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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“It’s the Immortal Slaying Ship, the Immortal Slaying Ship!” The lips of the Foundation Establishment Elder of the XianLing Sect trembled as terror showed in his eyes, “This warship was actually real.”

Hundred years of peace had passed in the Cultivation World. The relationship of the ten major sects was inseparably close and the relations between the top three sects were unshakable. Thus, the Immortal Slaying Ships had become a legend for the small sects.

The Foundation Establishment Elder never expected to see this legendary object one day.

The low ranking cultivators of the XianLing Sect and Gu Yu did not know what this warship was. The momentum brought about by the landslide victory against the TaYue Sect suddenly collapsed as the yellow sands filled the sky.

However, there was no fear in everyone’s eyes. If it was not for Chu WuQing, if it was not for their Eldest Shixiong, they would have long forgotten how it felt like to cut through their foes and for them to break through the main gate of the TaYue Sect. Such an event would have remained an impossible dream.

They did not fear even if the other side was so strong that their aura was enough to make people’s knees tremble and feel utterly inferior.

The people from the XianLing Sect would never retreat!

Blood blossomed on the Ancestral Peak and soon there were casualties. However, these casualties did not affect their morale. On the contrary, everyone’s morale rose greatly.

This was because they never thought that they would face the elite troops of the Number Three Sect before this, and did not expect that they would not be single-sidedly overwhelmed in the confrontation with the elite troops.

They actually had the strength to resist.

After the Second Form in the Combat Array, the XianLing Sect’s army did not advance but retreated. Elder Tang sneered contemptuously, “Courting your own ruin… eh?” Elder Tang felt the ship trembling slightly under his feet and the trembling seemed to be due to excitement.

“It’s probably because the warship had been lying unused for a long time and hasn’t seen any blood. It’s actually so excited to see these low-ranking cultivators.”

The forty nine Foundation Establishment cultivators on the warship cooperated with each other extremely well and a faint golden light wrapped around them like a layer of armor.

Spurt after spurt of blood from the cultivators of the XianLing Sect splashed on them, but the armor lightly groaned like a living creature and became more lustrous, just like it had sucked it’s fill of blood.

The cultivators of the XianLing Sect fell one after another. It was the first time Gu Yu felt so powerless. If… if only he was stronger, how much better it’d be.

If he was stronger, he would not have to see these cultivators from the XianLing Sect dying under the opponent’s warships.

He didn’t feel distressed for the lives of these cultivators. He just hated that he could not finish the task assigned by his Lord. Why did his Lord come here and why did he want to give these people so much help? His Lord had never explained that to him.

Since his Lord had put in such great efforts, there must be a great use for them. How could he let all his Lord’s arrangements be wasted because of this a group of trivial matters?

Every cultivator who died was his Lord’s property.

He did not care if they criticized him as indifferent or selfish. His world only consisted of his Lord. 

As Gu Yu drew the array, he stealthily watched his surroundings out of the corner of one eye.

That pair of eyebrows was so still it looked like they were in a dream. They slightly rose, as if containing all the sharpness in the world, containing all the things that Gu Yu felt were untouchable.

Gu Yu’s hands trembled as he drew the array and his heart that did not even beat violently in the fight between life and death was suddenly pounding. He felt his breathing become urgent.

He was so close. Close enough that he could touch the snow-white sleeve that hung on the ground if he shifted backwards a litte, close enough that he could grasp the wrist hidden in the sleeve if he made a little movement.

So much so that he could smell the faint fragrance from his hair.

Chu WuQing’s brows slightly furrowed. Gu Yu’s rapidly pounding heart suddenly stopped, then it did a complete somersault.

He was afraid, afraid that once he could not complete the task and meet Chu WuQing’s expectations, he would no longer be able to call Chu WuQing ‘my Lord’, and could no longer stand in a position that was so close to him.

However, he was unable to do anything in the face of more and more situations where he faced death. He had no choice but to say, “My Lord, I am drawing a Spatial Array. If necessary, you can immediately be transported thousands of miles away.”

As soon as Gu Yu finished speaking, a sword light suddenly flew past thousands of cultivators and fell towards the top of Chu WuQing’s head with incomparable momentum. A sneak attack!

Fast, it was too fast. Although the cultivators of the XianLing Sect were constantly dying, they were hindering the advancement of the warship with human life.

No one thought that the people from the LingYang Sect would have spare power to launch a sneak attack at this moment when they were in a deadlock.

Suddenly, a formidable aura burst out from Chu WuQing’s side. The aura met the sword light head-on, and the aura was burning with flames!

Within those flames was Ke Yun, the first of the sixty-eighth Foundation Establishment disciples.

The cultivation level of Peak Foundation Establishment gained from the burning of his life was able to resist the sword light!

“Gu Yu-daren, quickly take Eldest Shixiong away.”

“Silly!” Chu WuQing barked, and as the word came out, Xin Ye flew out from behind Chu WuQing. He caught the sword light in a flash and knocked down Ke Yun’s burning body at the same time.

Chu WuQing waved his sleeve and the sleeve suddenly extended out like flowing clouds, firmly catching Ke Yun.

Ke Yun, who wanted to demonstrate his sincerity by dying and thought it was the end for him, abruptly felt three fingers on his back. An invisible Sword Qi passed through his skin and integrated into his meridians, stopping the burning of his Dantian!

At the same time, his chin was violently pulled down and three pills were thrown into the mouth. The medicinal effect of the pills immediately dispersed to repair his burning body.

The flames on his whole body were extinguished and the pain disappeared bit by bit. Ke Yun’s heart was crammed full with invisible things, his eyes watered as tears dripped down.

Ke Yun’s act of leaving the array’s protection created a gap in the challenging battle array, and the stalemate that the XianLing Sect had gained thorough sacrificing the blood of its cultivators was immediately broken.

The LingYang Sect’s Immortal Slaying Ships advanced by three zhangs 1 again!

“My Lord.” Gu Yu asked once again, “Please allow me to bring you away.”

“Thinking of leaving?!” The Immortal Slaying Ship broke through the battle array of the XianLing Sect. Elder Tang floated high above the warship and sneered in a cold voice, “The Third Form, rise!”

The Immortal Slaying Ship belonged to Partiach Chu. After Partiach Chu left, no one could make the Immortal Slaying Ship acknowledge them as its owner. The generations of cultivators who controlled the ship relied on the secret method left by Partiach Chu and did not truly master the Immortal Slaying Ship.

They would have to consume large quantities of spirit stones every time they used it. Even so, it was difficult to activate the Third Form of the array. Whether it changed to the third level depended on the whims of the Immortal Slaying Ship.

But today’s Immortal Slaying Ship was particularly excited. Elder Tang could even feel the incorporeal pulse of the Immortal Slaying Ship throbbing. Once the lethal weapon that had not been used for a hundred years was set in motion, it could not be stopped.

A frenzied light could be seen in Elder Tang’s eyes. Holding back the pain in his heart, he put the only five high grade spirit stones he had into the slot. Though it was also because he wanted to avenge his disciple, just the fact that he could make the warship change three times was enough to let him gain unprecedented status in the sect.

Even the Sect Leader would have to be respectful to him in the future.

Spending five high grade spirit stones was worth it!

At the command of Elder Tang, the rolling yellow sand turned into a sea of sand that covered the sky and the earth. In an instant, the sand wave rushed to the XianLing Sect’s frontlines. The frontlines that had been restored through Gu Yu’s runesmanship control collapsed in a split second!

“The Third Form, change!”

As soon as the word ‘change’ was uttered, the yellow sand that carried countless war spectres surrounded the entire army of the XianLing Sect, forming a seal with the power similar to a Greater Spirit Locking Array.

Although its sealing power could not completely seal off a space like a Sealing Array, it could disrupt all the spiritual energy in its encirclement, making talismans and amulets unable to function normally. It was also impossible to escape with a Teleportation Array.

Unless there were cultivators at the Peak Golden Core stage present who could suppress the disorder in the spiritual energy.

However, the only Golden Core cultivator here was Elder Tang.

Elder Tang raised his right hand. Specks of light gathered on his fingertip, and he pointed out, “The Third Form, kill!”

As soon as the word ‘kill’ came out, forty nine war cultivators and forty nine sword lights were merged into one, turning into a gigantic sword floating in the sky that chopped down towards the cultivators in the XianLing Sect and aimed at Chu WuQing’s position.

The patriarch of the QingLing Sect had been secretly observing all these events and a dull smile could be seen on his face from the beginning to the end. However, at the moment of the appearance of the gigantic sword, he lamented, “It’s a pity. Chu WuQing and Gu Yu could be regarded as the greatest geniuses if there wasn’t a Lin Yi. Unfortunately they would have to die because of this.”

The QingLing Sect promised not to touch the XianLing Sect because of Lin Yi, but with the XianLing Sect existing, Lin Yi would never regard the QingLing Sect as the sect he belonged, to guard and repay kindness to.

So, the XianLing Sect needed to die.

Thus, the QingLing Sect was able to keep their hands clean from the beginning to the end. The only thing they used was a chess piece placed in the LingYang Sect that told the sect leader of the LingYang Sect what happened that night the treasure was stolen.

The QingLing Sect had kept a clean record from the beginning to the end.

It was not only the QingLing Sect. Other sects that were closer to the XianLing Sect and weren’t part of the first wave of attacks were secretly observing, hoping to reap the benefits.

At this moment, they were all awed by the gigantic sword from the LingYang Sect.

Once this sword swept down, the XianLing Sect would be destroyed! The so-called Elder Shixiong of the XianLing Sect, who was in fact their actual leader, would definitely die!

Gu Yu used his ordinary mortal body that was just at Second Level Qi Condensation to block the sword for Chu WuQing. Even though he knew that his cultivation was useless, he still shielded Chu WuQing.

All the Foundation Establishment cultivators soared into the air to act as a shield for Chu WuQing.

“A meaningless action,” the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect became solemn for the first time, “It’s a pity that someone who could make the warship change three times appeared in this generation of LingYang Sect’s members. If it wasn’t for Lin Yi, I would never allow such a situation to happen.”

It seemed to be extremely slow, but in fact, no one could escape. With an incomparable pressure, the gigantic sword approached and there remained ten breaths of time before it would fall on the cultivators of the XianLing Sect.

Everyone in the XianLing Sect closed their eyes in despair.

Chu WuQing inserted his hand in between Gu Yu’s fingers.

Gu Yu’s wrist trembled.

“Do you remember the Spirit Blood Array I asked you to learn?”

Gu Yu’s eyes lit up. He did not need Chu WuQing to say anything and had started to automatically draw the array.

Gu Yu’s actions were unknown to others, but several of the realm’s top Golden Core cultivators could clearly see his actions, “What is he doing? Is he drawing runes?”

“Does he think that his runesmanship can stop the warship? Ha ha ha ha ha. He’s really an ignorant calf.”

The edge of the sword was only ten zhang away.

Chu WuQing grabbed Gu Yu and soared into the sky. His speed was so fast that he instantly got past the numerous Foundation Establishment cultivators who were protecting him.

“What is this generation’s Sect Leader trying to do?”

“He’s probably playing favourites. This spirit is also worthy of admiration.”

“Since you want to die quickly, I’ll help you accomplish your wish.” Elder Tang laughed heartily and tapped his fingers thrice.

The speed of the gigantic sword’s landing sped up sharply. Even the sand and grass roots on the ground were startled by the pressure of the sword’s edge.

Chu WuQing and Gu Yu faced the gigantic sword head-on, but at the moment when they were about to collide, they stretched out their hands.

That action was not for resisting. It was clearly grabbing onto something!

“Has this generation’s Sect Leader gone crazy? He wanted to catch the Third Form of the Combat Array that even Golden Core cultivators could not handle!” A picture of the gigantic sword cutting through the youngster’s body emerged in everyone’s brain.

That incomparably beautiful body would be split in two, starting from the right hand, just like a cake. It was too cruel and unfortunate.

However, all their lamenting expressions froze on their faces in the next moment, and the hearty laughter coming from Elder Tang suddenly stopped.

The sharp sword stopped in the young man’s hand, emitting an exceptionally soft light.

This… What kind of trick was this? It could actually fight against the Third Form Combat Blade of the Immortal Slaying Ship!

Even Patriarch Du from the QingLing Sect stood up in astonishment.

However, in the next moment, something that was even more incredible happened.

“My Chu Clan’s warship is actually being used by others. Warship, return.”


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