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Chapter 60: It’s My Own Swelling

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey: And YOU get a rebirth! And YOU get a rebirth!


The back of Gu Ang’s neck was held firmly in his grip, unable to move, and forced to endure his kisses. His fingers gripped the small of Ye Fei’s arm, taut, firm, with a vigorous sense of power. The last time he’d pressed against someone in the bathroom and faked an accident, it had been a light touch, lips touching lips. But now he felt the tip of that tongue swept in sharply, hooking, tangling, causing a frantic heartbeat.

There was something unexpectedly familiar about this feeling, like it had happened recently. He could feel that breath around the tip of his nose, heavy, with a scent unique to Ye Fei. Memories of the past few days remained blank in his mind, as if a section had been viciously cut out.

If he couldn’t remember, he didn’t bother to think about it.

His limbs were already feeling a little sore and weak, and now that he had been kissed by Ye Fei, his waist was even half as weak. His eyes opened a little and closed quickly, afraid to have the affection underneath them seen.

Gu Ang didn’t resist Ye Fei’s kisses, and was even happy to be close to him. But, they hadn’t made up yet. What was this guy doing? It was such a rogue tactic to take when he said he was going to chase someone. He was so sure that his memory wasn’t clear, that he was making it up.

Gu Ang had just woken up and was still a little weak, and a thin sweat broke out on his back after making out for a while. He felt his shirt clinging to his skin, parched with heat. Gu Ang grunted as he took advantage of the change of breath and spoke, “That’ll do.” 

Ye Fei bit him forcefully, increasing the force and holding the man tighter, “Not enough.”

Gu Ang’s brain buzzed, and it felt like the air was getting thinner little by little. It was like the man had suddenly changed his nature and become even more roguish and direct than he was. Gu Ang huffed and bit him again, like a wildcat with fangs bared, “I can’t breathe.” 

He blew his hair out and glared at the man with a furious look on his face.

Ye Fei finally smiled and let go of the man, slowly wiping a hand over the corner of his bitten mouth. He stole a fish, and his mouth was still unforgiving, “Are you a dog? Don’t bite people.”

“Where am I a dog?” Gu Ang glared at him again, but it was nothing killer, “You’re the dog, you’re the doggiest.”

This man was a noble and reserved looking face for nothing, a complete clothed and svelte scum with a capital letter.

“Mn, you’re weak now, don’t talk so loudly.” Ye Fei rubbed his head, “I reckon we still have two or three days to get to the capital, so you should rest well in these two days.”

Gu Ang straightened up, “Why? Looking down on me? I’m an interstellar fierce Alpha.”

Ye Fei laughed, not poking the kid in the face.

“Okay, Interstellar Fierce Alpha, if you don’t want to go back to sleep, we’ll go get some dinner together?”

“Okay.” Gu Ang lifted the covers and got out of bed, feeling his legs go a little weak just as his feet hit the floor.

Ye Fei reached out to help him, “Wh? You can’t stand? Want me to carry you?”

Gu Ang pushed him away stubbornly, “Fart, you don’t have to be such a slut.”

He rubbed his stomach, being really a bit hungry. Ye Fei followed him, his eyes falling on Gu Ang’s neck. Very slight small patch of red, he couldn’t tell if it was from a bite or if it was a scratch made by himself.

The two appeared in the dining room on the airship, flush towards the door, and they made a good match. The others had just finished their dinner and were chatting blindly on all fours when they turned around at the sound of footsteps.

When Bai SiNing saw Gu Ang, he pulled away from the stool and rushed up to hug him, “Brother Ang, you’re finally awake, I’m relieved.”

“It’s fine, I’m fine.” Gu Ang flicked his forehead, “What’s there to eat?”

Shen Fei Zhou greeted his subordinates, “Go and bring up the food specially prepared for Gu Ang.”

When he lowered his voice, it sounded good, and he emphasized the word “specially” when he pronounced it. The point fell on everyone’s ears, Gu Ang didn’t take it seriously, and the others weren’t too thrilled about it.

Wei YangZe bristled, “So what we ate was just casually whipped up? This really is a difference in treatment.”

Gu Ang waved his hand and declined, “No, I’ll just make do with what everyone else’s leftovers.”

Ye Fei pulled the stool next to him for him and handed another set of clean dishes over in silence. The two people obviously didn’t have any intimate actions, but Shen Fei Zhou watched them without blinking. He stared at Gu Ang and asked again, “Now remember who I am?”

Gu Ang gave him a breathless look, “Didn’t you just say that in the room? Your name is Shen Fei Zhou.”

Shen Fei Zhou tasted the meaning behind the words carefully. Right, he didn’t think that through.

“Ah’Ang, you’ve lost your memory, huh? Do you remember who I am?” Bai SiNing doggedly handed him a bowl of soup and winked good-naturedly.

Gu Ang took the soup and his thin lips twitched slightly, “Silly idiot Bai SiNing.”

Bai SiNing propped his chin up and grinned heatedly, “He seems to remember.”

The people next to him asked one by one again, and Gu Ang could say the name of everyone, but he said that he didn’t remember Shen Feizhou.

Shen Fei Zhou was so frustrated that he had to find a remedy for himself, “Gu Ang might just have a two-day memory confusion. We just met, and it’s normal to forget.”

Gu Ang nodded and mmmed, stuffing his mouth with food. After two or three days of not eating and relying on them to feed some nutrient solution, he was really hungry.

Shen Fei Zhou was so persistent that he took his hand and introduced himself again, “My name is Shen Fei- Zhou, I like you, can I chase you?”

The exact same lines, unfailingly, spoken over and over again.

Gu Ang was a little embarrassed and looked away, “Huh? No.”

It sounded a bit familiar, he had heard it countless times in his last life. Shen Fei Zhou also didn’t feel any shame in being rejected, and finished as if nothing had happened. He stared at the dishes on the table, guessing what Gu Ang liked to eat. After a moment of careful deliberation, he finely selected a prime rib and passed it over, his tone ingratiating, “This is delicious.”

Lieutenant General Shen, who was usually high and mighty with a serious face, was like a licking dog wagging its tail to please its master.

“He doesn’t like steak.” Ye Fei spoke lightly, a sentence that poked at the heart. He just took a break to put the plucked scallop meat into the Gu Ang’s bowl.

One by one, they glowed invitingly in the pale yellow light. At the last class party, Gu Ang was angry with him for not peeling his meat and his little face turned red. He had just crossed over at that point, and he carried a breath of air with him.

Now, though, Ye Fei smiled softly, his anger was long gone.

Gu Ang dropped his eyes and took a chopstick to eat one, slurring, “Mmm, I like scallops.”

Shen Fei Zhou coughed awkwardly, “Okay, I’ll remember.”

The two were already together when he started courting Gu Ang in his last life, and Gu Ang was extraordinarily avoiding suspicion. He wasn’t given any personal contact at all, except for work encounters, from beginning to end. So after knowing each other for a few years, Shen Fei Zhou knew nothing about Gu Ang’s habits. He glanced at Ye Fei, who knew all about it, and fell into a deep jealousy.

Bai SiNing muttered to Lin XiuYong, “The lieutenant general is also too miserable, the more he’s rejected, the more frustrated he is.”

“Xiao Bai, if you speak louder, the whole airship can hear you.” Shen Fei Zhou mocked coolly.

Bai SiNing pursed his lips to indicate shut up.

Wei YangZe unleashed his ability to leave the scene as fast as possible again and grabbed a few others, “You guys, take your time and eat, we’ll go first.”

Everyone withdrew with considerable discernment, leaving the trio behind again.

Ye Fei finished his meal in silence, feeling slightly more recovered. He handed a tissue to Gu Ang, “Wipe it off.”

“Why is your mouth swollen?” Shen Fei Zhou observed carefully and saw the swelling.

Gu Ang wiped the corner of his mouth clean and pursed his lips again, “Ah, is it swollen?”

Shen Fei Zhou nodded and saw the opportunity to suppress his opponent, “Did Ye Fei give you too many scallops to eat? Is it seafood allergy?”

Ye Fei spoke languidly, with a few nasty tones, “I’m the one who made them swollen.”

Gu Ang twisted his arm, bashful, “Shut up.”

Shen Fei Zhou froze, freezing for a few seconds before reacting, “You… You kissed…”

“Mn, just now, after you left.” Ye Fei added the last sentence with a heartfelt blow.

Shen Fei Zhou’s face didn’t look too good, filling up with jealousy, “Aren’t you two not together?”

He said it was a fair fight, he didn’t even touch Gu Ang’s hand, and Ye Fei, the dog, had already kissed him.

It felt like his breath came out of his mouth when he thought about that ridiculous night again. 

Gu Ang touched his fingertips to his somewhat swollen lower lip and calmly stated the facts, “He kissed me forcefully.”

Shen Fei Zhou slowly blinked and spoke tentatively, “Then if I forcefully kiss you too…”

“I’ll beat you to death.” Gu Ang raised his eyes coldly and spoke threateningly.

Ye Fei was in such a good mood that he even wanted to give a demonstration. He really loved how cute Gu Ang was, having such large double standards, inside and out.

Shen Fei Zhou once again decided to bury the secret of that inducer into the earth and take it to the grave. If they weren’t together, then he’d let the two take their time and grind it out. He still had a chance. Unfortunately, after this meeting, Gu Ang didn’t give him any time alone at all.

Even when he saw him, he started to hide, and Shen Fei Zhou wondered what he had done wrong. Chasing people was, in itself, a pretty hard thing to do. Not to mention, the person of the chase was Gu Ang.

The latter days of the voyage were pretty dull. Everyone spent their days in the cat and dog area of the ship, hanging out with the animal hair that was flying around.

Ye Fei stayed in his room every day and had been constantly trying to get his memory of that day back. It was just that every time he tried to probe deeper, his nerves started to ache. The same lack of memory as when he had only just crossed back.

It wasn’t the entire memory mess, it was just that a few days of it were missing. Ye Fei thought that it would probably take another re-experience of what happened then to remember. But he was clueless.

It stayed that way until the last day, when the ship landed safely at Red Flame’s parking lot. While everyone was busy packing, Gu Ang kept looking down at his communicator.

Along the way Qin LeHe had sent countless messages to him, each one a breathless 60-second voice square.

Gu Ang looked at Ye Fei who was standing next to him, “Are you going home or to the dorm?”

“My dad’s not home, I’m going back to my dorm.” Ye Fei gave him a look, his voice soft, “Something wrong?”

Gu Ang scratched his head helplessly, “My mom said she hadn’t seen me in a while and asked me to go to Moon River House.” He thought about it and pushed the suitcase over in his hand, “Carry my case back for me first.”

He used the word “back” as if it was their temporary home. Ye Fei caught that little thought and curled the corners of his mouth a little. He touched Gu Ang’s suitcase with his hand, glanced around at the students coming and going, and lowered his voice, “The information my dad found out last time, you can show it to auntie first. Since you want her to know, prepare yourself mentally early.”

Gu Ang hmmed, “I thought so too.”

He knelt down and pulled open the box, taking the pile of paper out and carrying it, still a little apprehensive. He wondered what Qin LeHe’s reaction would be when she found out. But, sooner or later, it had to be said. He was also anxious to get this over with so that when his mother was appeased, he could make up with Ye Fei.

Now Ye Fei was chasing after him, which was sweet and quite rewarding though. But what he craved more than anything else was uninhibited, two-way interaction. Like now, holding back that pride, quite like green tea.

Ye Fei helped him zip up his suitcase, “Take it easy and try to calm her down.” He surreptitiously slipped Gu Ang an anti-bugging device and whispered, “You’ll need it later, so be careful.”

“Got it.” Gu Ang nodded and put his things away.

Shen Fei Zhou emerged from the side and looked at the two suspiciously, “What were you two muttering about?”

Ye Fei narrowed his eyes and his anger bubbled up, “Telling Gu Ang to take me to say hello to his mother.”

You’re wanting to meet the parents? Aren’t you moving a little too fucking fast? For the hundredth time, the young and handsome Lieutenant General Shen Feizhou fell into self-imposed isolation.


The author has something to say: 

Poor Lieutenant General Shen, you want to hide it, but you can’t hide your intent from light.


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May 3, 2023 6:17 pm

Poor SFZ I’m feeling sorry for you but loving Gu Ang’s cold and merciless treatment. Thanks for the chapter!

May 4, 2023 1:31 am

Thank you for the chapter

May 15, 2023 7:51 am

SFZ is actually the cause of his own misery. Give up, move on and find the person who’s out there and will love you back. Did you learn nothing from your first life?!
I hope GA will be able to change his mother’s fate.
Will their memories ever return?
Thanks for translating and editing.

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