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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


This is… 

Ning Chu held up the dragon egg, his expression dumbfounded. A few young dragon cubs who saw a dragon egg appear out of thin air were equally shocked, and Wuuth frowned, “Where did this come from?”

The golden dragon egg was without a trace of color, and if looked at closely, he could find some scaly patterns, a little smaller than the one Fifth Cub had when she was resurrected.

A few of the dragon cubs came close and sniffed it, and Fifth Cub wondered, “Woo?”

They could detect the magic element in the egg, this egg was unusual, and should also be a magic dragon. But where did it come from? Why hadn’t they seen it before?

The young dragon cubs were very confused, as if they suddenly found themselves a brother or sister out of nowhere. Ning Chu opened the taming manual, and found one that had not yet been unlocked.

Grade: Rare

Status: Good

Mood: Unknown

Age: not yet hatched

Species: ???

Skills: ???

Until the new dragon egg hatched, the species and skills were invisible, and the preferences and other statuses in the taming manual couldn’t be unlocked.

Ning Chu was surprised and delighted that there was a new species of dragon in this game. By the eggshell color it was most likely a gold talent, or possibly earth.

Meeting the eyes of Wuuth and the other dragon cubs, Ning Chu said, “This… is the reward that came with the new Dragon Island after I bought it.”

A few little dragon cubs stared at each other, and Wuuth stared at the dragon egg, “Reward?”

Ning Chu let out a “hmm” and placed the dragon egg in the grass in front of him. How can he explain, in fact all the dragons were born using his kryptonite… and Wuuth was also a bonus.

A few of the baby dragons gathered around the egg, and Second Cub reached out his claws to move it, only to be slapped by Third Cub. They quickly accepted the fact that they had a new buddy and started to get excited.

Fifth Cub was the most excited, sniffing the egg and running to Ning Chu, “Aowu, oo!”

She wanted to know when the new cub would break their shells, what their magical gifts would be, and whether they would be male or female.

Fifth Cub couldn’t wait until the new cub broke their shells, so she wouldn’t be the only dragon still in her infancy!

“Is Little Five very happy?” Ning Chu picked up Fifth Cub, “Don’t worry, we’ll know when they break their shell.”

Wuuth picked up the egg and gently stroked the surface for a moment before saying, “They’re healthy.”

After the new dragon cub hatched, they would be able to give them a name in-game, and Ning Chu had already thought of one, “Let’s call them Sixth Cub.”

The other dragon cubs didn’t have a problem with it, and they were all named the same. In order to let Sixth Cub grow strong, Ning Chu charged a sum of money and bought a dragon crystal to put next to the dragon egg.

After settling the dragon egg, Ning Chu opened the map.

The map was divided into two halves, the left side was Dragon Island 01, and the right side was Dragon Island 02. Ning Chu clicked into the map and looked around, the area and basic condition of Dragon Island 02 were the same as Dragon Island 01, but it was still undeveloped, and there were no animals in it, except trees or grass.

“The new Dragon Island is built,” Ning Chu said, voicing this same concern, “right near the original Dragon Island.”

They had to go back to Dragon Island and find a way to bring all the young dragons here.

At the same time Ning Chu was curious, he couldn’t see the exact coordinates of Dragon Island in the game.

According to Wuuth’s previous statement, Dragon Island had the highest security and wouldn’t be discovered by other races. Was it really like the rumors that only dragons could reach Dragon Island?

“Okay,” Wuuth responded, his gaze concerned, “Want to take a break?”

How could a Dragon Island be easily built in a short period of time? It seemed to him and several other dragons that Ning Chu must have spent a lot of his mental and spiritual power.

Ning Chu turned off the game, “I’m fine, I don’t need to rest.”

On the contrary, Wuuth and Second Cub, who had been away for 8 days and brought back so much money, wondered just how many Church people they had bumped into.

Ning Chu couldn’t imagine Wuuth rummaging through corpses to find their storage bags, he hugged Wuuth again, “Thank you… for the hard work.”

Returning to Dragon Island could wait, there was no need to be in such a hurry, he could let Wuuth rest for a few days.

On Second Cub’s side, Fifth Cub gave an “aowu” and praised him for his greatness.

With Second Cub’s help, the new Dragon Island could be built so quickly, along with their new sibling who had not broken their shell yet.

Eldest Cub came over and circled around Second Cub to make sure he wasn’t hurt, and licked his forehead. Third Cub and Fourth Cub also looked at him, especially Third Cub, who was always at odds with Second Cub, but had a look of recognition and approval in his eyes.

Second Cub, who had never experienced such a scene before, was still a bit squirmy and embarrassed, and his tail was frozen behind him.

Ning Chu gave Wuuth a hug and was about to let go of him when he found he couldn’t move.

Wuuth tightly confined him in his arms, his fingertips touched a bit of his hair, as he closed his eyes and mumbled as if he was tired, “Mmm.”

He didn’t feel tired, he just missed Ning Chu too much.

When he was outside, Wuuth was thinking about coming back every moment, even Second Cub saw his impatience and reminded him once. When Ning Chu was around, he constantly wanted to be closer to him, and when Ning Chu wasn’t around, this desire became even greater. Such a state and emotion… was it his mating period?

The mating period for adult dragons was once a year, and Wuuth didn’t have a mate in the past, so it didn’t affect him much. Without experiencing it firsthand, he couldn’t understand it. Wuuth hugged Ning Chu, feeling the anxiety of the past few days finally easing.

Ning Chu struggled a little, “Have you had enough?”

Wuuth loosened his grip a bit and looked down at him, “Did you miss me while I was gone?”

He wanted to hear his response to make sure Ning Chu felt the same way as him.

“You have the nerve to ask that?” Ning Chu broke away and snapped his face up, “Leaving without a word and not telling me where you were going and when you were coming back.”

Not getting the answer he wanted, Wuuth watched Ning Chu’s expression carefully. Ning Chu was worried about him, he wasn’t really angry.

Wuuth responded, looking unrepentant.

Ning Chu continued to push him, “Let go of me first.”

Perhaps because Ning Chu had taken the initiative to hug Wuuth twice today, Wuuth not only didn’t let go, but he also pushed for more, “Then kiss me.”

As long as Ning Chu was willing to kiss him, he could change back to his dragon form. Ning Chu didn’t know how this dragon could come back from a trip and become like this.

Ning Chu was so angry that he reached out and squeezed Wuuth’s face to make it deformed, “You wish.”

This strength didn’t hurt Wuuth at all, and he waited for Ning Chu to let go of his hand as if he had kissed him, and finally let go of him.

Ning Chu immediately stood up to straighten his clothes and turned his head to see a row of baby dragons staring at him and Wuuth.

When Ning Chu got up, they averted their eyes as if nothing had happened.

Ning Chu was inexplicably embarrassed, especially in front of Eldest Cub, who he hadn’t been reunited with for long, but it was fine with the other dragons. He coughed lightly and hugged the dragon egg on the ground, “I’m going to take a nap.”

Ning Chu went back to the nest alone, made a nest with hay and cotton from the mall, and put the dragon egg and the dragon crystal inside. He really didn’t sleep well these days worrying about Wuuth.

The young dragons in the nest were all out playing, and Ning Chu was lying on the soft cushion and hadn’t fallen asleep yet when he heard a little dragon cub fly in. He opened his eyes and saw the little black dragon crouching at his side.

He stretched out a claw and stepped tentatively on the cushion, indicating that he wanted to sleep with Ning Chu. Ning Chu looked at the little black dragon with no expression, and then reached out to carry him to the pillow and put him down.


After getting up from his nap, Ning Chu went to continue cleaning the storage bags that Wuuth brought back. The last two storage pouches didn’t contain much, only a couple of hundreds of purple gold coins, which Ning Chu charged into the game.

Among the messy miscellaneous things Ning Chu all threw away were some potions, all kinds of scrolls and magic artifacts.

It was a bit of a pity throwing them away, but he didn’t know when they would use it, and it wasn’t clear what their use was.

Ning Chu picked up a small square box, which didn’t look like a magic weapon, and it seemed to be filled with something, but Ning Chu couldn’t open it.

Wuuth sat next to him and reminded him, “Use your magic element.”

Once the host died, this kind of thing was the same as the storage pouch, whoever found it was the one who owned it, and it could be activated by injecting their own magic element.

Ning Chu heard his reminder and intended to try. He didn’t think too much and subconsciously reached out. A white ball of light appeared in his palm, the magic elements inside flowing and rolling, shining in the sunlight.

Ning Chu’s wrist was suddenly grabbed tightly and he looked up.

Wuuth’s eyes fell on the ball of light in his hand, and a slight frown crossed his brow, “Light element.”


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Uh oh! I really like Wuuth, he is very handy to have around. I don’t know the danger, but I know Wuuth will protect Ning. Also I can’t wait to know what the new baby will be😊❤️ thanks for the chapter❤️

September 23, 2022 7:24 pm

Sixth Cub… very original 🤦‍♀️😆 It fits with the family though 🤗
They’re getting closer.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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