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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


With another crack, Ning Chu immediately pushed Wuuth away and ran to the dragon’s nest. The dragon egg was placed in the bottom nest, covered with the softest cotton, with a dragon crystal next to it. At this moment, the dragon egg was split into two slits, which stood out on the golden eggshell.

Ning Chu squatted in front of the dragon egg, “Sixth Cub is going to break their shell so soon!”

It hadn’t been very long and it was much faster than when Fifth Cub hatched.

Wuuth followed, looking at the egg with Ning Chu in silence.

If the dragon had broken its shell a little later… he might have been able to kiss Ning Chu once  more. Probably because he hadn’t taken care of the newly broken hatchling for too long, Ning Chu held his breath for a while and then reacted slowly, before going to the mall to buy the preparation supplies.

He prepared the necessary dragon milk, meat cubes that even a young dragon could eat, and a handful of alfalfa grass. The meat and the grass were both spare, and although dragon milk powder was highly nutritious, not all dragons liked to drink it.

Ning Chu unfolded the small towel in his hand, and said for no reason, “When you broke your shell before, I also waited for you to come out by yourself like this…”

Hearing him say that, Wuuth was quiet for a moment, “I forgot.”

In reality, he remembered it very well, and it was also in this room. Unlike other dragons, he had developed consciousness before his shell was broken, when Ning Chu would visit him every day, touching the eggshell and talking to him about nothing. After all this time, Ning Chu suddenly mentioned it, making Wuuth feel a sense of distance from him.

He was no longer the little dragon cub he was. The source of emotional instability from the mating period was still there, and Wuuth stared at the dragon egg with a cold expression. He could only force down some untimely thoughts because of the dragon that had suddenly broken its shell.

As Ning Chu prepared everything, the long-unmoving dragon egg finally broke off a piece of eggshell. A small golden claw poked out, followed by a dragon horn, and the entire head of the little dragon cub squeezed out of the narrow opening.

The egg shell cracked, and a pure golden dragon cub raised their upper body and looked at Ning Chu with a tilted head. Their horns were short and thick, and their scales had no hint of color, almost blending in with the eggshell, even their horns and pupils and claws were golden, only darker.

The golden light was like a lamp in the room, Ning Chu tried to reach out, “Little Six?”

Sixth Cub looked at Ning Chu and then at Wuuth, and finally reached out to Ning Chu. Ning Chu gently squeezed the little fleshy paws first, then took the cub out of their egg shell and placed them on a towel. While he wiped the scales off Sixth Cub, he asked Wuuth to bring the brewed dragon milk to feed them.

Wuuth recalled the way Ning Chu used to hold the bottle and held it up to the cub’s mouth.

Sixth Cub wwasn’t afraid of Wuuth, even though the other party was under pressure from the dragon, and they sniffed the milk bottle and turned their head in disgust.

“Don’t like to drink it?” Ning Chu just finished wiping the scales and tried again with the milk bottle himself, but Sixth Cub didn’t want it. He also took the pre-prepared meat and alfalfa grass to Sixth Cub, the little dragon cub looked around and barely finished eating a small piece of meat.

Although they were a bit picky, they were still quite obedient. After they slowly ate the meat, Ning Chu wiped their face and paws, “Good, Little Six.

Sixth Cub tilted their head and let Ning Chu do his thing, finally calling out for the first time since they broke their shells, “Aowu…”

They licked Ning Chu’s finger, lay down in his arms and closed their eyes. A young dragon cub slept a lot, and would do nothing but eat and sleep. In just a few moments, the little dragon cub seemed to fall asleep.

Ning Chu gently touched Sixth Cub’s forehead and said quietly, “Is Little Six a brother or a sister?”

Wuuth swept a glance at the golden dragon cub, “A female.”

“Sister is good, sister is obedient.” Ning Chu asked Wuuth to clean the eggshells from the dragon’s nest, put a layer of cotton cloth on it, and put the sleeping Sixth Cub into the nest. Just as he withdrew his hand, Fifth Cub opened the door a crack and peeked half of her head in. She was looking for Ning Chu to see what he had been doing in the room for so long.

Fifth Cub was shocked to see a changed Wuuth, and then saw Ning Chu crouching in front of the dragon’s nest, in which the original egg was gone, replaced by a small dragon cub curled up inside and sleeping. Fifth Cub froze for two seconds and immediately ran over to him.

Ning Chu stopped her and made a silent gesture, whispering, “Sister has just fallen asleep, don’t wake her up.”

Fifth Cub understood and excitedly circled around the dragon’s nest, restraining herself from making a sound. She had a sister! And such a beautiful little dragon cub, with scales that looked like they were glowing. Fifth Cub touched the exposed horns of Sixth Cub carefully, then turned her head and ran away again.

Not long after that, all the little dragon cubs came in one after another. As soon as Fourth Cub flew into the house, he was so shocked that he almost fell out of the air. He flew to the dragon’s nest and stared at the golden dragon cub inside. The golden scales were even more beautiful than the original eggshell.

Fourth Cub seemed to see a big golden jewel that could breathe. He couldn’t help but stretch out his paw to touch it, but was stopped by Eldest Cub halfway.

The little dragon cubs were quite well-behaved, they didn’t wake up Sixth Cub, they just gathered around the dragon nest and watched. After the shell was broken, it was time to give her a formal name, although “Sixth Cub” sounded nothing like formal.

Ning Chu clicked on the taming manual and information card to check the attributes of Sixth Cub.

Grade: Rare

Status: good

Mood: Good

Age: 1 day

Species: Gold Devouring Dragon

Skill: gold magic

Gold Devouring dragon, this name seemed… not very suitable for the young female dragon.

In the taming manual, it was written that the Gold Devouring Dragon was outgoing and lively, short in size, medium speed of flight, its main defense system was its magic. Purely carnivorous, liked to prey on large animals such as cattle and sheep or magical beasts, and liked places where there were many ores.

A place with a lot of ore… this feature in the dragon was rarely seen, Dragon Island also had no ore.

The only thing that counted was the dragon crystal stone in the mall, the one in the nest of the Sixth Cub still worked. Spoiling the cub, Ning Chu bought two more pieces and stacked them together by the dragon’s nest.

“Gold Devouring?” Wuuth’s face had little expression, “Good.”

The aesthetics of dragons and humans were really different, Ning Chu turned off the game by hand, and reacted with hindsight to what he and Wuuth were doing before Sixth Cub broke her shell.

What was this illusion that when parents were together, they were suddenly interrupted by children… Fortunately, Sixth Cub just happened to break her shell, plus the other little dragon cubs bumped into them cuddling in the house. The scene was more embarrassing.

A group of little dragon cubs still surrounded the dragon nest, as Ning Chu quietly pulled Wuuth’s sleeve and whispered, “Be more careful in the future, don’t be like that just now…”

He meant to restrain in front of the little dragons, Wuuth didn’t know if he had misunderstood, his face sank, as his already bad mood became even worse. However, Sixth Cub woke up just then, and Ning Chu didn’t notice Wuuth’s behavior.

There were too many dragons around the dragon’s nest, and even if they didn’t make any noise, Sixth Cub was still not sleeping soundly. She opened her eyes in a daze and met five pairs of eyes.

Fourth Cub and Fifth Cub were the closest to the nest, and when they found the little dragon cub waking up, Fifth Cub gave a cheerful bark and licked Sixth Cub on the forehead. The rest of the dragons greeted their new sibling one by one, and Fourth Cub was the last one. He flew right into the nest and huddled with Sixth Cub, spreading his wings to encircle her.

Ning Chu took Fourth Cub out and said, “Don’t crowd Little Six.”

Fourth Cub reluctantly backed away and pawed at the edge of the nest.

“Did they wake you up?” Ning Chu stroked Six’s back and wings, “Will you sleep a little longer?”

Ning Chu hadn’t signed a contract with Sixth Cub yet, and planned to wait until she was a little older. She seemed to be quite energetic, but Ning Chu was still unsure, so he didn’t let the other dragons take her out of the house and stayed by her side.

Sixth Cub was also curious about the group of dragons, and she sniffed each of them carefully, but finally she couldn’t take it anymore and lay down in the nest to sleep. When it was time for dinner, Ning Chu called all the dragons out of the house to keep them from disturbing Sixth Cub.

After having fried rabbit meat for lunch, Ning Chu didn’t want to cook again in the evening, so he fed the other dragons and ate some bread that he bought in town. He tore half of it and gave it to Wuuth, “Do you want this? Or do you want something else?”

If Wuuth still wanted rabbit meat for lunch, he would make it. Wuuth raised his eyes slightly and took the bread from Ning Chu.

At night, the dragons went back to their respective nests one by one. Because Sixth Cub was in the dragon’s nest, Fifth Cub also wanted to sleep in the dragon’s nest tonight and gave up Ning Chu’s pillow.

Fourth Cub wanted to sleep with Sixth Cub, but the nest was too small and it was too crowded for two of them to lie in. At Ning Chu’s urging, he simply took his own nest off the top and placed it next to the Sixth Cub’s. He didn’t make a fuss, so Ning Chu let him be.

Only the little black dragon was left on the wooden bed, Wuuth had changed back to his dragon form, and the clothes from the daytime were scattered at the foot of the bed.

Ning Chu helplessly put the clothes away. They both worked so long in the afternoon, but for what… He put the clothes down and lay down, warm scales leaned over from one side. Ning Chu closed his eyes and reached out and patted the little black dragon, signaling him to go to sleep.

The touch under his hand suddenly changed, and his wrist was held by someone.

Ning Chu had just opened his eyes when Wuuth pulled him over and held him in his arms. He was in a hurry, Ning Chu froze, “What’s wrong with you?”

The little dragon cubs in the room had just fallen asleep, there were a few faint sounds of movement behind them, so Ning Chu hurriedly pushed Wuuth, “They are not asleep yet…”

Wuuth easily restrained Ning Chu, rolled over and pressed on top of him, lowered his head and kissed Ning Chu’s lips precisely. The thoughts that weren’t accomplished during the day finally fell into place, as well as the longing that had accumulated little by little over this period of time. Wuuth’s pent-up emotions were swept away, and he excitedly tightened his arms and pressed his lips against Ning Chu’s.

Ning Chu struggled for a moment, but his strength was minimal in front of Wuuth, so he slowly quieted down. Wuuth didn’t know how to kiss, he only knew that the closer he was to Ning Chu, the better, not only the lips, the tips of their noses brushed against each other.

When he calmed down, Wuuth looked up and regretted it a little. He hadn’t restrained himself, would Ning Chu be angry with him again? Most likely, he would kick him down and wouldn’t let him sleep on the wooden bed again.

However, Ning Chu didn’t say anything, his cheeks were red in the darkness, clutching a piece of Wuuth’s clothing, his eyes panicked and confused.

Wuuth held Ning Chu and lay down on his side, reaching out to touch the side of his face, “Ning Ning?”

Ning Chu weakly glared at Wuuth, “You…”

He seemed to be angry, but not at all imposing, looking more well-behaved than usual.


The author has something to say: 

Wuuth: The password was correct.

Ning Chu: Must start paying attention to the daily needs of older single dragons.


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