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Chapter 33: “Imperial Treasures”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Game log post, ‘Those days I farmed in Carefree Farmstead’ was updated again, and players who were following the topic received the news and ran to the post.

This time, Mo Song’s update began with the first rain in the game.

[In the misty rain, the small village and some people were shrouded in a light veil, hazy to see, but not really, with a kind of indefinable rhythm.]

Mo Song said underneath the photo, [When the rain first fell, all of us were dumbfounded. We hadn’t expected such a disaster to happen in the game world. As you know, it’s easy to get wet in the rain. Your hair is wet on your scalp and your clothes are soaked through and clinging to your body, so it’s not easy to move around. At that time, I was surrounded by a few old brothers who almost burned me with their curses.]

[But soon, the few of them who were like active volcanoes about to erupt, were suddenly extinguished. Their expressions changed all at once. I still remember how I felt, the rain fell on my body, cool and silky. What wonderful magic, it seemed to penetrate our skin straight to the depths of our souls. At that moment, my soul seemed to be sublimated, first it floated in the clouds, and then lightly and slowly it seemed to fall down. By the time I came to my senses from this feeling, I had already joined the ranks in the rain…]

[After that, the few big brothers mentioned earlier also took combat showers. (People! Don’t learn from them!) A few female players also deliberately took out buckets for water, saying they were going to catch water to prepare for washing their hair. Inexplicably, this statement was actually accepted by all, so we all pulled out our buckets and wooden basins.]

The attached picture was a spectacular scene of densely packed water catching tools of different sizes put together.

When they saw this, the netizens were laughing like crazy, saying that this group of people was simply toxic, how the picture style has become sand carved up all of a sudden.

Others were curious to ask: Once they finally succeeded in collecting rainwater, was this rainwater really used to bathe or soak their feet?

The answer to this question was given by a late arriving game player. Someone sent a screenshot of two feet comfortably soaking in the water, the first two toes also in an exaggerated “yay” pose, and said, [Thank you. A total of five basins of water: a basin to wash hair, a basin to soak feet, the remaining three basins were sold to the unlucky people who did not get wet. A total of 150 copper coins earned. [dog head]]

The unlucky ones, “???”

So, early to bed and early to rise was our fault?

The netizens were laughing again, this group of players was too funny! When were they going to join this group of foolish idiots? 1

Mo Song continued, [Before the rain was over, someone found a field of wild vegetables growing in the grove. We all shifted our positions and went to the grove to dig up the wild vegetables. Here I have to praise the game designer. Digging wild vegetables can actually give us benefits. Many people were lucky enough to dig up recipes! As one of the ranks of kitchen sharks, I am so jealous. You guys?]

At the bottom was a row of [super envy!] [Envy +1] [Envy + Imperial Citizenship!] …

The netizens realized that this was a large “show.” Show rain, show wild vegetables, show recipes…as long as the things were beyond the reach of these cloud players, they could be the content of the show.

Netizens in front of the screen secretly wiped their tears. Enough! They had been shown enough! However, they were also like little children and wanted to be shown more.

What they didn’t expect was that this was just the beginning.

Seeing that the scene has been warmed up, Mo Song twice smiled bitchily and opened a photo booklet called ‘Imperial Treasures.’ It was full of pictures of food that had appeared in the game. 70 or 80 of them!

[I’ve worked hard to get these photos from other players in high definition. The food in the game is beautiful and delicious, it is only 10 stars a copy. It can’t fill the stomach in reality, but it’s more powerful than the nutrient solution!]

[I’m really a kind-hearted owner who sends you all these great babies to see!]

After Mo Song finished boasting, he did not stop and uploaded the photos quickly. Soon, millions of Interstellar people on the other side of Starnet received a blast to the soul. Sweet and sour pork, boneless chicken feet, spicy crawfish, Dongpo pork, chicken with garlic, baby vegetables…Although it was impossible to imagine how delicious it would be in the mouth, somehow they felt that the food must be super delicious, a hundred and one times better than the most expensive nutrition liquid on the market, or the most famous restaurant dishes!

[Ugh…My virtual screen seems to be dirty, I’ll lick it…]

[Mom asked me why I was crying and brushing the forum. I shared the post with her and now we’re hugging and crying together! QAQ!]

[Is such food real? I obviously ate all the big and small restaurants on the residential star, why is my mouth still drooling without argument?]

[My fists are clenched! The owner of this post did it deliberately knowing that we can not eat, but also deliberately made us greedy! It’s too much!]

[Crowdfunding door to door to beat the owner. I’ll start with a laser blade!]

As Mo Song’s photos were sent out one by one, there were more and more comments underneath, and the voices of accusation were getting louder and louder, and the combined spit of all the netizens for this could have flooded the whole forum.

In this regard, Mo Song acted very innocently, [I just want to share my experience in the game to let everyone know that these are the foods we ate in the game. Not deliberately show off the ingredients. Oh, do not scold me!]

[Listen, listen. What is this human saying? The netizens are even more angry. Good you Blunt Opinion, looks thick eyebrows, eyebrows are clean. How come every comment was too green tea? If you continue like this, you will lose your lovely fans!]

Mo Song was the first to retort, posting a daily photo just taken. The black around his eyes had disappeared a lot, and he proudly announced, [Now you can no longer say I am Blunt Opinion. My dark circles are light like this. Indeed, Carefree Farmstead, this game, if you play a long time, you will feel a lot more comfortable!]

Netizens, “…” They were really pissed off to the point of crying.

Some people were so angry that they forwarded the post directly to their Starblogs 2 with the idea that ‘I can’t be the only one who was stimulated.’ Soon, the cranky men and women who were still arguing on their Starblogs about ‘How come the Admiral hasn’t shown up for so long’ noticed this strange post and casually clicked in to take a look, and then…never got out again.

What, what, what? This year actually came out with such an interesting virtual reality game?

The game not only had addictive strange farming activities, but players could also draw lucky packages, dig wild vegetables, eat food, and even do everything yourself if you have the conditions?

Curiosity reached its peak after seeing a gamer share that he slept on the grass in the game for a full five hours without waking up.

Nowadays, it was the era of peace, and the fifth year after the war with the Zerg. Ninety percent of the people of the empire had retired from the battlefield, but were slow in gettingt used to such a stable life. Genetic Collapse Disorder was one aspect, but the instinct of always paying attention to the surrounding environment formed during the long term fighting process which lead them to sleep restlessly at night, and over time, both mood or temper, most had become very cranky. 3

When they heard that someone could actually sleep for five hours in one breath, the first reaction was to not quite believe it. After they realized that it was actually true, there was a strong envy left.

In addition, the other aspects of this game were also very attractive.

When they saw the content of the game, they all thought “What’s so interesting about farming?” Then, somehow, almost everyone patiently read the post from the beginning to the end, and after reading it, they still felt that it was not enough, and urged the owner, Mo Song, to continue to update, even as they joining the original netizens to scold him, in saying that he was not a human being, and actually came up with something so exciting to seduce them!

Mo Song was so aggrieved. How did he know that this thing was still out of the circle. His intention was clearly just to give a shout out to a small number of cloud players only. Now he had stirred up a nest of fierce men and women!

He didn’t even dare to imagine what kind of blast would be met in the opinion book of Carefree Farmstead. His guess was right. After they vented in the post, these new fierce men and women quickly touched the exclusive page of Carefree Farmstead. The simple introduction of “a relaxing farming game” made people smile, and then they clicked on the comment book, and enthusiastically urged.

[Bai Li, right? The number of people in your game is also too small, only 500 people? Hurry to upgrade the virtual reality game builder. Brother, I immediately, immediately want to play!]

[Bai Li. LiLi. I’m begging you. I can’t sleep every night, my hair is almost bald, I’m counting on a good sleep in the game, go upgrade quickly! Five hundred people is really not enough!]

[I heard that there is good food in the game, I arrived at the battlefield quickly, and the result is this, just this? Five hundred people is too few. Are you looking down on us players, five million people can steal the game quota in under a minute, do you believe it or not?]

[Carefree Farmstead’s game designer, hello. I am new to the pit of the cloud players, I hope you quickly upgrade the virtual reality game builder. Do not be ignorant, otherwise I will kneel down to beg you! QAQ!]


With just half a day’s work, the original a few thousand messages jumped to more than 50,000, and those users who came in to leave a message, first gave the game a big compliment before leaving.

To speak of this ‘praise,’ it was part of the competition mechanism of the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition. The competition was ranked in a two-month cycle, and only the top 50% of the contestants in terms of popularity were able to advance. After five rounds of elimination, in the last two months of the year, the remaining games and their designers would compete in a final showdown. That was not only in terms of popularity, but also in terms of profitability of the game. On the last day of the year, the winner would be determined, after which the prize would be awarded. Money would be given out, and the competition would be prepared for the next year.

So this point of view was an expression of the popularity value.

To sum up, harvesting a large wave of likes in half a day was enough to make Carefree Farmstead leap upwards a good deal in the competition ranking. Meanwhile, this game, which had been discussed by many players and cloud players for days, was finally noticed by the tournament staff.

“Hey, there’s a game here with abnormal data, you guys come over here and take a look. Did the designer hack the scores?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 沙雕: Literally means sand sculpture; 沙雕 is generally used humorously to describe weird or stupid but funny behaviors or lame jokes, as with a lot of memes. It is still vulgar but would not call it offensive (unless it is directed to a person as an insult and used to avoid censorship of 傻屌). You will see mainstream websites use 沙雕 (e.g. 沙雕网友) liberally (not in serious news, though).
  2. Think of it as their version of Twitter
  3. Basically PTSD


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