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Chapter 83: The Baby Was His

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, eating popcorn


Shen Fei Zhou just lay down on the bed, when he heard Ye Fei’s voice and was so scared that he turned off the light. What did he want to talk about? What did the two of them have to talk about? Anyway, if he didn’t respond, he would leave after a while.

Ye Fei heard no movement inside and knocked persistently on the door again, “I know you are still awake, there’s an urgent matter.”

Shen Fei Zhou blindfolded himself with the quilt, covered up so that he couldn’t hear, deceiving himself. He half closed his eyes, his ears moved slightly, listening to the movement outside the door.

Ye Fei persistently continued to knock on the door, and even opened his mouth to threaten, “Your door is unlocked, if you don’t get up, I’ll come in directly.”

“Fuck, how poisonous are you?” Shen Fei Zhou cursed, jumped up from the bed, pretended to be woken up and pulled the door open, “What for?”

Ye Fei’s hand was still on the door handle, with a calm face, “Then you come out.”

“Come in and talk.” Shen Fei Zhou looked annoyed.

Ye Fei took a step back and pulled away, “In the middle of the night, it’s not appropriate to stay alone, come out, let’s go outside and talk in the rest area.”

Shen Fei Zhou rolled his eyes, “I don’t intend to do anything to you, and really can lie.”

“Follow me.” Ye Fei hands in the pockets, cold face and self-conscious to go outside.

Shen Fei Zhou made an expression of rolling his eyes at the back. He was obviously a love rival, why did he call him? Gu Ang was probably blind, looking at such a person.

The two sat on the sofa in the lounge area, staring at each other with big eyes.

On the ship, they couldn’t smoke, so Shen Fei Zhou felt suffocated and poured himself a large glass of ice water, “Speak.”

Ye Fei propped his hands up on his knees, then raised his eyes to look at him, “That day Gu Ang and I were in a coma, what really happened?”

Shen Fei Zhou’s hand shook and the ice rolled down his throat, freezing him with a jolt. He stammered to cover up, “Didn’t I say that you two were dazed and slept for days? Why do you suddenly want to ask this?”

Ye Fei intensified his tone, “Really just dazed? I was in the same room with him, and it was so peaceful?”

Shen Fei Zhou pooh-poohed, “Shameless old rascal, what else do you want?”

“I remembered something, if you don’t mind, I can describe it to you.” Ye Fei laughed mockingly, “But I’m afraid you won’t be able to sleep tonight after hearing it.”

Shen Fei Zhou was still talking tough, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’ve said everything that needs to be said. Besides, you two are now reconciled, what is the point of dwelling on these past matters?”

“This matter is very important to me, and it’s also important to Gu Ang.” Ye Fei looked at him again, “If you truly like Gu Ang, tell me what really happened that night.”

Shen Fei Zhou rolled his throat for a moment, struggling in his heart. To be honest, both of them were together, it didn’t seem to make any difference if they did or didn’t do it that day. But, if he said it now, wouldn’t it be clear that he was hiding the truth making him look particularly villainous? He took another big sip of water, “Don’t use Gu Ang as a front.”

Ye Fei followed his lead, “You don’t want Gu Ang to be missing a piece of his memory forever, if I really did something bad, he will scold me and blame me, I will bear the consequences.”

He let go of a trap, inducing Shen Fei Zhou to drill into it. In fact, Ye Fei wasn’t sure if those things had really happened. But looking at the reaction of the person in front of him, there was an 80 to 90 percent chance it wasn’t a dream.

Shen Fei Zhou raised his eyes and opened his mouth to provoke him, “You aren’t afraid that he will know and break up with you?”

Ye Fei shook his head, “Not afraid, I said, I will bear any consequences.”

Shen Fei Zhou lowered his eyes. If Gu Ang knew that Ye Fei took advantage of the chaos to take advantage of him, would he be very angry? He then smoothly comforted, could Ye Fei not go back? Fuck, it was perfect.

“That night, you two were hit with a very fierce inducer.” Shen Fei Zhou dryly dumped the answer, “I must first affirm that it wasn’t me. The one who did the tampering has been privately dealt with.”

When Ye Fei heard the word inducer, his heart was stirred with ripples. If both people were forced to rut, what would happen? The answer spoke for itself. So those images, it really wasn’t that he was dreaming.

Ye Fei’s pupils moved slightly, controlling his wild heartbeat, “It was just the two of us?”

“Otherwise? I’m a gentleman, unlike some beasts who take advantage of people.” Shen Fei Zhou looked Ye Fei up and down, his mind flashed back to the hickeys on his neck that he saw the next day, his heart a dense sour.

Ye Fei suppressed his emotions and asked again, “So which step did I take?”

What had been done, Ye Fei himself didn’t know. But with both of them being hit with the induction agent at the same time and being alone in the same room, the odds of the baby being his were very high indeed. He was certainly prepared to accept this child from an unknown source. However, if it was really born to him and Gu Ang, it was worth being happy for everyone.

Shen Fei Zhou sneered, “I don’t know. Do you not know what you did in your heart?”

Ye Fei stroked his thoughts for a while, stood up and grabbed Shen Fei Zhou’s collar, “Why didn’t you say so at that time?”

It was misleading, and caused a bunch of trouble.

“Why should I say anything? Telling my love rival about this, wouldn’t that mean I’m crazy?” Shen Fei Zhou backhandedly also grabbed Ye Fei’s collar, glaring back at him.

The two were separated by a table, and there was uncontrollable anger in each other’s eyes.

Ye Fei grinded his teeth and squeezed out word by word, “Do you know how terrible the consequences of your concealment were?”

He recalled Gu Ang’s recent fears, those panicked and frightened expressions, and a surge of anger in his heart almost exploded.

“What consequences? You two have been hit by the inducer, you are happy, what about me?” Shen Fei Zhou remembered that difficult night of sleep, full of irritation. He continued to yell, “I fucking sat downstairs all night, smoked a few packs of cigarettes, I hid, what’s wrong?”

The words poked the anger in Ye Fei and he raised his hand, punching the corner of Shen Fei Zhou’s mouth, instantly oozing a little blood. He wasn’t relieved, sent another punch over, and the corner of Shen Fei Zhou’s mouth directly broke open.

Ye Fei pursed his lips, “I hit you, and you deserved it.”

Shen Fei Zhou was punched twice in a row, and his brain was dizzy. He straightened out his messy hair and wiped a handful of blood marks on the corner of his mouth, “What the fuck? You dare to hit me?”

After a couple of seconds, he regained his clarity and returned the favor. The two men wrestled to the ground, punching and kicking, with hard moves. They were both admirals, with equal combat power, and the scene was so messy that things were scattered all over the place.

Ye Fei’s arm was hit hard, but Shen Fei Zhou’s face swelled and looked more gruesome. After a few dozen rounds, they each retreated to the side and sat on the ground to catch their breath.

Shen Fei Zhou rubbed his sore cheek, “You think I’m hiding something, right? Fine, I’ll go to Gu Ang right now and make it clear.”

Ye Fei kicked him and threatened in a low voice, “If you go to him now, I will beat you to death.”

Shen Fei Zhou only said half of the words, whether the two of them were fully marked, not a third person knew. But if he told Gu Ang now, and the child turned out not to be his, really that bullshit self conception, would he be disappointed? Now that he’d come this far with Gu Ang, he couldn’t afford to take any more hits.

Ye Fei counted the time, the results would be out soon, and it was better to wait for the result.

“Suddenly you know that you have become a villain, and now you know to cover up, I tell you, you’re too late.” Shen Fei Zhou spat, spitting out a small mouthful of blood.

Ye Fei hesitated, if he didn’t tell the truth, it was possible that Shen Fei Zhou would spill everything. Gu Ang’s stomach could no longer be covered, and it was only a matter of time before Shen Fei Zhou knew. Ye Fei pressed down his eyes and moved his lips with a cold face, “I’ll tell you why I’m angry. Gu Ang is pregnant and he doesn’t know who the father of the baby is.”

“Pregnant? Bullshit, how could he be pregnant as an Alpha?” Shen Fei Zhou coldly snorted with disdain.

Ye Fei backhanded on the ground, seriously looking at him, “I didn’t lie to you, Gu Ang re-differentiated into an Omega. If you really like him, for his sake, wait a couple of days and then ask.”

Shen Fei Zhou froze, “Before crossing, he was clearly…”

“I don’t know why, he changed anyway.” Ye Fei scratched his hair in annoyance, “So for the child… there’s a high probability that it’s mine but I don’t remember if I fully marked him, so I’ll have to wait for the hospital’s test results.”

The atmosphere fell into silence, silent for a long time, Shen Fei Zhou only sluggishly cursed an expletive, “You really take advantage of everything…”

Ye Fei exhaled, “So you know, Gu Ang has no memory of anything. How scary is it to suddenly have a baby? Should you have been beaten?” He continued, “He even wanted to believe that the baby was his own doing.”

“So not now…” Shen Fei Zhou sighed and covered his face in pain. “I get it, there’s no point in saying it now, you can’t even remember it yourself.”

He thought about it, this thing is a fucking paradox. If he hadn’t hidden it, Gu Ang wouldn’t have had so much more anxiety, accepting the baby’s arrival with high hopes. But the anxiety was already there, and now the unknown outcome was adding fuel to the fire.

Ye Fei didn’t move, just quietly looking at Shen Fei Zhou, “Gu Ang being an Omega, please keep it a secret. I had no choice but to tell you, but I hope you’re clear about the consequences of saying it.”

Shen Fei Zhou mumbled, “Of course I know, I can’t possibly hurt him. It’s just that, I feel like I’ve lost him forever.”

Ye Fei opened his mouth, “Correction, you never had him.”

The two men, for the moment, agreed on this late night. Ye Fei straightened his messy clothes and was about to get up from the floor when he suddenly heard a voice from behind him. He turned around and saw Gu Ang standing a short distance away staring blankly at the two men, “You two, what are you doing sitting on the ground in the middle of the night?”

Ye Fei got up sharply and rubbed his aching arm, “I couldn’t sleep, practicing a little fighting.”

Gu Ang wrinkled his eyebrows, looking at Shen Fei Zhou’s slightly swollen cheek, as he hesitantly said, “But you… it looks like you’ve been beaten up pretty badly.”

Shen Fei Zhou swallowed his heart’s grievances and spoke coldly, “I’m not as good as others. It’s late, go back to sleep.”

Ye Fei walked over and grabbed his waist, “Why are you up?”

“Woke up from a nap and saw you weren’t there.” Gu Ang topped his messy hair and muttered, “Let’s go, don’t fight.”

Shen Fei Zhou’s eyes fell on Gu Ang’s abdomen, through the clothes, he couldn’t yet see anything abnormal. The thought of carrying a small life inside, and anymore words, could no longer be said. He met Gu Ang later, one step later, but with that, he would never be able to catch up with Ye Fei’s footsteps.

He didn’t say anything that night, and now that he wanted to say it, he could only hold it in. Many things were like this, time has passed, it wasn’t the right time. But he knew one thing very well, it was time to let go.

The next day they would arrive in the Empire, Ye Fei didn’t sleep. When he got up, everyone was crowding around Shen Fei Zhou asking about his injury. He and Shen Fei Zhou reached a tacit agreement that the conversation on the first night had become a secret.

Gu Ang looked like he had slept well, and looked full of energy. He leisurely crossed his legs and sat in the rest area, “We didn’t follow the rules in this competition either, so how can we count the points?”

“Why didn’t you follow the rules? Didn’t you kill Zerg?” Wei Yangze looked confused.

Gu Ang looked at him indifferently, “Forget it, forget I said it.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the electronic screen on the airship displayed several lines of points.

Gu Ang: 407 points

Ye Fei: 342 points

Jiang HeYi: 307 points

Yin WenXuan: 233 points

Qi MingFeng: 134 points

Qi MingYu: 103 points

The rest of the players, with less than 100 points, wouldn’t be counted. The top four students in the points ranking would enter the live performance tournament and finally decide the champion of the five-school league.

The tournament schedule was as follows.

Round 1: Gu Ang vs Yin WenXuan

Round 2: Ye Fei vs Jiang HeYi

Wei YangZe stared blankly at the screen, “Where did you all get such high points? How come I didn’t even make it to the top six?”

The six of them looked at each other and laughed in silence, no one said anything. If those kids joined the Zerg battle, it was a question whether they could survive or not, and they still wanted points?

Gu Ang was so happy because he killed the queen at the end, and his points overcame Ye Fei’s. He lazily patted Wei YangZe’s shoulder, “Try harder next time.”

Jiang HeYi shook her with a dissatisfied face, “I just killed one less level 9 Zerg at the end, otherwise I would have scored the same as Gu Ang.”

Ye Fei had a calm face, calmly accepting the result of being second, “I just like Gu Ang collecting heads.”

Tch, I didn’t expect you to be like this Ye Fei,” Jiang HeYi frowned, “How did I see you before?”

Ye Fei spread his hands, “So don’t chase me, it’s fruitless.”

Jiang HeYi took a look at the grouping of the showcase and rubbed her fist, “If I can’t get you, then I’ll kill you.”

Ye Fei hmmed, “Feel free to come.”

Shen Fei Zhou swelled the corners of his mouth and opened his mouth with difficulty to interject into the conversation, “Gu Ang, you’re still going to play in the exhibition match?”

You’re pregnant, so big-hearted?

Gu Ang shrugged his shoulders, “Why not? Do you look down on me?”

“No…” Shen Fei Zhou wanted to say something but stopped, “Aren’t you resting?”

Ye Fei stared at him, warning him with his eyes to be careful what he said.

Jiang HeYi slapped Shen Fei Zhou’s head with a big grin, “You have nothing to do with it, so what are you yelling about?”

Shen Fei Zhou was silent, well, then he wouldn’t say anything. But when you think about it, Zerg have played, their own people play around, should have a sense of proportion.

The system sounded: [The ship has ten seconds to land, please participate in the showcase students into the arrangement of the hotel, ready for tomorrow’s competition. Other students can make their own arrangements. Congratulations to everyone for getting home safely and wishing you all the best.]

The green channel lit up and the lift dropped down to connect to the ground.

Ye Fei carried Gu Ang’s luggage down together with the rate and followed the staff’s guidance into the arranged room.

Before the two of them could change into comfortable clothes, they heard someone knocking on the door. Ye Fei gave Gu Ang a cushion behind his waist before he got up and opened the door. It was the principal of Red Flame, Zhong Zhan. He entered with a smile on his face, “Oh my, our warriors are triumphant. How did the competition go? Did you advance?”

“Are you surprised you didn’t get the news?”

Seeing that the principal was only smiling and asking if the two had advanced, Gu Ang understood that the principal was afraid that he really didn’t know about the tournament.

“What news? Could it be that there were really deaths of participants in this Five Schools League?” Noticing that the two people’s expressions were a bit stiff, Zhong Zhan frowned.

“There were no casualties, but the number of Zerg gathered at the preliminary venue of this tournament was too many, the number of Zerg of the ninth level alone reached fourteen, each with a combat power no less than mine and Ye Fei’s.”

Gu Ang recalled the battle scene and couldn’t help but sigh with relief.

It was just as well that Zhong Zhan came over, so he obediently informed the danger of Zerg through this one channel of the Red Flame Principal. According to several people’s speculation, they were transported back, most likely because of the crisis caused by the Zerg. So when it came to the battle situation, he specifically exaggerated the strength of the other party a bit.

Moreover, Chris, the ninth level Zerg, did have the strength of not losing two people. Well, not really a lie.

“What?!” Zhong Zhan raised his voice, the whole person’s nerves tightened up, “Tell me properly, what the hell is going on?! A dozen ninth-grade Zerg actually appeared in the examination room of a competition for college students?! This is murder!!!”

Gu Ang and Ye Fei looked at each other, and finally it was Gu Ang who told Zhong Zhan the whole story from beginning to end, with Ye Fei helping to check the gaps on the side. Of course, about several people were crossing and the reason for Lu ChangBai’s mutiny, according to the agreement of the people, Gu Ang didn’t disclose.

After listening to the two, Zhong Zhan took a deep breath and tried to calm the fluctuations inside. He also didn’t expect that so many changes existed behind this league. Zhong Zhan patted the shoulders of the two and said comfortingly, “You guys prepare for the following showcase without worries, I will report up the things behind. This matter is not simple, you two kids shouldn’t get involved.” 

“Principal, the person who set up the game isn’t important, the key is the Zerg,” Gu Ang, fearing that Zhong Zong didn’t understand how critical this Zerg situation was, added another emphasis to the picture. “I’m not old and confused yet. The traitor who set up the trap is just a small mouse in the gutter, but if that Zerg really grows up, I’m afraid that it will bring great disaster to the people. To put it not too nicely, even if the Federation captures the Empire, it will only enslave the Empire’s people, even for those of us in the middle tier.”

Zhong Zhan put on his face and pretended to reprimand the two, lowering his voice, “But those aliens… treat us like food.”

Gu Ang hmmed two perfunctory sentences, “OK, so you are aware that the powerful relationship is over.”

“Well, I’m going to deal with it now, you two have a good rest.” Zhong war patted the two shoulders, “I’ll cheer for you tomorrow.”

Gu Ang watched him leave and spat, “That suffocated me. The principal had a good expression when he called Lord Qi Cang a rat in the gutter.”

“It’s hard for you to keep a secret.” Ye Fei rubbed his head, “How do you feel now, will you be able to play tomorrow?”

“No problem, alive and kicking.” Gu Ang touched his stomach, “The little one has been quiet lately, not giving me any trouble. Tomorrow’s game, odds are we’ll end up playing against each other, big brother, I’m going to beat you again.”

Ye Fei smiled, “Then I’ll see how you can win against me.”

The venue for the exhibition match was housed in the largest gymnasium in the capital, and in addition to the audience who bought tickets to enter the venue on site, the online platform was also simulcast.

Gu Ang was waiting in the lounge, watching the dense pop-ups on the live screen, and many others were brushing up on their battleships. Among them, the biggest tycoon was a fan named [Xiao Bai Bai Bai], brushing a full 100 of them, blowing up the screen.

Gu Ang touched Ye Fei, “Is Bai SiNing crazy?”

“It’s normal for him to be excited that you are going to be on the stage.” Ye Fei raised his eyes to the screen, “I haven’t seen them both for a long time.”

“After the game, invite them to dinner.” Gu Ang casually responded.

After crossing over for almost a year, his fan base was growing with the naked eye.

A lot of IDs directly topped with titles like [Gu Ang’s petite wife], [Gu Ang’s real girlfriend], [Gu Ang’s delicate Omega], and so on, brushing the screen like crazy.

Ye Fei looked a little jealous, “You fans almost caught up with me.”

“No way, the strength is here.” Gu Ang moved his wrist, “I will knock out Yin WenXuan later and give them face.”

The staff came to inform him, “Gu Ang, we’re ready to go.”

“Be sure to watch your stomach and don’t get attacked.” Ye Fei was worried.

He was really worried, but looking at Gu Ang’s excited face, he couldn’t bear to splash cold water on him. The good thing was that the first two games were mecha battles, and with people in the mecha, Gu Ang should have the complete upper hand. If it came to the last bare-knuckle fight, the two of them would not have much of a problem when they met.

Gu Ang moved sideways, in front of a group of people, a big hook and a kiss on his neck, “Big brother, don’t worry, I have a sense of proportion.”

He let go of Ye Fei and walked straight up the aisle to the playing field.

Yin WenXuan was standing on the other side of the field, dressed in white, looking ready to go. Gu Ang was in a black combat suit, his whole body wrapped in solemnity, his face cold and more warlike. The crowd began to scream and cheer, watching a group of the strongest newcomers in the top competition, everyone’s blood boiling.

Although it was an exhibition match, the two obviously didn’t intend to just casually fight and perfunctory past. For any fighter, no one would give up the opportunity to spar with an equal opponent. Without exchanging too many pleasantries, the two jumped on their respective mecha and the battle was on.

And at this moment, the audience on stage and outside the arena naturally split into two factions.

“Gu Ang, the pride of Red Flame, give me a charge!!!”

“Gu Ang is too handsome! Just took a look at the stage, my legs are weak.”

“Yin WenXuan, I like this one. Civil and courteous, fighting with a thief’s ruthlessness!”

“Do you all look at the face? Let me seriously analyze the fighting power. I predict Gu Ang will win!”

“I don’t care, Yin WenXuan is my senior, I blow my head off!”


The gun went off and the match began.

In an instant, a strong wind rose.

Gu Ang drove the Luminous with familiar skills and human-machine unity.

With the double advantage of mecha performance and driving ability, he directly dangled flat a up.

After he had seen Gu Ang’s strength in XuanCheng, Yin WenXuan knew that his driving ability and mecha were inferior, so it was difficult for him to fight against his opponent.

In the moment just before the first punch of the two was about to contact, surprisingly, directly kicked the ground, moving and shifting, changing their direction of advance.


Gu Ang knew that Yin WenXuan’s mecha couldn’t resist, but he didn’t expect the other party to be so decisive, directly omitting the tentative first strike.

The originally imperative punch hammered into the ground, directly blowing a large crater out of the field.

Gu Ang didn’t hesitate and immediately flipped sideways, intending to distance himself from his opponent in order to reorganize his attack.

However, Yin WenXuan wasn’t willing to let go of the advantage he had gained through a small psychological tactic, and he immediately closed in on Gu Ang and started a tussle, catching him off guard. The two sides went back and forth, and within 40 or so moves, he forced Gu Ang directly into the corner of the platform.

The attack was fast, fierce and accurate, and it looked like it was just one step away from knocking Gu Ang off the stage. The crowd was silent, staring straight at the two mecha on the edge. It seemed that once Gu Ang fell, the crowd was about to start shouting. But such a small step was a chasm that Yin WenXuan could never cross.

During the exchange of blows, Gu Ang got familiar with Yin WenXuan’s fighting skills. He slightly disrupted the rhythm of the sneak attack and easily controlled the scene and stopped retreating.

Gu Ang took advantage of the close proximity of the two and began to counterattack violently, exclusively for mecha underhand. His angles and their trickiness left almost no room for resistance.

The situation was instantly turned around, and this time, Yin WenXuan was losing ground and was unable to fight back. He found that his opponent had gone from being overwhelmed by his own sneak attack at the beginning to now being at ease.

Knowing that victory was hopeless, he suddenly landed in the middle of the bouting platform with a side and back flip, and raised his hand in gesture.

“I concede defeat.”

After all, it was a performance-based match, and there was no need for both sides to fight to the death.

After raising the white flag, Gu Ang stopped injecting pheromone into the engine and came forward to shake hands in a friendly manner. The crowd froze for a second before reacting to the fact that the fight was over and Gu Ang had advanced to the finals. Before they had time to relish their awe, the second match started seamlessly.

Ye Fei and Jiang HeYi were also considered old rivals. Before crossing, the cat and mouse game that one person was crazy to chase and the other was frantic to escape has been played a lot, and both sides had a better idea of what kind of strength they had.

“Ye Fei, we also shouldn’t engage in those fancy mecha battles. As I see it, we will drive our mecha to throw three punches. Whoever takes more steps back wins.”

The two men had just walked onto the stage when Jiang HeYi capriciously changed the match system.

The referee spoke up, “If both sides accept it, it can be changed.”

Ye Fei: “…”

He wasn’t a simpleton like her, so why should he agree to her outrageous request? Jiang HeYi was known for her ruthless strength, hammering people to death with one punch. He glanced at the referee and dropped his eyes back to Jiang HeYi, “It’s not impossible to agree with you, but isn’t it unfair to me to just fight with strength?”

Jiang HeY was very generous and casually replied, “Also, how about this, I’ll let you take three steps?”

Ye Fei shook his head, avoided the portable radio microphone, and whispered, “No need to let me, if you lose, don’t chase me again in this life, okay?”

Jiang HeYi was extraordinarily confident in her strength and flexed her muscles, “Yes, if I’m not as good as you after three punches, I’ll promise not to chase you again.”

Seeing that the other party readily responded, Ye Fei was slightly relieved.

This King Kong Barbie gave him a headache, since there was a small vinegar bag at home, killing one was still one. The audience was still bewildered. How did the tournament rules change just like that? Worthy of the showpiece, and was arbitrary. The two settled into their respective mecha, then began the first encounter.


After a muffled sound, Ye Fei and Jiang HeYi took two steps backward at the same time, tying.



Not being ahead in her strong area, Jiang HeYi was a little unconvinced. Holding her breath, she took a controlled mecha step, her aura instantly climbing to the extreme. Determined to strike the next blow, she was able to gain a huge advantage that would seal the victory.

Ye Fei concentrated the force, manipulated the mecha, and pulled his fist up to meet it. The huge kinetic energy drove the mecha’s iron fist to smash through like a dragon flying across the sky. For the all-around genius, there was no weakness to speak of.

After the exchange, Jiang HeYi took one more small step backward before she could stabilize herself.

“Come on, one last punch.” Ye Fei moved his mecha a little, thinking to hurry up and end the fight.

“Referee, I admit defeat.” Jiang HeYi spat out her tongue, jumped off the mecha, and announced the result.

Ye Fei followed and came out of the mecha, frowning and asking, “What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing, I don’t feel I’m strong enough, so I might have to practice before I fight you with this third punch.”

Jiang HeYi smiled sweetly, “Don’t worry, after this third punch if I lose to you, I will definitely not pester you again.”

Ye Fei: … 

He wasn’t afraid of Barbie’s rascality, but he was afraid of Barbie’s brain. He never thought that this woman was so able to exploit the loophole.

“Convincing.” Ye Fei wrinkled his eyebrows and nodded, “You’re really good.”

Jiang HeYi blew a flying kiss at him, “Remember our bet, oh.”

The pop-up screen was filled with a series of question marks.

[Just two punches, why did you admit defeat? It’s no fun.]

[I heard that Jiang HeYi likes Ye Fei, so when faced with someone she likes, she can’t do it, right?

[Wait, so it’s Ye Fei vs. Gu Ang in the finals?]

[Wow, a couple’s match! I’m really looking forward to it!

[I just hope Ye Fei doesn’t throw the match, I just want to watch a good passionate fight…]

Ye Fei went down from the ring and came back to the lounge and saw Gu Ang holding his head up and drinking water.

He walked over and rubbed Gu Ang’s shoulder, and saw the stitches of encouragement, “That was a good matchup just now.”

“You two are also too perfunctory, it’s only been a few minutes.” Gu Ang swallowed the water and spat out in dissatisfaction.

Ye Fei shrugged his shoulders, “Respect the lady’s opinion. It’s supposed to be an exhibition match, so what’s the point of fighting and killing?”

“Surely the next match is between us two.” Gu Ang thought of this and changed back to an excited face, “Big brother, the last time I beat you was in the freshman tournament, I think I can win this time too.”

Ye Fei raised his eyebrows, “This time, I will play seriously and not let you.”

Gu Ang muttered in a low voice, “Not letting me, as if you would. Who’s afraid of you? I fight two on one.”

Ye Fei reacted for a moment before he understood what two to one meant.

He laughed helplessly, “You guys are teaming up for domestic violence.”

“Yes, until you are convinced.” Gu Ang stood up anxiously and looked out through the glass, “Why isn’t it starting yet?”

Ye Fei sat leisurely on the side, crossing his legs, and felt the communicator that landed on the sofa vibrate a little. He casually picked it up and clicked it on, seeing that Dr. Zhang had sent him a report and several strings of text.

[I rushed the report out ahead of time, tested it twice, the results are fine, the child is yours.]

[I didn’t dare to send the report to Gu Ang, so you can explain yourself. If you hide it, I will eventually tell him.]

[I told you it’s obviously your child, so why did you refuse to admit that you did the full marking in the first place? You let people worry so much?]

[Or did you sneak around and fuck someone? That’s too much, right?]

[Hey, I’ll curse for Gu Ang, you’re really not human.]

Ye Fei carefully clicked on the report, repeatedly confirmed it twice, and let out a long sigh of relief. If Shen Fei Zhou’s words ignited his hope, this report became a prairie fire. The child was his and Gu Ang’s, a true continuation of their love.

Those tossing and turning late at night, all sorts of worries, anxiety like chaos, all fell to the ground with this result. The tiny hope that he had never hoped for, that he had longed for, had actually come true.

Gu Ang and the child were his.

The mere thought of it in his head was a joy.

Ye Fei settled down and used all his strength to keep the excitement out of his eyes. He glanced at Gu Ang, who was ready to go on stage, and fell into a long meditation after being happy. 

How do I open my mouth later so that I can die a less gruesome death?


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Sue R
Sue R
May 26, 2023 1:13 pm

😅😅😅😅, poor Ye Fei.

May 26, 2023 8:50 pm

Ha ha ha i like that Doctor😅❤️❤️..
But the problem fall on YF on how to explain to Gu Ang 😅😅

May 27, 2023 5:08 am

I wonder what the consequences of the manipulated Zerg battle will be.
JHY has become quite pathetic and annoying ~ all mouth and trying to change things to win, then drawing it out because she knew she wouldn’t. Please just give up, YF would never choose you.
I hope YF clearly explains to GA the events as he’d learned of them, in order & clearly. GA will surely understand.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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