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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Hm,” Ning Chu brought the slightly agitated little purple dragon cub over to him and stroked the dragon horns on his forehead, “I told you, no wonder it’s such a coincidence… So you’re here to find him.”

Fourth Cub came to look for Wuuth, and the thunderstorm was seen by Ning Chu, and only then could the two of them meet.

Of course, he couldn’t have come to look for a human, so Wuuth was indeed Cubbie. After confirming Wuuth’s identity from Fourth Cub, Ning Chu wasn’t too surprised. He had already had his suspicions, and now that he was completely sure, all the things he had found strange earlier made sense.

As for why he had to hide it from him, Ning Chu didn’t understand. But when he thought of Cubbie’s usual twisted character, he could understand a little. Before that, he had never thought that the dragon he raised could become human.

He was really a legendary dragon… If other dragons could also become human, why would they need to return to the juvenile form to hide themselves?

However, Ning Chu had some other questions. He looked over at Third Cub, who was trying to reduce his presence, and Third Cub scratched his neck and looked up at the sky, pretending he didn’t know anything.

“San San,” Ning Chu said in his usual tone, waving to him, “It’s okay, I’m not angry.”

Third Cub couldn’t have not known what Fourth Cub knew, and he must’ve been helping Wuuth to hide it from him. Third Cub immediately straightened up and flew over to Fourth Cub, huddling together.

He was suffocating too!

As a dragon with no human form, he couldn’t figure out why Wuuth didn’t tell Ning Chu. What’s not to tell?

Third Cub rolled over in Ning Chu’s arms and wrapped his front paws around his hand, allowing him to give him a scratch. Fourth Cub watched Ning Chu’s movements and reached out to sniff his hand.

Compared with before, Ning Chu’s appearance had changed a lot, and he had even become a human.

Most humans were weak and liked to challenge the unknown, so dragons didn’t like humans, but if that human was Ning Chu, that was a different story.

Ning Chu smelled good with a faint grass fragrance, and his skin was soft. It was also more comfortable in his arms. When Ning Chu used to hold them, it would only be in one position. It turned out that Ning Chu couldn’t appear on Dragon Island, not because he was trapped by something, but because he was reborn somewhere else.

Fourth Cub gently nibbled on Ning Chu’s fingers when he suddenly heard Ning Chu’s voice change again, “Wait… Fifth Cub knows about it?”

Fourth Cub’s eyes widened in confusion.

Third Cub stiffened and pampered Ning Chu, “Awoo…”

Ning Chu stroked him and his tone eased, “I don’t blame you.”

Third Cub used to listen to Wuuth, and he wouldn’t tell him about this, but wasn’t it because of Wuuth? Not only that, he also brought the simple Little Five in too to lie to him.

The other day, Wuuth followed him everywhere, and he took Little Five with him? He didn’t even notice… Thinking of this, Ning Chu heaved a “hum”.

Third Cub’s tail twitched and he peeked at Ning Chu and saw that he wasn’t angry with him, so he lay back with his head tilted.

Anyway… It wasn’t him who told Ning Chu, it was Fourth Cub.


Inside the Academy dormitory, Ning Chu and Third Cub hadn’t returned all night, and the rain had gradually stopped, before the weather outside returned to normal. Fifth Cub was very worried and anxiously patted the little black dragon’s dragon wings, asking him to think of something.

[With Red Flame by his side, you don’t have to worry.] The little black dragon soothed and simply transformed into his human form and took Fifth Cub into his arms.

The embrace similar to Ning Chu’s brought Fifth Cub some sense of security, and she lay in Wuuth’s clothes, showing a pair of eyes.

It wasn’t until dawn that Wuuth returned to his dragon form and hid under the bed before Bowen woke up, covering the dragon crawler on the wall with his clothes.

The alarm clock went off on time, Bowen got up, dressed and washed up, before leaving the door, calling out, “Hugh, I’m going to class, are you still asleep?”

The bed was quiet, no one answered. Bowen thought it was strange, but turned his head and saw that Ning Chu’s shoes were missing from the door. He called out again and pulled back the bed curtain.

Inside, there was indeed no one in sight, and the quilt was piled up messily on one side.

“Huh?” Bowen pushed his glasses, could it be that Ning Chu had left before he woke up? He just assumed he slept too much and didn’t hear the commotion, and turned his head to go to class.

It was only after Bowen left that the two little dragon cubs came out from under the bed.

Wuuth returned to human form and locked the door, just like Ning Chu always did. It wasn’t a good idea to keep hiding like this, if he could get Ning Chu to move into his dorm… 

The beds in the students’ dormitory were all the same size, and it wouldn’t be much more spacious than here, but it was better than living with a strange human.

Wuuth found some oat grass left over from yesterday, fed it to Fifth Cub, and walked out to the balcony alone. He immediately noticed something strange. A magic shield had risen over the dormitory building, and it looked like it was protecting the entire Academy.

Such a protective shield required the support of a large magical array, which cost a lot of magic power, and the Academy wouldn’t activate it easily.

What had happened last night?

Even if he knew that the Scarlet Flame Dragon was there, it wouldn’t be easy with his strength, and the Heavenly Thunder Dragon would probably be nearby.

Wuuth was still worried and wanted to go outside to look for Ning Chu. However, he hesitated when he turned his head and saw Fifth Cub by his bed.

If Ning Chu didn’t come back in another hour, he would take Fifth Cub to find him.

In the Academy meeting room, the bodies of the five Church members were on the floor.

Several teachers were standing aside, and Wighton was examining the bodies one by one, the scarlet bird over his shoulder staring at the crowd with an unfriendly gaze.

Wighton, also in silver robes, but the cuffs of the pattern and color was different from others’, got up and backed away, waved his hand to indicate that the corpses should be disposed of, and immediately behind him, subordinates came forward.

“It is indeed the work of a magic dragon, but…” Wighton inclined his head and looked at the Academy’s teachers along with the scarlet bird on his shoulder, “Everything that was on them, was taken away.”

All the valuables were gone, including the leaf dragon’s pair of dragon horns.

The suspicion in his eyes wasn’t hidden, and several teachers looked at each other, when Clark said, “We brought the bodies back last night as soon as we found them, and no one touched them during that time.”

“Yeah,” one of the teachers agreed, speculating, “could someone have been there before us?…”

It wasn’t impossible since the bodies were almost cold by the time the Academy teachers arrived, and the fire dragon was long gone.

There were sometimes lone wizards or mercenaries out at night who bumped into the bodies, and if there was no one else around, they’d sneak away with the contents of their storage bags.

Wighton’s eyes swept over the faces of several teachers one by one and then withdrew, “What was lost wasn’t anything important.” He turned around and sat down on the chair, picking up the tea on the table, “There’s one more thing I need to trouble a few of you with.”

“Go ahead.”

“We’re looking for two students from your college, one is named Wuuth,” Wighton put down his cup of tea, “the other wears a mask and is known as Ning.”

At the sound of his student’s name, Josh spoke up, “What are you looking for Wuuth for?”

“They had a close encounter with the fire dragon near the Nuba River two days ago,” Wighton’s tone was unchanged, “and there’s something going on that I’d like to ask them for more information about.”

“That Ning is mysterious, no one in the Academy knows who he is, and as for Wuuth,” Josh was even more embarrassed, “I haven’t seen him in days.”

Wighton’s gaze turned cold, “As a teacher, you don’t know where your students are?”

They had already gone to Wuuth’s dormitory and learned that Wuuth hadn’t returned recently.

As a student, where could he run to?

Josh wanted to say something else, but was stopped by Clark.

“If there’s any news of the two, you will be notified first,” Clark said, “Don’t worry, Elder.”

Meanwhile, Ning Chu was planning to enter through the school gate. The two small dragon cubs were hidden around his waist, covered by his wide school uniform jacket, so they could not be seen on the surface.

On the way back, Ning Chu asked both Third Cub and Fourth Cub not to tell Wuuth that he already knew his identity.

Ning Chu thought to himself, I’d like to see when this dragon will confess.

Third Cub had no objection, but Fourth Cub was confused again.

What was the situation? Ning Chu didn’t know that Wuuth was Wuuth, but wasn’t he in the Academy with Wuuth?

It took Ning Chu a lot of effort to explain to Fourth Cub that he didn’t know that Cubbie could become human.

Fourth Cub seemed to understand, but he was vaguely aware that he had said something he shouldn’t have said. But Wuuth already knew Ning Chu was back, and he didn’t even tell him!

Otherwise, he would have already been reunited with Ning Chu, and Dragon Island was just him and a bunch of mischievous little dragon cubs, which was no fun at all.

Ning Chu also said that Little Five was a little fatter than before. Fourth Cub was so excited that he stayed up all night and couldn’t wait to fly over to see her.

When he walked into the school gate, Ning Chu was stopped.

The gatekeeper looked him up and down, “A first year? Why did you come back from outside at this time?”

“I had a family matter, so I went back yesterday and came back to class this morning,” Ning Chu explained, giving his class and dormitory, “My teacher is Clark.”

The doorman checked his school ID and opened the door, “Go on in, there’s been some special circumstances lately, so don’t run around.”

Ning Chu thanked him and walked quickly through the school door.

The two little dragon cubs had managed to sneak in, and Fourth Cub, excited and curious for the first time, wanted to sneak out and take a look.

Third Cub slapped a claw at him, [Don’t move.] 

Outside the Academy, a diminutive Jaguar Dragon watched Ning Chu walk through the school door. With yellow pupils, it looked around with a tilted head and turned to fly away. The dragon flew along and came to a stop deep in the woods.

Behind the dense bushes, a small, earthy yellow dragon cub crouched on a rock, surrounded by many other ordinary dragons on standby.

The dragon flew closer and dropped its head towards the cub.

Ning Chu, who had returned to the Academy, was very alert and circled around the dormitory building to make sure there was nothing strange around before going upstairs.

When he pushed open the dormitory door, Fifth Cub barked and immediately jumped off the bed and ran towards him, “wuwu”ing aggrievedly.

Ning Chu hurriedly squatted down and picked her up, “Okay, okay, I’m back, I’m fine.”

Fifth Cub rubbed Ning Chu’s palm and suddenly saw a small purple dragon cub poking out of Ning Chu’s jacket.

Fifth Cub froze for a moment and reacted, “Aoooo!”

“Awooo!” Fourth Cub licked Fifth Cub’s forehead excitedly and circled around her.

Ning Chu put Fifth Cub back to the bed and let them catch up, and turned his head to see the little black dragon crouching beside the bed.

Third Cub also got out of his coat and passed by quietly.

Ning Chu subconsciously reached out to hug the little black dragon as he got up and flew to him. He looked calm, but was actually relieved that Ning Chu would return… 

The little black dragon paws pressed Ning Chu’s chin and came close to lick him.


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Awee so glad they got back in. They need to be extra careful now that the church is in there. Thank you Addis for the update ♥️

August 25, 2022 2:52 pm

The church lot are all very ominous and Wighton’s interest in both Wuuth and Ning Chu is not good. Both of their whereabouts being reported to him as unknown, doesn’t help either. If anything it will add to any suspicions he might have.
I do wish NC would just let Wuuth know he’s been found out. These games serve no purpose and don’t seem useful when there’s so much going on and at stake.
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 28, 2022 12:41 am

More cubs? Yay! Thank you so much!

Xiao Ying
September 27, 2022 10:29 pm

so… the second just deep in the forest..

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Little 2nd sneaking around is cute 😆

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Excellent quirky story. The danger of the church faction is troubling but could be exciting for our ml and his dragons. And as I’m late to read this book – I can read straight through without waiting for new chapters. What’s bonus! Thanks y’all xxx

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