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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


Heinz moved almost at the same time as the door opened, a hand chopping down, and the first person was struck unconscious. Chen Bai was able to appreciate the shocking speed of an SSS-rank explosive manipulator. And the scariest thing was, even at this speed, Heinz could still retain the accuracy and precision of his force and direction.

The people at the back seemed like they didn’t expect someone inside to have this sort of power, or was it that they didn’t realise from the start that this person was the Marshal?

Which meant, someone backstage had already started moving, and another had connected the suspicion to them because they didn’t choose a selection advisor?

His mind turning, Chen Bai moved out of the room right behind Heinz at lightning speed and found out that the ‘not many people’ the person from the light screen had solemnly vowed just now was different from what he had imagined…

Staring at the hallway crammed full of people, Chen Bai couldn’t help but silently take a step back.

“Don’t be scared; find a chance to run forward later. Don’t worry about the ones at the back.” Heinz’ face seemed to darken after seeing so many people, seeming annoyed about something, then lowered his head to speak to Chen Bai.

The latter was silent for two seconds before nodding, “Okay.”

He was probably the one who understood the least about what was happening, but now was not the time to ask questions.

The group of security guards were stunned by Heinz’ swift and sudden movements as he burst out and just now seemed to regain their bearings, hurrying forward one by one.

Immediately, the hallway was filled with the sounds of yelling and fighting, repeating again and again.

“Go.” After Heinz put down another person yet again, he reached out to pull Chen Bai, trying to push him forward.

Unfortunately, though the number of people in front of them wasn’t too many, for Heinz to bring a ‘zero-battle-skills’ Chen Bai out was indeed not easy. After he put down another person, he had to face someone running towards him, several people getting back up from behind, plus Chen Bai who must be protected behind him. With all this, even Heinz would be at a disadvantage.

Before anyone knew it, when Heinz subconsciously twisted his body around to deal with those few coming from behind, trying to protect Chen Bai by covering him with his own body to take a hit, Chen Bai suddenly reached out his hand like a shadow and blocked the hit aiming for Heinz’ neck with his arm, then quickly attacked the person rushing towards them.

The assailant’s expression became twisted in an instant, as though suffering from some kind of intense pain. His body tilted and fell down.

At the same time, Heinz had also dealt with several of those who had rushed up from behind them. Turning his head back, Heinz’ expression seemed to become blank for an instant before he quickly recovered. Obstructing the others following them from behind, he pushed Chen Bai towards the end of the hallway with a twist of his hand. “Run forward!”

Chen Bai glanced at the endless swarm of people and ran towards that direction as instructed, with Heinz sliding over several people behind him at lightning speed.

When Chen Bai reached the window, musing on how to get down the energy pipe smoothly and still maintain his character, his waist was suddenly grabbed by a force from behind. The next second, Chen Bai felt himself held in a firm embrace.

Heinz circled his waist from behind, then jumped out of the window and slid down at an incredible speed, all the while hugging him. Chen Bai felt as if he was swept up by a gust of wind, and no more than two seconds later, both of them had reached the bottom.

This place wasn’t very high by any scale, and the guards around seemed to have been wiped out by someone. Heinz glanced at his light screen after landing, then pulled Chen Bai to continue running.

The people in the Stone Recognition hall seemed to be held back as well, as Chen Bai only heard people running out after a long while. However, he and Heinz had already run away a long distance at that time. Even if they wanted to keep chasing, it would take a lot of effort.

Just when Chen Bai thought that Heinz’ plan was completed successfully, or at least be able to cease their endless jogging for a while, Heinz’ footsteps stopped after they turned another corner.

In the black market, there was a bright area and a dark area. The former was just as the name suggested, any who entered the black market could go there, the entrance even granting them a map plug-in. But the latter was different. The transactions that occurred at the little booths outside were considered quite open in the black market. All the messier and shady underground deals were generally done in the dark area.

With Heinz’ intelligence network, however, it wasn’t too strange to get the entire map of the black market. Coincidentally, the place they stopped at now was an alley in the dark area.

Looking at the tall and sturdy man wearing a cow head mask standing in front of them, Heinz cautiously took a step back, pushing Chen Bai behind him at the same time for cover.

“Later, find a chance to run,” Heinz stuck close to Chen Bai, using a near whispering voice to speak into his ear. Both he and Chen Bai couldn’t see each other’s expression through the masks, but he also didn’t know why he kept feeling that the man under the metallic silver mask seemed a little distracted.

If he didn’t guess it wrong, Chen Bai was staring at the tall and sturdy guy before them.

Heinz was slightly stunned. Not only that, he realised that the man in front of them was also a little… lost in thought. He was obviously Berkeley’s secret agent, as there was even a specialized mark on his neck. But he was not radiating even the slightest killing intent, as though he was looking at someone…?

Glancing at the black-bottom and red-top numbers on that person’s neck again, Heinz’ heart trembled, as though understanding something. But he still did not linger for long. As soon as he finished speaking, Heinz rushed forward.

The man had a very big stature, and it was evident that his muscles were intensely trained. There was a very solid feel when Heinz threw a punch at him.

At the same time, Chen Bai’s eyes shone slightly under the mask, as if settling his heart for something, and he suddenly touched the area at the back of his neck. Then while Heinz was controlling the other’s arm, he shot through the gap from the side.

It was quite interesting. After the man in the cow mask saw Chen Bai’s movements, he seemed to pause before using a weird angle to take Heinz’ blow, not even trying to evade or resist.

The latter slightly paused. His reaction faster than his mind, he skid over the other and ran forward.

Chen Bai ran until the next turn in front of him before twisting his head to look behind him, where the silhouette fallen in the alley stung his eyes.

That was Black; he wouldn’t recognise it wrong. When Mani had probed into Black’s situation, and during Ellie’s banquet, he had seen Black’s shadow.

After he left, Berkeley must have put Black into another team. Ellie’s banquet… was that you with Rat? Chen Bai ran while thinking, his heart pumping heavily. He knew he had to suppress it and followed Heinz to continue running.

Finally, they arrived at a place similar to where they had entered the black market. Heinz tugged at Chen Bai as both of them took down the covers on their faces at the same time, then jumped into a floating car that appeared out of the blue.

“Three minutes and forty seconds! Boss, your speed is just as we estimated!” They heard a loud voice exclaim casually when they got in the car.

Heinz’ expression was slightly ugly. Ignoring the voice, he turned to look at Chen Bai. “You alright?”

“I’m fine.” Chen Bai shook his head, incidentally glancing at the slightly obese person sitting at the driver’s seat. Then, pretending to pant for a while, he finally said, “This is the event you took me out for today?”

After pausing for some time, he hesitantly supplied, “It was quite exciting.”

“No…” It was rare for Heinz to hesitate. He furrowed his brow, as though remembering something unpleasant, before raising his head to say, “Asked you to keep your movements small, what happened?”

“Ay, our movements were actually very small. But boss, you also know that everyone in Berkeley has extensive experience. After so many years of honing their skills, the elites are more ferocious than any other. Kureya didn’t want to either…,” the person in front said as they glanced at the back.

The playful attitude immediately dropping, he put on an upright front as he greeted Chen Bai, “Ay, isn’t this our boss’ wife? Our first meeting is so helter-skelter…”

“Surname Teng, just call him Fatty.” Completely ignoring Fatty’s expression of ‘quick, let’s introduce and get familiar,’ Heinz gave a simple but rough conclusion before reaching his hand out to Fatty. “Where’s the thing?”

“Here, here,” Fatty probably knew the ins and outs of the plan, as he hastily took out something from the floating car’s partition layer.

It was a cardboard-like box. After opening it, there was an invaluable-looking brocade, and the stone wrapped in the brocade…

Chen Bai only took a look before he couldn’t help but widen both his eyes.


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August 10, 2021 9:27 am

It’s obvious to Heinz that Chen Bai isn’t on the level with him.
How will CB juggle Heinz and his loyalty to Berkley?
I don’t quite get what Heinz’s motives are for seemingly instigating these events at the black market…. seemingly to get whatever stone has shocked Chen Bai; but why involve him? To see if he’s a spy?
Thanks for translating.

Sue R
Sue R
August 10, 2021 10:54 am

The plot move slowly but still interesting.. thank you all.

August 10, 2021 1:36 pm

What in the brocade🤔🤔🤔

August 10, 2021 11:12 pm

I can see that this novel will be a wild ride.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 11, 2021 5:18 am

When does next chapter comes???😭😭😭 Is it on patreon?? I can’t find it.

August 25, 2021 12:38 pm

Hmmm, what is this brocade? Is this the thing the MC said was stolen?? Heinz is so cool protecting his wife! ❤️

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