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Chapter 32: Rare Ingredients

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Li Bai, let me introduce you, this is my friend, called Easy Victory Life.” Wen XingYao disgustedly brought Tang Ying in after he took him to meet with Bai Li. “Easy Victory, this is Li Bai. As I told you before, all my farming skills are learned from him.”

“Ah, so you’re Li Bai, the big man! Nice to meet you!” Tang Ying came forward and shook hands with Bai Li, then explained his purpose. “I heard that Demon Xing had a situation at home, so I came to take a look, but I didn’t expect it would be mushrooms. Mushrooms are good. They can be eaten and sold for money, and they have high nutritional value.”

The latter half of the sentence was said to Wen XingYao.

“Yes, you can take as much as you want.” Wen XingYao was very good at talking, but without waiting for Tang Ying to show a happy smile, he immediately added, “For the sake of friends, I’ll give you a 30% discount.”

Tang Ying, “????”

“Pfft!” Bai Li couldn’t hold back his laughter, and flirtatiously quipped, “It seems you guys have a really good relationship.”

So good that even brothers had to settle accounts.

Tang Ying felt so aggrieved. He had worked so hard for the Admiral all these years but in the end, he only got a 30% discount, not even for free! Compared with Bai Li’s ‘free and casual,’ the difference was so great that he almost said ‘I quit’ on the spot.

Wen XingYao shrugged indifferently, and said that he was now a serious businessman.

The three of them were chatting when someone suddenly spoke from the side, “Hey, Easy Victory, Demon Xing and Li Bai, so you all know each other!”

Mo Song was one of the few players who could buy mushrooms from Wen XingYao, and while they were interacting earlier, he concentrated on picking up mushrooms with his head down until his legs felt a little numb and his neck was a little sore. He raised his head to take a break. Then he saw someone he knew, namely Tang Ying. After finding out that Tang Ying actually knew the two big brothers, he cheekily ran up to say hello.

Brother was okay, so was brother! He wanted to become the big guys’ best friend too!

“Ah, yeah.” Tang Ying greeted his gaming buddy, Song’s Blunt Opinion, whom he had just met a few days ago, and explained, “I just met Li Bai today too.” Which meant he only knew Demon Xing, and didn’t really know Li Bai too well.

“Li Bai, ah…” Mo Song followed Tang Ying’s gaze, and saw an ordinary-looking, mild-mannered player between the age of a teenager and a young man smiling and nodding at him. His thoughts, however, flew with this smile to a time late at night a few days ago.

That night, he had just gotten off the air and was bored as he looked at the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition website. As he was trying to find a new game he hadn’t seen before, he picked Carefree Farmstead. How did he behave at that time? It seemed that he cursed the “nonsense”, and then went to the forum to troll, said that only people without a brain would play this game, and even he, himself, entered in a fit of anger because of a bet with someone about the game.

If he remembered correctly, the game’s designer was named ‘Bai Li?’ Then this ‘Li Bai’ in front of him, was pronounced the same just in reverse. This player named Li Bai, was extraordinarily familiar with the game. No matter what kind of task it was, it could be completed very smoothly and without error, as if…he understood the game designer’s intentions 100%.

Now that he thought about it, maybe he was the designer of this game? How else could the similarity of the names be explained?

When he originally scolded that person, even if he didn’t know about it, he would feel unnatural when facing them.

Bai Li looked at Mo Song again and found that his gaze actually held a trace of respect and apology, which put a question mark over his head. What’s the situation? It’s just a basic introduction, why should he look at him like this?

Although Mo Song thought that, still, it was a rare opportunity. Mo Song had a proud attitude as he added Bai Li and Wen XingYao as friends, before he went back to his work and continued to pick mushrooms.

Bai Li and Tang Ying went to help pick mushrooms together, while Wen XingYao sowed a batch of corn in the ground after opening some plots.

An hour later, with everyone’s efforts, the yard full of mushrooms was finally cleaned up, and Wen XingYao harvested a backpack full of various mushrooms in addition to nearly 1,000 coins.

Players were always happy to pay a lot of money for uncommon ingredients.

What? You say you’ve used up all your coins? It’s okay, we can still keep on living, it’s just farming, we’ll plant a wave of wheat when we get back!

“Ah, today is a great day!”

“I’m so happy to get rare ingredients!”

“Thank you, Demon Xing. If you have such a good thing in the future, please be sure to call us again!” Mo Song and several other buyers smiled fawningly, then left in a hurry.

They had to hurry back to make the mushroom dish, half of it for their own consumption, and the remaining half to take to the village entrance to set up a stall. It was better to have fun together than to have fun alone. Tang Ying also said goodbye and went back. He took a small basket of mushrooms from Wen XingYao before he left without paying for them, which gave him the illusion that he had taken a big advantage of the Admiral. Until he returned home, his face had a happy smile.

The one who got a lot of thanks was Wen XingYao. He had silently counted his pile of copper coins, took a photo of a chic mushroom house more than an hour ago, and then he got on the Starnet blog in the game with two things in mind as he added another entry under the trumpet ‘farming is fun.’

[The rainy day brought unexpected joy, but unfortunately I did not see the beauty of the rain with my own eyes. Also learned a lesson through practice: do not bring home strange things… [picture][picture]]

Who would have thought that a plain and somewhat ugly wooden stump could give him such a fright?

Wen XingYao’s intention in posting this star blog was to give himself a heads up, but unexpectedly it was quickly picked up by the Carefree Farmstead cloud players surfing on StarNet.

Mayfly YoYo, [Damn, what’s with this implied braggadocio tone!]

Bald little army doctor, [Every single one of these little things is a mushroom, right? I never thought I’d see mushrooms growing in a house one day. Mushrooms are cultivated in special labs, right? Who can tell me where this place is?]

Daisy Elf forked his waist, [Hahaha! Upstairs, this picture is not taken in reality, but in a game called Carefree Farmstead. The blogger is the king of money, even pies are falling from the sky inside his house! Casually earning copper coins, so cool! Cloud players expressed good envy woo woo, when can I play this game ah…]

After that was the bald little army doctor’s curious questions, and the daisy elf’s crazy amenity, which was also interspersed with other netizens’ comments. If Wen XingYao saw the comments he would even see a familiar name.

I am Easy Victory, [???]

Fortunately, the trumpet was also used, otherwise maybe a certain Admiral would pop up at any minute.


On the other end, Mo Song went back to his hut holding the mushrooms he had managed to buy. He was there when it rained in the early morning, but he didn’t have any luck in picking up a recipe while he was digging for wild vegetables. Even after a player found the new item ‘food basket’ in the mall, he only opened some ordinary dishes, and also didn’t get a recipe.

However, after some secret observations, he found that all the dishes had the words ‘fried’, ‘cold’, ‘sauteed’, etc. The way to do it wasn’t very different, as long as he could learn how to make one of them, they were all pretty much the same.

The player who picked up the recipe for ‘sautéed mushrooms’ happened to be a hardcore fan of Mo Song’s live stream, and after Mo Song found him, he discussed with him if he could teach him the specific steps to make the dish. Since the recipe had been learned, although he hadn’t yet got the ingredients, the frying action was already loaded into his game body, he explained to Mo Song’s excitement, and he could also give a physical demonstration.

Mo Song thus roughly learned how to fry, and after he found out that Demon Xing’s small hut suddenly had a large pile of mushrooms, he rushed over to buy some. He chose to use the short, fat mushrooms as his first experiment.

Mo Song played with the knife for a while to familiarize himself with the feel of it, and then he started to use it. The washed mushrooms were placed upside down on the cutting board and simply and roughly cut in half, then in half again, and one mushroom became four small pieces.

With this action, the strong smell of shiitake mushrooms spread out in the small space. Mo Song smelled hard and for the first time, he found that he actually did not like the smell of shiitake mushrooms very much. Frowning as he began to adapt, he suddenly burst out laughing, saying that he had really drifted, obviously he hadn’t even had the chance to smell the smell of mushrooms before, but now he actually disliked it!

If not in the game, how would he know that the original shiitake mushrooms actually smelled like this?

“Hey, it’s drifting, I’m afraid I’ll be killed by the people outside if I can’t tell!” Mo Song muttered and continued to cut the next one.

In a short while, he finished cutting up a third of the mushrooms. He put the rest back into his backpack and saved them for next time.

By this time, the smell of mushrooms was already very strong, but Mo Song realized as an afterthought, that he seemed to have adapted to the smell. /with some closer sniffing, he could even smell their unique charm.

Sure enough, Carefree Farmstead was God’s work!

After he gave the game a cheerful call, Mo Song moved on to the next step. He poured a little bit of oil into the pan, and when the oil was hot, he poured in the mushroom pieces in one go and stir-fried them quickly with a spatula. While he was stir-frying, he also had to pay attention to the fire to prevent the flame from burning the mushrooms he bought so easily.

The above points were also kindly provided by his fan friend.

Soon, the mushrooms were soft and the brown caps were covered with a layer of oil, making them more appetizing, so Mo Song took a small jar of salt from the side and used a small spoon to scoop out the right amount of salt, that was half a spoonful, as his fan friend had said, and then sprinkled it evenly over the mushrooms in a fairy-fall style. The mushrooms were then stir-fried for about a minute.

The most humble stir-fried mushrooms were ready to be eaten.

Mo Song turned off the stove, grabbed a piece of mushroom, blew on it to cool it, and then shoved it into his mouth.

The salt was just the right amount, not too salty, but also with a different flavor from the mushroom itself. Mo Song’s eyes squinted comfortably as he bit down gently and the juices slowly flowed out.

When he’d finished the whole piece of mushroom, a surprised light burst out of his eyes. He, Mo Song, was really a mediocre little cooking genius!

No, he must immediately go out and set up a stall right away, he must let all the players know how much talent he possessed in cooking! Right, right, after the stall, he must also go to the forum to show off a wave, to make those who questioned him at the beginning on the Starnet taste tears of envy at the corners of their mouths!


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