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Chapter 22: His whole world was no longer the same!

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

After Chu WuQing finished speaking, he lay in the bath with his eyes closed tightly. His naturally lowered eyelashes casted a shadow on the snow-white skin and set off the bridge of his nose and red lips. 

Chu WuQing was calmly lying in the bath. His naked body was only seen by the corpse puppet waiting upon him and had never before been seen by anyone else.

The steam rising from the spiritual spring kissed his skin over and over again. The water bubbling forth hit his neck and then flowed back quickly to his shoulder, chest, waist, and navel…

Lin Yi’s eyes were deep. His every step was as light as a feather and as indistinct as if he was floating in the clouds. The figure in the fog seemed like a mirage and Lin Yi did not dare to expose his thoughts. This was even more disrespectful, but he simply could not stop those reveries.

These mere ten steps seemed to have taken a very long time to walk. His feet were as heavy as thirty thousand catties when he finally reached the screen. He used great courage to raise his hands and push the screen aside and the scene that met his eyes could not be described with any words. In an instant, his ears were reddened and his face was covered with a light blush.

He squatted down and put his hand on Chu WuQing’s arm. The skin he touched was warm and delicate, like icy jade. Just touching it made one’s heart race. There was a hint of elasticity after being soaked in the water of the spiritual spring, which made one linger and wish to leave resplendent red marks on this celibate body.

Lin Yi suppressed his breaths and lifted Chu WuQing up from the spring. He wiped all over Chu WuQing’s skin with a fine silk cloth, making sure to absorb every drop of water attached to Chu WuQing’s skin, thoroughly exposing the body to the air.

Chu WuQing seemed to have closed his eyes, but his Divine Sense was always on Lin Yi. Lin Yi’s anger, humiliation, flushed face and suppressed breaths were all taken in by his mind.

When Lin Yi started wiping his toes, he could not help letting his malice flare up again. He stepped on the silk cloth and made Lin Yi unable to pull it out. Then, after Lin Yi showed an expression that showed he was enduring more humiliation, Chu WuQing moved a little bit and stepped on Lin Yi’s fingers before whispering, “Your movements are too slow.”

The skin on the sole of his foot was very tender, thinner than ordinary people and slightly reddish. There was a sharp contrast with Lin Yi’s honey colored skin when he stepped on Lin Yi’s five fingers. The flesh on his skin was very soft and the light pressure on his fingers brought a different feeling, which made one want to devour the most delicate part of Chu WuQing’s foot. He wanted to see the insufferable smile that Chu WuQing would never show in front of outsiders, and see confusion in his eyes.

Chu WuQing saw Lin Yi not speaking. His appearance of not saying a word aroused even more factors in Chu WuQing’s heart. His foot moved from stepping on Lin Yi’s fingers to the back of his hand, up his wrists, and finally stepping on his shoulder. Because of his movements, a seductive arc formed from the ankle to the groin and a beautiful scenery was thoroughly visible to Lin Yi’s eyes.

“You can’t even wipe me clean, and you’re still dreaming of learning cultivativation?” The words he uttered were extremely vicious and full of insults. He placed Lin Yi’s heaven-sent cultivation talent on par with the servant corpse puppet.

Lin Yi’s hands trembled. Finally, his two hands held Chu WuQing’s ankles as he took a deep breath, “Master’s rebuke is correct.” Only with his utmost effort did he control himself from looking at the beautiful scenery in front of him.

He put away the silk cloth and picked up the clothes dried by a magic spell. Then he grabbed Chu WuQing’s ankle, raised Chu WuQing’s calf and began to put on his underpants from his feet, gradually covering all the scenery again.

Chu WuQing’s silver hair radiated a soft halo under the light of the Night Pearl. The hair brushed past the red and captivating points from time to time, falling to his waist and drawing attention to a more private place, as it set off the paleness of Chu WuQing’s skin.

Lin Yi combed through and gathered all the strands, revealing the ears hidden in the hanging hair. Chu WuQing’s earlobes were perfectly round, and the hair he touched was cold and fine as silk, which made one want to hold it forever.

Lin Yi’s eyes deepend, but his expression was unchanged. He tied up Chu WuQing’s long hair with a hairpin. The simple topknot showed extraordinary celibacy and elegance, yet below it was a unique and enchanting body.

Lin Yi grasped Chu WuQing’s wrist, held onto a slim finger as he draped the inner clothes slowly on Chu WuQing, and then he pulled on the front lapels. Inevitably, the clothes slightly rubbed on a pair of red nubs, before it was tied close under his armpit.

Lin Yi shook the outer coat and fit it snugly onto Chu WuQing. It completely covered the erotic radiance, and gave the impression that Chu WuQing was as untouchable and as distant as before.

After putting on his clothes and recovering his spiritual strength, Chu WuQing immediately decided to sit in meditation and take a nap here, adjusting his plan to depart tomorrow.

The two were disputing the whole time they were on the road and after more than ten days of torment, they returned to the sect.

Chu You immediately sensed him when Chu WuQing arrived at the mountain where the sect was located. Chu WuQing and him had a life and death blood contract. As long as he entered a certain range, the two sides would have a response.

Chu You immediately put down his academic affairs and flew towards the gate. However, after a scan with his Divine Sense, he found that Chu WuQing was not travelling alone and this person seemed to hold all of Chu WuQing’s attention.

This guy was only at the Level One Qi Condensation stage?

Chu You’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed and he wanted to use the divine-tier divination artifact which was given by the elders of the family for this journey to perform a calculation, but there was no conclusion, “Who is the so-called son of fate?” He pressed his hand onto his chest, and two flames seemed to be burning in his eyes, “This journey has been extremely unfavourable. First of all, it made a wrong calculation regarding the strength of Massacring Zhen Jun. Even if I have the spirit blood of the ancestors, I was still refined into a Death Sworn, and I have no choice but to listen to all the orders of his son. Second, my heart seems to be in a mess too and it doesn’t listen to the commands of my brain… ” 

When Chu WuQing arrived, he immediately put on an unfathomable expression and asked, “My Lord, who is this man?” It was an undisguised probing in his tone, which seemed to contain a hint of hostility.

Chu WuQing eyed Chu You thoughtfully and said after quite a while, “I went to the mortal world for a stroll and saw that he was interesting, so I caught him and made him a servant.”

“My Lord, is it not enough to have me? Why would you want such a servant?” It must be known that in the Chu Clan, one needed to be highly qualified and even had to pay a great price to be a servant of Chu WuQing. Only after a strict auditing could they become a close attendant of the son of the Chu Clan in the AnYang Realm, thereby attaining immense resources and a rise in status for oneself and their family.

Chu You’s probing gaze was directed at Lin Yi, but Lin Yi did not flinch at all. It was clear that Lin Yi was just at Level One Qi Condensation, yet he was almost unaffected by Chu You’s gaze.

It should be known that when the gaze of a Greater Path Golden Core cultivator like Chu You contained an intent of intimidation, even Minor Path Golden Core cultivators would be affected.

However, Lin Yi’s face had only paled slightly. His deep eyes were still radiating health and vigor and he was not suppressed at all when face to face with Chu You. There seemed to be a sharp and penetrating aura in his eyes that split the dense hellfires.

This child was out of the ordinary.

Chu You’s heart sank. Before he left, according to a divination after offering sacrifices to pry into the heavens, no cost must be spared to approach the son of the AnYang Realm’s Clan Head and accompany him to enter the Chu Clan’s Trial in the lower realm. He was to find the son of fate of the three thousand realms, thus changing the destiny of the whole Clan.

He thought this divination was laughable and preposterous. It was ridiculous for a cultivator who did not cultivate his own mind nor cultivate his own body, but placed his hope on the mercy of others, trying to futility coerce them with kindness and morality, in hope that they would repay him in the future, and would care for the whole clan. 

But with the sacrifice, the hearts of the people would be as one and the clan would flourish, thus he was unable to reject it. As the next sect leader, he must be the one leading his men in a charge even if he was unwilling. He naturally had to do his best since he had been sent to do this, so as not to waste this period of time.

However, when he saw this person who was most likely the son of fate from the divination, he was unable to give him a friendly countenance. It seemed as if their Eight Characters naturally restricted each other and even the meeting of their eyes made unbounded hostility burst forth in his heart.

Yes, if he was really the son of fate, how could he give him such an extremely uncomfortable feeling? He was definitely not the one.

Even if it was true, he was a cultivator of the Path of Hellfire. If his soul was scattered, he could condense the shards into a new soul through the Ghost Path and resurrect himself, becoming a ghost cultivator before seeking the Immortal Path once again. Why should he cling to such a person then?

The son of fate had the luck. How could Chu You not have it too? Why not try to seize it and see who was the one who was loved by heaven?

Chu You’s mind turned a few times. Chu WuQing naturally did not know of this, but he could sense that Chu You was rather peculiar at this moment. However, so what if he could sense it? He would not pay more attention to Chu You because of this and investigate his aims.

He only needed to know that Chu HuanZhi’s spells and cultivation could thoroughly suppress Chu You, so that Chu You could not resist at all and he could be completely made use of before the Immortal Abode opened.

“You have to protect me well, and oversee the sect. It’s naturally different from those who wait upon me.” Chu WuQing said lightly.

“Chu You is different from these people. But A-Qing, am I not enough to serve you?” At this time, an ice-cold voice that carried a thousand-fold jealousy sounded. It seemed that he could not tolerate the appearance of Lin Yi staying by Chu WuQing’s side in the slightest.

Everyone’s expression changed. Looking up at the main gate, they saw a white figure standing on a purple cloud with a wave of anger wafting off her that made all the clouds in the sky scatter like the chickens when a fox was in the henhouse.

After three breaths, the figure in white descended aloofly and arrogantly. But when ‘she’ saw Chu WuQing, there was a multitude of tenderness in ‘her’ eyes, “WuQing.” This sound seemed delicate and soft, yet did not allow Chu WuQing to back away. ‘She’ must make Chu WuQing state his side.

Su BeiCi, do you even have to be so jealous over a man? Chu WuQing felt speechless, but at the same time he felt happy. He could not help looking at Lin Yi and found that Lin Yi showed a state of extreme vigilance.

This kind of alertness showed his ability off to the full extent. It was almost as if Lin Yi had completely turned into a sharp sword. There was a white ray flashing in his black pupils as he stared at Su BeiCi without blinking.

Ha ha, it was a pity. So what if he fell in love with Su BeiCi at first sight in this lifetime again? So what if he tried to attract the attention of Su BeiCi in every possible way? Su BeiCi would not be moved by him at all.

As Chu WuQing thought of this, he resisted the discomfort as he took two steps forward, grabbed Su BeiCi’s neck and kissed ‘her.’

He was not as tall as Su BeiCi, so his action of grabbing Su BeiCi’s neck looked like he as looping his hands around ‘her’ neck, as he tried his best to raise his head and stand on tiptoe to poke and kiss Su BeiCi’s lips bit by bit. The sight was inexplicably inexperienced and adorable.

Su BeiCi’s heart shook, and he almost wanted to hug Chu WuQing’s waist and pick him up. He wanted to kiss Chu WuQing till he was gasping for breath like the last time, and make Chu WuQing show the shame, helplessness and full-face blushes that he would never show ordinarily.

But he simply could not do that. There were still two people casting covetous glares at him.

Lin Yi stared at Chu WuQing without blinking. There was a flash of shock in his eyes. It seemed that something had broken. The aloof and remote immortal, the God who was not stained by a speck of dust, whom he could only secretly look up to in his heart and not dare to expose his dirty thoughts in front of him…. It was all broken at this moment.

The anger and disbelief in Lin Yi’s eyes did not escape Chu WuQing’s eyes. The feeling of the woman he fell in love with at first sight loving another man, and kissing and embracing him in public could be imagined.

Chu WuQing was increasingly pleased. His hands clung to Su BeiCi’s body more tightly. He stretched out his tongue and licked Su BeiCi’s lips, leaving behind a moist and dewy spot, “My dear, do you mind him?”

Su BeiCi’s gaze deepened, as if they were deep pools where giant beasts were hidden. The calmer it was now, the stormier the waves would rise and devour all the things on the shore.

Su BeiCi’s lips were slightly raised, and he couldn’t help but open his mouth to gently bite Chu WuQing’s tongue. Then, with the demeanor of the unconditionally strong, he sucked the provocative red tongue into his mouth, tasting it carefully as he tightened his grip on Chu WuQing’s waist, and kissed Chu WuQing till there was a slightly lax expression on his face. A layer of mist rose in his eyes as the fairy-like face was kissed till it became scarlet.

Extreme shock showed in Lin Yi’s eyes. Chu WuQing could actually be like this?

No way, he could not let Chu WuQing be defiled by this demon. He stared without blinking, the emotion in his eyes mixed with the sadness of broken faith.

Su BeiCi’s eyes swept over Lin Yi, and he put on a show of force, possessive desire and ownership as he bit Chu WuQqing’s snow jade-like earlobes. He licked them till they were pink, and gently blew the airway into the cochlea, “As long as WuQing kisses me like this every day, I won’t mind him.”

The atmosphere at this moment was extremely heavy.

Chu WuQing was also extremely happy. Look, what kind of pain Lin Yi would be in when the one he loved at first sight only loved Chu WuQing?

Chu WuQing was willing to put even more weight on Lin Yi’s nerves that were stretched to the limit until they were completely crushed and broken. He insincerely replied Su BeiCi, his words were full of affection and provocation, “Naturally, I want to kiss A-Ci every day and night.” 

The jealousy in Su BeiCi’s heart abated a little. Taking advantage of Chu WuQing’s relaxed attitude, he kissed Chu WuQing’s neck with great possessiveness and desire. The kiss was domineering and ferocious and he seemed to want to suck Chu WuQing’s skin and flesh into his mouth. Soon, there were red marks on the jade white skin, akin to taking an oath of ownership.

Chu WuQing was amused by Su BeiCi’s young girl’s temperament. He touched the kiss mark on his neck and said, “I have to deal with some affairs after having left for several days.”

Su BeiCi reluctantly let go of Chu WuQing. For the first time, he did not look for many excuses to stay with Chu WuQing and spend more intimate time together. Instead, he turned his gaze onto Lin Yi and said, “This Daoist friend who has just stepped into the First Level of Qi Condensation must be unfamiliar with the path of cultivation, and does not understand the XianLing Sect at all. WuQing, go deal with your affairs. I’ll bring him around to familiarize him with the sect and teach him the common sense of the cultivation world.”

Su Bei’s words were full of jealousy the moment before and ‘she’ had just been pestering him for a kiss. In the next moment, ‘she’ uncharacteristically said that ‘she’ would bring Lin Yi around to familiarize him with the sect? This put Chu WuQing immediately on guard.

How could this happen? Even if he has changed the trajectory of the plot, Lin Yi’s powerful protagonist halo could still break everything and return the plot back to normal? Under such circumstances, it also was able to arouse the interest of Su BeiCi and let Su BeiCi choose to be alone with Lin Yi?

“A-Ci,” Chu Wuqing spoke out with the intention of telling Su BeiCi that ‘she’ did not need to do this and it was fine to let one of the odd job workers to bring Lin Yi around. But just as he was about to speak, he saw Su BeiCi looking at him with affection. There was no sign of wavering at all, so he swallowed the rest of his words, “Well, then I’ll leave you to familiarize Lin Yi with the sect. On the way, you should test his aptitude. There’s no need to give him special treatment for my sake, just assign him a position as a disciple according to his aptitude.”

According to the last life, Lin Yi’s Five Element Spirit Root that had been detected meant that he could only be an odd jobs worker. Of all people, his rival in love was a proud Son of Heaven, and even his life was saved by this person who insulted and toyed with him. This was the kind of psychological blow and pain that Lin Yi would have in his heart.

As long as Su BeiCi’s feelings towards him remained unchanged, leaving the two alone would only increase Lin Yi’s agony. Even if the goddess in his heart was walking beside him, ‘she’ was still thinking of another man.

Moreover, his low qualification would be exposed in front of the goddess, yet nothing could be changed and he could only live in disgrace for the time being.

Chu WuQing felt all his pores comfortably relax. He could not help laughing heartily. Then he beckoned Chu You and they walked to the Sect Leader’s Hall together.

Chu WuQing left for half a month and great changes had taken place in the sect. The XianLing Sect was one of the top ten sects, and the aptitude of the disciples it recruited was good. It was only because the sect’s resources had been embezzled in recent years after the death of the patriarch that the cultivation of its disciples had been delayed.

As soon as Chu WuQing’s skill manuals and elixir were distributed, many disciples that lacked the nourishment of spiritual energy immediately reached peak state and made a breakthrough. For a while, there were many outer sect disciples who reached the latter stages of Qi Condensation.

Among them, sixty eight disciples reached Peak Qi Condensation stage.

It was very difficult to ascend to Foundation Establishment for people in the lower realm. The gap between Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment was like a natural moat. How many people were stalled outside this gate as they sought immortality? It could be said that only one in thirty Peak Qi Condensation cultivators could successfully ascend to Foundation Establishment.

There was no abundant spiritual energy here, not to mention there were no Foundation Establishment Pills. It was the lifelong dream of many cultivators to achieve the Peak stage of Qi Condensation.

Of course, all of the sixty eight disciples were summoned by Chu WuQing, who gave them all skill manuals and elixirs, which made them so thankful that they teared. It was because of Chu WuQing that they could live to today and achieve the level of cultivation that they did not dare to in the past.

Just when everyone thought that they would be dismissed after the elixirs had been distributed, Chu WuQing said indifferently, “I have one hundred low grade Foundation Establishment Pills. The pills are most suitable for cultivators with Three Element Spirit Roots and above. Amongst this group, there are eight people who have Four Element Spirit Roots and have cultivated the Peak Qi Condensation stage. Now they are over eighty years old and are likely to die on the spot if they take the Foundation Establishment Pill. Would you still like to have a try?”

As soon as the three words ‘Foundation Establishment Pill’ came out, everyone’s eyes widened. They had only heard of such pills in legends and did not expect that this pill would appear in their life one day. There were even one hundred pills. It was practically like a dream.

No one would believe it if this was said by another person. They would just think it was mere bluffing and boasting. However, this was said by Chu WuQing who gave them everything, which deeply moved their hearts.

Even if Chu WuQing’s next words showed that taking this pill had life-threatening consequences, a white haired old man immediately walked out. He knelt down on one knee and stated, “Eldest Shixiong, please give me the pill.”

Chu WuQing hesitated, “You have to think it through. If you’re incompatible, your soul will be scattered and you won’t even have the chance to be reborn. You are eighty-one now, and you have thirty-nine years of life to enjoy.”

The white haired old man looked calm as he replied, “For this one, it’s merely death approaching sooner or later.”

“Good,” Chu WuQing praised. He immediately handed the pill to Chu You. At the same time, he summoned the Ling Long Pagoda and gently touched it. Gu Yu, who had been studying arrays, suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

What kind of remarkable ability was this? It could hold cultivators inside, and even summon them at will. All of them were deeply shocked by Chu WuQing’s action and their eyes were full of fanaticism.

Gu Yu was slightly shocked when his surroundings suddenly changed. But he soon recovered and put away the array he was studying before turning to Chu WuQing, “My Lord, what can I do for you?”

Chu WuQing replied, “Are you able to put up a Spirit Array now?”

Gu Yu cupped his hand and answered, “I can put up a Fourth Rank Spirit Gathering Array.”

The Fourth Rank Spirit Gathering Array. Even though he knew of Gu Yu’s talent, Chu WuQing was slightly surprised. The so-called ‘Spirit Gathering’ was to gather the spiritual energy together and keep it as a never-ending source. The spiritual energy would not disperse if the array was not removed, and after hundreds of years, the land would become a heavenly paradise.

As long as Gu Yu could set up a Second Rank Spirit Gathering Array, the probability of a successful ascension to Foundation Establishment would be increased. Chu WuQing was pleasantly surprised with this turn of events.

Gu Yu was a little nervous when he said this. He only stayed in the lower realm for a short time after he was brought inside by Chu WuQing before being placed into the pagoda. Even this short period was enough to make him aware of the sparseness of the spiritual energy in the lower realm. He guessed that Chu WuQing would probably make him set up a Spirit Array in the future.

Therefore, from the time he entered the pagoda, he began to focus on research in order not to let Chu WuQing down. He felt nervous now that he had been summoned. His eyes were closely watching Chu WuQing for fear that he would show any dissatisfaction.

Chu WuQing nodded, “Very good. You can put it up now.”

Gu Yu breathed a long sigh of relief, and a strange brilliance filled his eyes. He stepped on the ground in a mysterious and measured manner, and threw down array seals in different directions. His hand signs flowed like flowers as he recited the spell. It seemed that every passage of the spell carried the intent of heaven and earth. As soon as it appeared, a wave of power and pressure fell inside the hall, and a mysterious intent flowed, which overwhelmed the people.

After the length of time it took for a stick of incense to burn, all the array seals joined together as a whole, as if they were affected by some type of crucial moment, and all kinds of light burst out in an instant.

Gu Yu’s expression was serious and his posture was elegant as he transformed the last spell with his fingers. As soon as the spell fell, it was as if a mass of vitality had been poured into the array. In a split second, the light disappeared, but countless waves of spiritual energy surged in.

These spiritual energies gathered in the array, and turned into fog because they were extremely dense.

It was common for Chu WuQing to see spiritual energy change into fog, but the cultivators of the lower realm had never seen this before. Many people in the hall felt that their cultivation rose under the envelopment of this dense spiritual energy. It seemed that with just a little guidance, they could breakthrough on the spot.

Chu WuQing indifferently called, “Chu You.”

Chu You stepped forward at once. With a slight wave of his right hand, he called the white haired old man into the array. He took one step forward and put five Foundation Building Pills into the old man’s mouth.

For a while, everyone’s gaze was focused on the old man in order to witness the miracle.

When the pill entered the old man’s mouth, the vigorous spiritual energy battered against the old man’s meridians to the point where they were almost about to shatter. Bursts of golden light appeared at the old man’s dantian, but this dantain that had just opened, and the golden light that was transforming the divine sense into a sea of consciousness was extremely weak, and completely unable to contain and guide that magnificent spiritual energy at all. The old man’s face paled as fine perspiration dotted his forehead.

The pain was tremendous, yet not a word passed the old man’s lips. Rare admiration appeared in Chu WuQing’s eyes.

Due to this appreciation, the old man became more persistent.

Chu You stretched his fingers out and pointed them at several of the old man’s main acupoints. The majestic spiritual energy followed where Chu You’s fingers pointed, changing into golden light and flowing into the old man’s dantian. In an instant, the boundless spiritual energy poured into the dantian, transforming into rain and dew and showering onto the sea of consciousness.

A touch of ruddiness appeared on the old man’s ash-white face. There was a trace of Path Understanding coming out of him, which made the crowd envious. Everyone realized that the old man was beginning to grasp the initiative of controlling the spiritual energy.

Chu You took away his fingers and raised his hand to swipe at the void. He actually grabbed the spiritual fog and turned it into a sparkling and translucent liquid before pressing it on the top of the old man’s head where it was absorbed in an instant.

The paleness on the old man’s face completely disappeared, and there was a trace of vague intent, which seemed to be quite different from how he was in the past.

At the same time, a large amount of spiritual energy bubbled up from the old man’s body. It seemed that the old man’s body had become a forge for spiritual energy. Such a scene caused endless admiration in everyone, and they revered Chu You and Chu WuQing even more in their heart.

The old man opened his eyes half an hour later. His whole world was no longer the same!

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