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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


When Wuuth kissed him, Ning Chu was unprepared and his mind went blank. It wasn’t the first time he realized the disparity in strength between himself and Wuuth, but Wuuth used to let go of him every time he was upset. However, this time was different, Wuuth held his hand firmly, not giving him any chance to resist.

Ning Chu was very confused, as Wuuth had been fine during the day. Then he realized that Wuuth didn’t do anything other than kiss him. And he couldn’t kiss at all, he just kept pressing against him.

The dragon was as passionate and straightforward as Ning Chu had ever felt, but really simple. When Wuuth backed away, he hugged Ning Chu, not letting go, but Ning Chu arms and legs were weak, his exhaled breath was also trembling, “You… let go of me.”

Wuuth arms tightened instead, and after a moment replied, “Not letting go.”

His irritation started to rise again, and he went over to kiss Ning Chu’s lips again, rubbing them gently, before feeling a little more relaxed. Ning Chu was wearing loose pajamas, the fabric was much more comfortable to touch than normal clothing, as Wuuth ran his palm across his spine, “You always resist me.”

He said this in a low and lost tone, he obviously kissed him but was still aggrieved.

Ning Chu was trying to remember if there was anything unusual about Wuuth in the past few days. Although he had done things before that caught Ning Chu off guard, he was basically obedient and rarely did anything against Ning Chu’s will.

Hearing Wuuth say this, Ning Chu froze, subconsciously said, “I didn’t…”

Didn’t he… take the initiative to kiss him some time ago?

Wuuth didn’t want to sleep in the dragon’s nest, and he didn’t force it, letting him sleep on the wooden bed at night, although… he was in the form of a small black dragon.

The two were so close that their breaths intertwined and Wuuth briefly forgot what he wanted to say and continued kissing Ning Chu.

Ning Chu turned his head and tried to hide, “Stop kissing me…”

He was only now slowing down from his dismay and confusion, and began to beckon, his face flushing hot. Kissing on the face wasn’t the same as kissing, this was considered Ning Chu’s first kiss. Wuuth didn’t know anything, so he subconsciously believed that he had to take the initiative and would teach Wuuth.

It wasn’t at all expected to be preempted by Wuuth, and the dragon clearly had a purpose, touching only his lips.

Probably because the first two successes came too easily, Ning Chu didn’t really push him away until now, Wuuth was a little more bold, cupped Ning Chu’s chin and pulled it over to continue kissing.

He accidentally bumped into Ning Chu’s teeth, touched a little wetness, and instinctively licked it. Ning Chu shuddered, and in a state of extreme shame, his mind was muddled and he bit Wuuth hard. Wuuth wasn’t prepared, the tip of his tongue was suddenly painful, and he backed away a bit.

He was in a good mood after being bitten, so he reached out and pressed his fingertips against Ning Chu’s lips and touched his teeth. Ning Chu bit his finger again, and tried to kick him, but he had little strength.

Wuuth withdrew his hand with the teeth marks and circled around Ning Chu’s waist again, burying himself in the side of his neck and sniffing his body, his voice sounding muffled, “Ning Ning.”

He raised his head again and stroked Ning Chu’s hair as he said with satisfaction, “This was nice.”

Just looking at Ning Chu he felt like it, and he liked it even more when Ning Chu was better behaved like this.

Wuuth came over for the fourth time, but Ning Chu wouldn’t let him, and he blocked him with his hand, squeezing out a word between his teeth, “Enough…”

The rabbit had already started to bite, so Wuuth stopped and stayed honestly in place.

Ning Chu adjusted his breathing, and a faint white light condensed from his palm, illuminating the vision in front of him so he could see Wuuth’s face clearly.

“In the middle of the night, are you… in a bad mood?”

Ning Chu didn’t want to pursue the matter now of him forcibly kissing him, he wanted to know what was wrong with Wuuth, and why he said that he always resisted him. Such puzzling words.

Wuuth’s eyes were half-lidded, his eyelashes casting a shadow, “No.”

Here we go again, this aggravated tone again.

Ning Chu sighed, “Why?”

Wuuth didn’t answer, but lowered his head and rubbed his side against Ning Chu’s hand, like a dragon in human form. It was common for him to be unstable during the mating period, but usually he could restrain himself.

Only because of the interruption of the kiss during the day, Ning Chu was busy taking care of the newly hatched Sixth Cub after bringing up the childhood incident. The light magic was warm and soothing, Wuuth hugged Ning Chu to be closer to him, and Ning Chu wasn’t in a hurry, touching the side of Wuuth’s face, “Well?”

Wuuth finally spoke, “Do you still think of me as a young dragon?”

This sentence was a little unclear, making Ning Chu confused, “I don’t.”

“Really?” Wuuth said softly, and made a request, “From now on then, can I use my human form and sleep with you?”

The topic seemed to have suddenly changed direction, Ning Chu stilled for two seconds and immediately refused, “No way!”

This time it was Wuuth’s turn to ask him, “Why?”

If he wasn’t considered a hatchling, why was he allowed to sleep here in hatchling form, but not in human form?

“Because…” Ning Chu stammered, “it’s too crowded here.”

“It’s not crowded,” Wuuth said and rolled over, letting Ning Chu lie on top of him, “like this.”

Ning Chu scrambled down, “No, no, no…” He was worried that Wuuth would start to dwell on the previous issue of disliking his human form again and tried to explain to Wuuth, “If… if I were a dragon, I wouldn’t agree to you sleeping with me in dragon form, we’re not at that stage yet…”

Ning Chu said so, Wuuth vaguely understood. He hadn’t agreed to his courtship yet, so he was not willing. Wuuth’s brow furrowed, “I thought you agreed.”

No wonder Ning Chu, although he let him follow him around and would occasionally get close to him, even taking the initiative to kiss him, always pushed him away and rejected him. Humans were indeed complex and elusive creatures. Looking at Ning Chu for a moment, Wuuth asked in a low voice, “When will you agree?”

When a dragon takes a fancy to a mate, all it had to do was fight and chase away the other males around the target, and stay by the female’s side. Ning Chu was a human, and the dragon’s methods obviously didn’t work on him.

“I…” Ning Chu said with a lump in his throat. He hadn’t told Wuuth where he came from, that world was actually foreign to him, familiar only to his few dragons. Ning Chu once thought, what if he went back one day, but he didn’t dare to continue to dwell deeply, and dismissed the idea in time.

The lifespan of humans and dragons also seemed to be a problem, and Wuuth never seemed to care about that, he simply liked Ning Chu.

Although they acted a little more intimately and their relationship progress was actually still in place, when he was saving up to buy a Dragon Island and flying around in the sky, he did neglect things between him and Wuuth. Ning Chu suddenly recalled the day when Wuuth told Vito before he died that he was his god.

After a short silence, Wuuth touched the side of Ning Chu’s face and said softly, “Don’t be afraid.”

He could see Ning Chu’s hesitation and resistance, and didn’t want Ning Chu to give an answer now. There were few male dragons who failed in their courtship, but none of them gave up in the middle. Of course, he would never allow himself to fail.

Ning Chu wasn’t willing to do it now, so he would wait a little longer. Wuuth let go of Ning Chu’s arm and intended to change back to his dragon form, but Ning Chu tugged on his sleeve halfway.

The white light in Ning Chu’s palm had long since been withdrawn, and as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he slowly encircled Wuuth’s waist and rested his head on the nape of his neck.

He whispered, “I should have gotten you… a set of pajamas…”

Wuuth was flattered, looked down to see Ning Chu’s face, and said incredulously, “You agree?”

Or did he get the wrong idea again and get excited for nothing? The sound of his heartbeat clearly reached Ning Chu’s ears, as Ning Chu raised his head and sighed, “I do like you, but…”

No matter, there was no but. Ning Chu leaned close, taking the initiative to kiss Wuuth, but because he was too nervous, the first kiss was crooked, and only the second kiss reached Wuuth’s lips. “I changed my mind, it’s not too crowded…”

Wuuth didn’t hear the next words, he rolled over and pressed Ning Chu, kissing him suddenly until Ning Chu bit him on the face, annoyed, “Enough!”

Ning Chu turned his head and saw a small golden dragon cub crouching under the bed, looking up at the two of them on the wooden bed. Ning Chu hurriedly pushed Wuuth away and got out of bed to pick him up as if nothing had happened, “Are you hungry?”

“……” Sixth Cub licked Ning Chu’s hand, acting eager. Ning Chu bought a small piece of beef and gave her some water as written in the training manual.

After eating and drinking, Sixth Cub yawned and got sleepy again. Ning Chu put her back into the nest, where the other dragons were quiet, with Second Cub’s tail wagging slightly outside.

Ning Chu was embarrassed and put the tail back into the nest, saying quietly, “Go to sleep.”

Ning Chu turned back to the wooden bed and was re-hugged by Wuuth who had been waiting for a long time.

“Ning Ning…” he was still in the middle of his excitement and didn’t know how to express it properly.

“Okay, okay… go to sleep,” Ning Chu was afraid of waking up the other dragons again, “We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

Wuuth asked him for confirmation, “Human form to sleep with you?”

With Ning Chu’s nod of approval, Wuuth got his wish and laid down on the inside of the wooden bed. Ning Chu had just closed his eyes when he felt a change in the touch under his hands. He opened his eyes and saw that Wuuth had changed the clothes on his body into a different style, the fabric felt the same as Ning Chu’s, and the style was also the same when he looked closely.

Ning Chu deliberately looked at the buttons, but they were still fake. He wanted to say something but couldn’t hold back, “So you could change yourself…”

If I had known, I would not have bought him any clothes… and wasted so much time teaching him how to wear them.

Ning Chu indignantly pinched Wuuth’s face, “Sleep!”


After a long delay in the middle of the night, Ning Chu woke up late the next day. He opened his eyes and saw the familiar yet unfamiliar collar and collarbone in front of him, and he didn’t react immediately.


Wuuth, who hadn’t slept all night and was still in good spirits, carefully placed a kiss on Ning Chu’s lips before surveying his appearance. The clothes he had recreated were exactly the same as the ones Ning Chu was wearing, like a couple’s outfit, plus they were sleeping together in the same bed.

Ning Chu blushed silently and whispered, “Mn…”

He turned over and sat up, and found that all the little dragon cubs in the house were gone. The dragon nest was empty, and Sixth Cub was nowhere to be found.

Ning Chu froze for a moment, then turned his head and asked Wuuth, “Where are the dragons?”

Wuuth said succinctly, “Outside.”

Ning Chu hurriedly got up, didn’t even have time to change clothes, and pushed open the door. He wasn’t worried about the other dragons, but Sixth Cub only broke her shell yesterday, in case… The small dragon cubs were all outside the house, surrounding Sixth Cub.

Sixth Cub had several pieces of meat in front of her, she sniffed them one by one, then picked a piece of the most eye-catching to bite.


The author has something to say: 

Imperial family: six cubs


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