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Chapter 59: Surrounding and Intercepting,Catching and Kissing

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey hopes they won’t lose their memories about this


It was an Alpha’s instinct, the instinct to want to possess their beloved Omega. Gu Ang struggled slightly, but felt the canine teeth had sunk into his gland. Immediately afterwards, a strong brandy scent swept through his entire torso, soothing him, and controlling him.

He blinked slightly, unable to say what it felt like. There was some pain, but it didn’t feel repulsive, so he let Ye Fei’s movements go. He knew the person marking him was Ye Fei, the familiar pheromone overlapping perfectly with the memory, branding those fond memories fresh again.

The position of the belly seemed to become a container, to bear the passion injected by Ye Fei. It was a beautiful and strange experience, something to fear, something to look forward to. He was an Omega, fully marked by the Alpha he loved so much. He felt the pheromone of the brandy melt with his own, blending into an ineffable scent that made him more and more addicted to this madness.

Gu Ang whimpered, making a sticky sound he couldn’t believe, “I’m yours.”

His consciousness was half awake, half chaotic, but one thing kept screaming in his mind that he couldn’t help but speak out.

I’m yours, and from now on, I’ll never belong to anyone else.

“Mn, you’ve always been mine.” Ye Fei let go of him and pressed his lips to soothe him gently, “I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

Gu Ang shook his head, “It didn’t really hurt.”

That pain was nothing compared to the heartache of those days of losing him. The two lay flat side by side, resting just a little, and the restlessness crept back up. Gu Ang reached out to squeeze his Adam’s apple and issued a bold and open invitation, “Continue, big brother?”

Ye Fei turned on his side and kissed him again, “Mmm.”

It was just what he wanted.

They were like lone wolves who had finally met in the middle of a long night and hated to get back all the lost light in such a way. About as mad as it got, sanity was burned to the ground by that bath fire. After the final line was breached, time after time, there was nothing left but endless pestering.

Gu Ang seemed to suddenly sense the pleasure of such a thing, clinging to the man and hugging him even tighter, making him bully even harder. One minute it was titillating, the next it was a plea for mercy.

Ye Fei had never thought that a susceptible period and an estrus period colliding would be such a horrible thing. There was a strong attraction between Alphas and Omegas, not to mention the fact that they both had an overwhelming love for each other.

It wasn’t even time to get their clothes off before they started desperately trying to conquer each other. Gu Ang, even when differentiated into an Omega, had been a little wildcat with claws and a fierce milking. Skin touches skin, brushing against the corners of shirts, the unzipped zippers, the shaky collars.

The grinding was raw, but neither cared.

The window was half open, half closed, and not daring to let out a shout, it became a small whimper and a low breath.

It was restraint and it was indulgence.

Ye Fei was afraid of hurting him and asked carefully, “Do you still feel bad?”

“…Very comfortable.” Gu Ang loved that suppressed side that comes out at times like this, with a very manly hormone. He could no longer see Ye Fei’s face, but he sensed his breath, his force, and possession with an oppressive edge.

On this ridiculous night, the two men had finally become one.

Gu Ang and Ye Fei melded together until the sky was white and he passed out. Ye Fei was also no longer quite conscious, his mind only blank after cumming so many times.

In his last life, after being together for over five years, he hadn’t really touched Gu Ang. But now, the food was so good that he couldn’t let go of it. He dropped his eyes to Gu Ang, who had closed his eyes tightly, his wrinkled shirt, some signs of wetness. The pink on his neck had faded to match the collar he’d given him, and it was blindingly white.

There was only a small red mark, the one he’d left when he’d just marked it.

In declaring that from now on, Gu Ang belonged only to him. He braced himself to straighten Gu Ang’s clothes and button himself all the way back up before his breath was heavy and he closed his eyes.

All was calm again, as if nothing had happened.

It was near noon the next day before the group of people who had been drunk the first day woke up one by one.

Bai SiNing finished packing his bags and stood in the hall howling, “Everyone pack up and get ready to go.”

Shen Fei Zhou hadn’t slept all night and sat on the sofa in the living room in silence. After a night of tossing and turning upstairs, he spent the night downstairs brainstorming. Didn’t want to eavesdrop or pry into just how intimate a move was behind that door.

By the time the sky was faintly white, and then by the time the sun had spread over the garden, the door upstairs was still firmly shut. Every second of it felt like a knife in his heart.

Bai SiNing finished howling before he turned his head to look at him, “Lieutenant General Shen is really good at drinking, I can’t believe he got up so early after drinking so much.”

Shen Fei Zhou hmmed, a dark blue under his eyes, and he didn’t look very energetic.

“So what? Brother Ang and the others went to rest so early, why aren’t they up yet? I’ll go get them.” Bai SiNing could see that he was in a bad mood and hurriedly looked around, ready to go upstairs.

Shen Fei Zhou was shocked, he took a big step to follow and pulled the person, stopping him, “Something happened last night, don’t go, I’ll go and call them.”

Bai SiNing saw his serious face and froze, nodding, “Oh, okay.”

Shen Fei Zhou walked up the stairs to the second floor, and his feet felt like they were filled with lead. The door seemed to be unlocked and could be opened with a slight push on the handle. He put a trembling hand on the doorknob, but didn’t have the courage to press down.

There was no telling what scene would greet him when he opened the door. It was a waste of time that after thirty years of living and being back in his twenties again, with quite a lot of experience, he would feel timid over something like this.

Inside lay the person he had loved for many years, and beside him was his most hated love rival. Even if he was mentally fit, he could hardly go through with such a scene. But he still had to take the field himself when it was time to collect.

The others had already packed their bags and were waiting one by one in the hall ready to leave. He heard a rowdy urging from downstairs. Shen Fei Zhou took a deep breath and finally gathered enough courage to open the door. The smell of wine, mixed with some sweet scent that couldn’t be named, overflowed the room. He moved two steps inside and saw the person lying in the bed.

The two men were fully clothed and drowsily asleep, except that the sheets were a bit messy, and he could tell that they had a restless last night. The bed, and the scrunched up tissue, wrapped in what he could determine right away.

Did the two of them really do it? Gu Ang would be willing to be pressed down? Shen Fei Zhou couldn’t decide. If one didn’t know then they shouldn’t think about it and pretend that it never happened. Shen Fei Zhou sighed in relief, at least, it was easier to accept than the scene he had imagined.

It was just that Gu Ang, who was usually so arrogant, was now nestled meekly and nicely in Ye Fei’s embrace, looking spoiled. Ma Chie did say that the after-effects of the inducer would be a coma for a few days, and that these two wouldn’t wake up for a while. Shen Fei Zhou stepped forward and pulled Gu Ang out of Ye Fei’s arms, and the picture looked slightly more harmonious.

Only, he saw a little red bite mark still remained on Gu Ang’s neck. Was Ye Fei a dog? He was an Alpha and he bit the other’s neck? He calmed down a bit before retracing his steps to the second floor corridor and shouting down towards the floor, “Come on two guys, help carry them.”

Bai SiNing sat on the hall couch and tilted his head to look at him, “Lifting who?”

“Gu Ang and Ye Fei.”

“What’s wrong with them both? Drunk until now and still not up?” Wei YangZe wrinkled her brow, “I’ll do it, Xiao Bai come over and join us.”

Lin XiuYong sniffed and followed along the stairs.

Bai SiNing rushed upstairs in a hurry and ran three steps to the door of the room. He leaned against the door and scratched his head, “Ooh, this smells like too much booze, did we have any foreign alcohol yesterday?”

“Cut the crap, they won’t wake up for a while, carry them straight to the airship.” Shen Fei Zhou gave the order. He bent down and smoothly pulled Gu Ang up towards his back, the unconscious man’s manhood loose and unsecured.

Bai SiNing was holding Gu Ang’s arm behind him to prevent the man from sliding down.

It was easy for the two men to go one after the other.

Wei YangZe and Lin XiuYong one went around to the other side to lift Ye Fei, and the two of them pulled and dragged the man down the stairs in the same position as if they were killing a pig in the village entrance.

Shen Fei Zhou wasn’t the same, carefully protecting Gu Ang, afraid of falling and touching.

It was clear to see whether he had feelings and hung on to the heart or not.

As everyone packed up and followed to the ship, Wei YangZe asked curiously, “Lieutenant General, how come I don’t see your adjutant?”

“He’s gone on a mission.” Shen Fei Zhou responded vaguely. He needed to give a reasonable explanation for Ma Chie’s death. How exactly to handle the follow up, he needed to think about that.

The airship had many rooms, but in order to be able to look after two people at the same time, they were put in the same room, and the remaining people lined up a shift to take turns looking after them.

Worried about the students’ safety, Jiang RuiYuan ran over to check them again personally, and the two were fine except for a brief unconsciousness. The rest of the day was spent quietly waiting for the two to wake up.

For the specific reason, Shen Fei Zhou was silent, even Jiang RuiYuan couldn’t ask for an explanation. Bai SiNing tried to ask what happened several times, but was blocked by Lin XiuYong. He quietly pulled Lin XiuYong aside and muttered in a low voice, “Why don’t you let me ask, ah? It’s not like he’d kill me. They’ve been in coma for two days.”

“Crow’s mouth.” Lin XiuYong pinched his mouth and forced the man to shut up.

“The Lieutenant General doesn’t want to talk about it, so something serious must have happened. We’ll know in a couple of days when they wake up.”

Bai SiNing let out an “oh” and a long sigh, “That night it felt like everyone was fine, singing and dancing and being intoxicated. How could we wake up the next day and the sky has changed?”

“As long as the person was still alive, nothing else is a big deal.” Lin XiuYong looked deeply at Bai SiNing as if he thought of something.

The first time he met Bai SiNing, he was the one who unintentionally saved him. Words were few, silent, and he couldn’t even say thank you before Bai SiNing turned to leave. He later learned that the cute looking boy, named Bai SiNing, was Admiral Gu Ang’s adjutant.

Lin XiuYong was an academic and spent a lot of time at the Academy of Science and Technology, and the two had very little interaction. It was only when there was some boring crowning occasion that they could rub shoulders.

Bai SiNing didn’t remember him, but it was a silent unrequited love. After Bai SiNing had died in battle, he had regretted countless times why he hadn’t been able to say he liked him himself when he was alive. He could only hack into the army display one dark and windy night and steal Bai SiNing’s urn.

He smoked three whole packs of cigarettes that night, but no matter how painful it was, he would never see the one he liked again. His father was like that, and so was Bai SiNing, he was a poor man who couldn’t hold on to anything in love and family. If a person died, it all became meaningless. Living well was more important than anything else.

Bai SiNing shivered, “That’s a strange look you’re giving me, what are you looking at me for?”

“It’s nothing, I think you’re fine the way you are.” Lin XiuYong sighed from the bottom of his heart.

The old Bai SiNing was too silent, it was cuter to be heartless like this now.

“No, why do I think each of you guys are all really weird?” Bai SiNing sniffed out a hint, “Are you guys up to some big conspiracy behind my back? Don’t you think I’m too brainy to bring me along?”

Lin XiuYong laughed out loud in a rare moment, “Mn, it’s too much for you to drag your feet.”

“Boring as hell, I knew it.” Bai SiNing cursed, “Brother Ang went off to hang out with God Ye without me, and you without me.”

“Alright, don’t make any noise.” Lin XiuYong rubbed his head, “I’ll take you to see the nebula, it’s beautiful.”

Take you to the most beautiful views of the universe and then make up for all the regrets we couldn’t get as far as we wanted.

The ship cruised smoothly in its star trajectory, passing through magnificent and loving nebulae, passing planets large and small, fulfilling his destiny in a regular manner. There was no way to tell day from night, only the boundless vastness of the universe. It was a good part of the next day before Ye Fei’s eyes slowly opened with a splitting headache.

The film of memory felt like a cut had been made, and when he recalled it again, it became a big blank. He looked around and fumbled to turn on the bedside lamp. The blinding light came on suddenly, and it took a moment of slight squinting to adjust to it before it eased slightly.

Bai SiNing lay on all fours on the stool next to him, staring wide-eyed at him, “God Ye, you’re awake?”

“Mn, wake up.” Ye Fei opened her mouth and found it dry.

“It’s been two days and you finally woke up and scared the hell out of me.” Bai SiNing patted his chest and breathed a sigh of relief. He poured a glass of water over, “Drink some water, I’ll tell them to bring you food.”

Bai SiNing finished in a hurry and rushed out again, like a gust of wind. From the doorway came his high pitched roar, “God Ye’s awake, come on over here everyone.”

Ye Fei rubbed his brow. Two days, he had slept for two whole days? He was well aware of his physical condition, even the time he was seriously injured, he woke up the next day. Besides, he clearly remembered them drinking at the castle and a group of people laughing and joking around at the table.

He didn’t know what happened back there, but how did he get to the ship? He glanced to the side where Gu Ang lay quietly in the next bed, sleeping peacefully. It was all just too weird, and he’d never been broken like this by drinking. He sat up and leaned over the bed, trying to remember the missing pieces in between.

But the memories were muddled, like a long dream. In between, off and on, he seemed to kiss Gu Ang and mark him. Flushed faces, messy clothes, frayed sheets flashed through the mind like pieces. Each clip was only a few seconds of memory, indistinguishable from the truth in a darkness. Such dreams he had had, too, wanting him too much because he liked him too much.

Ye Fei lowered his eyes to settle, pulling his attention back to what should have been a dream. He lifted the covers off the bed and went to the side to look at Gu Ang, breathing steadily and dead asleep. Forget it, let him sleep a little longer.

Ye Fei was sitting on the bed in a daze when the door was suddenly opened again and a large group of people came in.

Shen Fei Zhou stood at the forefront and looked at him, his tone normal, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“No.” Ye Fei looked up at him, “It’s just that… it’s kind of hard to remember what happened two days ago.”

“Then you’re in pretty good health, you’ve woken up in just under two days.” Shen Fei Zhou smiled, “Eat something first.”

Ye Fei took the porridge Bai SiNing handed over and looked at Shen Fei Zhou again, “It seems like you know what happened, tell me about it.”

Shen Fei Zhou repeatedly thought about it within these two days, and finally rounded up a front that couldn’t be seen as a problem. He cleared his throat, feigning a serious face of dignity. “It so happens that we were all here, so I would tell you all together. My adjutant, Ma Chie, was a spy sent by the Federation and was privately shot by me two nights ago.”

“What? That motherfucking spy was him?” Wei YangZe was indignant, “So he’s the one who sold our tracks to the Federation? No wonder they knew all the various routes along the way, that’s why! Good job on killing him, Lieutenant General.”

Shen Fei Zhou hmmed and lowered his voice, “Keep this matter quiet, just dispose of it privately.”

Bai SiNing took a break from this amount of information and asked the question that’s been bothering him for days, “So Brother Ang and God Ye were in a coma because of him too?”

“Yes, Ma Chie did put the two of them under a stupefying agent, and was about to kidnap them and hand them over to the Federation, but I stopped them.” Shen Fei Zhou stated with a serious face, sounding particularly reliable.

And, along the way, presented a slightly more optimized image of the tall, magnificent savior.

Lin XiuYong, however, felt that something was wrong, and according to his tip, the trip was exposed from Lu ChangBai’s side.

What was the connection with this Ma Chie? Was it possible that he was on the inside?

He spoke hesitantly, “Lieutenant General, if you take care of Ma Chie alone, aren’t you afraid that the people behind him would come out and stir things up?”

Shen Fei Zhou raised his eyebrows, “Not dealing with it, waiting for him to do it on the way back? In case something happens to the ship, we’ll all have to scramble about then.”

Ye Fei listened to the entire vein and was suspicious, “So how did he put us in a coma that night?”

“Drugging the glass.”

“So why not just put everyone in a coma and deal with it better?”

“He was short-handed, and you two were more expensive and easier to sell for money.”

“Fuck, think we’re cheap?” Wei YangZe rubbed a handful of hair, “The old man wasn’t cool.”

Shen Fei Zhou smiled faintly, “What? You also want to be unconscious for two or three days? Even an Alpha as physically fit as Gu Ang hasn’t woken up yet.”

He looked calm, one man to many, and kept it under wraps.

Ye Fei’s heart sank, and just now Shen Fei Zhou’s words reminded him. Gu Ang injured himself and was in heat, would this medicine have any side effects? He could lose his memory, Gu Ang wouldn’t even know who he was when he wakes up, right?

Ye Fei’s heart was beating like a drumstick, “Your medic didn’t come along?”

“The rescue of you was a temporary operation with a lean staff. Don’t worry, Gu Ang won’t be in serious trouble.” Shen Fei Zhou crossed his eyes again, “I’m no less worried about him than you are.”

Ye Fei pondered for a moment and loosened that worried heart, “Alright, you guys don’t need to look after me anymore, all withdraw and go back to rest.”

“Gu Ang needs to rest. Since you’re awake, go and sleep in the next room.” Shen Fei Zhou was anxious to brush people off.

Ye Fei gave a light laugh and politely declined, “I’ve been sleeping for two days, I’m in exceptionally good spirits now, I’ll keep watch over Gu Ang.”

The two men locked eyes, neither a good fighter. Bai SiNing smelled a hint of gunpowder and silently moved back two steps. This pair of lovers choked and collectively all went silent.

Shen Fei Zhou broke down and sat down on the small couch next to her, “Then I’m not leaving either.”

Ye Fei choked, “…Suit yourself.”

“Then let’s… let’s pull out.” Wei YangZe slipped away faster than anyone else.

A crowd came and went in a rowdy fashion. The room left Ye Fei and Shen Fei Zhou staring at each other, neither wanting to pay attention to the other.

Ye Fei finally spoke, “You’re not spending the night here, are you?”

“I’m not sleepy, I’m not sleeping.” Shen Fei Zhou said through gritted teeth.

Damn, sleeping with someone I like and coming to flaunt it with me. I just won’t tell you, and bring this secret to my grave

Ye Fei shrugged his shoulders, “Fine, I’m fine with it. The person Gu Ang will want to see when he wakes up is definitely me anyway.”

Shen Fei Zhou snorted coldly, “Why are you so childish?”

“You’re not naive either.” Ye Fei raised an eyebrow, “If you’re confident in yourself, it’s not so bad as waking up to the first side.”

Shen Fei Zhou looked away from the cabin, “You mind me, I’m happy.”

Ye Fei didn’t want to say another word to him and snapped his hand up to turn off the light.

“Sorry, I’m a little dizzy and I’m going to take a nap, make yourself comfortable.”

Shen Fei Zhou snickered, “Boring.”

Ye Fei didn’t know why he became so childish as soon as he ran into this man, like two school children fighting and arguing. Even though he knew Gu Ang’s heart was on his side, he just didn’t want to make it easy for him.

He wanted to wait, right? Then let’s turn off the lights and wait. Out of sight, out of mind. The room fell into silence, and Ye Fei stared into the darkened room with open eyes, like a bottomless black hole.

When Gu Ang would wake up, none of them knew.

Ye Fei ran through what was left of his memory, still feeling that the entire thing was too haphazardly handled with only Ma Chie.

When he returned to the Imperial Star, he would have to find out what that guy Lu ChangBai had been doing behind the scenes. After a few more hours, there was a slight rattling from the next bed and Gu Ang coughed twice.

Ye Fei raised his hand to turn on the light, rolled onto his back, and walked quickly to the bed.

Gu Ang’s face was red from coughing and he blinked before slowly opening his eyes.

Shen Fei Zhou also rushed over with an arrow step and leaned down to ask him, “Gu Ang, are you okay?”

“Who are you?” Gu Ang glanced at him with a frown.

Shen Fei Zhou froze, “????”

He never expected Gu Ang’s first words when he woke up to be so piercing.

How come he didn’t even recognize me when he was only supposed to have lost his memories? Damn Ma Chie, should’ve made sure to give him two more shots.

Ye Fei’s heart also constricted abruptly, and it took him a long time to find his voice, “Gu Ang, you…”

Gu Ang looked at him and muttered, “Big brother, why do you look so scruffy with your stubble coming out?”

Ye Fei a heart dropped back into place, not forgetting him as it were. He rubbed his chin before speaking slowly, “I was worried about you, you were asleep for a long time.”

Shen Fei Zhou unbelievable, put his face up again, “No, I’m Shen Fei Zhou. Don’t you remember me? I-I-I… I fell in love with you at first sight?”

Gu Ang looked at him blankly for a long moment before nodding slowly, “Seems like it, sort of impressive.”

Shen Fei Zhou petrified, why was Ye Fei called ‘big brother”, while he was only a little bit impressive? “Can you still remember what happened before? I went to the Ice Blue Planet to save you, and I saved you this time when you were in a coma.”

Shen Fei Zhou hurriedly added a crazy halo to himself, Laozi was your life saver.

“You saved me, thanks.” Gu Ang rubbed his temples, memories of his last life mixed with this one, and he couldn’t tell which was real and which wasn’t.

The man in front of him was supposed to be his superior in the last life, but now, had they met? Gu Ang was afraid to reveal the fact that he had transmigrated and had to play dumb. But this bewildered expression fell into Shen Fei Zhou’s eyes, and his heart ached until he couldn’t breathe.

Gu Ang, surprisingly, forgot about him. What was the point of putting down an induction agent, he didn’t get the person, and the memories were washed away.

Gu Ang was afraid of saying too many wrong words and opened his mouth to drive him away, “Don’t pose in my room, go away. Ye Fei can accompany me.”

Shen Fei Zhou fell into silence again, “……”

Ye Fei leaned against the bed and spoke up helpfully, “He’s awake too, you can go now.”

“Okay, I’ll go, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Shen Fei Zhou rubbed his neat hair into a mess, full of irritation trying to find a place to vent. When he saw Gu Ang’s cold face, he finally softened his attitude, turned his head and stepped out and took the door with him.

Ye Fei sat on the edge of his bed, poured him a glass of water and handed it over, “You’ve lost your memory?”

Gu Ang nodded and shook his head, “Just couldn’t quite remember what happened recently. What happened to me?”

Ye Fei repeated that rhetoric from Shen Fei Zhou, then asked, “You don’t remember anything from the last two days?”

“Don’t remember.” Gu Ang struggled to remember, feeling his brain ache.

“Forget it, if you can’t think of it, don’t think of it.” Ye Fei reached up and smoothed his furrowed brow. He thought to himself that if they both hit coma at the same time, Gu Ang being an injured and in-heat Omega, the aftermath might be a bit worse than his.

Gu Ang leaned back against the bed and thought for a moment before laughing again, “We’re both so good that we could still fall for this little trick.”

“They were all familiar people, so they let their guard down.” Ye Fei reassured, “Luckily nothing serious happened.”

Gu Ang raised the corner of his mouth a little, “What’s the consequence, selling us both for money? We should still be worth a lot of money, they would’ve made a profit.”

Ye Fei laughed back, “When we’d wake up, we’d more than likely violently tear down their prison.”

The two looked at each other and laughed for a while, neither of them able to break the ambiguity-tinged atmosphere. Ye Fei felt that something should be done. His mind flashed back to those snippets of dreams and he asked Gu Ang again, “So do you remember when I said I was going to chase you?”

“Like there’s such a thing.” Gu Ang licked his dry lower lip and smiled awkwardly, “You didn’t tell me how you would chase me.”

“I told you, you forgot.” Ye Fei leaned down and looked straight at him, “Looks like you can’t remember, do you want me to repeat it for you?”

Gu Ang was bewildered. Had he said that? Why did this brain of his feel inadequate now? He lifted his chin, “Repeating what?”

Ye Fei leaned a little closer to him, reaching out to squeeze the back of his erect neck and press it against himself. He dropped his eyes and gently bit Gu Ang’s bottom lip, spitting out a few words, “Embrace you and kiss you when I catch you.”


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