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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“What?” Ning Chu’s hand shook, and since the magic energy was a little unstable, the white light went out, as he said in disbelief, “I don’t have light element.”

Ning Chu was very confused. The dragons he signed a contract with didn’t have light magic and neither did he. The original Ning Chu’s magical power should be the water and wood elements. But this light magic element, indeed, was not one he had ever seen. 

Wuuth let go of Ning Chu, “Try again.”

Of all the magic powers, light and dark were the rarest and most special. Dark magic was the strongest, restraining all elemental talents such as fire, water, and wind, yet was restrained by light. Light element itself was a weaker magic element, it was too mild to be used as an offensive magic, too low lethality, only in the healing art was it very outstanding.

So light talent wizards basically majored in healing, or became a pharmacist or something similar.

The color of the light magic element was white, and for Wuuth, a dark magic user, it was impossible to mistake it.

Ning Chu pulled all the game stats to 0%, and tried again. He opened his palm and the white elemental light appeared again, probably because Ning Chu was a bit nervous, this time the light was a circle smaller than before and flickered falteringly.

“Is this the light power?” Ning Chu observed for a while, and tried to throw the light ball into the grass.

With a light bang, the light group cluster in the grass exploded, a few blades of grass and fine dirt splashed, leaving a shallow crater.

Is that all… it had to offer?

Ning Chu was slightly disappointed. He didn’t understand the light magic power, only knew that it was quite rare, and was a bit weak. And why did he suddenly have light magic, which had never existed before? Could it be because of the fruit of the Elven Tree…

Ning Chu thought back to the day he ate the fruit and just woke up, he thought the fruit would enhance his wood talent and filled his mind with thoughts of wood when he wanted to verify it, and as a result, he couldn’t spawn the vines. However, the fruit actually stimulated his light magic, and he had no wood magic element in his body, that was why it failed, not that the fruit was useless to him.

This would explain everything, including the fact that the fruit’s appearance changed from green to white.

“What is the use of this talent?” Ning Chu continued to throw balls of light into the grass, smashing a small crater, and the bent blades of grass quickly straightened up and returned to their original state, “Lighting?”

A few dragon cubs playing on the side noticed Ning Chu’s movement, and Fourth Cub flew close to the smashed grass, cautiously surveying it. Ning Chu stopped and touched Fifth Cub that came to his side. He still had a lot of magic elements in his hand, and Fifth Cub twitched her nose gently, and a soft “purr purr purr” sounded in her throat.

The scent smelled warm and comforting.

Wuuth replied, “Healing spell.”

Ning Chu’s hands moved, eyes suddenly brightened and darkened, “I… don’t know any.”

A healing spell required an incantation, which Ning Chu didn’t learn in the academy before, and now it was even more impossible to go back to school. If he had known about these later events, he should have taken his textbook with him when he left the academy in a hurry.

“I’ll teach you.”

Wuuth’s voice rang out, and Ning Chu turned his head, asking, “Really?”

Seeing Ning Chu happy, Wuuth’s lips curved up a little, “Yes, really.”

Although he didn’t major in healing, he knew a lot of basic magic, and it was enough to teach Ning Chu, who didn’t know anything, in a short period of time.

“But I don’t have a magic staff,” Ning Chu remembered another question, “Can I just learn it? Or use someone else’s?”

His old magic staff had been thrown away somewhere, and his scavenged pouch contained a few assorted magic staffs stacked in the miscellaneous items, as well as smaller ones.

Wuuth glanced down, “These won’t do.”

Magic staffs weren’t just made of wood, the energy inside needed to be compatible with the magic, and couldn’t be used casually, these on the floor weren’t suitable.

Ning Chu was slightly disappointed, “Okay…”

“You can learn without a magic staff,” Wuuth said in a reassuring voice, “There’s not much difference.”

As for the magic staff, there was always a chance to get one later. Wuuth immediately intended to start teaching Ning Chu. He had just returned less than half a day ago, and Ning Chu felt that it was too fast, so he shook his head, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow, I’ll get used to this magic first.”

He remembered that Wuuth had been out for 8 days and hadn’t rested much during the round trip.

Ning Chu wanted to let Wuuth sleep a little longer, but when Ning Chu got up from his nap, Wuuth was awake and had to follow him.

Wuuth had no problem with it and said, “Okay.”

Ning Chu picked up the small square box and injected a trace of his magic element into it. The box cracked open with a click as the spell recognized its owner. Ning Chu opened the box along the gap, which was padded with velvet with a prismatic light purple gem laying on it. The stone wasn’t light, looked beautiful and should be worth a lot of money, but there was no fluctuation of magic energy.

There were many other decorative items like this in the pile of miscellaneous items, but Ning Chu wasn’t interested in them, and he didn’t know if they could be sold outside for some money. Ning Chu was about to put the gems away when a small purple dragon cub flew over.

Fourth Cub moved a little closer, staring at the jewel with eyes that were almost straight, the word “want” clearly written in them.

“Like it?” Ning Chu didn’t hesitate and handed it to him, “Take it.”

Fourth Cub was so excited that he rubbed Ning Chu’s arm, picked up the gem and looked around, then quietly flew back to the dragon nest to find a place to hide. Ning Chu continued to clean up the rest of the debris, and Wuuth was also helping.

A few of the storage bags were stained with blood, Ning Chu was too busy counting the money to notice when he first took them, and now he was ready to throw them away before he saw them. He looked up at Wuuth, who was silently sorting out the miscellaneous items, and couldn’t help but ask, “How many people did you kill? No injuries, right?”

Wuuth’s eyes dropped, “No.”

Wuuth didn’t count the number of people, some of the corpses were too bloody, and he didn’t bother to go through them again to find the storage bag. For safety’s sake, Wuuth planned to go farther away from the island, spending 4 or 5 of the 8 days on the road. As for finding these people, he and Second Cub didn’t spend much effort. Second Cub only needed to show up somewhere, and once word got out, the Church took the initiative to find them.

The end result was, of course, that no one was left.

After destroying several places in a row, Wuuth obviously sensed that the Church was more cautious and wouldn’t send people over easily, before returning with Second Cub.

Ning Chu nodded, “I’m glad you’re okay. They must be wary, so it was wise to come back early.”

Not far away, Second Cub heard Ning Chu and Wuuth talking about the incident and flew to Ning Chu’s side.

With his head held high, he whined a few times to tell Ning Chu how hard he worked and how well he obeyed, staying out of trouble.

“Okay,” Ning Chu picked up Second Cub and squeezed his paws and wings, “No injuries, right cub?”

Second Cub tilted his head and looked at his neck hair, “Aowu!”

No, but a human almost burned his neck hair with fire, but he dodged quickly, otherwise he would be a bald dragon now.

“What bald or not, other dragons don’t have neck hair like you,” Ning Chu said while stroking Second Cub’s head, “Good job, I’ll give you extra meals in the next two days.”

Second Cub flew away happily, when Wuuth suddenly said, “I’m hurt.”

Ning Chu eyes suspicious, “Really? Why didn’t you say anything when I asked you just now.”

He felt that Wuuth was more like he had just seen him refilling Second Cub’s meal and said so on purpose. Wuuth raised his left hand and held it out in front of Ning Chu’s eyes.

Ning Chu followed his line of sight and found a shallow scar on the back of his hand.

The mark looked very new and was indeed recent.

Wuuth was really injured… The wound was nothing serious, like a light scratch, but Ning Chu’s heart still tightened.

Wuuth must have treated himself a long time ago, so when he was first injured, he didn’t know if it was serious. The most powerful of the dragons, Wuuth had never been wounded before, but this time it left a scar.

Ning Chu grabbed Wuuth’s hand and said worriedly, “Don’t act alone in the future.”

Ning Chu had always been haunted by Fifth Cub’s death, and since several dragons were willing to stay with him, they shouldn’t be separated anymore.

The young dragons here were far from enough to fill the new Dragon Island, and as long as there was money, he could keep building new Dragon Islands. Ning Chu planned to bring back all the dragons from the outside world one after another.

This was a bit difficult to do quietly, the migration of the dragons would inevitably cause a commotion. If someone tried to interfere or find the Dragon Island, they had to weigh their own strength to challenge the five adult magic dragons.

When Fifth Cub and the new sixth cub grew up, there would be seven of them.

Wuuth gave a “hmm” and let Ning Chu take his hand. His hand was accidentally injured by a human’s wind magic, and he didn’t even bother to heal this small injury, so he didn’t want to tell Ning Chu at first.

“When I learn to heal, I will be able to…” Ning Chu stopped mid-sentence and pooh-poohed, “I’m sure I won’t be able to use it.”

Wuuth gave another “hmm”, “No need for healing.” When Ning Chu looked up at him, he continued, “Just give me a kiss.”

Ning Chu was at a loss for words and blushed a little. Wuuth looked as calm as ever whenever he talked about this, as if he was discussing the day’s weather.

“Aren’t you even shy?” Ning Chu still held his hand and coughed, “Close your eyes, don’t look.”

Wuuth didn’t know why, but he obediently closed his eyes. Then, he felt a soft touch on the back of his hand.


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September 23, 2022 12:14 pm

So cuuuuute. And I caught up too quickly lol.

September 23, 2022 6:46 pm

Awwwweee😘☺️ Ning is being less apprehensive ❤️ thanks Addis for the update❤️

September 23, 2022 7:46 pm

A lot of the Church’s people have been killed. I find it a stark contrast to how Wuuth (and the other dragons) are with each other and Ning Chu.
Still, if the Church didn’t go after dragons every time they showed themselves, obviously with ill intent, Wuuth & Second Cub wouldn’t have succeeded.
Seems neither of the 2 had an easy time of it though. I am glad both came back ok.
Love that NC is accepting Wuuth more & more.
Thanks for translating and editing.

April 19, 2023 11:08 am

🤔 dragons are cold blooded killers. Uncommunicative with non-dragons too, unless they need something. Seems like the potential for church v dragon all out war is very high.

Also are dragons mammals like the echidna? Rarely do oviparous creatures nurture young with milk. That’s been on my mind a lot🙄🤭

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