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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


Didn’t see Chen YiBai? Impossible! Even if they couldn’t believe what had happened in front of their eyes, Chen YiBai had run in front of that elite! How could he not see it? The military’s elites should be able to see a guy who ran in front of them, right?

That’s why all the viewers were in disbelief.

From the viewers’ point, they could clearly see the military elites suddenly appearing for their attack. Even if those elites had appeared out of the blue, any viewer who paid close attention still noticed when they approached in the omnidirectional video shoot.

Regardless, most viewers still couldn’t fully believe their eyes.

Most of them had believed in Waldo’s judgement and thought that the military elites were not nearby yet, granting their group the smooth sailing to the water reservoir no other group had gotten.

When Chen YiBai suddenly dashed madly towards a direction, most viewers were expressing disdain, except for General Stephen, whose expression froze for a split second. In that split second, Chen YiBai swung his whole body upwards and grabbed onto a tree trunk beside him, so his body was suspended in midair. Then, with a clean twist in the air, his knee immediately struck a military elite that was hiding in the grass and preparing to ambush him.

When the elite silently appeared on screen, the organizers seemed to want to put in an element of surprise, giving an all-round close-up on the elites, as well as the wristwatches they were wearing. But no one expected that this close-up was only less than a solid three seconds before it was cut off by Chen YiBai’s sudden attack!

At a speed of breaking wind, Chen YiBai’s knee packed a fierce and swift offense that even the viewers behind the screen backed away helplessly from, only regaining their senses after they hit the back of their chairs or even toppled over entirely.

After a few seconds, their nerves finally reacted and disbelief was written all over their faces.

And that elite was utterly confused. He was the spy for his group, so when Chen YiBai had entered their eight hundred meter radius, he had already sensed it and hid himself. A spy like him was also strong in anti-detection. He had held his breath and stared as Chen YiBai ran in front of him, showing his vulnerable back to him.

Just when he had thought that it was a good opportunity to ambush the other, Chen YiBai’s sudden movements hadn’t given him any time to react! He could only watch as that person had suddenly flown into the air and slammed harshly into his face with the sound of the wind!

He swore. His hidden presence was absolutely perfect and untraceable! He was one of the best spies in the military! Not to mention, Chen YiBai was just a teacher without any training. Even if the other had S-rank mental energy and countless hours of training, he was still absolutely confident!

But not only did the other see through his camouflage, he confidently attacked him without any prior judgement?!

How could this be trap recognition? It looked like… it looked like detecting brain waves using mental energy… then making a judgement in an instant based on experience and instinct, confidently so… but this quality, how could it appear in an average person without any training?!

Before he lost the ability to react after the attack, that was the last thought that flashed across the hidden elite’s mind.

“How… could it be… Heavens!” The host had obviously watched this scene from the live broadcast and was stunned for a long while along with the viewers. Even if she was a popular show host in the Alliance, she still took a long time to regain her wits after encountering that sort of unexpected situation.

“Ah, there really is one.” Chen Bai looked at the man struck unconscious by him lying in the grass, his gaze displaying hints of surprise, and his tone carried hints of relief. He seemed confused for a bit, before mumbling to himself, “This is… an elite. Ay, luckily I used to love roaming around the woods near my house.”

In the woods near the water reservoir, Chen Bai seemed to be the only one there, but his words were all heard by the viewers.

Most people in the Alliance knew that Chen YiBai was born near the edges of Beta Region. There were many areas there that the Alliance had yet to develop. Some had heard that hunters who wandered around the restricted areas had quicker reflexes than even soldiers. They had to compete with nature as well as anything that hid within the restricted area, so the experiences and instincts they developed could even be better than a soldier.

He was already an S-ranked mental controller… and was also matched as Heinz’ partner. That hit just now was swift, fierce and resolute, seemingly difficult to execute. But reality was demonstrated right in front of their eyes, in front of hundreds and thousands of people in the Alliance, so they couldn’t not believe it.

[F*ck… I really have nothing else to say, I kept saying that Aldia hired cybertroops before… now I have to believe that he actually is quite capable…]

[Teacher Waldo said that there’s no one there, but he said there was. If the elite had time to hide himself, it means that his judgement was definitely not wrong. In Teacher Waldo’s introduction, it said that his detection area is three hundred meters, so, Chen YiBai’s is higher than his?]

[Oh my gosh… General Stephen said that they sent out military elites, even the group with a lieutenant general was quickly destroyed just now. Never thought Chen YiBai could… take one out this quickly!]

After knocking that person unconscious, Chen Bai stood around pretending to be confused for a while, before taking off the other’s wristwatch as an afterthought, all of it just an act.

What Beta Region woods? He often went there to cook over a campfire and play around while training his stamina. But his mental energy was trained in Berkeley, and though the planet was large, his area of detection was much larger than Waldo’s, or even the elite’s by many fold.

And as Berkeley’s topmost special agent, there was naturally no doubt about his stamina. His actions just now were even purposely suppressed. If he were to go all out, that elite wouldn’t have been able to think that much before he was unconscious.

Thinking back on it, Chen Bai narrowed his eyes.

Taking off the wristwatch meant that this person was disqualified. Chen Bai entered the elite’s ID number onto his own wristwatch. The organizer said before that this competition was the harshest yet, but it was just like child’s play to Chen Bai. When he entered Berkeley at sixteen or seventeen years old, his training was much crueler than this. If it wasn’t the quickest way to contact the inside informer among Aldia’s teachers, he might not even have wasted his time here.

But the public had limits on what they could accept. Chen Bai expressed lingering fear on his face as he took off the wristwatch and shoved it into his own bag, planning to let Carlyle take a look and see if he could use anything inside. Just as he turned and prepared to leave, his eyes scanned the grass before him.

“I-I still can’t wrap my head around…”

Looking at the large 39:49 on the screen, and the sudden addition of one hundred points in Mundi’s group, every viewer was still in a state of astonishment.

When they heard that Mundi’s group decided to attack the water reservoir a few minutes ago, they had thought that it’d be a miracle if the group all survived, but who knew… Not only did they survive, they even ‘killed’ a military elite! And without a single scratch!

Most importantly, the person responsible was the Chen YiBai that everyone spat on!

“It’s just unbelievable… The pressure from the military elite’s attack just now seemed to be broken by Teacher Chen in an instant, and he said it was because he often went to the woods…” The host seemed to regain her wits and started interacting with the audience once more. 

“Hahaha, I also have a relative living in Beta Region. They said that there are many interesting individuals in Beta Region’s restricted area, including forests that move along the surging energies of the galaxy, filled with contractual beasts and other creatures. Those who live there all year round might even rival a fully trained soldier. Say, what opinion does General Stephen have on Chen YiBai’s encounter with that elite just now?”

When the host’s sweet voice ended, the camera gave a close up on General Stephen’s face. Almost everyone could see how ugly his expression was, and when the camera turned to him, he made nothing of it. His eyes glinted slightly, and he snorted cold air, as though he didn’t want to answer the host’s question.

The latter could only switch the topic with a forced smile, and the camera stopped filming General Stephen’s expression. But on the set, his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, and a dark light glimmered in his eyes.

Others might not know this, but though he couldn’t direct the elites’ movements, he could still access their status. It wasn’t just the teachers in the competition, the military also had their considerations when sending out elite troops.

So Stephen knew, aside from the one eliminated just now, there were still five more elites who were sent out to attack Mundi’s group. They had originally planned to attack all at once, but Chen YiBai’s speed was too fast! He swiftly knocked down one of them, making the other five halt their attacks in an instant.

Even if they had a large chance of winning with five elites to one S-ranked average person, Chen YiBai’s display of power had shaken them to the core, and everyone could tell that he hadn’t gone all out.

Therefore, Stephen didn’t see anything wrong with the decision made by these five elites, but there was another problem. When Chen YiBai took off the wristwatch and lifted his head, his eyes seemed to flit through the grass, such was how the others saw it. But not Stephen!

The military’s cameras could be turned off without any time limit. The organizers only asked them to turn it on during their attacks, which was why that elite’s appearance was suddenly seen by the viewers only then. Thus, when the other five had given up on an attack, naturally their cameras were not turned on, and the viewers wouldn’t know their location.

But Stephen had a hold of the exact location for all five elites, which could be shown in a multidimensional image. In other words, he was almost certain that Chen YiBai’s flitting gaze just now had landed on a few key points, each of them precisely where the elites were hiding!

Not just Stephen, but the five elites had also felt it. Chen YiBai may have thought that fighting one on five was too disadvantageous and hadn’t made a move, or for some other reason… But they were still military elites, and their camouflage had been discovered by a teacher just like this? Having six people’s camouflage fail at the same time, just how strong was this guy’s detection and mental energy sensing, to be this swift and precise?

General Stephen couldn’t help but clench his arm secretly, his eyes staring straight at the Chen YiBai on the screen who had casually walked back to greet Mundi. Six elites’ disguises were uncovered at the same time; one of them taken out without using full power. It had seemed as though he had the advantage of attacking first, which didn’t mean he could win against an elite hand-to-hand, many viewers had commented.

But neither Stephen nor the five elites thought so.

When experts exchanged blows, it was always a close call. Not to mention, Chen YiBai didn’t ambush them, rather his movements were too fast. Fast enough that even if they could sense it, they might not be able to block it. If he went all out, five of them might not even be able to defeat him easily.

This would be a difficult problem.

Stephen controlled his emotions, then ordered someone to give him a light screen solely to survey Chen YiBai. The others maybe saw him as utterly exasperated, but in reality, he wasn’t.

It wasn’t only recently that things were happening within the military as well as the governing offices. Including the gradually sharpening conflict as well as the magnetites and stone recognition competition appearing in the black market, it all signified that a giant vortex would appear within the Alliance.

Currently, the Berkeley extremist party hidden in the shadows and the conservative party represented by ol’ Ruble, who was also the president, were constantly stirring in power. And, the latter’s power was clearly far behind the former’s.

After the abnormal movements from the Eagle Hunter troops, Heinz had contacted him discreetly. Back then, Stephen had not made his decision for a long while because he believed that Berkeley’s experimenters were too fierce. Protecting brain regions was every mental controllers’ weakness all along, and he longed for, as well as feared, Berkeley’s experiments.

But Dr. Einbergen had daringly proposed the union between explosive controllers and psychological manipulators in the scientific research convention just half a month ago.

Some had pointed out that it was precisely this that had caused Berkeley to start their movements extra early.

Yet no matter what, if everything was just as Dr. Einbergen had said, if Heinz was the perfect union between an explosive controller and a psychological manipulator matched by the upgraded system, then no matter how unbearable Chen YiBai’s past was or how little he understood advanced technology, there would definitely be much more talent bursting out of him.

To him and many high ranking officers in the military yet to declare their positions, this was the most important judging standard.


“Wristwatch?” Mundi received the thing Chen Bai passed to him, his gaze carrying hints of surprise.

“Mn.” Chen Bai nodded, then gave an embarrassed laugh. “It was quite sudden, and they only sent one person over… we’re in luck, at least everyone is alright.”

Mundi glanced at him suspiciously.

The cameras could film everything all the time, so Chen Bai hadn’t made any more trouble by wounding himself, instead giving all the credit for acquiring the wristwatch to luck.

After he had warned the remaining five elites, he had gone back on the same path as he hadn’t planned on having a big fight. Not long after, he had met Mundi, who was rushing over. And after meeting up with Faye, Carlyle and Waldo following behind, they had exchanged information.

Fortunately, they were now fully stored up on water. This was just a competition, so the military wouldn’t really poison the water, plus Chen YiBai had taken out one elite, so it was a good thing for Mundi’s team.

But Mundi had seen how the two groups from before were attacked. Even if Chen YiBai repeatedly emphasized that there was only one person and that it was all luck and such, he still had his own judgement: the military does not advocate individualism unless the situation is desperate. With the competition just starting, the reality would not be as Chen YiBai said it to be: only one person. There must have been many, but they had retreated.

This had taken Mundi by surprise. He was once Heinz’ subordinate and had charged and broken through enemy lines with him, placing a lot of trust on this commander. So, he had never rejected Chen YiBai. Not only that, he trusted that the other had the capabilities.

Now it looked like… the other didn’t just have the capabilities.

Leaving it there, Mundi wouldn’t prod if Chen YiBai didn’t plan to talk. Letting Carlyle study the wristwatch, he started discussing the situation with Chen YiBai and Faye, including the elite that was downed.

Waldo seemed to have been scolded harshly by Mundi for leaving Chen YiBai behind and not moving together before they all met up. Now, he was walking at the back of the group in low spirits.

After walking for about five minutes, Chen Bai suddenly stopped. Waldo’s head was cast down, and so was his gaze, so he accidentally hit the other’s back.

The previous events had made him furious with Chen YiBai, and he didn’t believe whatever the other said about taking out an elite by himself! It must have been some sort of trick. So when he saw Chen YiBai blocking his way, he immediately shouted, “What is it now?!”

Mundi glanced sideways at him, and Waldo instantly stopped making any sound. Looking in their direction, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

Standing not far from them, was an old man sitting in a wheelchair, looking at them smilingly. When his eyes landed on Chen YiBai, it carried some hints of meaning.

“Never thought that we’d meet again so soon.”

“Right, Lieutenant General Mundi, Teacher Chen?”

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September 3, 2021 11:36 am

I’m just loving this. Chen YiBai is that kind of cool yet warm at the same time character, mysterious, strong and dangerous. Perfect for Heinz too, whom I also like.
Shattering the doubters’ preconceptions 👌
Thanks for translating and editing.

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September 3, 2021 1:25 pm

Who is this person they met?? Mundi is a smart man! I like that he has respect for Heinz and CB. This Stephen person is so suspect!! 👀👀

Sue R
Sue R
September 3, 2021 6:44 pm

Who is the old man????.

September 3, 2021 11:53 pm

[taking out a banner “GO! Teacher Chen!!!”] I love how he did it, so quickly, and he warned other, too (fan-girl squealing)!! Oh, so gen. Stephen is not just a blockhead military man, good to know. a wheelchair – prof. Vanda?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

September 4, 2021 5:06 pm

what the. Is the old man one of Berkeley’s?

September 5, 2021 9:40 am

Is it professor vanda???

March 26, 2022 2:01 am

Okay it seems Stephen is not on Berkeley’s side. But Dr. Einbergen… is the one suggesting the union of psychological and explosive manipulator? I remember he knows about Heinz’s brain wound. Is it possible he is using these as experiments and now took the data collected to Berkeley? I don’t think he innocently did all and “hastened” Berkeley. Why did I think Berkeley wanted to swap the hierarchy of psychological and manipulator?

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