go get some sleep while I take a shower.”

The shock of the man in front of him was too much, and he needed to be still. He didn’t even know if the man was too big-hearted or just a natural tease. It was killing him to be so recklessly flirtatious when he clearly sensed his fondness for him. In other words, he was so determined that he could grit his teeth and get through it. But he was holding himself backl for so long that he was afraid he’d suffocate.

By the time Ye Fei came out of the shower, he saw Gu Ang standing like that naked in the middle of the room, staring. His body was perfect and smoothly proportioned, like the statue work in the exhibition.

“What are you standing there for?” Ye Fei hooked his shirt off and stood in the doorway looking at the man with a suspicious look on his face, wearing only his trousers.

Gu Ang looked back at him, “Hell knows who’s slept in this bed before, I couldn’t lie on it.”

Ye Fei understood. The little kid’s fear of getting dirty was coming back, “You’re just going to stand like this until tomorrow?”

Gu Ang stubbornly wrapped his arms around himself, “I’m not lying down in any case, I’m naked, it’s dirty to lie on it.”

Ye Fei sighed slightly and spread the clothes he had taken off on the mattress, a shirt and a jacket barely making a place for one person to lie on. He reached out to beckon the man, “Come to bed.”

Gu Ang laid back down comfortably like he’d caught a lifeline, the cotton fabric against his skin, his entire taut body relaxing. The mattress dented and Ye Fei went up the other side and laid down next to him. Ye Fei looked at his relaxed expression and couldn’t resist teasing him, “You won’t lie on the bed, but will on my clothes?”

Gu Ang looked at him, momentarily speechless. The question went straight to the point that he did mind getting a little dirty, but it wasn’t like Ye Fei was anyone else. His mind flashed back to the scene where he was still sleeping with someone’s clothes in his arms, and he felt a little bashful.

“Ah, maybe your clothes look cleaner.”

Ye Fei lazily propped his head up to look at him, “Really? I’ve been wearing it for two days.”

Gu Ang sniffed sideways, spinning around naked, “I don’t smell sweat, okay?”

Ye Fei closed his eyes, losing his vision.

“Be a good boy and go to sleep.” Ye Fei raised his hand to turn off the lights in the room, the bright sight suddenly darkening, leaving only the warm yellow floor lamp above the bed, rendering everything warm and ambiguous. He was planning to be locked up here for a few days to develop a good relationship, but it didn’t have to be so soon.

“Huh? I can’t sleep.” Gu Ang rested his hands on his head, the familiar smell at the tip of his nose was particularly reassuring, “Let’s talk for a while.”

Ye Fei thought, Are you trying to torture me to death? An Omega in heat was in front of him and he wanted him to lay in bed with him and talk purely? Ye Fei really felt like he was running out of patience with Gu Ang, “Want to talk about what?”

Gu Ang slowly closed his eyes, thinking back to the two days of fighting, and his sudden burst of power, “Tell me, is there a mutation that suddenly makes one burst out with amazing fighting power under special circumstances?”

Ye Fei raised his hand to turn off the light, and the little charming thought was swept away. Talking about variants in the middle of the night, what was going on in this guy’s head?

Gu Ang touched him, “Are you asleep? Why don’t you answer?”

Ye Fei spoke in a low voice, “Mutation? Are you talking about yourself?”

“Maybe, I don’t feel like I’m quite right. Especially when it was a powerful shock or a high concentration, that power comes out.” Gu Ang deliberately avoided the part about differentiating into an omega. If Ye Fei knew he was Omega, he would be a lone, naked Omega laying together with him. He didn’t think Ye Fei was a saint. And he, too, wasn’t quite ready.

Being an Omega, he needed certain precautions to be with an Alpha.

Ye Fei mused, he too felt that Gu Ang was becoming strange. It stood to reason that most Omegas in the interstellar were soft and delicate, and even if Gu Ang used to be a tougher Alpha, it didn’t explain how he was getting fiercer. But now that Gu Ang was in heat, he was afraid that if he tried something, he would go out of control.

Ye Fei found something random to reply with, “When you return, check again.”

No sooner had the words left his lips than an arm came up to his hand.

Gu Ang’s voice spoke lazily, “Touch it, I think my muscles have hardened too, I don’t know if it’s an illusion.”

Ye Fei: “……” When he had just crossed over, he felt Gu Ang was a lot shyer and looked at him with averted eyes. These days, the man had suddenly turned back to his old nature, growing bolder and bolder.

Gu Ang was still prodding him, “Touch it, won’t you?”

Ye Fei’s fingertips touched up and squeezed along the lines of the muscle. His throat tightened and it felt like even the words came out with a hoarse edge, “It didn’t feel like it.”

“How?” Gu Ang rolled over and faced him, “Then let me touch yours.”

Ye Fei was once again speechless and resigned himself to putting his arm out.

Gu Ang slid his fingertips around it, poking and prodding here and there, in a good mood. He had done a lot of shameless things before, and this wasn’t the weirdest of them.

Ye Fei’s voice was faint, “How is it?”

Gu Ang approved of the praise, “Harder than mine, awesome.”

Gu Ang felt like he was really sticky in heat, just touching his hand and trying to stick it to him. Obviously, he used to talk about staying away from this guy, but now it seemed that his mouth was too big for him. It was all the fault of turning into an Omega!

Last time it was stealing someone’s clothes, this time he even tried to bury himself right into the person’s arms, hugging and cuddling to death. 

You’re getting ahead of yourself! It’s immoral! Gu Ang mentally despised himself as he moved a few more inches to the side.

Ye Fei took a deep breath, “Are you going to sleep or not? I’ll do something else to you if you don’t.”

Gu Ang’s heart fluttered and he hurriedly closed his eyes tightly, “I’m sleeping, I’m sleeping.”

The room fell into silence, each man left with their own thoughts. The ambiguous branches seem to have long since broken through and sprouted into glorious bloom. Gu Ang drifted off to sleep, feeling himself held tenderly, his skin feeling enveloped in dry warmth. He grunted softly, “What is it?”

Ye Fei pressed the man into his arms, “Warming you up.”

Gu Ang adjusted to a comfortable position in his arms, both of them shirtless, and it did get much warmer to cuddle. He was confused and had one last question, “Do you think we’ll stay locked in here and not be able to get out?”

It was easy to bare your heart in the dark. Gu Ang felt a touch on his brow, couldn’t tell if it was a finger, or something else. He heard Ye Fei say, “Then lock us up for life.”


Author’s Note: 

GuangGuang (Light), keeps teasing so wildly and you’ll get bleeped ——– – (dash for length, in deference to Ye Fei)


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Ahhhh Ye Fei’s self control is commendable….and stupid!!!
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Putting the iron into will 😏
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