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Chapter 24: Part Three

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

As soon as this word came out, all the practitioners were shocked. How dare this Chu You start counting in front of them? When the QingLing Sect Golden Core cultivator saw that Chu You did not attach the slightest importance to his words, his expression changed greatly. He had been about to summon his own life-bound magic artifact and order the Golden Core cultivators from the subordinate sects to encircle and kill him.

This single word caused an intense surge of crisis in the heart of the TaYue Sect cultivator. However, he soon became relieved and continued when he saw the action of the QingLing Sect and the expressions of everyone, “Chu You, you wouldn’t dare to kill me. You would be incurring the wrath of everyone if you do, and signal that you have a guilty conscience. All the cultivators here will not let you off, and your XianLing Sect will be completely exterminated…”

“Two.” Chu You’s voice was very soft, but this clear and soft voice was like the sound of death.

As soon as the word was uttered, the cultivator from the TaYue Sect was burned to death on the spot by hellfire.

Everyone was astonished!

At the same time, the five Golden Core cultivators from subordinate sects rushed forward together with intent to kill. Chu You turned around; his eyes were cold. When the hellfire swept across their bodies, the five cultivators were lifted into the air, and they spat out a mouthful of blood when they fell to the ground.

Chu You indifferently glanced at the people and stated coldly, “Everyone first intended to trespass into my XianLing Sect without an announcement, and then you wanted to massacre all disciples and search the mountain. I understand your feelings, so I set aside my sect’s dignity and let you use all kinds of methods to search and expose my entire clan to you by doing so. Is what I have done not enough? Even a clay figurine would have a bottom line. After the search turned up unfruitful for everyone, you still wanted to use this as an excuse to insult my XianLing Sect, you are really looking down on this Lord Chu. It’s true that this Lord Chu can’t protect all the disciples of the clan in the midst of a fight, but it’s still simple enough for me to kill several Golden Core cultivators. It’s not been easy for fellow Daoists to reach this stage, it’s best for everyone not to disregard their lives.”

A threat, a fucking extremely naked threat! 

These words would not have caused much reaction in the hearts of the group if they had been said before the man was dead. However, Chu You’s unwavering decision to slay the cultivator of the TaYue Sect in front of them really made everyone solemn.

The five Golden Core cultivators launched a surprise attack at the same time, but they were blown away instead. This highlighted how tyrannical Chu You’s cultivation was and no one dared to take a chance that the ‘killed’ Golden Core cultivators that Chu You mentioned were themselves.

Yet, how could they shrink back easily with treasure in front of them?

Moreover, more Golden Core cultivators would arrive the longer they waited and the higher their odds would be.

“Chu You, you are not wise to do this.” The Golden Core cultivator from the QingLing Sect was not afraid when the five subordinate sects’ Golden Core cultivators were injured. Instead, he condescendingly judged Chu You.

The other Golden Core cultivators may be afraid, but he was not. The QingLing Sect had existed since ancient times and had a strong foundation that was unimaginable for the common people.

The three Peak Golden Core cultivators of the QingLing Sect were halfway to Nascent Soul. If they had not been limited by the lower realm, they would have long ascended to Nascent Soul.

Almost at the moment when the QingLing Sect’s Golden Core cultivator finished speaking, a huge palm appeared out of thin air. It nearly covered half the sky, and the pressure that came from it was comparable to that of a Nascent Soul’s.

All the people kneeled under this pressure except for Chu You.

Chu You shook his head, “It’s not being unwise. It’s due to necessity.” Chu You waved his hand at an empty space and immediately summoned Lin Yi before everyone, “I know that everyone will not give up no matter what I say today. I also know that a priceless treasure has emerged and the three seniors from the QingLing sect must be interested in it. But this is really just due to a secret of our sect. Well, I can’t dissuade all fellow Daoisists here no matter what I say, so I can only disclose the secret.”

Chu WuQing spoke through Chu You’s mouth, “Fellow Daoisits from the QingLing Sect, please test this child’s aptitude.”

What did the aptitude of a Qi Condensation cultivator have to do with the sect’s secret?

Although this was rather comical, Chu You had spoken solemnly and the Supreme Elder from the QingLing Sect was supporting their rear. It was impossible for Chu You to deceive everyone, so they could only withhold their doubts.

The QingLing Sect’s Golden Core cultivator touched Lin Yi’s skull and said after three breaths, “Five Element Spirit Root, a waste aptitude.”

Chu You turned to the Golden Core cultivator from the Number Two Sect, “Fellow Daoist, please test his aptitude.”

The cultivator from the Number Two Sect declared after he tested Lin Yi, “Five Element Spirit Root, no luck for a lifetime.”

Chu You called for three more people before the Golden Core cultivator from the QingLing Sect became impatient, “Fellow Daoist Chu, please say it directly if you have something to say. What does the sect’s secret have to do with this disciple with an aptitude of an odd-jobs worker?”

Chu You nodded, “Then, you don’t need to test any longer?”

Naturally, everyone urged Chu You to quickly spit it out.

So, Chu WuQing ordered using Chu You’s mouth, “Lin Yi, sit cross-legged and meditate.”

Lin Yi sat cross-legged and meditated while activating his heart technique. His cultivation was clearly at Level Four Qi Condensation, yet it caused the surrounding spiritual energy to fluctuate.

The Golden Core cultivators could feel it although the fluctuation was small. Fluctuations in spiritual energy during cultivation were due to a too rapid speed in absorbing and refining spiritual energy. Such a thing could only happen to Single Element Spirit Roots, but this disciple had Five Element Spirit Roots…

The QingLing Sect’s Golden Core cultivator stated, “Don’t tell me that the treasure had already recognized this child? So what if it had already recognised a master? A treasure that can cause strange changes in heaven and earth is not something that can be obtained only by a mere Qi Condensation ant.”

As soon as the word ‘ant’ came out, Lin Yi suddenly opened his eyes. A sword intent manifested in his eyes and in practically the same instant, it rushed to attack the Golden Core Elder.

The gap between a Qi Condensation cultivator and a Golden Core cultivator was like an insurmountable moat. The sword intent was naturally dispersed by the Golden Core Elder with a gentle wave of his sleeve as he chided, “Youngster, may I…” Before he could complete his ‘may I venture’, his expression suddenly changed. There was actually a scratch left on his sleeve!

A scratch left by a Qi Condensation cultivator, how incredible! The fading sword intent left on the sleeve was very similar to the aura from the sword shadow that had split the sky. Although one was as weak as an ant and the other was as vast as the sky, the aura came from the same source.

However, it was extremely difficult to comprehend sword intent in the cultivation world. It could be said that only one person could comprehend sword intent amongst one hundred thousand sword cultivators.

It also could be said that in the entire cultivation world, the number of people who comprehended sword intent could be counted on one hand.

These people were probably immensely talented geniuses of their generation, and the lowest cultivation level one had comprehend sword intent was at Middle-stage Foundation Establishment. 

Why would it appear in the body of a Qi Condensation kid that was even a Five Element Spirit Root?

Sword intent was full of the will of a sword cultivator, and was unyielding yet deadly. It was absolutely impossible to use it to imprint a master on a magic artifact. 

The numerous Golden Core cultivators present also drew the same conclusion as the QingLing Sect’s Golden Core cultivator. They all solemnly eyed Lin Yi. Could it be the legendary Spirit Sword body? No wonder he was as domineering as a Single Element Spirit Root when he was cultivating and absorbing spiritual energy.

There were actually records of the Spirit Sword body in the history of the QingLing Sect. It was nine times easier for someone with a Spirit Sword body to comprehend sword intent than an ordinary sword cultivator, and they had a hundred percent success rate in forming a core with sword intent. However, the strange changes that occurred when they comprehended sword intent were not as domineering as this.

The expression on the face of the QingLing Sect Elder was anxious and doubtful for a moment.

Chu You raised his head and addressed the palm that covered the sky of the XianLing Sect, “Can I invite senior to feel the spiritual energy flow of my core disciple?”

As soon as Chu You finished speaking, the huge palm disappeared and transformed into an empty shadow. It was actually a white-haired old man. Although he was old, the old man glowed with an extremely strong lifeforce. The sound of swords shrieking could be heard with every step of his.

A sword cultivator!

When the old man came to Lin Yi, he pointed his two fingers to Lin Yi’s head and activated his divine sense. He immediately found that Lin Yi was absorbing spiritual energy through his spirit root, and not his body. Moreover, this spirit root was absorbing spiritual energy at a much faster rate than a Single Element Spirit Root! There was practically no delay even when refining spiritual energy.

There was a flash of surprise on the old man’s face and he immediately checked it again. It was indeed a Five Element Spirit Root. There was no one who could impede his investigation with his cultivation.

“This is?” The old man muttered to himself irresolutely.

Chu WuQing spoke through Chu You’s mouth, “This child has a Spirit Sword Root. This Spirit Sword Root is much rarer than a Spirit Sword body. You may not even be able to see one person with a Spirit Sword Root even after ten thousand years. I also found out about this from the ancient texts of my ancestors. This spiritual root can only be activated through special circumstances. Once it is activated, the holder’s cultivation speed will be faster than that of a Single Element Spirit Root, and there are no bottlenecks when cultivating the Greater Path of Sword Intent. The strange changes just now were due to this child stimulating his spiritual root. The Spirit Sword Root is a cultivation that is favored by heavenly law and if we are unqualified to examine its aptitude, we would mistake it for a Five Element Spirit Root.”

The Spirit Sword Root was an extremely rare and unprecedented spiritual root. Although all the Golden Core cultivators thought it was absurd, this was the only logical explanation for why a Level Four Qi Condensation cultivator could comprehend sword intent and why the aura of the sword intent had the same origin as the sword shadow in the sky.

No wonder, no wonder the XianLing Sect said that this child was the secret of their sect.

Such a genius would not be publicized to the public, but would be nurtured in secret. In time, this child would grow into a scorching sun that would crush all cultivators and then his sect would rise with him.

Moreover, the grand competition of the top ten sects would be held three years later. With this child, the XianLing Sect, which had been ranked at the bottom for countless times, would rise in the competition.

No wonder, no wonder.

If not for the First Elder of the QingLing Sect who came here, Chu You would not let anyone know of the existence of this child. No wonder he was so angry before.

It must be known that there were incidences where geniuses were hunted and killed in the past in the XianLing Sect.

A genius would only become an omnipotent existence after they had grown up. The word ‘genius’ only represented their potential. Once they died at the Qi Condensation stage, they would forever and ever be addressed as a genius, rather than an omnipotent existence that crushed all cultivators.

The old man retracted his fingers as his eyes glistened with admiration. He asked Lin Yi, “Would you like to be my disciple?”

Lin Yi did not reply.

“The XianLing Sect is too small to provide you with the resources you deserve, and there is no cultivator who can guide you in swordsmanship. If you enter my sect and become my QingLing Sect’s Successor Disciple, I will help you refine your lifebound flying sword with my lifetime of cultivation.” It was the first time the old man explained and it was also his first time to make a promise with his exceedingly high cultivation in the lower realm.

“Are you willing?”

All the Golden Core cultivators present were astounded as soon as the old man said those three words and their gazes directected at Lin Yi were full of envy. They strongly wished that they could replace him.

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