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Translated by Heather of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kuneho & UA

The day of the sports games quickly arrived. While considering people’s work and rest schedules, the event was specially organized on the weekend so people could take Monday and Tuesday off.

Being Pet University’s first sports festival, the rules were not that strict. The event was set up in the format of games so that people and pets would have the opportunity to interact with one another. When Xie Guanze arrived at the auditorium, he saw that the audience, which were pet owners, were wearing exercise clothes that made it more convenient to interact with the pets. 

“There are so many people.”

The seats surrounding the field were full and there were a lot more people than Xie Guanze had expected. 

In reality, Pet University was still in its testing phase and only a small group of pets from neighbouring areas actually attended. There were only about 1000 participants counting the students and teachers. However, the crowd was much larger, about three to four thousand people.

—- This was because the majority of the audience were families. If one pet brought a family of three or four or even five or six, it would seem more fun and lively. 

As Xie Guanze and Xie King were surrounded by the people in the audience, they saw the large figure of the pet pig Hua Hua. Through Hua Hua, they saw roommates Cao Jun and Chu JiangQing, and immediately stood up to greet them. 

“Cao Jun, JiangQing, over here!”

Cao Jun and Chu JiangQing came over together. Chu JiangQing’s pet cat NiuNai still wasn’t very obedient and didn’t go to school. Others came to observe the sports festival because they wanted to check up the situation before signing up. 

After they met up, they followed Xie King to the designated seating area for his class. 

“We will be competing up there, you can stay here and cheer me on!” As Xie King talked, he pulled out a pile of supporting items which included banners, fans, and balloons that said “Go King!” He shoved them into Xie Guanze’s hands “Remember to cheer me on, cheer loudly so I can hear!”

Xie Guanze: . . . .

“Where did you get these?”

Looking at the rainbow coloured font, the fluorescent coloured plastic fans, and the angry bird printed on the balloon, Xie Guanze was curious as to who picked these items. This colour combination and design brought down the overall aesthetic of the support group. Was this some rural karaoke place’s design?

“I ordered them online.” Xie King’s face turned inexplicably red and he became shamefully angry when Xie Guanze looked at him in disbelief , “We ordered them together, what are you looking at, it wasn’t just me!”


Hua Hua curiously asked: “Huh, then why doesn’t our class have them? 

Xie King glared at him: “Then you guys have just fallen behind.”

Hua Hua sadly scratched his head. Did he stay away from the city for such a long time that he really had fallen behind?

Cao Jun immediately pulled out his phone: “Don’t worry, I’ll order some for you right now. They will be delivered here soon!”

Right now Hua Hua was very happy as he held onto Cao Jun’s head coquettishly. However, since he used his thick and sturdy hand to hug Cao Jun, the latter regretted his kindness. 

“ Let- let …. let go…..”

Hua Hua let go embarrassingly and Cao Jun hurriedly took a few deep breaths: “Are you trying to strangle me?”

Hua Hua smiled playfully: “HeHe.”

Xie Guanze was puzzled. Even though these items seemed like something the narcissistic King would order, if everyone ordered them together, does that mean that the students had suggested it?

It seemed that Xie King could understand his students’ point of view. Was he trying to learn how to stan celebrities from his students?

Seeing how Xie Guanze’s doubt was finally dispelled, King was relieved. 

It just so happened that a new, rowdy family took a seat in the audience below. The family included grandparents with white hair, youthful parents, a child, and a pet in their teens. This was Zhang XiaoYong and his cockroach turned human, Zhang Xiao Qiang.


Xie Guanze and his group were sitting at the very top of the auditorium and Zhang XiaoQiang’s family was at the very bottom so there were quite a lot of people in between them. Coincidently, one person stood up to greet their friend and blocked the line of sight between Zhang XiaoQiang’s family and Xie Guanze’s group so the boy didn’t immediately see his teacher sitting above him. 

With his height, Xie Guanze immediately saw Zhang XiaoQiang, who also pulled out a bunch of supporting items from his bag. That design, that colour was the same style as the ones in his hand. 

“Xiao Qiang, why do you have these?” Mother Zhang had seen Zhang XiaoYong obsessing over celebrities. When she saw these, she immediately blamed her son, “Xiao Yong, did you teach him this?”

Zhang XiaoYong pleaded for innocence and Zhang Xiao Qiang helped him explain: “It was my teacher who allowed all of us to order them. He said the humans like using these items to cheer for their loved ones.”

Mother Zhang quickly changed her tone and smiled: “Yes, your teacher is right!”

Our teacher: …..

Xie Guanze quietly looked at Xie King: If everyone ordered them together, that’s because the teacher did a good job leading them. 

Xie King turned his head toward the stage: “The leader is already there, I have to go. You guys can play by yourselves.” 

Xie Guanze: “Haha.”

Xie King’s face grew even more red and didn’t dare stay any longer. He hastily turned his head and left, looping around the upper area of the auditorium before arriving where Zhang XiaoQiang’s family was sitting. His anger and embarrassment had not diminished.

“Zhang XiaoQiang!”

Zhang XiaoQiang turned his head in surprise: “Teacher, you’re also here.”


Xie King became more angry when he saw Zhang XiaoQiang ruining his reputation but in front of a student’s family and Xie Guanze’s gaze from afar, he had to maintain his dignity. Even if his feelings were a mess, he kept a serious look on his face. It was so stern that Zhang XiaoQiang was so scared that he forgot the lines to introduce his teacher to his family. 

“Are you ready? Let’s go together.”

“Oh, okay, okay.”

In front of his teacher, who was also his natural enemy, Zhang XiaoQiang didn’t know where to put his shaking hands. As he followed Xie King, he started to walk with the same hands and feet in sync.

Xie Guanze saw this and facepalmed. Xie King’s mannerism was really that of a king. Zhang XiaoQiang followed in fear, like a eunuch that had just entered the place and met the emperor for the first time. 

Xie Guanze heard Grandma Zhang worriedly ask Zhang XiaoYong: “Was that his teacher? It seems that he is hard to approach, what’s his original form?”

Zhuang XiaoYong thought for a bit and said: “Cockatoo, a bird that really likes to eat bugs. I heard from XiaoQiang that he tried to eat him on the first day of class. Maybe the reason he was so stern was because he was trying to resist the urge to eat XiaoQiang.” 

Mother Zhang heard this and suddenly felt inexplicable sadness in her heart: “Ah, our XiaoQiang is so pitiful!”

He had to risk his life just for a cooking class, her XiaoQiang was so pitiful. In the future, she must take better care of him!

Grandma Zhang nodded her head: “Yes, we need to give him more to eat. If he is stronger, then in the face of danger, he can run away faster.”

Zhang XiaoYong: Mom, Grandma, look at me, I have to face a bunch of scary teachers and homework that are even more terrible . . .

With a pet, they forgot about their child. Xie Guanze smiled as he shook his head. He could’ve been certain that not long ago, housewives hated cockroaches the most. Now that the cockroach had turned into a cute human, who was about the same age as their son, they would raise it as their own child. 

Hua Hua also said goodbye to Cao Jun: “I’m going now too, remember to cheer me on!”

Cao Jun waved his hand with annoyance: “Go go go, hurry up and go. You’re blocking the wind by standing there.”

Hua Hua waved her hand and left. Between the three pets, only cat human Niu Nai was left.

“Niu Nai, what do you think? Do you want to go to school?” Chu JiangQing carefully asked. 

Niu Nai coldly sneered: “ A group of blockheads.”

Chu JiangQing became more bitter. It seemed that she didn’t want to go to school.

But Xie Guanze didn’t think so. Cats were all proud animals. Even if it seemed that Niu Nai was uninterested, her eyes were curiously looking at the different types of equipment on the field. Her ears flickered lively as she extended and retracted her paws on his knee. It was obvious that she was itching to go play.

If there was interest, then there’s no worry about disliking it. Xie Guanze didn’t stop smiling and handed out the support items that Xie King had prepared. 

“Here, let’s cheer them on together.’

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Niu Nai curiously play with the plastic fans and then poked at the balloons. Xie Guanze asked intentionally: “Niu Nai, do you like this red bird balloon? If you participate, I’ll get you a cat balloon so then you can fly!”

Niu Nai still said with disdain: “I can fly by myself.”

However, she didn’t let go of the balloon. It was obvious that she liked it very much.

Chu JiangQing’s saw this and nodded to Xie Guanze in thanks. 

Niu Nai suddenly asked: “That cooking class, do they teach how to cook fish?”

Chu JiangQing and Xie Guanze looked at each other and smiled triumphantly: “ Yes, of course they teach it!”


On stage, Headmaster Golden Horse tested the microphone: “Ahem.”

Hearing this signature voice, the crowd slowly started to settle down until there was only a quiet chatter remaining. 

Golden Horse cleared his voice: “Pet University’s first sports festival, officially begins now!”

There was a wave of applause and Xie Guanze heard parents in the audience gasping “Headmaster is so handsome!”. This included both males and females, old and young alike. 

Most of this exciting and long-lasting applause was for the headmaster’s face.

After the applause quieted down, Headmaster Golden Horse said his second sentence: “Our aim is friendship first, competition second!”

“Great! What the headmaster says is great!”

The shameless humans started crazily clapping again and shouting cheers one after another. 

Golden Horse: ??? What part of what he said was great? Wasn’t this what humans normally say?

Golden Horse’s owner was standing below the stage. Looking at this scene, he could understand the human’s real thoughts. Seeing his own pet’s confused expression, he turned his head and couldn’t stop laughing. 

After the applause stopped, Golden Horse said his third line: “Next, please welcome the participants onto the field!”

The crazy applause began for the third time. At this moment, the sun came out. The rays shown on Golden Horse’s long golden hair and it gleamed in the sunlight, like strands of real golden silk. The Golden Horse seemed to glow with golden light from head to toe as if he was an angel surrounded by a scared light that stepped out of a fairytale.

A gentle breeze blew by, causing his golden hair to flutter in the wind. The romantic atmosphere moved the hearts of the “horny” men and women in the audience, causing them to scream.

“Well said!”

“Headmaster, I love you!”

“Headmaster, I want to give birth to monkeys for you!”

There were both humans and beasts here and Xie Guanze was about to go deaf from the screaming beside him. He covered his ears and looked over to the girl who was yelling the loudest. It was the flying squirrel student from the beast class. He said to himself: girl, do you know what the headmaster’s original form is? How is a flying squirrel and a golden horse supposed to produce monkeys?

Golden Horse was thinking the same, he picked up the microphone and said very seriously: “Sorry, I am a horse, I cannot give birth to a monkey.”

Flying Squirrel changed what she was screaming: “Hahahahahaha headmaster I love you, I want to give birth to horses for you!”

Golden Horse: ???

Xie Guanze: . . . . .



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