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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris

“The correct answer is, the weakest was the yellow crystal magnetite, and the strongest was the red crystal magnetite! The answer will appear on the light screen. Regretfully, for guests who chose incorrectly, 10 points will be deducted for this round! Forfeited players still have 10 points. Guests whose scores are at the bottom fifty percent will be eliminated from the game this round!”

The sweet voice didn’t make this news sound any better, as waves of sighs came from the first and second floor. 

Just like Heinz said, because their seats were different at the very beginning, they were not eliminated. Instead, they hung onto the top twenty percent through the entrance fee and benefits of the fourth floor.

Chen Bai looked at the obvious answer and result but still put on an astonished expression, “It’s not the best? I saw the zoomed in pictures and thought…”

“Recognizing a magnetite isn’t through pictures,” Heinz suddenly interrupted him, “It’s through perception of mental energy.”

Chen Bai heard him and turned his head, both their gazes meeting in midair. While Heinz was talking, he peeled a bowl of pears and placed them on a plate, putting it in front of Chen Bai.

“I’ll do it myself.” Chen Bai said, about to push the small plate back, but Heinz became more intense and straightaway stabbed a piece of pear with a small knife and brought it to Chen Bai’s mouth.

The knife stabbed at the very edge of the fruit and was as far away from Chen Bai’s lips as possible. Heinz’ pressure was also just right, not letting it break into two in midair.

It was also then that Chen Bai noticed every piece of pear was cut very small; the size just right so that he could eat it without too much effort.

… It really was just right, right enough that Chen Bai couldn’t help but wonder if this guy had measured beforehand.

–But this was clearly not the time for Chen Bai to let his imagination run loose because Heinz had already brought the pear to his mouth, catching him off guard. Out of politeness Chen Bai felt a little embarrassed to ask the other to put down his hand, so he reached out to take the knife.

Heinz’ brow furrowed in an instant, “Don’t move; just open your mouth.”

“…” Chen Bai could neither advance nor retreat, in a rare state of complete loss.

“I didn’t mean anything else with what I said just now.” Heinz remained in that posture and continued, “I’ve said before, you can just relax in front of me. As the Divine Realm’s match, my fiance won’t be weak at all. You can just show yourself without a care about your surroundings.”

Chen Bai paused, suddenly thinking back to what Heinz had said when they were beside Ellie’s banquet. So at that time… that was his meaning? His first impression was wrong?

Just as his emotions were pulled along by Heinz, and he was about to open his mouth to say something, Heinz quickly took the opportunity to shove the pear into Chen Bai’s mouth.

Chen Bai, “…”

“Okay, later the second round will also be your turn.” Seeing him eat it, a flash of a smile appeared in Heinz’ eyes.

“… You’re not afraid that the result will be the same?” Chen Bai chewed the pear in his mouth with a stiff expression, asking hesitantly after hearing what the other had said.

“No, I didn’t want magnetites anyway,” Heinz said, and picked up a pear for himself to eat. “Dr. Einbergen recently submitted a report to the military on distinctions between psychological manipulators. For someone who’s great at explosive-type manipulation like me, we’re not good with being in contact with things like magnetites that could influence one’s brain region.

“And there’s a very interesting phenomenon. The partners matched by the Divine Realm for explosive psychological manipulators were usually extremely good in this area,” Heinz said as he casually looked outside the glass window, “That’s why I’m letting you make the decision.”

Chen Bai’s gaze turned into a glare, and his heart thumped.

Originally, he had forbidden Mani to investigate information from the military and the government as a safety precaution, worried that his true nature would be revealed and waste all his previous efforts. So he never knew the military already had such a deep understanding of these things.

Even if his anxiety about Heinz’ actions from before was gone, Chen Bai didn’t feel any better emotionally. He was starting to worry. If that person knew, then wouldn’t Berkeley’s movements be…

His thoughts stopping here, Chen Bai forcefully suppressed the sudden shock in his heart, looking as though he had just heard something new and interesting and asked, “You’re telling me all of this. Aren’t you afraid I’ll leak it, Marshal?”

Heinz supported his chin, a pair of good-looking blue green eyes staring at him, “Will you?”

“Hard to say.” Chen Bai seemed to have found his rhythm in this game, staring back into Heinz’ eyes, a sliver of a smile peeking out.

It was probably as the students of Aldia said; even if Chen Bai was wearing an extremely mediocre human skin mask, being in his presence for a while or meeting him for the first time, they could still have a feel for his character through his speech and actions.

So this smile and his sly tone of voice made Heinz’ eyes darken uncontrollably. His eyelids lowered to look at the table full of pears.

And yet Chen Bai was not aware of the pressure in the atmosphere going down at all, instead delightfully said, “Then I’ll put in some effort later, but if it’s wrong don’t–”

Before the lust surged, Heinz had tried to suppress it. He tried for all of one second before feeling that he couldn’t hide it and just gave up, abandoning the shackles. Suddenly stretching his body forward from his seat, one of his hands supported on the table, and the other captured Chen Bai’s chin. Chen Bai widened his eyes, not even having time to push the other away before he was firmly steadied by the other.

… It’s not that he didn’t sense Heinz’ movements, but rather he couldn’t keep up. This was his first time having a taste of an explosive-type manipulator’s speed that was even praised by Dr Einbergen.

He was too fast… so fast that even after Chen Bai had reacted, he was still absolutely powerless to resist.

Heinz’ movements were strong and fierce, and he was also quickly dissatisfied with just capturing the other’s chin. A large hand went up to caress Chen Bai’s neck, his pulse covered by the palm, feeling as Chen Bai shivered a little.

But Heinz was still not satisfied. He was reluctant to release Chen Bai’s jaw, so he sucked on the other’s soft and sweet-tasting lips from eating the pear, as though he could just swallow the other person whole like this.

The hand clasped around his slender and delicate neck, rubbing it over and over again, naughtily skimming across his Adam’s apple a few times. The lustful contact made Chen Bai’s whole body fill with objection.

But his body felt as though it was not under his control anymore, letting Heinz touch as he pleased, not resisting even when the hand trailed down to his collarbone.

The partners matched by the Divine Realm have absolute compatibility between the genes and mental energies of both parties. It’s also the same for their physiology; if one decided to turn on their desire, the other couldn’t biologically resist.

Therefore, he must restrain himself. Aside from clamping his jaw tightly, there was nothing else he could do.

After waves and waves of attacks from Heinz, he closed his eyes slightly, his waist going soft, and he almost couldn’t figure out if he was restraining himself from resisting, or if he was unable to resist due to the other’s great skill.

Neither knew how long the kiss lasted. It wasn’t until a wave of cheers came from downstairs, and Chen Bai’s almost blank mind capturing that MC’s sweet voice announcing the start of the second round, did Heinz let him go.

Whether it was his deep and meaningful glance, or the obvious tent at the lower half of his body, Chen Bai couldn’t react to either very well.

… He had never been this intimate with anyone in this life.

His thirty year old face reddening slightly, he turned away to pant for a while, his arm tugging at his clothes tightly.

“Guess what I was thinking just now?” As though remembering something, he suddenly asked. Leaning on the side of the table, Heinz looked at Chen Bai turning away to avoid looking at him, and his gaze turned even darker. 

“…” Chen Bai ignored him.

Although matched by the Divine Realm, Chen Bai had luckily escaped last night, though tonight he’ll have to experience something deeper. He had originally wanted to just give Heinz an illusion using his mental energy! He didn’t even want to have any deeper contact with Heinz.

After all… after all, Heinz’ actual fiance was never him.

“I regret it; I shouldn’t have fainted then,” Heinz smiled, suddenly speaking with a voice so cold it carried hints of hatred.

He shouldn’t have trusted Chen Bai so lightly then, and he shouldn’t have fainted. If he hadn’t fainted back then, perhaps nothing would have happened afterwards, and he could have properly held his beloved, pampering the other regardless of law and heavens.

He wouldn’t have become this cautious like today, he wouldn’t have become terrified like this, and he certainly wouldn’t be carrying a burden that was not supposed to be carried by him alone.

Chen Bai’s eyes glimmered, and he thought that Heinz was talking about what happened last night. So he didn’t feel like looking into Heinz’ eyes, not knowing what to say in this situation. It was at this moment, the beautiful MC’s thin lips announced the second round of Stone Recognition beginning officially.

“Choose.” Heinz spoke nonchalantly, while still sporting a tent, “That was considered as a punishment just now. If you choose wrong again, you’re not allowed to clamp your mouth next time.”

Chen Bai trembled with shock after hearing that. Then, he glanced at the stones up there, choosing his selection without much hesitation.

In someplace he couldn’t see, Heinz lifted the corner of his lips lightly. He was thinking, how long would it take for him to strip away the layers of fake skin on this little fellow?


Editor’s Note:

So spicy. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

He knows!  ~K


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August 4, 2021 10:00 am

Heinz knew the real CB😲😲😲

Sue R
Sue R
August 4, 2021 10:33 am

Of course Heinz knows, he kept the real face in his dream.

August 4, 2021 1:20 pm

He knows!!!!!!! Yes!!! Wow Heinz literally told him to choose correctly or else he will kiss him again!?? CB is so shocked!!

August 4, 2021 7:35 pm

Of course! Though still curious at what point did Heinz actually found out!

August 4, 2021 11:30 pm

Interesting development… he knows and is starting to scheme to strip the other completely! What will you do xiao Bai?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 5, 2021 1:23 pm

Oh my!
Thank you for translating and editing.

Pinki Rai
August 5, 2021 6:49 pm

Why am I imagining the Marshall as Xiao Zhan and Chen Bai as Yibo. I know it’s not possible, but would love to see a live action version of the story with those two actors

October 5, 2021 4:57 pm

Ohohoho nice nice mice nice nice

March 22, 2022 5:32 pm

I just knew Heinz know! I bet the “Sorry. I am late”, before is also for something that is either from 3 years ago or 13 years ago. Heinz, you are much smoother without the guide! Abandon the love guide! Lol I just didn’t like the he that follow that stupid guide’s instruction making other people think his cold demeanor makes them justified to bad mouth and bully Chen Bai online. I just felt frustrated for student Class 3-1 fighting losing battle to back up Bai.

April 13, 2022 8:38 pm

Holicrap. HE KNOWS.

November 6, 2022 2:24 pm

great! he knew. mwahaha. as expected from the marshal

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November 28, 2022 10:01 pm

so…. he knows all along, huh… did he already fallen so deep from a long time ago? i mean.. since they’re teenagers..?

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