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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

Xiao Yan saw that most of the water in the Dao Lake had dried up when he arrived at the top of the Ancestral Peak. The figure within the fog was indistinct and the white fog was coloured a faint red. 

Xiao Yan’s divine sense swept through the fog and he was shocked.

Chu WuQing sat within the layers of fog and he was barely breathing. He was at the verge of death and his body was riddled with many wounds. White bones were even visible in some of the wounds.

However, Chu WuQing’s eyes were so bright that it seemed like all the stars were gathered inside and his black pupils were the universe that contained everything.

It was only a single meeting of their eyes but it made Xiao Yan feel a great astonishment in his heart. This astonishment far surpassed the shock one got from his beauty. It left an indelible touch in Xiao Yan’s heart, as if his own will had resonated at this moment.

For the first time, he understood the phase, “If in the morning I were to gain knowledge of the correct path in life, I would be able to die at sunset without regrets.”

It even caused his sea of consciousness in his body to roll and fluctuate, and the bottleneck that prevented him from ascending above the Peak Foundation Establishment stage was gradually disappearing.

He gathered sword intent in his hand subconsciously. The moment the sword intent was released, the lush plants on his right withered and died while those on his left obtained infinite lifeforce and grew rapidly.

One side of the sword intent was black and the other was white. Finally, it harmonized together to form a pattern similar to the Tai Chi circle.

The sword intent of life and death.

Almost instantly, Xiao Yan heard a rumble coming from his Dantian and spiritual energy was quickly gathering towards him.

The first sign of forming a core!

Xiao Yan has been waiting for his core to form for a long time. He had comprehended the true meaning of the Greater Path and had a Wind Spiritual Root. It was easy for him to form a core with this. However, he did not want to forcefully break through in that manner. What he wanted was to enter the Gate of Core Formation.

He was at the 965th rank on the WenXian Rankings. There had been a prediction that if he formed a core, he would immediately rise to the top five hundred.

It could be said that the entire sect placed their hopes on him.

However, Xiao Yan forcefully suppressed the fluctuation of spiritual energy within his body when the Opportunity to form a core came, even though he may experience a backlash.

The small and soft rabbit suddenly coughed out blood and collapsed onto the withered grass.

If he were to form a core, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth would have flowed towards him, and Chu WuQing would not be able to break through to Foundation Establishment. Chu WuQing may even encounter a backlash and lose his life due to the sudden loss of spiritual energy.

Moreover, there would not be a great impact if he delayed forming his core.

Xiao Yan’s eyes flashed with unprecedented firmness and a deep infatuation that was closer to a type of faith.

He stood up and quickly activated the Illusory Boundary Array to hide his body and bowed to Chu WuQing as a disciple would towards their master.

As long as he was there, no one could stop Chu WuQing from entering Foundation Establishment.

Chu WuQing’s condition was not good. The previous eight pills he had taken was already his limit. This time, twenty pills were downed at the same time, and it seemed like his whole body was on the verge of exploding. His body was covered with cuts and bruises, and the densely packed wounds were being kept closed by the rotation of spiritual energy.

More and more blood bubbled out of the corner of Chu WuQing’s mouth. The eighteenth level, the nineteenth level… However, he was unable to break through the nineteenth level no matter how he tried. The consequences of a loss of spiritual energy began appearing on his body, and it was just like the pain of lingchi that he had experienced in his previous life.

Chu WuQing’s clear awareness that had always been alert began to blur, and he could feel his life draining away. Did the nineteenth level really, really, not exist in this world?

The disappearance of his last breath immediately put Xiao Yan on the alert. Chu WuQing’s state was obviously very bad and it was impossible for him to break through the next level.

Breaking through to the seventeenth level was already a miracle, breaking through to the eighteenth level was defying the natural order. As for the nineteenth level, who the hell knew if the nineteenth level existed or not? To say the least, it was impossible for Xiao Yan to imagine whether it existed.

Moreover, it was clear that Chu WuQing’s body was unable to bear all this.

Xiao Yan could not stop it even if he wanted to, because a forceful interruption from an external force would undoubtedly be the greatest harm. For Chu WuQing’s broken body, it would definitely make the situation worse and cause a severe backlash.

There was no other time where Xiao Yan had felt more powerless than now.

He had always been proud of his ability to crush his peers. However, he could only stand by when Chu WuQing’s life was in danger even though he had such strength. His beloved was in front of him, but he could not give any help.

Unless, unless there was a cultivator at the Void Comprehension stage. He would be able to communicate with the heaven and earth of the lower realm through his Path, and freeze this moment in time. However, how could there be an omnipotent existence like a Void Comprehension cultivator in this lower realm?

Even if there was, no Void Comprehension cultivator would take action on behalf of a Qi Condensation cultivator.

Xiao Yan fell to his knees in disappointment and gasped anxiously like a mortal.

No one knew more about the pain that Chu WuQing was experiencing at this moment than Xin Ye. Xin Ye’s life was also draining away. If Chu WuQing and Xin Ye didn’t have a Lifebound Contract, the last embers of Chu WuQing’s life would have long been extinguished.

Chu WuQing’s Level Eighteen cultivation was not stable, and was showing signs of falling.

Once it fell, Chu WuQing would die! And he would also die at the same time!

How could he, XinYe, die here because of a human!

“Wake up, wake up!”

“I’m already able to think. There is no reason why I can’t mobilize my divine sense!”

Xin Ye used all his energy to break through the boundless darkness that blocked his soul. Pain that was similar to being stabbed by tens of thousands of slender steel needles engulfed his entire sea of consciousness, but he soon turned his consciousness into a broadsword.

Come on! Faster!

Chu WuQing was less than ten breaths away from death!

A weakness finally appeared in the darkness that was blocking Xin Ye’s consciousness!

There were only five breaths left!

A broadsword split the air horizontally!

Finally, a gap appeared.

Xin Ye finally saw the world again after five hundred years of silence. However, he had no time to take a look at the world he had been longing for. All his strength and divine senses transformed into one sentence, “You don’t want to live anymore?! Quickly stop!”

The sound of thunder and collapsing mountains blasted into the sea of Chu WuQing’s consciousness and jolted his vague consciousness awake!  

However, the first thing that Chu WuQing did when he woke up was not to stop, but to let out that voice which Xin Ye had always been disgusted by, “You’re really not dead. Then, pass on your vitality to me.”

Xin Ye wanted to reply ‘Dream on!’, and berate him from a lofty position. However, he had to withdraw his divine senses and concentrate on transferring the vitality of his body into Chu WuQing’s body upon feeling that Chu WuQing’s life was on the verge of collapse.

Chu WuQing’s vitality/mind/spirit (精神) that had obtained Xin Ye’s lifeforce, jolted. The draining of his life had finally shown signs of stopping.

“It’s just that the nineteenth level is unable to be consolidated. The eighteenth level can be surpassed, however, that state of surpassion passes extremely fast. This proves that the nineteenth level is real, and not my delusion!” A profound and sharp light burst out from Chu WuQing’s eyes. It was as if he could not feel the pain in his body as he quickly circulated his cultivation, “Isn’t it just the loss of spiritual energy? I just need to absorb it faster, and then I can make up for it.”

More and more spiritual energy was crazily sucked away by Chu WuQing, which also led to the flow of spiritual energy around the XianLing Sect becoming faster, arousing the vigilance of more and more people.

They dared not take a single step into the XianLing Sect because the sect had used a teleportation array in the Inner Sect to mount a sneak attack on the TaYue Sect.

However, the atmosphere of tension, repression, greed and curiosity had risen to the extreme. It only needed a favourable turn or an unforeseen event to make many recklessly barge into the XianLing Sect for the sake of Opportunities and breakthroughs.

Chu WuQing’s body was breaking down further and further with this forced condensation of spiritual energy, but the membrane formed by spiritual energy became thicker and thicker, as he launched the fifteenth attack towards the nineteenth level of Qi Condensation.

There was only one obsession left in Chu WuQing’s mind. He must definitely become the strongest among those in the same level as him! He must crush all those geniuses who ridiculed and ignored him in his previous life.

Finally, all his spiritual energy was condensed into a ball of energy when his life reached its limit. A burst of vitality erupted out from Chu WuQing’s Dantian as the spiritual energy turned into several streams and spread over his whole body, repairing all the wounds.

Although it was not the Foundation Establishment stage, the spiritual energy fluctuation coming off Chu WuQing was comparable to that of an early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator, and even had more intimidation power.

Xiao Yan stared in fright and absent-mindedly murmured, “So this is his Path.” It was as if he was seeing a peerless power rising.

A scorching sun will eventually shine from above the curtain of heaven, and at that time, the shining stars in his same generation would be eclipsed.

However, he was still so weak and there were so many people who had ulterior motives around him; especially when he was so good-looking that it would cause others to fall into depravity, and made them want to pull his aloof and unattainable fate down into the mud. When that happened, he did not know what beauty would blossom and whether Chu WuQing would be able to keep the pride from his past.

No! No one can stand in the way of Chu WuQing forming his Path!

Xiao Yan wanted to witness how far Chu WuQing could go and see the things were surging and germinating inside his heart. He wanted to follow him all his life.

Just at this time, another unexpected guest came in the night.

Chu YunShu stepped on the guqin. His clothes were fluttering in the silent and windless night and there was a strange cadence flowing around him, which made the air slow down when it passed him and before it happily wrapped around him.

“The nineteenth level of Qi Condensation.” The youth’s voice was very soft. This seemingly casual sentence resounded in the ear of a cultivator sneaking around and made the man fall out of the darkness that he was hiding in. He bled from his seven orifices and lost his life as a black gas came out from his corpse.

This black gas drilled into Chu YunShu’s finger. He had been harvesting the lives of those that were waiting in ambush and spying on the XianLing Sect along the way. More and more black gas drilled in, causing his black eyes to change into the purple of a Great Demon (大魔), yet it did not affect his outstanding temperament.

With a turn of his wrist, a jade flute appeared in Chu YunShu’s hand. He looked up at the Ancestral Peak, and for the first time, an imposing/heavy air (凝重) appeared in his eyes, “Such a genius actually appeared in the Chu Clan.” His slight lamenting tone carried infinite tenderness. Then, he gently stretched out his other hand and grabbed a cultivator, plucking off his head as gracefully as plucking a flower, “He should be strangled in the bud.”

The jade flute was placed horizontally at the mouth and silent notes spread outwards. The Mountain Guardian Greater Array surrounding the Ancestral Peak automatically opened, and all the visiting creatures automatically gave way.

Until… The moment Chu YunShu stepped on the peak.

A figure suddenly appeared! He felt a huge sense of crisis just from meeting face-to-face!

A Peak Foundation Establishment cultivator, and he was half a step into the Pseudo Core stage. This extremely young youngster was actually at the same cultivation level as him, even their Path Intent were evenly matched!

“Xiao Yan.” Xiao Yan may not be famous among the low-level cultivators, but this name was like thunder piercing the ears to every core of a sect and to the Golden Core cultivators who were hoping to ascend to Nascent Soul!

“Chu YunShu.” Xiao Yan indifferently said. Logically, he should not recognise a middle realm cultivator from the younger generation. However, Xiao Yan had thoroughly investigated the Chu Clan.

At the moment they finished speaking, they both started moving at the same time. However, for some unknown purpose, they headed up into the sky, far away from the Ancestral Peak.

Chu WuQing gathered the last aura and completely integrated it. He finished his meditation and when he used his divine senses to check his body, he found that his meridians had broadened multiple times and his Dantian was far bigger than a Late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator. His mind had also become a vast sea of consciousness.

Chu WuQing did a scan with his divine senses.

The nineteenth level of Qi Condensation brought about the widening of his meridians, the transformation of his Dantian to the pinnacle, and the formation of a vast sea of consciousness in his mind.

Chu WuQing did not have time to experience it thoroughly. He planned to take advantage of this opportunity to ascend to Foundation Establishment, thus, he quickly circulated his cultivation. He intended to turn the spiritual energy in his Dantian into rain and make a breakthrough in one stroke.

An immense power was pressing down on his Dantian. Chu WuQing thought that it would be much more difficult to ascend to Foundation Establishment from the nineteenth level as compared to the tenth level. Unexpectedly, it was actually so easy.

It came very naturally and the spiritual energy that had been condensed to the extreme merged together to form water droplets, taking the shape of a large cloud in the Dantain that was about to release its first drop of rain.

Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment cultivators normally refined their spiritual energy into a liquid state once. However, in the original text, Lin Yi refined his spiritual energy into rain for seven times, which made his spiritual energy more powerful than ordinary people and enabled him to use a few spells that could only be used at the Golden Core stage.

However, just as the rain in his Dantian had fallen, a large number of tribulation clouds suddenly appeared in the sky.

Almost at the moment the first level of his spiritual sea had formed, a thick and solid bolt of lightning suddenly struck down, and the roaring sound of thunder rang throughout the whole mountain range.

It was like the Lord of Heaven was angry, and he wanted to exterminate this cultivation that should not have emerged and kill this person who should not have appeared!

The sound of thunder was like a signal, which ignited the anger that had reached a peak. Almost everyone was sure that a tremendous treasure had appeared on the Ancestral Peak of the XianLing Sect.

The so-called genius, Lin Yi, was just a special way for the Sect Leader of the XianLing Sect to cover up the whole thing!


Hundreds of cultivators wielded their magic items and smashed them towards the Mountain Guardian Greater Array of the XianLing Sect at the same time!

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