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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Elder Tang was shaken when Chu WuQing managed to stop the slash of the sword.

Yet, recalling that Chu WuQing had a powerful cultivator as a refined corpse, it wasn’t weird for him to have a couple of unique live-saving techniques up his sleeve. Unfortunately for him, these techniques were usually only one-time use.

But, standing on his sword and summoning the battleship? Was he crazy?

“Has this junior been frightened silly by the Immortal Slaying Ship? He’s gone delusional, thinking the Immortal Slaying Ship is his own,” those watching from the shadows laughed uproariously.

“What a shame. Such a talented person, yet not only is he about to fall, he’ll die shamefully, having gone crazy.”

“Yeah, anyone with half a brain wouldn’t use their last line of defence to take that strike. They’d run for their life.”

“Arrogant brat. You’ve gone delusional thinking you can take the Immortal Slaying Ship for yourself.” Elder Tang stood suspended above the battleship, laughing uproariously. He had thought Chu WuQing had some kind of plan or technique after taking that strike, but it turned out he had just lost his mind with fear.

“You think you can control the Immortal Slaying Ship just because your surname is Chu like our Sect Ancestor Chu? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?” A Foundation Establishment stage laughed, clutching his stomach in mirth. “Then by that logic, anyone whose surname is Tang can activate and use Elder Tang’s artifacts, hahahahaha, I didn’t think I’d get to see such a funny joke today.”

It was widely known that a sect ancestor of the LingYang Sect had obtained the Immortal Slaying Ship from a hidden realm. That ancestor had never taken a wife or had any children, and there had never been a Chu cultivation clan.

The XianLing Sect disciples all widened their eyes in wonder, staring at Chu WuQing. Though they had long since suspected that Chu WuQing might be from some reclusive cultivation clan, anyone with half a brain would never consider that he might have something to do with the LingYang Sect’s ancestor.

Apart from the members of the XianLing Sect who thought of Chu WuQing as everything to them, everyone was laughing.

Chu WuQing’s expression didn’t change, merely speeding up his communication with the battleship. When the battleship had appeared, he could feel a familiar aura. But, familiar as it was, he wasn’t able to confirm it immediately. He called out to it secretly, and the battleship grew excited, as expected.

However, even though it was excited, the battleship didn’t come to him immediately because, in the end, he wasn’t its master. That was why the Chu Clan members who had come here weren’t able to take the battleship back even if they managed to figure out where the battleship had come from.

However, Chu WuQing had an advantage over all those predecessors. He had the Runesmanship prodigy Gu Yu!

In his previous life, Gu Yu had once used a Secret Bloodline Rune to help the protagonist deceive an artifact and force ownership over it.

When Chu WuQing had spoken his summons, the array wasn’t finished yet, so he could only stop the massive sword. At this point, Elder Tang should react, forcing the third battle array into activating, thus letting the great sword strike once more.

Chu WuQing had spoken just now to buy just a few moments more time.

As expected, after laughing his fill, Elder Tang jabbed his finger once again. “Third Battle Array, slash!”

The sword light under Chu WuQing’s feet lit up once more, this time, far stronger than the last.

“The XianLing Sect is no more.” The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect commented casually, even standing up and planning to go back to check how Lin Yi was doing with his swordsmanship training. The servant next to him bowed, planning to give him a hand in courtesy 1 .

Yet, the Patriarch’s hand never reached the servant’s offered hand, for he had slipped off the mountain! The cultivator with the highest cultivation level in the entire cultivation world, the patriarch that was admired by all cultivators had slipped off the top of the mountain like some mortal!

The servant raised his head in shock and was stunned by what he saw!

The giant sword of light raised high in the air had transformed into a streak of light, shrinking to the size of a dagger, and placed itself in Chu WuQing’s hands!

Impossible! This was impossible! The spectating cultivators had even started wondering if they had qi deviated or something and were hallucinating everything.

Then, everyone heard a loud slap.

The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator from the QingYang Sect had mercilessly used a spell and slapped himself across the face. Even with armour made out of light to protect him, his check still welled with blood. It was easy to see how merciless and painful that slap had been.

His eyes were unfocused, mumbling incredulously, “It’s not qi deviation, it’s not qi deviation…”

Elder Tang’s heart was shaken as well, but he didn’t dare imagine that this was real, and couldn’t believe it. He coldly barked, “Silence, lay the battle array. Immortal Slaying Ship, listen to my command!”

Yet the ship remained under them, not budging an inch. Chu WuQing must have used some unnatural methods to create this farce. This was LingYang Sect’s battleship, it was the ultimate treasure of their sect and had been for over a thousand years!

If there really was some powerful Chu Clan, then this battleship would’ve been taken away ages ago. There was no way it would’ve remained in the LingYang Sect for so long, or for Chu WuQing to not have immediately recognized it.

Chu WuQing walked forwards slowly, golden sand gathering behind him as he did, like bodyguards. Each step he took had the LingYang Sect’s heart jumping.

Yet, no one left the battleship. Their thoughts were similar to Elder Tang’s. They still clung onto that tiny possibility.

Chu WuQing’s footsteps finally stopped, just after Elder Tang finished speaking.

His lips curved into a slight smile. Compared to his menacing approach, his smile seemed innocent and naïve, like a young noble who had grown up sheltered and spoiled by his family without any understanding of how the world really worked. “Old man, you tell it to obey your command and call out its name. Have you ever thought about if it’s willing to listen or not?”

Old man!?

Elder Tang had lived for over four hundred years already, but after Foundation Establishment, one’s appearance would remain unchanged. Only when they used up the rest of their years, they’d suddenly grow old. Just in terms of appearance, Elder Tang didn’t seem much older than thirty.

“Y-y-you!” Elder Tang pointed his finger at Chu WuQing, so angry he couldn’t even speak. He was very senior in the cultivation world and had always been addressed respectfully as Qianbei, Daren, Elder. He had never been mocked by a more junior cultivator as “old man”.

Elder Tang’s face was pale, swiftly circulating his qi and forcibly suppressing the spiritual energy inside him that had grown chaotic in his rage. His only reassurance was that the battleship had yet to cut off its connection with him. That meant that Chu WuQing could only stop the battleship, but was unable to control it. He sneered. “Do you think the Immortal Slaying Ship will listen to you when you call its name?”

Chu WuQing’s playful expression faded. The power of his bloodline in his body had gathered to a peak. He jabbed his finger.

This time, this action was completely different from before. A mysterious power erupted from his fingertip, causing Elder Tang’s heartbeat to stutter, his neck going cold.

“Cargo Ship, return.”

In an instant, the cargo ship was like a baby jumping into its mother’s arms, bounding straight towards Chu WuQing. It held none of the imposing aura or killing intent it had before, none of the aloof coldness that an ultimate sect treasure should have.

The Chu Clan was a sprawling, powerful clan. Their patriarch was at Void Comprehension and their elders at Soul Transformation. Golden Core cultivators could, at most, be a deacon. An artifact that was used by Golden Core cultivators, against Golden Core cultivators indeed could only be considered a cargo ship in the Chu Clan.

That was also why so few Chu Clan members over the years failed to recognize it. Chu Clan cultivators below Golden Core wouldn’t have any official clan position or responsibilities. Non main branch members wouldn’t be able to commandeer clan-owned items, so who would know what the cargo ships looked like?

Elder Tang almost spat blood as his rage went into crescendo, and his heart and divine sense took a blow from the backlash of the battleship abruptly cutting off their connection, causing his spiritual energy to flow backwards. Worst of all, that battleship had his most valuable assets on it, five whole high-grade spirit stones!

It had used what he had sacrificed to it and then taken his sacrifices, leaving him for a weaker cultivator! It wanted to be a cargo ship more than it wanted to be treasured by their whole sect as the Immortal Slaying Ship?!

Elder Tang’s eyes were red, reflexively using his life-bound spell and making a grabbing motion at the battleship as he roared, “Return!”

Yet the moment his life-bound spell hit the golden sand of the battleship, it was annihilated, and blood dribbled down from Elder Tang’s lips.

“Elder!” The Foundation Establishment cultivator cried out, panicked. He wanted to run, but the rules ingrained in him told him that the sect always came first. Without the elder’s orders, he couldn’t flee.

Elder Tang hit three of his own major pressure points and took a pill, enduring the pain in his body. He waved his hand, “Run.” The moment he spoke, he had begun to burn his cultivation to gain as much speed as possible.

He had to flee back to his sect. Only getting back under the protection of their Great Mountain Protection Array would allow him to survive. He had to get back so he could tell the sect leader that the battleship had turned, that things had changed for their sect!

“Run?” Chu WuQing grinned, cheerfully saying, “You still haven’t seen the fourth battle array yet.”

The moment he finished speaking, the battleship disappeared from under Chu WuQing’s feet, instantly reappearing under Elder Tang and the others.

“Teleportation!” One of the secretly watching cultivators cried out in surprise. Teleportation was an ability that only ancient Nascent Soul powerhouses possessed.

In that moment, all that disdain and mockery in their hearts had turned into fear. They simultaneously remembered the other nine battleships in LingYang Sect’s possession.

A thousand years ago, the LingYang Sect was able to rise to the top of the cultivation world with just three battle arrays. Now, a fourth had appeared in Chu WuQing’s hands.

Just the thought of the XianLing Sect in control of all ten battleships had chills running up their spines. They didn’t even dare to continue spying on the current on goings, all of them planning to head back immediately and inform their respective sect leaders to prepare for what was to come.

That was when, suddenly, chains appeared over the battleship. With golden sand surrounding them and tough chains binding them, Elder Tang and the others were trapped instantly.

The moment it happened, everyone thought of themselves: would they be able to escape under the fourth battle array?

Chu WuQing stood on the battleship. Since the beginning, he had known that there were people hiding in the shadows, watching. If it were him, he would also send someone to observe the happenings at XianLing Sect.

Just when everyone thought they could leave silently, without being found out by the only Foundation Establishment stage XianLing Sect Leader…

Chu WuQing turned his head slightly, the giant sword turned dagger in his hands lightly smacking against his palm over and over again with nonchalance. “My dear seniors in cultivation. Was today’s show satisfying?”

Everyone was shocked. What did this Chu WuQing want to do? So what if they were satisfied, so what if they weren’t?

XianLing Sect’s victory wasn’t just due to the Immortal Slaying Ship, but also due to Elder Tang being the one in control of said ship. Robbed of his artifact, his heart and meridians had taken a blow, rendering him incapable of fully utilizing the power of someone at peak Golden Core stage. That was why he was caught so easily.

Considering the XianLing Sect’s current strength, even with the Immortal Slaying Ship, they couldn’t win against all of them combined. If the XianLing Sect really wanted to grow strong, it would have to wait until after the LingYang Sect was wiped out!

“Don’t panic, Qianbei. We of the XianLing Sect have always been lovers of peace. We never initiate anything with other sects, only fight back and defend ourselves when others try and bully us.” Chu WuQing smiled. “But, since you all stayed and watched such an amazing show, when our sect, as everyone knows, is poor, how can you leave without giving us something for our troubles? There’s no such thing as a free show.”

As he spoke, Chu WuQing even brushed his fingers over the storage bag at his waist. He had a lot of riches and enjoyed spending them liberally, but that didn’t mean that he liked others taking from him for free. No one in this world didn’t like riches, and that was even more true of the rich.

Plus, wasn’t it fun to extort people in broad daylight?

With that Chu WuQing had said, no one had the face to continue pretending that they didn’t know what he was talking about and didn’t see anything.

The spectators weren’t all on friendly terms with each other, and their sect’s interests all threatened each other. No one would attack Chu WuQing just because they didn’t want to pay up. The result of that would only be a new and powerful enemy for their sect and getting divided and devoured by the XianLing Sect and the others present.

Yet, this Chu WuQing was so shameless! Lover of peace? What lover of peace would annihilate the TaYue Sect in one fell swoop? What lover of peace would have the head of a Golden Core stage TaYue Sect elder hanging at their gate, even until today?

In addition, there were thousands of corpses lying on the ancestral peak now, all killed by the Sect Leader on his own!

Shameless, absolutely shameless!

As for poor, the XianLing Sect was poor in the past, but now they could easily give away Foundation Establishment Pills. To the Chu Clan, even the Immortal Slaying Ship was just a cargo boat, and yet you have the face to call yourself poor?

However, XianLing Sect did have facts, justice and reason on their side. The whole reason they were spying was because they were just like the LingYang Sect. They just simply didn’t want to stand out.

Also, there was one thing Chu WuQing wasn’t wrong about. The XianLing Sect had never initiated any sort of conflict with another sect, only counterattacking when they were attacked, and with such swift ruthlessness that had everyone in shock.

This wasn’t a life and death situation, and they didn’t want to make enemies, so they all remained quiet, waiting for the number one sect, QingLing Sect, to respond first and see what to do then.

“My young friend, you joke. The QingLing Sect and XianLing Sect have been neighbours and friends for thousands of years, how could we possibly sit idly by while the XianLing Sect is in trouble?” The QingLing Patriarch responded from afar. “We simply believe in your strength. I have been sitting here the entire time so that I could extend a helping hand if the situation became dire. Luckily, my young friend, you’re very talented, and this crisis was no crisis to you. Tomorrow, our sect leader will come to congratulate you on the return of your battleship.”

When everyone heard what the patriarch said, they were once again shaken. Compared to the patriarch’s bullshitting ability, Chu WuQing’s shamelessness was nothing.

And the number one sect, they actually let this go so easily?

The QingLing Sect Patriarch was bitter about this as well. With Lin Yi, he couldn’t outwardly do anything to the XianLing Sect, so he could only take a step back.

No one knew that as the Patriarch spoke with cheerful amiability, his face was green and his expression ugly. The XianLing Sect, they were the first ones who dared to step on the QingLing Sect!

Very daring, and QingLing Sect couldn’t do anything about it. He, the Patriarch of the number one sect, had to endure this humiliation.

Even having to go so far… An item glowing with power flew out of the QingLing Patriarch’s storage bag, over the XianLing mountain range and landing in Chu WuQIng’s hands.


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  1. Not sure how exactly to word this. He’s like, making the motion to help the patriarch up, but it’s out of respect/courtesy and not actually needed

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