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Chapter 27: A Shower of Rain

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


After exiting the Starnet, Bai Li found Supreme, who had already woken up, was rubbing around in his arms. With wet lick marks on the back of his hand and fingers, he rubbed the cat’s stomach a few times vigorously before he got up and carried it out of the gaming pod. After resting for a while, out of curiosity, Bai Li went to the Starnet through his bracelet and checked the posts about Carefree Farmstead.

Even with only 500 players of the game, there was actually thousands of related content. The more popular ones were “My days of farming in Carefree Farmstead”, “Exploring the feasibility of becoming a chef in a farming game”, “A thousand and one ways for gamers to die”. There was also a star blog account called “Farming was fun” that sent out the first bucket of money harvested in the game, that also received a lot of likes and comments, and the identity of the other party was clearly revealed when combined with the time of posting the blog.

Demon Xing, you are really something!

Bai Li first used his own private account to click on ‘like’, thinking that later on he would have to create an official star blog number specifically for the game.

That way, when there were any updates to the game in the future, players could be notified in advance on the blog, and then they didn’t have to wait until they went on the game to know what was new.

Bai Li then opened the first few posts one by one to see. The first was the game anchor Song’s Blunt Opinion post, he still remembered that in order to promote the game, he had posted in the other’s post which brought the first wave of players. The second was posted by the player I See the Good Life, the young boy who gave him a piece of corn cake. As for the third, it was a centralized discussion forum for players, which discussed everything, and today the most common was the tragic screenshots of people who blew up their homes because they were learning how to cook.

[Kitchen sharkers report to the group for warmth], the post was happy.

The content of the post was in the form of text descriptions with screenshots of the game, and through witty and humorous words, it had a ludicrous effect, Bai Li read with great interest, and accidentally read late into the night.

Supreme had already fallen asleep in his arms, so he gently put the sleeping kitten on the pillow and started to think about the next optimization of the game. After spending so much time on the forums, Bai Li finally knew why there were so many voices in the comment book, but they were all lured by the food. Of course, their friends and relatives knew the game, but in front of the vast number of food choices, these people’s opinions were suppressed in the very bottom.

Bai Li knew an upgrade was impossible at least until he had money in his hands next month, then he would consider the matter of upgrading. When that time came, he would contact Xiong Pili and the others first.

Since he couldn’t upgrade, he felt like he had to apologize to these cloud players first.

Bai Li began to drum up benefits for the gamers.

First, to add a random weather system to the game. The game online these days had been the same big sun. The warm sun on people was very comfortable, but Bai Li thought it would give people an unrealistic feeling, so he needed to add a system that would occasionally bring wind, rain or something more or less, which would bring some freshness.

He set the game the next day to rain in the early morning, and it would last six hours, Bai Li turned on the automatic mode. In the future, the weather changes would depend on the word “random.”

After the rain, the small woods outside the village would grow a lot of wild vegetables because of the rain. Players should see it automatically and spontaneously go digging. In addition to wild vegetables there would be a variety of mushrooms, Bai Li remembered that he had previously put a large number of mushroom spores on a certain wooden stump in the grove. During the next rain, these mushrooms in the vicinity of the stump would grow large.

With wild vegetables and mushrooms, it would make the second optimization go more smoothly.

Next Bai Li added input on simple recipes in the quest rewards. Players completing a quest, or making a crop acquisition at the village chief, will triple their chances of getting a recipe. Since it was a simple recipe, the ingredients needed weren’t too complicated, and most of them could be obtained through planting and village chief’s store purchases.

It was believed that such a change would make players more active in doing tasks and also more active in researching cooking in the game. Similar to roasted corn, baked potatoes, sautéed carrot shreds, these dishes would, more or less, lead the players to the right path, just not like a group of headless flies again who blew up their kitchens.

Anyway, he had the “All Worlds Cookbook,” a gift from the God of Food, which included the preparation methods of various cuisines from the past to the present in thousands of worlds.

Any kind of recipes could be found in it.

He was not afraid of being drained by the players, these goblins, Bai Li thought in his heart. Of course, the raw materials and recipes were something he needed to provide in the game. But there were definitely black holes in the world of cooking. For such people, no matter how complete the conditions, they just couldn’t cook a decent dish.

For such players, Bai Li gave them another choice.

He added to the game store shelves an item called ‘Food Basket.’ Just lift the cover cloth and one could randomly get food. From the most simple white dumpling, to nourishing and delicious Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. Everything depended on the player’s own luck. The lucky ones could even get a precious recipe. For this item, Bai Li set the price at 10 star coins per copy, to give the kitchen shark hands the warmth of home.

However, once he thought of the players who almost ate the dumplings into bankruptcy, Bai Li set a daily purchase limit of the Food Basket, so each player could only buy a maximum of 10 per day, and then they would have to wait until the next day.

The above three things were set up one by one and more than an hour passed. Bai Li gently yawned, and slowly went to bed.

The original soul’s body was still too fragile, and staying up all night wasn’t very good. He really should upgrade the device as soon as possible, so that more people could enter the game, so that he could get more faith value, and his god power would become full, ah…

Bai Li thought about it, and quickly entered a dark, sweet dreamland.

At this time, the game was still very lively.

After two or three days of figuring out, the players had learned to allocate their game time reasonably. For a 24-hour day, only half of the time they could play the game, two six hour sessions, four three hour sessions or five two hour sessions. With a big time difference, the latter could give people the illusion of playing the game all the time.

They could go online to collect a vegetable, plant a field, then go to the village chief to buy a few white buns to eat, and then stroll around. After that, they would go offline for a while, then continue online, and so on. The players got double the pleasure. It was because of this that the dozens of players who were still in the game in the early hours of the morning were fortunate enough to witness the first rain in the game.

At first, when the rain first fell, everyone was unaware of what was happening. It was not a happy thing to get wet, but the rain in the game was like a pair of soft hands, with cool and smooth fingertips, and soothed the fast-rising dryness in the hearts of the people, and left only peace of mind.

“It’s raining!” A player shouted to the people around him. He happened to be standing under the eaves of his hut and wasn’t caught in the rain, and just said those words to remind the others to hurry and find a place to hide from the rain. However, what he hadn’t expected was that the crowd didn’t seem to hear him. They stood in the open without any shade overhead, eyes closed, with expressions of enjoyment.

The player who spoke, “????  No, you guys are stupid. It’s raining. Why don’t you hurry up and find a place to hide from the rain?” He reached out and tried to pull away one of his gaming buddies who played better with him.

The result was he was dodged.

The best friend also took a few steps backward before compelling him with a bewitching smile. “Why block the rain? Come out to take a shower. It’s really worthy of Carefree Farmstead, even the rain is more comfortable than reality. Actually, it’s just the rain in the game that makes people feel comfortable!”

After he said that, he raised his arm, spread his palm flat and made the action of catching the rain. However, the rain was as thin as a cow’s hair, and could only drench his hand half wet.

His action was still calm. An older brother had taken off his upper body clothes, and with bare shoulders, he rushed into the rain. While being drenched with rain, he was laughing. “This rain on the body is too damn good! Even ten spiritual candies are not as comfortable. None of you stop me, I want to take a shower in the rain!”

If it weren’t for the people around him, this big brother would have taken off all his clothes until he was naked. But the act of running naked was forbidden in all games, and while male players could take off their tops, that was already a great concession in virtual reality games.

The older brother’s words made many people feel the same way and they followed suit. There were several female players who remained in the game, and when they saw the group of men ‘bathing,’ they didn’t show much embarrassment, as much as looks of envy.

Xiao Die was also one of these female players. She went to the game in the middle of the night with the intention of quietly practicing her cooking skills while her comrades were away, and ended up in this rare rain. She admired the bare skin on the male players for a while, but soon had an idea. She took out two barrels from her backpack, each the height of her calf, then she found a suitable position and set them down, ready to catch two barrels of rainwater.

“Small Butterfly, what are you doing?” A female player who knew her asked curiously.

“Oh. I’ll see if I can catch some water to wash my hair.” Xiao Die thought if she couldn’t take a shower, couldn’t she still wash her hair?

There was no shampoo or anything in the game, but then she wasn’t doing it because her hair was dirty, but because she wanted to feel her skin being soaked in the very comfortable rainwater.

The female player’s eyes lit up when she heard that. That was really a good idea! She also wanted to do that, and then she went to find a bucket to catch some rainwater!

So, with Xiao Die taking the lead, the female players all took action, looking for buckets, looking for basins, and even running to the village chief to ask if there was shampoo for sale. The village chief was forced to take out his own fragrant panacea, saying that it could be used to shampoo the hair, and the female players were delighted.

The lively scene soon attracted the attention of the male players, and soon the water pickup operation became a collective activity of the online players. If someone suddenly came online at that moment, they would see a spectacular scene of the flat ground densely packed with water catching tools.

And the players? They were sitting on a nearby slope, soaking in the rain, chatting and waiting for their containers to be filled with water.

The rain kept falling, and gradually someone began to get impatient. He stood up, moved his wrist joints, and said to the others, “Waiting is too boring. I’ll go around first. When the water is full, call me.” He pointed to a small forest not far away, indicating that his destination was there.

“Go on, go on, come back early.” His friend indifferently waved his hand, and watched him leave.

And what they didn’t expect was that this ‘come back early’ was actually really early.

Within a minute, the person who left ran back with an expression of pure excitement. “Everyone, quickly come see! In the grove, a lot of green plants have grown! I just plucked one curiously, and I was prompted that it was a wild vegetable which is edible!”

He barely got the words out when all the players stood up in unison.

“What? What? Where are these wild vegetables!!!?”

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Hhhhhh these interstellar people are too cute!! Thanks for the chapter!

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Thanks for the chapter! MC is making the game a lot of fun, step by step, letting the players adapt to his worlds slowly & appreciate every new thing.

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I’m loving this novel. I feel it makes the Reader think about the simpler things irl we take for granted.
Even the rain seems magical and now they are experiencing wild plants too.
I love wild garlic…the leaves are delicious pan fried in butter or in an omelette 😋
Thanks for translating and editing.

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I’m so glad you picked up this novel to translate. It’s giving us readers a lovely vibe. Thank you

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