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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The next day, Finch woke up on the big, soft bed, wearing luxurious pajamas. He walked on the luxurious floor and stood in the luxurious bathroom. He looked at the mirror that was dazzlingly bright, and rubbed his face. Although he had stayed here, he was pretty sure that the only reason why Cesar hadn’t kicked him out was because he was too lazy to talk to Finch…

As he thought about this, Finch couldn’t help but recall the past.

Now, as he thought back, there used to be many clues, but he had been too careless to see them!

At the time, when he had seen Cesar in the bar, it had been love at first sight, so he had brought Cesar back to his house… The next day, he had asked Cesar reluctantly if he had a house. Cesar said he didn’t, so Finch asked him if he had money. He said no, so Finch finally asked Cesar if he had a job, and Cesar still replied with no…


He didn’t have a house, but he had a villa! He didn’t have money, but he had a black card! He didn’t have a job, but there might be other people working for him!

It was a pity that Finch hadn’t known any of this at that time; he had only seen that Cesar was a clueless young man. He had been loitering in the bar late at night, so he had thought that Cesar probably got by using his good looks. Just by his face, Finch was willing to provide for him.

Thus, Finch had enthusiastically let the spiritless Cesar stay in his house.

And he had happily begun to raise his boyfriend…

Finch returned to the present and sighed at his reflection in the mirror, so he began to wash his face and brush his teeth.

He had just finished washing up when his phone rang; Jian FeiYu was calling him.

Finch picked up and immediately heard Jian FeiYu’s weary and weak voice. “Are you okay? Yesterday, we were brought away by the police who suddenly showed up. I told them that it was very likely that you were taken by a ghost and that they had to go save you quickly! But they said I should calm down and don’t say nonsense… and then they interrogated me the entire night.”

Finch felt a little guilty (as he seldom did) for casting aside his friends for love, as well as for having slept well last night. He cleared his throat lightly and said, “I’m fine.”

Fortunately, Jian FeiYu didn’t think to inquire further, and he only lowered his voice to say, “Yesterday, the police pretty much only asked about Brother Feng and his son. Later, I heard that Sister YuXi was actually murdered by Wang Tao.”

Finch already knew this, but he still pretended to be shocked as he said, “What?!”

It seemed to be very hard for Jian FeiYu to process this reality and he said dully, “Wang Tao was the murderer, but when Brother Feng found out, he chose to help him hide the truth. I’ve heard that he might be prosecuted for helping the criminal, destroying evidence, and attempted murder. But when did he attempt to murder someone…”

Finch thought, He nearly killed me. But that wasn’t anything good, so Finch would rather not elaborate on it. He changed the topic and asked, “How about XiaoXian? Is she okay?”

When Jian FeiYu heard Bai XiaoXian’s name, he perked up and said, “She also knows these, and she’s, well… really disappointed in Brother Feng. She seems to be in really low spirits.”


Jian FeiYu began to ramble again. “Say, if I console and take care of her now, will she…”

Finch didn’t want to hear anything else; this good-for-nothing guy can’t think of much else except for XiaoXian. Finch said, “I got to go, I still have some things to take care of.” He hung up.

He decided that the first big thing he was going to do was to take down Cesar!

He went downstairs and walked around, but he discovered that Cesar had gone out sometime earlier and wasn’t home. This was a villa with three floors, and the decorations and furniture were very luxurious. However, it was still cold and desolate, and Finch could tell that no one lived here most of the time.

Finch rubbed his chin and reckoned that this was only one of Cesar’s many estates. After all, it was common knowledge that rich people had multiple residences. When they bought houses, it was like Finch buying cabbages: not picky at all.

But what should he do to win back Cesar’s heart?

Finch thought for a moment and suddenly had an idea. He recalled that when Cesar was living in his house back then, he had been pretending to be someone who did nothing. He was practically home all day and would even considerately prepare dinner and wait for Finch to return home! It was just that he occasionally looked at Finch with a strange and unreadable expression…

Mn, now Finch knew, that expression was probably what Cesar used to look at idiots.

But Finch wouldn’t care about small matters like this! After all, he hadn’t gotten the short end of the stick; Cesar had good looks, a good figure, and they lived quite harmoniously…

Now that was lucky.

After all, many wives nowadays may not even be able to cook, so they weren’t as good as Cesar.

Now, he was staying in Cesar’s villa… so he should prepare a meal to show his good intentions, right? After all, Cesar hadn’t let him stay here for nothing!

Finch first went to the kitchen to take a look, and found that there were actually some ingredients in the refrigerator. At least it saved him the effort of having to go out and buy them.

He put on an apron and started to chop vegetables. He didn’t know how to make many things, so he decided to make some simple braised pork as well as a beef stew with radish, and then pan-fry some vegetables.

Finch, who seldom cooked, was very excited. He hummed as he arranged the radishes into the shape of a heart, and then began to take selfies with it using the beauty filter.

He had a handsome face with no bad angles, so the pictures turned out very well! He accompanied the picture with a text, [In the middle of making dinner <3 ~]

Finch smiled as he sent it to Cesar.

There was no reply.

Ah well, Finch didn’t care too much; he might be busy.

Then, he continued the great undertaking of making dinner. Cooking occasionally was quite fun, but it was just that the time he took to take selfies was several times longer than the time he spent cooking. He busied himself with cooking for the afternoon. Then, Finch picked out a few selfies that he was the happiest with. He felt that just sending them to Cesar wasn’t enough, so he opened his Weibo 1 account and posted them.

Although he only had around fifty-something thousand followers, he hadn’t bought any fake followers, so his follower’s activities were still quite high. He quickly obtained several hundred likes and various compliments, and felt satisfied.


Before he knew it, it was already night, and Finch had finally finished preparing the meal. He turned on his phone and saw that Cesar had replied to his text with five simple words, [I’ll be back at night.]

Because he didn’t want the meal to get cold, Finch let the stew and and braised pork simmer on the stove, and set the washed vegetables to the side; he decided to start cooking them when Cesar returned.

Before long, Finch heard the front door open, and Cesar’s grim face appeared at the door. He brought with him a gust of icy wind as he walked in, and his black cashmere jacket was casually tossed over his shoulder.

Finch’s eyes brightened, and he diligently pulled out the chair and motioned for Cesar to sit down. Then, he hastily scurried to the kitchen while saying, “Wait just a bit, it’ll be ready soon.”

Cesar looked at Finch’s back and was slightly stunned. After a while, the corner of his mouth curved upwards into something resembling a smile and lightly pressed his lips together. He looked away and suppressed the helpless, complicated expression in the depths of his eyes as he sat down.

Finch was a little excited, so in his haste, his execution of the dish wasn’t too well, but it still looked edible enough. He excitedly brought the dishes over and looked at Cesar expectantly, saying, “Do you want to try it?”

Cesar looked at Finch and then at what was in front of him: the dishes were so ordinary they didn’t look too appetizing, and his eyes darkened.

Actually, he hadn’t planned on coming back here today.

This was only his temporary resting place, and he rarely came. Although he had brought Finch here, that was only because he had been anxious at the time, so it was a special situation. He had thought that Finch would leave after waking up, and nothing would change here, so there was no need for Cesar to come back.

But Finch hadn’t left.

He had prepared him a meal and even sent him a picture.

When he received Finch’s text, Cesar had just arrived at a sudden projection event, and the matter was quite troublesome. But when he checked his phone, even though they were separated by a screen, it was as if Cesar was infected by a pleasant aura, making him feel almost joyful, so he suddenly didn’t want to… disappoint Finch.

He wanted to come home earlier so Finch wouldn’t have to wait long.

So that was why he was sitting here now.

But he couldn’t forget that two years ago, they had already broken up, and the break-up was simple; it wasn’t murky, and neither side was too sad about it. Their break-up was just as hasty as when they had gotten together. Even though they had already broken up, Finch had never thought about keeping in touch, which meant that he didn’t care about Cesar.

Now, the only reason why Finch was still here was because… Cesar was rich.

The hint of a smile faded away from Cesar’s eyes, and he appeared emotionless and indifferent once more, as still as a pool of dense ink.

Under Finch’s expectant gaze, Cesar used a pair of chopsticks to pick up a piece of braised pork. He chewed for a moment before saying dully, “There’s too much soy sauce.”

Finch was speechless.

Cesar tried the vegetables and said, “These were left on the fire for too long.” The leaves were almost burnt to a crisp.

Finch was still speechless.

Finally, Cesar used his slender and handsome fingers to pick up the spoon, lightly scooped up some of the stew, and brought it to his mouth. He raised an eyebrow slightly and looked a little disgusted as he said, “Too salty.”

Finch wanted to cry. He thought, Are none of my dishes edible?

How could he use this level of skill to win back a man’s heart?!

Finch, who had been really excited and had spent a long time preparing the meal, received three relentless strikes from fate. His head drooped in disappointment, and he stood up. Finch picked up the plate of braised pork. turned around, and walked away gloomily.

Cesar frowned. “What are you doing?”

Finch said in a low voice, “You don’t like them, so I’m throwing them away.”

Cesar was silent for a moment.

“Stop!” ordered Cesar. “Bring it back!”

Finch turned around in confusion.

Cesar, who had gone too far with his arrogant act, said sternly, “You don’t usually watch CCTV 2, do you?”

Finch was perplexed.

Cesar glanced at him. “You should watch PSA’s more. Everyone should be a good citizen, and wasting food is not okay!”

Finch was speechless.

Cesar looked up and said sternly and righteously, “So, bring it back.”

Finch stood there blankly, and after he got over his shock, his expression was replaced by one of admiration. The food he had prepared was so unpalatable, but Cesar was still willing to eat it, just so he doesn’t waste food? As a billionaire, Cesar was so diligent and conserving of resources; he wasn’t extravagant or wasteful. That high-level mindset was something Finch didn’t have at all! Sure enough, every successful person had some things that other people should respect and learn from!

Finch blushed and felt that him being wasteful was shameful to his country and its citizens, and he cautiously put the plate of braised pork back onto the table.

He thought, In that case, I’ll eat with him. Fortunately, I didn’t make much, so taking care of it shouldn’t be too hard. Just as Finch picked up his chopsticks and was about to help eliminate the food, Cesar had already dug in.

Next… Finch sat there in a daze.

How could those graceful movements make him eat so fast?!!!

His chopsticks were still raised midair, and he had only eaten a few bites; everything else had already entered Cesar’s stomach.

Cesar was actually really hungry…

Fifteen minutes later, Cesar put down his chopsticks. When he looked up, he met Finch’s complicated gaze… and his expression changed at once. Cesar emanated coldness and an unapproachable aura. In order to eat this meal, he had nearly lost face.

Cesar couldn’t believe that he could be this foolish!

Cesar stood up and left without a word, his expression indifferent.

Finch was stunned as he watched Cesar’s receding back.

Just then, he had gotten a strange thought: it seemed like Cesar had been purposely picky, but he also actually really wanted to eat his food…

But when he thought about Cesar’s coldness as he left, Finch felt that he must be wrong.

After all, Cesar was a dignified billionaire, so being like that wasn’t necessary.


Finch returned to his room in a daze and reflected on the dinner. Although it was only because he didn’t want to waste food, Cesar had still at least finished everything. Thus, if Finch smudged the details, then he could regard it as Cesar being very pleased with his food and had accepted his goodwill!

Finch cheered up at this thought.

He happily opened WeChat and sent a message in the group chat named Chuchu’s Global Fan Club.

[Finch: I’m currently in my rich ex-boyfriend’s villa, and I made dinner for him tonight. Although it wasn’t very good, he still gave face and ate all of it. [proud]]

[Lu MingXi: Please, I’m very busy everyday, can’t you stop dreaming?]

Finch thought, Ha, you still don’t believe me! Actions spoke louder than words, so Finch immediately ran to the restroom and took a picture of the luxurious, gilted water faucet. He sent the picture in the group chat.

[Finch: See, this is my ex-boyfriend’s bathroom. Has it blinded you guys?]

[Lu MingXi: ……]

[Xiao Ke: You found this picture online, right?]

[Lu MingXi: Mn, he even removed the watermark. Very dedicated.[

You guys still don’t believe me? How frustrating!

Finch immediately wanted to take a short video of himself and send it to the chat, but Chai Xin, who had been silent in the chat the entire time, suddenly replied. As Chai Xin recalled his encounter with Mr. Luo earlier today, he still felt surreal, like he was dreaming. He typed without even thinking.

[Chai Xin: Really? Which area of villas are you in?]

[Xiao Ke: ……]

[Lu MingXi: ……]

The two of them thought in unison, You can clearly be a person, so why do you have to be a simp?!

There was a weird silence in the chat.

[Lu MingXi: That was uncalled for. Brother Chai, that was really uncalled for.]

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Translator Notes:

  1. Weibo is a Chinese social media platform, kind of similar to Instagram.
  2. CCTV stands for China Central Television, and it’s a Chinese public service broadcaster with around 50 channels.


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