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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


Heinz didn’t continue after that because someone had come to their door.

The footsteps were very light, but between Heinz’ vigilance and Chen Bai’s sharp senses, they both still noticed it. A few seconds after the sound of footsteps appeared, someone knocked on the door twice.

“Hello.” The person outside the door spoke in a low voice, “Do you need VIP service?”

VIP service?

Images not suitable for children suddenly coming to mind, Chen Bai glanced sideways at Heinz.

Receiving his gaze, Heinz shook his head innocently, as though scared that Chen Bai would misunderstand, he turned and asked, “How many?”

“Replying, sir,” the person at the door responded, “Three in total. According to rank, rank one analytic master is fifty thousand yuan, rank two is a hundred thousand yuan, and rank three analytic master is five hundred thousand yuan.”

… The expression in his eyes turned even stranger.

“No.” Heinz suddenly felt that he couldn’t wash off the suspicion even if he jumped into the Yellow River, so he quickly turned and said, “No need. Dismissed.”

The person at the door seemed a little hesitant, probably because not many people deny special services here and now.

But customers are gods, not to mention that they were customers of the topmost floor. The person outside apologized for disturbing before taking the other down with him.

Chen Bai couldn’t help but ruefully think back to a novel he read in the past, what was it called… Life of Luxury in the City?

“It’s not what you think.” Seeing Chen Bai’s imagination roaming, Heinz’ face almost turned green. He remembered clearly that someone on the pink forum had said, [You can be cold and detached to them, but you can’t let them feel that you’re not devoted, or you’ll easily scare off your wife!]

Just when Heinz’ serious expression was about to fall off, Chen Bai reached a hand out and patted his shoulder, showing an expression of ‘I know.’

What do you know?

Heinz took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down, then said word by word, “That was the place’s analytic master. It’s not what you think.”

Emphasizing it again, Heinz supplied coolly, “Do you think I would do this in front of you?”

“… It doesn’t matter if it’s in front or behind.” Chen Bai touched the bridge of his nose, seeing Heinz’ predicament. He was really teasing the other this time, “I don’t mind.”

Hearing that, Heinz lifted a brow, his voice carrying hints of displeasure, “Really?”

Just as Chen Bai was planning to respond, he suddenly discovered Heinz using those kinds of tantalizing gazes to roam up and down his body. The expression was as if looking at a prey he was about to gobble up, his thin lips curling up slightly after he finished.

That explicit gaze made Chen Bai feel his back numb for a while, and he quickly turned his head away, refusing to accept the other’s naked gaze.

According to the person outside the door, rank one and two were just fifty thousand and a hundred thousand respectively, yet rank three jumped so high? Chen Bai paused; he seemed to remember that auctions in the past also had these kinds of unspoken rules, where the place would provide some analytic masters or experts to give their estimation on the spot and to give their advice.

But that was only in the very beginning. After that, people who go to those places began cultivating their own analytic masters, and these formalities slowly died out. Why has it started again now?

His train of thought turning in his mind, Chen Bai then understood. Just like what Heinz said, magnetites had only just gained popularity very recently, and this Stone Recognition game was also held only twice. Since it’s not widespread yet, people probably hadn’t had time to cultivate their own analytic master.

“They help differentiate the stones, right? You don’t want it?” Chen Bai took a glance outside and asked.

“No need, I’m not interested in those stones.” Heinz drew back the corner of his lips. Right, for an explosive type manipulator like him, close contact with a high-grade magnetite may unbalance his brain region; not to mention he wouldn’t want something like this.

Chen Bai then realised, if Heinz wasn’t here for the stone, could it be because the military had discovered Berkeley’s movements and were letting him investigate?

Did the military know, or did Heinz himself know? This was a problem as well…

Honestly, when Heinz mentioned Berkeley just now, Chen Bai still hadn’t recovered because he didn’t know that Berkeley had already been exposed. That’s because with Berkeley’s capabilities, it could go completely undetected under the military’s radar. Unless it felt that it was time to expose itself, the military would never find out about it.

Then only Heinz himself knew?

Millions of thoughts racing across his mind, Heinz, who was sitting beside him suddenly supplied, “Besides, aren’t you here?”

Aren’t you here?

This sort of line would probably be very romantic between normal couples, and usually, after one of them says this, both of them would stare at each other tenderly, basically kissing next. But for Chen Bai… he felt nothing aside from his blood running cold.

How much did Heinz know exactly?

This question appeared for the first time in Chen Bai’s mind.

“Revered guests, you all have been waiting long. The Stone Recognition Competition will begin shortly. Before we begin, I will be explaining the competition to everyone.” When a sweet voice appeared, the curtains that were blocking the stage suddenly opened before Heinz and Chen Bai. In the next second, the whole meeting place came into view.

It was a ring-shaped space. Their position was just right in the middle area of the meeting place, all corners clearly visible to them. And right in front of them was the main platform, a giant light screen hanging on top of it, it… must have been arranged according to the seats. It seemed there were ten private rooms on the fourth floor, not to mention the people below.

Which meant, just the entrance fee in here, was a few tens of millions of star coins?

“Later, your selection will be displayed straightaway on the screen there,” Heinz explained from behind Chen Bai, then pressed something on the giant screen. “Then the MC will reveal the answer. If you get it correct once, the scores will be calculated according to the scoring board. Getting one correct will be ten points; getting all five correct will be a hundred points. First floor gets the original points, the second floor gets double, and so on.”

“Then won’t others know your selection and follow it? How do they determine which is right and wrong in the audit?”

“No.” Heinz shook his head. “That will have to be in the second half of the game, when they’ll be sure before they follow. At the very least, no one will follow others’ choices in the first round.”

But the first round was easier, which meant that if they wanted to win the benefits at the end, they needed to make sure that there were no mistakes in every round. Chen Bai blinked, suddenly looking forward to the competition a little.

The three floors below were restricted by their points. Unless their performance was supernatural, they wouldn’t be able to surpass the fourth floor at all. Which meant, the people actually contending for the top-grade magnetite in the end were only on the fourth floor.

In no time, the stones of the first round were put on a transparent circular display case on top of the platform. There were only three, and the light screen behind the stones displayed the magnetites from different angles, as though asking people to distinguish them.

Magnetites couldn’t be distinguished with the naked eye but only using mental energy. An excellent psychological manipulator would be able to tell their strengths from far away, so this place had clearly done a thorough preparation.

The first one to be displayed was a sleek, smooth and round yellow magnetite, which glistened with dots of bright white on top. The moment it came out, it had gained the favor of many girls. Compared to the remaining blue and green filthy-looking stones, not only was it pretty, but it was also full of spiritual essence.

Not long after that, some people from the first and second floor had put the yellow magnetite at the position for the strongest between the three at lightning speed.

Chen Bai waited for a minute, seeing as Heinz still gave no reaction. One must know, they were only given two minutes for their selection in the first round. Just as he was about to turn around and ask, number five and number eight of the fourth floor had pressed the button in front of them simultaneously, choosing to put the yellow magnetite right in the middle.

“… They probably bought the selection advisor, right?” Chen Bai thought back to the person who knocked on their door before the competition began, “Should we follow?”

“No,” Heinz said, then pushed the light screen panel in front of him to Chen Bai, “You choose.”

“Ah?” Chen Bai asked blankly.

“I’m not an expert in magnetites.” Heinz shook his head. “But I think you would be more adept than me.”

That ominous premonition struggled more and more in Chen Bai’s mind. He thought Heinz was acting too strange today. Right at this moment, the light screen suddenly let out a burst of alerting sounds, reminding them that the selection time left was on a countdown.

Chen Bai’s mind in a mess, he reached out a hand and moved, and all three stones were placed.

“Time’s up!” On the platform, a woman wearing a sexy gown had a gentle smile blossom on her face. After she announced that, she gestured to the giant screen behind herself, “In this round’s Stone Recognition, a total of fifty-six players have chosen to give up. Among the players on the fourth floor, four have chosen to give up, twelve on the third floor, and fifteen on the first and second floor respectively.”

“They can give up?” Chen Bai paused.

“Mn, if your score is below fifty percent, there’ll be a deduction of points. Giving up on the first round is a conservative strategy,” Heinz said, “The percentage will increase later.”

The faint atmosphere that was lingering between the two just now was downplayed by him like that.

Right then, the MC on the stage spoke excitedly, “I see everyone mostly putting the yellow crystal magnetite in the middle or strongest position. But regrettably, in this round, the yellow crystal magnetite was the weakest among the three stones!”

After she finished speaking, those who had chosen the yellow crystal in other places were all darkened on the giant screen!

Not only the first, second and third floor, but among the six players on the fourth floor, three darkened. The rest of the fourth floor had put the yellow stone in the last position, which meant they had almost the winning benefits in the first round.

And among the three darkened, Chen Bai’s room number six was included.


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August 1, 2021 9:15 am

Wah. 😨 W-wwwhy??? Did Chen Bai deliberately chose wrong to avoid Heinz’ suspicion? Or the evaluators of the game evaluated the stone incorrectly (Chen Bai is more accurate than them)?

August 1, 2021 1:04 pm

Why i feel like CB purposely lose out on this round🤔🤔

August 1, 2021 3:37 pm

Something is weird , Chen Bai’s power he sure wouldn’t go wrong. Thanks for the chapter!

August 2, 2021 12:08 am

Thank you for translating and editing.

August 2, 2021 2:09 am

I think Chen Bai did it on purpose, not to display his abilities in front of Heinz, as he still doesn’t trust him much. Ahhhh… and here I thought a Master will appear on the black market stone guessing game.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 2, 2021 3:46 am

You guys are so great. I never even thought that chen bai would deliberately choose wrong to avoid suspicion. I thought it was weird too.

August 2, 2021 8:11 am

Sooo interesting!!! I think CB did it on purpose! But I think for the next round he will build up! The keywords Heinz is saying makes me think, he knows! Looking forward to next chapter! ❤️❤️

March 22, 2022 5:21 pm

I don’t understand Chen Bai’s purpose. Why did he make that move? Does this mean he isn’t very trusting of Heinz yet? I am sure he can win easily, but the result tell us this is deliberate. Is he baiting Heinz to be up front with him or he is avoiding suspicioun due to distrust? Hmm

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