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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 29: Fighting for Everyone

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

A fist-sized flesh hole was created on the gray tentacles, which constantly dripped with dark blue viscous liquid. The monster gazed at his bleeding tentacle with long and narrow crescent eyes for a moment, and an angry blue vein burst out on its forehead.

“Everyone, quickly divide into four groups, one with me, one with Tiffy, one with Fett and the last with Lindsay. I’m in charge of the front, Tiffy to the right, Fett for the rear, and Lindsay to the left.” Delia quickly completed the distribution, and then inputted the command, maneuvering the mecha to jump up, quickly sliding to the right for more than ten meters, avoiding the tentacles from the monster.

The soldiers under Delia’s command were assigned in the shortest time, and then led by Delia’s temporarily appointed team leader, they rushed to their positions.

Tiffy looked back at Delia, hesitated, and then quickly led her assigned soldiers over to the monster’s back. She was surprised to find that among the soldiers who were responsible for the attack behind the monster, two of them operated their mechas with extraordinary fluency and agility, and their shadows could hardly be caught by the terrible tentacles.

Among them, the man who controlled the dark-black mecha was extremely powerful. His manipulation technique was almost as good as that of Colonel Delia… No, probably more powerful than Colonel Delia… Way more powerful. 

The red mecha controlled by Colonel Delia was an advanced model whose performance could more than match that of an A-class mecha. If this man changed to a mecha of the same level as Colonel Delia, she was afraid his ability would not be limited to this.

Why had she never heard of such a terrible soldier?

Tiffy’s mind suddenly flashed to the man she had entrusted two A-class mechas to on the order of Colonel Delia… Could it be the man who got the A-class mecha through his relationship? Tiffy was shocked by her guess, and then she interrupted her thoughts. Anyway, the first thing she needed to do was to hit the monster.

After Delia’s team joined, what had been a disadvantaged situation for the soldiers finally turned around.

The soldiers were no longer limited to defense, and finally began to counterattack.

The giant monster was surrounded by nearly a hundred soldiers. When it tried to attack a soldier with its tentacles, there was another soldier to stop it. In the first half of the month, the soldiers became familiar with the step by step battle sequences, and gained actual combat experience of fighting with various monsters. Now their actions weren’t redundant. It can be said that in so many battles, they have hardened their souls into true soldiers.

The moment when they can finally compete with the monster’s strength, they have proved their ability and reaction judgment ability trained in past combat.

When several soldiers tripped up the tentacles, Long Yuan jumped on. The dark-black steel  feet trampled on the monster’s thick tentacles, quickly approaching its body.

The monster wanted to draw out his tentacles to deal with Long Yuan, but it was too slow. Long Yuan raised the speed the moment the monster reacted, the dark-black mecha flashed, and the next second appeared in front of the red pupils behind the monster’s head. The lightsaber in front of its eyes slashed a fan-shaped blue-white light, the monster immediately closed its eyelids, and added a hardening protection.

Therefore, it did not see that Long Yuan took back his lightsaber the moment it closed its eyes and lifted another arm without a lightsaber. The arm of the mecha had changed into a muzzle, and a white light was suppressed inside.

“Cannon particle light gun loading 80% 90%…… 100%……” The cannon particle light gun was three times more powerful than the particle light gun. At the same time, it also had considerable energy expenditure. Long Yuan glanced at the energy bar as the gun was loading, and found that the energy value had dropped by 40%.

So it was not easy for pilots to use this extreme weapon.

But Long Yuan didn’t care. He wanted to measure how strong this monster could really defend itself.

The white light, which had been grinding around at the muzzle of the gun, shot out. The monster could not avoid it at such close range, and the light went straight between its eyes.

The monster finally realized something was wrong. By this time, it could already feel the huge coercion from the back of its head. The originally closed pair of big round eyes opened quickly. Facing the white light that was spinning in front of its eyes, the monster quickly mobilized all its defense capabilities and made the best defense for itself before being hit.

A huge white flash lit up in the back of the monster’s head, accompanied by a large shock wave, exploding in mid air. Long Yuan had already steered the mecha out of the range of the cannon particle light artillery bombardment. Compared with the power of the last ten particle light cannon fusions, a cannon particle light gun was still much weaker. It only jumped 20 meters away, so it did not feel the shock wave.

The monster sent out a fierce howl. The tentacles that had chased all the soldiers were rolling in pain, turning up more than one meter high dust clouds from the ground.

The soldiers grasped the tentacles, which gave no resistance, as it could only roll on the basis of instinct. The tendrils were unable to attack them, but it still continued to try. The monster’s skin was powerful, but the impacts made a wound one by one.

Delia jumped out of the range of the monster’s tentacles and pulled the bowstring toward its body.

The golden light constantly flashed and an arrow appeared on the big bow. The moment the golden light on the arrow turned into a water-like flow, Delia released the bow string, and the arrow shot with great strength towards the monster.

Just as the arrow was about to hit the monster’s body, the monster did not know where a tentacle came out and firmly grasped the arrow. The arrow trembled constantly under the monster’s tentacle to break free, the golden awn around the arrow pierced the surface skin of the monster’s tentacle, and viscous blue liquid slowly slid down.

The blood-red pupil of the crescent moon, containing a murderous gaze, looked at Delia. The tentacle that grabbed the arrow turned and threw it in the direction it originally came from!

By this time, the monster had stopped howling. The angry blue veins on its forehead were covered with a large piece of skin. Although Long Yuan’s attack did not cause fatal damage, it still hurt a lot.

There was a huge bloody hole in the attacked area. Although the wound was not too deep, it still felt threatened and angry. It just wanted to play a good trick on these stupid humans and eat them all up, but now it wanted to crush them all into piles of minced meat!

Delia pulled her bow string and shot another arrow, which collided with the one the monster threw in the middle. After the monster caught the arrow, which consumed a lot of energy and collected energy for a new arrow, the strength was offset by the two, and the two arrows turned into gold fragments simultaneously.

The monster clapped its tentacles, raised its head, and made a strange sound wave towards the sky.

At the same time, all the living monsters on Alpha stopped moving. Even if they were attacked by other teams, they didn’t fight back. A short time later, a blue-light cluster floated from their forehead. the moment the light left them, the light in their eyes became dim, as if their life had been stopped; like a mechanical toy, completely motionless.

Blue blobs of light moved at high speed in the sky, drifting to where the sound wave came from.

The sky was filled with pieces of stars, like a flowing river, converging from all directions at a very fast speed. The small pieces of blue light gathered around the monster in a circle, slowly moving into its body. The monster’s body gave of a glittering blue light, and its original injuries suddenly recovered.

At the same time, all the captain’s channels frantically requested to connect to the screen. Originally, during the battle, all channels were closed, leaving only the headset system for the captain to contact the team members and the communication system between teammates. If one wanted to link to a channel from other teams, the other must request a connection.

Delia and Sheryl didn’t want to pay attention to it. They just looked at the monster surrounded by blue light, but under the numerous requests for connection, they opened a connection suspiciously.

“What’s the matter?! The monsters all died suddenly. What about on your side?”

Delia and Sheryl were puzzled by the connection that happened three times in succession. But when they saw the monster in front of them that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger due to the blue light, they immediately felt their hearts clench. If they thought correctly, this monster was evolving by depriving other monsters of their vitality, and they had to wait until its evolution was complete… They needed to kill it, or the consequences couldn’t be imagined!

“All soldiers, the monster is evolving! We must take advantage of this time to get rid of it. We must not let it evolve successfully!” Delia said in a hurry, while manipulating the mecha to the monster.

Surrounded by blue light, the monster looked down at Delia, who was rushing towards him, and suddenly opened its mouth. They did not know when its mouth became blue. When the fire-red mecha ran in front of it, a blue liquid suddenly shot out towards the mecha.

Delia steered the mecha to avoid the attack of the liquid, and then was surprised to find that the ground hit by the blue liquid rapidly eroded.

Long Yuan raised his eyebrows as soon as he heard the notice. He looked at the monster expanding rapidly in front of him at the speed visible to the naked eye. It was obvious that when it became larger, its whole body was covered with a metallic luster. Originally, it could only be hardened in certain areas, but now its defense had spread all over the body. Indeed, if he didn’t kill it now, he was afraid it would be even more difficult to deal with when it had completely evolved.

Long Yuan stood up from his seat and looked back at Xuan Feng. “Let’s go.”

Xuan Feng immediately jumped out of his seat to keep up with Long Yuan.

In front of the dark-black mecha, a figure was projected. At the moment of landing, Long Yuan extended his arm forward, “Xuan Feng, load the mecha!”

The golden chihuahua that fell with Long Yuan in mid air turned into a golden flash and quickly twisted around Long Yuan’s arm. From everyone’s eyes, it seemed that Long Yuan’s whole body was shining.

In the next second, the mecha driven by Long Yuan was still dark black, but under the sun, there was a trace of gold dark lines flowing on its body, and then a half kneeling foot appeared in people’s eyes.

As Long Yuan sat in the driver’s seat, a pair of originally dark eyes on the head of the mecha immediately lit up.

“In the scanning of various data, the energy tank is full. The weapon system, propulsion system, motion balance system, protection system did not find any abnormality… The values are perfect and the mind control valve is unopened.” Different from its usual appearance, as soon as he entered mecha state, Xuan Feng’s voice became steadier and even a little serious.

The threatening mecha slowly rose from the ground with beautiful, sharp lines. Xuan Feng, according to its own preferences, made sure the transformation was not the same, its original body just stood there, letting the people feel its coming momentum.

Groups of blue light swirled around the huge monster, like a circle of floating fireflies. Under the eyes behind the monster’s head, as the body size slowly grew, a narrow line appeared, and finally became a mouth full of sharp teeth.

The monster looked at the Xuan Feng standing up, opened its mouth and spat out a stream of blue liquid towards him.

Xuan Feng quickly avoided the attack, then jumped into the air and fired a shot at the monster’s body. The thick fire light flashed on the monster’s body, but after the fire light dispersed, there was no wound on the monster’s body, and no trace was left.

The monster showed a trace of complacency towards Long Yuan, and the huge tentacles heavily patted in Long Yuan’s direction.

Long Yuan didn’t care to take back the heavy shell. As if he didn’t see the tentacles waving from the monster, he quickly took out the gun barrel which was much thicker than the particle light gun from his back and put it on his shoulder. It seemed that even the air was torn when the wave of lightning shot out from the muzzle.

When the light waves collided with the tentacles, the small part of the collision gave out a dazzling flash. The monster’s eyes widened and blood flowed into the red eyes. The skin that it thought could resist any attack was destroyed after the collision, and the part of the tentacle also slowly disintegrated.

But it couldn’t take back the tentacle, otherwise the light wave would hit its body!

“Bar down 1%…” This kind of high-energy attack weapon, because its output was extraordinarily amazing, other mechas simply could not carry it out. Xuan Feng was made by the most advanced technology of the Empire, and its energy reserve was amazing. Like this cannon particle light gun, Xuan Feng could shoot one hundred shots without pressure.

The blue light that went into the monster’s body was constantly repairing the tentacles that had been destroyed by the light waves, but the speed of repair could only just match the speed of destruction. The monster angrily raised another tentacle, trying to knock Long Yuan down from the air, but just after lifting the tentacle, it was blocked by a white mecha.

Ye Shao’s eyes were firmly fixed, almost covering up a large gray hologram. “You’re up against me now.”

The monster angrily looked at Ye Shao and opened it’s blue mouth.

The blue light in Long Yuan’s eyes flashed when the monster’s attention locked onto Ye Shao. It was about to spray corrosive liquid when his mouth was opened to the maximum. Long Yuan operated Xuan Feng to move aside and turn the muzzle against the tentacle to the mouth. The light wave that originally shot the tentacle turned to the monster’s mouth. A second before the blue liquid was ejected, it hit into the monster’s mouth.

The moment the monster was hit, the mouth on the other side of the face issued a painful howl, and the tentacles were beyond control. Delia and Sheryl immediately seized the opportunity to cooperate with a tacit understanding by shooting the monster’s eyes with an energy arrow, and shooting a particle light gun at the blue and translucent capsule filled with corrosive liquid in the monster’s mouth.

Long Yuan’s success in striking the beast let him estimate that the monster could not recover the wound in its mouth in a short time. He manipulated Xuan Feng to jump closer to the monster. The dark-black mecha with a little golden arc could only be seen the moment after it moved. The monster was unaware of the mecha standing in front of him.

Xuan Feng pulled out his lightsaber and stabbed the monster’s eyes heavily.

The monster seemed to remember the last time Long Yuan cheated him with this move. It just glared at Long Yuan until his two lightsabers were near its eyeballs. This time, Long Yuan’s target was his eyes. At the same time, the corresponding part of its face was also attacked. For a moment, the whole face of the monster was covered with dark blue liquid.

While the monster howled bitterly, Long Yuan manipulated Xuan Feng to step on the monster’s forehead and stand on its head.

The monster felt the pressure on its head and tried to resist the pain. It tried to repair itself. He waved the twitching tentacles but in the end, all the heavy blows fell on its head, and it knocked itself dizzy.

Now it had been inundated by anger, and just wanted to step on its own head, slap Xuan Feng from its body, and then severely crush it.

Compared to the manic monster, Long Yuan was extraordinarily calm. He manipulated Xuan Feng to avoid the monster’s tentacles, pointed the muzzle on his shoulder towards the monster’s head, and fired the dazzling light wave on the monster’s body, melting out a big hole in its disorderly swinging tentacles. Without any reservation, the output rate of electromagnetic light waves was adjusted to the maximum, and the volume of the light wave that originally broke through the muzzle of the gun was immediately enlarged, and continuously flowed to the monster.

The hot waves of light burned through the monster’s skin and its interior. As it was in too much pain to defend itself, Delia and Sheryl commanded all the soldiers to attack the most vulnerable parts of the monster.

The ability to repair the blue light that has been stripped from other monsters and gathered with their lives had completely failed compared to the speed of destruction of its parts, let alone the energy it needed to evolve. When it fell, its whole body was covered with dark blue liquid. The blue light originally surrounding it turned into a bunch of light blue dots and slowly dissipated in the air as the monster inhaled less air.

After confirming that the monster had fallen down for a while and that the red dot on the detection reactor had disappeared because of the monster’s life reaction, all the people were relieved.

The battle was over at last.

But no one knew that, shortly after they drove the mecha to the place where the survivors were on the detection reactor, the monster’s mouth, which had been bombed, moved and uttered a few inaudible tones, “King…” Then there was no more movement.

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Minnie ford
Minnie ford
October 29, 2020 4:12 pm

Wow the fierce battle is over why the monster said King what does it mean
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October 29, 2020 5:32 pm

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This “king” surely don’t be easy to handle.
Thank you for your hard work.
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June 1, 2022 12:16 pm

I feel this King is the one that dropped off the monsters in the galaxy then took off in an earlier chapter. Also it might be way more difficult to destroy. Wonder if this one that died is the queen. Who knows. Maybe to destroy the ultimate villain they will require the help of the ‘baby’ which will be born by then hopefully. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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