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Chapter 91: The Groom Is Changed For Next Month’s Wedding

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey just wants the misunderstandings to end


As soon as the door closed, Ye Fei and Ye HongFeng looked at each other, embarrassment spreading. It was the end of March, but they felt chilly.

Ye Fei complained in a low voice, “Dad, why did you say things without getting to the point first? When you come and throw out that the baby is mine first, Auntie would be angry.”

He let out a long sigh, somewhat regretting bringing Ye HongFeng into the situation. He had thought that bringing his dad to his door to talk about marriage would look slightly more formal, but now it seemed that he had been ill-considered. Just thinking about the scene just now, he felt his chest clogged, and he was unable to breathe. From Qin LeHe’s standpoint, it was obvious that he had denied it last time, but now it was a foregone conclusion, which would have made anyone angry.

It was really a dead end. Only, he didn’t expect it to not end in a beating, but him being kicked out of the house.

The two men were decently dressed, their suits still wrinkle-free, just downright lousy. Like a puppy kicked out of the house in a rainstorm, homeless, unclaimed. They had to cower in a corner, reflecting on their faults bit by bit. Goliath’s gate was closed so tightly that those inside didn’t come out and those outside couldn’t get in.

The door that had been so hard to knock open, was so blocked that it couldn’t find a way in, and his heart was clogged.

“I thought she would feel happy to know the baby was yours.” Ye HongFeng frowned, recalling the conversation from earlier and frantically shrugged it off, “No, and you didn’t tell her carefully what happened to you guys last time, it’s all your fault.”

Ye Fei sulked, his heart in turmoil, “Forget it, it’s useless to pull this now. What should we do?”

“What can we do? Wait for Ah’Ang to explain to his mother, and we’ll stand aside and wait.”

Ye HongFeng pulled the trouser leg, and squatted on the steps like a stone lion. He pulled the cigarette case out of his pocket, flicked the bottom of the box and lit a cigarette.

Ye Fei stared at the smoke billowing up and licked his lower lip, his throat tightening. Feeling a little gluttonous, he leaned against the door to avoid the sight.

Ye HongFeng raised his eyebrows and looked up at the man, “You don’t want a reprieve?”

“I quit.” Ye Fei said lightly as he rubbed his sore eyelids.

“Quit? That much gumption?” Ye HongFeng exhaled a puff of smoke, finding it strange, “Haven’t you been smoking since your first year of high school? It’s been so many years, and you just said you quit?”

Ye Fei lowered his eyes, “Because Gu Ang’s pregnant, it’s for the baby.”

Ye HongFeng nodded with his cigarette in his mouth, “That’s true, second-hand smoke is bad. You’ve grown up a bit and have the look of a father.”

Ye Fei leaned against the door, filled with all sorts of thoughts. If he were to explain, today was the best time to do so, and if he missed it and came back, the situation would be even more complicated. Thinking that he couldn’t keep watch, he quickly tapped on his communicator and dialed Shen Fei Zhou’s number.

This guy got him into this mess, and it was up to him to untie the dead end in person. With a slight movement of her fingers, the phone dialed, the same cold female voice, “Sorry, the contact you have called has blacklisted you and is temporarily unavailable.”

Ye Fei cursed an expletive and asked helplessly, “Dad, do you have any contact information for Shen Fei Zhou’s superiors?”

“What do you want with him?”

“He’s the one who made this misunderstanding of ours.” Ye Fei rubbed his brow, also blaming him for not telling Ye HongFeng the cause and effect. At first it was a misunderstanding that he thought was really laughable, so he avoided saying a general statement, but didn’t expect to light a dynamite packet.

Ye HongFeng sunk his eyes and bit down on his cigarette to send a message to his lieutenant.                                              The handlers moved quickly and quickly asked for the communication number of Shen Fei Zhou’s superiors.

Ye HongFeng clicked on the phone, pressed the number and dialed straight through, asking in a deep voice, “Old Mu, this is Ye HongFeng, what are you working on today?”

The other side responded politely, “How come Marshal Ye is free to find me? Not busy with anything, training at the base.”

“Is Shen Fei Zhou at your place?”

“He’s here, why?”

Ye HongFeng didn’t bother to nag, “Put him on the phone, it’s urgent.”

The other end changed and Ye HongFeng threw the communicator at Ye Fei in annoyance, “Can’t figure out what you youngsters are up to, talk to him yourself.”

Ye Fei pinched the communicator and spoke, “Shen Fei Zhou, you pulled us into the blacklist and kept us there. Do you have a weak heart?”

Shen Fei Zhou heard Ye Fei’s voice and smiled awkwardly, “It’s been a long time, how have you been?”

Ye Fei snorted coldly, “Thanks to you, not too good. Come to Gu Ang’s house now and explain to his mother all those things you’ve been hiding. I’m going to die unjustly.”

They wouldn’t have made so many misunderstandings out of thin air if it wasn’t for that night of concealment. Thinking about this recent ebb and flow of ups and downs made his brain hurt. In the end, it was all Shen Fei Zhou’s fault.

“I can’t get away, the boss is busy over here.” Shen Fei Zhou’s tone was evasive.

It was hard to avoid meeting Gu Ang and going to his house. Wasn’t that what happened when the whole family took turns beating him up? The reasoning was understood, whoever went was a dog.

“Busy my ass, I just heard Admiral Mu say that you guys are training.” Ye Fei grimaced and gritted his teeth, “You’ve committed your sins, how dare you not come and fix them?”

“Grind it out.” Ye HongFeng frowned and stubbed out his cigarette. He snatched up the communicator and used his official rank to press people in a rare way, “Tell Old Wu that you, I want you today. Hurry up and get over here.”

Shen Fei Zhou had no choice but to “um” and “ah” for half a day before agreeing, “Okay, send me the address.”

Ye Fei clicked on the dialog box and spoke quietly, “…Add me back first.”

The comm lit up a bit, adding him back. Ending the conversation, Ye Fei sent the address and continued to lean against the door, glowering. He tried to strain to hear the conversation inside the door, but unfortunately the soundproofing was so good that not a single sound came out.

Gu Ang sat in the living room, staring wide-eyed at Qin LeHe. There was silence in the living room, the eerie atmosphere was hair-raising. Ten minutes passed and Qin LeHe still hadn’t spoken, very counter-intuitive. Like the calm before the storm, he didn’t know what kind of waves would be made in the next second.

Gu Ang changed his sitting position and asked tentatively, “Mom, can I explain?”

“Explain what?” Qin LeHe took a sip of water and asked impatiently, “Trying to find excuses for Ye Fei again? Gu Ang, you’re not a child anymore, you need to know how to distinguish right from wrong, don’t help people count their money even though they’ve been cheated.”

Gu Ang tsked, “I’m not…”

“Even though mom’s divorced, at least the Qin family’s considered respectable enough to be able to support a child.” Qin LeHe spoke at length and patiently persuaded, “Even if you don’t get married, we can still raise this little baby, you don’t need to condemn yourself to marry that kind of scum who doesn’t recognize the child.”

“He’s not scum…”

“You saw your father’s marriage to me, there was no good ending with a man who isn’t trustworthy.” Qin LeHe worried and felt his hair turn a few shades of white instantly. “I’m just afraid you’ll get carried away with love and regret it later.”

Gu Ang was interrupted several times in a row and was a little distraught. He suppressed his grumpiness and spoke in a gentle tone, “Mom, there was a hidden agenda in this matter. Ye Fei didn’t admit it last time because we both lost our memories after that night. He didn’t remember, and neither did I. It’s only when the report came out that we learned the truth.”

“Maybe he’s the one who caused your memory loss! Son, it’s not mom’s conspiracy theory, the Ye family has such a big R&D team behind them, isn’t it easy to get these things?” Qin LeHe frowned her showy eyebrows, “I heard that the Ye family needs to have children to inherit the family business, was that why they were willing to admit it?”

Gu Ang was a little tired, mentally and physically.

Standing in Qin LeHe’s shoes, she was worried about perfectly reasonable speculation. She had no idea what had happened in those years before the crossing, only that now Ye Fei was so full of lies that her brain strung together and made up the supposed conspiracy herself. Once that scum mark was on, it was hard to tear it off.

Gu Ang cleared his throat and tried to convince her again, “There really is a reason this time, please believe me for once.”

“You’re marrying him anyway, and I don’t agree.” Qin LeHe extinguished all possibilities with one word.

Gu Ang hung his head and got up, “I’ll go out and check on them first. I guess they haven’t left yet.”

Qin LeHe stood up and pulled his wrist, “Why do you still care about them? By the way, remember to move out of the dormitory, I’ll find you a new house now. What if something happens if you live with him while you’re pregnant?”

“Talk about it later, Mom. I’ll go first.” Gu Ang had a terrible headache, and he really wasn’t very good at dealing with such intricate relationships.

What could be solved with a fist, and he could just go on. But this crooked misunderstanding was so long that it couldn’t be told with ten mouths. Gu Ang moved slowly to the door, pulled it open, and Ye Fei, who was leaning against the door, almost fell in without standing. He reached out to hold the man and pushed him outward, closing the door behind him.

Ye Fei saw that he looked bereft, mostly because he hadn’t been able to make his point, “Auntie’s still mad?”

Gu Ang hmmed and reached out to tug at Ye Fei’s palm, “I’m sorry for wronging you.”

“It’s okay, blame me, and my dad.” Ye Fei squeezed his palm, “It’s okay, don’t worry.”

Gu Ang glanced at Ye HongFeng, who was crouched in the doorway, and his heart apologized even deeper, “Uncle, why don’t we go back today? Come back in a couple of days when my mom’s anger has subsided.”

“There’s no rush, I called Shen Fei Zhou over.” Ye Fei reached out and pinched a wrinkled face, “Don’t be so mournful, the sky isn’t falling.”

Gu Ang froze, “You got in touch with Shen Fei Zhou? Didn’t he block us?”

“Mn, my dad dragged in someone to find him. He should be coming soon, wait a little longer.” Ye Fei reached out and rubbed the small of his back, “Poor baby, still has to follow us to the penalty station.”

Gu Ang was amused as he reached out and hugged Ye Fei, feeling reassured. Like he said, even if the sky was falling, this man who was a few centimeters taller than him could hold him.

Ye HongFeng looked over and coughed lightly twice, “You guys keep hugging, don’t mind me.”

Gu Ang bounced away, “No more hugs.”

“What are you shy about in front of my dad?” Ye Fei reached out and pulled him over, “When we get past your mom, he’s your dad too.”

Ye HongFeng which pot to mention, “What he means is, didn’t you call me dad before? Just that time, the first time we met.”

Gu Ang was so ashamed that he wanted to find a hole in the ground, that embarrassing slip of the tongue, why did he have to bring it up over and over again? He hung his head, the scattered hair on his forehead almost blocking his vision, “Uncle, forget about that.”

“Call me Dad, and I’ll forget immediately.” Ye HongFeng teased him.

Gu Ang opened his mouth, and the word came to his lips, but somehow he couldn’t say it. Obviously, he’d called him that many times before, but now he felt a little embarrassed.

Ye Fei rubbed his waist, “Dad, don’t give him a hard time.”

Ye HongFeng was about to say something else when he saw a car pull up at the front door. The words took a turn, “It seems that Shen Fei Zhou’s here.”

The door of the car opened and Shen Fei Zhou ran all the way into the garden and across the path to the door. He breathed heavily, “Hello, Marshal Ye, you guys are in such a hurry, I’m really desperate to get this way.”

“You worked hard. You know what to say, right?” Ye Fei reminded lightly, “Tell Gu Ang’s mom as is, word for word, and I thank you.”

The voice was cold, faint, and tinged with a bit of resentment. Shen Fei Zhou felt like an arrow target at this moment, the three people’s eyes brushed and poked at him like arrows. He gave an awkward smile, “Got it.”

“Go on, then.” Gu Ang turned to knock on the door and called out to Qin LeHe, “Mom, open the door.”

After a few seconds, the door was pulled open. Qin LeHe stared at the pile of men in the doorway with a bewildered look, how come there was also, inexplicably, an extra one? She didn’t look too kind, sneering, “Why aren’t you gone yet? Bringing in another rescuer?”

“Hello, auntie, I’m Lieutenant General Shen Fei Zhou. Can we go in and talk?” Shen Fei Zhou showed his eight teeth and put on the most handsome smile of his life.

Even if his heart was fuming, his face must hold up.

Qin LeHe didn’t know him, and it was hard to kick him out, so after glancing at the men, she said, “I’ll only give you five minutes.”

“Just three minutes.” Shen Fei Zhou squeezed in hotly, waving his hand behind him to indicate that people should follow. It was this chilling living room again, and everyone picked seats.

Gu Ang scorned Qin LeHe’s eyes and was separated from Ye Fei by a left and a right.

Qin LeHe knocked on the coffee table, “What do you want to say?”

Ye Fei glanced at Shen Fei Zhou, “Just now Gu Ang should have told you why I said that before, I didn’t admit it at that time, indeed I lost my memory, Lieutenant General Shen can testify to that.”

Lieutenant. General. Shen.

Shen Fei Zhou heard a tremor in his heart and felt a boundless murderous aura. He hurriedly spoke, “Yes, I’m to blame for my poor management of my subordinates and gave them both inducers, that’s why they were forced into heat and had the pregnancy thing. They are both very innocent indeed, the inducer had side effects and it erases one’s memory.”

Qin LeHe raised his eyes, “Why did your subordinate place the induction agent?”

“Because I… I’ve liked Gu Ang for a long time, and he was only supposed to charm Gu Ang and make me…” Shen Fei Zhou coughed lightly, “But I didn’t expect Ye Fei to help Gu Ang block the drinks and get hit too.”

Qin LeHe pursed his fiery red lips and didn’t speak, “So that’s why they’re just now learning the truth?”

“Yeah, Ye Fei came looking for me then and beat me up.” Shen Fei Zhou rubbed his nose, “It’s all my fault.”

Ye HongFeng said coldly, “Deserved to be beaten up.”

Qin LeHe voiced out, “Who am I to believe you?”

Gu Ang wiped his face and, well, it circled back around. His mom was so defensive now that she was suspicious of anyone’s reasoning three times over.

Shen Fei Zhou smiled awkwardly and had to reveal his final card, “You can ask in the army, I’m after Gu Ang and everyone knows it. Ye Fei and I are, to put it bluntly, in a hostile relationship. I don’t have to… There’s no need to come here and perjure myself for my rival, right?”

Ye HongFeng found the opportunity to rush to help, “That’s it, there can’t be such a generous man, so that’s the truth.”

Qin LeHe was silent. That being said, it seemed to make some sense.

Gu Ang saw the relief in his heart and struck while the iron was hot, “Mom, Ye Fei is really a very good person. He’s willing to marry me and take care of me before he didn’t know whose child it was. He’s really innocent about this.”

“Don’t say anything, let me think.” Qin LeHe reached out to interrupt.

Once again the living room fell silent. Shen Fei Zhou glanced at Ye Fei and then at Gu Ang, helplessly spreading his hands.

Qin LeHe asked again, “Where’s the person who drugged him now?”

Shen Fei Zhou hurried to reply, “I dealt with him privately that night, you can rest assured that he’s a dead man now.”

Qin LeHe raised his eyebrows slightly, “Gu Ang was hit with an inducer and you still haven’t made a move. You’re a decent guy.”

Shen Fei Zhou muttered in his heart, If I had to know that he was an Omega at that time, where would I let him stay in a room with Ye Fei? In retrospect, it was just stupid. Of course, that was something he didn’t dare say. He blushed with embarrassment, “A melon twisted by force is not sweet, I still have that bottom line.”

Ye HongFeng gave a double clap, “Mn, now the misunderstanding is cleared. In-law, can we talk about the marriage of the two children?”

“Um…” Qin LeHe’s face was a bit torn, “Sorry for doing that to you guys just now.”

Ye Fei shook his head, “Understandable, it’s okay.”

Shen Fei Zhou put his foot down, “After explaining clearly, can I go now?”

He didn’t want to stay here and listen to two families talk about marriage like a light bulb.

Well at least he liked Gu Ang for so long, although he decided to give up and it still sounds solid.

Ye Fei looked up at him, “Thank you for coming over, our feud is even.”

“I was going to beat you up, but seeing as you’ll make up for it, forget it.” Gu Ang waved his hand casually, “Next time we meet, we’ll still be friends.”

Shen Fei Zhou nodded in a hurry and rolled towards the door like the wind, “Okay, I’ll go first then.”

By the time the living room reverted to a four-person situation, the atmosphere was a bit awkward. Qin LeHe also didn’t expect that there were so many twists and turns in this matter. She bowed her head slightly, “Ye Fei, Auntie apologizes to you for hurting you last time.”

“It was a reasonable beating, no need to feel sorry.” Ye HongFeng picked up the conversation.

Ye Fei also said, “It didn’t hurt, it was just a little bit. I didn’t feel anything.”

Gu Ang held back his laughter. Didn’t feel it, then walked with a limp for three days? This guy was so dead set on keeping his persona strong.

“I have no problem with you getting married, you guys set the time.” Qin LeHe finally loosened up, “But with little Ang’s three month old belly now, it’s neither too early nor too late, in a while I guess it will be noticeable that he’s pregnant. Either hurry up or wait until the baby is born to make up for the wedding.”

Gu Ang glanced at Ye Fei, “I’m all right with that.”

Ye Fei couldn’t wait to get a title, “Next month then.”

Gu Ang choked for a moment, “…So soon?”

Ye Fei moved graciously to sit next to him against the stared of the two adults, “It’s not soon, I’ve been waiting a long time.”

Only Gu Ang knew what that meant, it was indeed a long time, and the years wore on them. Gu Ang straightened his back and said slowly, “Then… then next month.”

Several people had just breathed a sigh of relief when their respective communicators vibrated in unison. Gu Ang dropped his eyes and saw the pop-up box sending a short report of the hottest news.

‘Heavyweight News! Gu Shen reveals: son Gu Ang will be engaged to Lu ChangJing of the Lu family. April wedding date, wait and see!

Gu Ang: “????” He mumbled something like, “It’s over, we’re getting married next month and the groom is changed.”


Author’s Note: 

Ye Fei: I’m really jealous this time.


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