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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Xuan Shan took in everyone’s different expressions. After a long while, he said, “It was Chu WuQing from the XianLing Sect that helped me to successfully ascend to Nascent Soul.”

Xuan Shan’s words were akin to a boulder falling into the sea that set off a huge wave. The Patriarch actually said that it was Chu WuQing who helped him ascend to Nascent Soul?

How could that be possible!?

The truth that the Xuan Shan Patriarch personally revealed was more unimaginable than all their conjectures.

Elder Yuan forced himself up and looked up at the Patriarch with horror-filled eyes… How could it be? If a cultivator in the Foundation Establishment stage could turn a Golden Core into a Nascent Soul cultivator, then any of their XiaoShan Sect cultivators could make a spiritual root appear in a mortal that was unable to cultivate. It was simply the biggest joke in the world.

The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect felt that his comprehension gained after cultivating for hundreds of years had been trampled and overturned.

However, this sentence was said by the Xuan Shan Patriarch, who was an existence that was equivalent to the Path in the hearts of all the XiaoShan Sect members. He would never speak false words, nor would he credit the achievements of his ascension to Nascent Soul to a junior.

The Xuan Shan Patriarch’s words were powerful and resonating and there was no joking in his eyes.

All the people that were in a trance quickly digested the news. It was a fact even if they couldn’t believe it!

The unusual changes had only occured at the Green Jade Peak when Chu WuQing entered the abode.

Elder Yuan’s face suddenly paled. He looked at the Patriarch, who he had admired all his life. Then he staggered and even sat down on the ground without any care for his image.

What had he done?! He had gathered all the disciples left behind to kill Chu WuQing, wanted to kill him with the XiaoShan Sect’s Greater Array, and almost killed the Patriarch in the process!

The reason why the XiaoShan Sect sent out its full force to desperately fight with the XianLing Sect, and even their Sect Leader personally went to the battlefield… The First Elder became more determined to die by self-detonation.

All this was because the Patriarch was not here and the XiaoShan Sect had declined!

Elder Yuan was deeply regretting his actions. If time could be wound back, he would definitely not shoot the third arrow. Without the third arrow, everything could be resolved.

Elder Yuan decisively raised his hand and hit himself at his Dantian. His already pale face turned paler. Three mouthfuls of turbid blood gushed out of his mouth. His cultivation of late-stage Golden Core suddenly fell to the early stage.

The Golden Core Elder, who used to be so high and mighty, was now in a pathetic state. He miserably raised his head and looked at Chu WuQing beseechingly, “Fellow Daoist Chu, my apologies for this offense.”

His tone was deeply and endlessly grieving.

As long as Chu WuQing had a little conscience, he should quit while he was ahead. However, Chu WuQing never had such a thing. His eyes were slightly narrowed and a cold light was hidden in his smile, “You released three arrows and every arrow was aiming to kill me. But now you want to make me forgive you so easily? How can it be? If our positions were reversed, I would not only make the plane of my cultivation fall, but even abolish all my cultivation and ask you for forgiveness. Would you be willing to do this?”

His tone was casual, but every word was extremely lethal and hit the nail on the head.

Elder Yuan’s eyes suddenly widened, but he had to speak truthfully under the pressure from the Patriarch that numbed his scalp, “No, I will. I will cut off the grass and take out its roots.” 1

The weak do not have the right to beg for forgiveness, and the losers had no possibility of survival. This was the war of the Cultivation World, which was extremely cruel.

“Do it. But I don’t want your life. Abolishing your cultivation yourself will suffice.” Chu WuQing’s voice suddenly softened. His words instantly defused the stiff atmosphere on the scene. If Chu WuQing claimed Elder Yuan’s life by relying on the Patriarch, the members of the XiaoShan Sect would choke with silent fury, and this would surely leave a root of disaster in their hearts.

However, compared with Elder Yuan’s ‘cutting off the grass and taking out its roots’, being able to keep his life was already being too lenient.

The cultivators of the XiaoShan Sect did not realise that they had unconsciously regarded Chu WuQing as someone who was similar to Elder Yuan or a Golden Core cultivator, rather than a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator.

What reason would a Golden Core cultivator need for killing a Foundation Establishment cultivator? Cultivation levels determined everything, but actually they admired Chu WuQing’s act of sparing the life of a Golden Core cultivator.

Elder Yuan’s mouth opened slightly, yet he closed it again in despair. For a cultivator, a cultivator who had risen all the way to Golden Core, abolishing his cultivation was more despairing than taking his life!

It was not just a torture psychologically, but also for the body when falling from the pinnacle of the Cultivation World to the level of ants from the mortal world. How were they to re-adapt to the heavy, cumbersome body of mortals that required nourishment to survive?

Moreover, those who could cultivate the Golden Core stage would naturally have a few enemies. The consequences would be unimaginable once they lose their cultivation. There was no need for Chu WuQing to do the job himself.

Yet, he did not dare to retort nor rebel. Even the hearts of the members of the XiaoShan Sect were not on his side.

Both of Elder Yuan’s hands turned into claws. One claw grabbed his own Dantian and dug out his Golden Core and lifesoul. Elder Yuan was on the verge of fainting but before he lost consciousness, an elixir flew out of Chu WuQing’s storage bag and flew into his mouth.

Elder Yuan’s complexion suddenly turned rosy and his vitality had completely recovered, but his insides had completely withered. When he had his cultivation he could bear all kinds of pain. But now that he had lost his cultivation, the pain became ten times more excruciating.

“Elder Yuan, if my XianLing Sect was defeated in the war, what would you have done?” Chu WuQing continued to ask.

Elder Yuan replied, “Slaughter the entire sect.” His eyes that were looking at Chu WuQing contained a hatred that was unable to be released. Though the XiaoShan Sect’s style was not as domineering as the LingYang Sect’s and they definitely would not massacre the entire XianLing Sect after their victory, such an answer was in line with the previous phase ‘cut off the grass and take out its roots’.

Moreover, could it be that Chu WuQing wanted to retaliate against the whole XiaoShan Sect? The Patriarch would never agree to this.

As soon as Elder Yuan’s words came out, all the people in the XiaoShan Sect were in a state of extreme fear. Elder Yuan had replied with a ‘cut off the grass and take out its roots’ and had to abolish his cultivation. Now he replied with ‘slaughter the entire sect’, did Chu WuQing intend to… take all the lives of the cultivators present here?

“Yes, slaughtered the entire clan. Our XianLing Sect had no grievances or enmities with your XiaoShan Sect. However, you killed our XianLing Sect disciples for your own self-interest, and wanted to kill our entire sect after your victory,” Chu WuQing shook his head. “It’s a pity that our XianLing Sect is not one that seeks revenge for the smallest grievance. Everyone kneeling down for twelve hours will be sufficient.”

The disciples of the XiaoShan Sect raised their heads one after another. Chu WuQing was not going to kill them? They had survived this disaster!

He had so easily subdued everyone by just killing one and praising another. His skill was extremely masterful. Xuan Shan stared at Chu WuQing’s side profile and exclaimed in astonishment in his heart. What kind of clan could raise such a youngster?

Surely this youngster must be the hope of his whole clan and an existence equivalent to the Successor in that superior Cultivation World.

An unprecedented and strong longing to get out of this small realm abruptly appeared in Xuan Shan’s heart. He wanted to see the vast world and to know where the Path after ascending to Nascent Soul led to.

There had never been a cultivator who surpassed the Nascent Soul stage in the small realm. In the past, Xuan Shan did not know whether the Nascent Soul stage was the pinnacle of cultivation. However, Xuan Shan could now affirm that the Path to cultivation was still extremely long and far away. Otherwise, the youngster would not be so calm when he helped him ascend to the Nascent Soul stage.

This only proved that there was a great plane of cultivation above the Nascent Soul stage in the outer realms, and this person was close to the youngster, so he had become accustomed to it.

Thus, he might as well lend this youngster a helping hand. Xuan Shan said, “The reason you were able to witness the Spiritual aftermath of the formation of my Nascent Soul and gain an opportunity for enlightenment today was all because of Young Chu WuQing.” 

If someone else said that, he might get a few retorts. But when Xuan Shan said it, it made all the XiaoShan Sect disciples sober up.

Without Chu WuQing, where would there be a Nascent Soul Xuan Shan? Without Chu WuQing, they would never have such a stroke of luck in their entire life.

This time, everyone looked at Chu WuQing with reverence in their eyes. No one was indignant at what happened to Elder Yuan and they all knelt down spontaneously. This was their punishment.

Chu YunShu was still kneeling at the tip of the peak, but the long qin on his knee had suddenly broken.

He stared at Elder Yuan’s still bleeding chest and was slightly spellbound. The clear and bright light in his eyes had been replaced by a bloody color.

The scene in front of him was so familiar. The stabbing pain of having his Dantian being destroyed still seemed to be there. He touched his chest that did not have the slightest wounds. However, this made his eyes turn a more bloody red and there was no longer any trace of Immortal Qi on his body.

Chu YunShu knew that there was something wrong with his condition. If he continued to Demonise, he would be discovered by Xuan Shan.

His Internal Demons had been drawn out and it was difficult to suppress them. He closed his eyes with great difficulty, wanting to regulate his breathing, but a scene from the past flashed before his eyes.

“The Chu Clan’s Candidate Successor, Chu YunShu going forth.”

“This man has the nerve to challenge the Candidate Successor. He really doesn’t know the immensity of the universe.”

“What do you know? He is the grandnephew of the Patriarch and has been cultivating in secret in the past. Now he’s at late-stage Golden Core and would probably have many magic artifacts on hand.”

Three months ago, Chu YunShu had just returned from the TuoHai Secret Realm. This secret realm was jointly controlled by several Middle Realms and only cultivators below the Nascent Soul stage could enter. Many treasures were hidden inside and they were accompanied by endless crises. It was an important source of clan resources.

Chu YunShu was seriously injured when he came out of the secret realm and had not recovered even until now. However, he had brought a lot of wealth to the clan and also protected all the Chu Clan members who entered ensuring that everyone survived.

“No matter who he is, he would just be defeated by the Candidate Successor. Candidate Successor, I have an elixir to dispel any confounding techniques from an ancient powerhouse’s abode that can prevent this vile person from cheating.”

The First Elder’s solemn voice sounded again, “The Chu Clan’s Candidate Successor, Chu YunShu going forth.”


The sharp claw stabbed into Chu YunShu’s chest and his Dantian was shattered by the gloves that had been coated with Spirit Extinguishing Poison.

Chu YunShu was in so much pain that his entire body was trembling. There was even a ripping sensation in his soul, yet his opponent was obviously not willing to let him go.

The opponent borrowed the illusion array to conceal his actions and no one was aware that he had actually violated the rules of the tournament and was slowly pulling Chu YunShu’s Golden Core out from his body.

“Chu YunShu, from today onwards, no one will remember your name. You are just the stepping stone on my, Chu ShuangFeng, road to gaining control of the Chu Clan.”

“No, Chu ShuangFeng, stop!” The First Elder suddenly roared, dispelling the illusion array. According to the rules of the Chu Clan’s Grand Tournament, the participants could not injure the other party’s Dantian or cultivation and should know when it was going too far. 

“Ah!” The Golden Core shattered within Chu YunShu’s chest. He tried his best to preserve it by relying on the remaining strength, and managed to stabilize his cultivation at the Peak of the Qi Condensation stage after much difficulty.

Chu YunShu cut a sorry figure as he fell to the ground. His whole body was twitching uncontrollably as blood gushed from his mouth.

The whole tournament ground was suddenly silent and everyone was shocked by Chu ShuangFeng’s ruthlessness.

Chu ShuangFeng looked at Chu YunShu and slowly smiled, “First Elder, it’s too late. I had already destroyed his Golden Core the moment you called out.”

The First Elder looked sullen, “Do you know what kind of punishment you will have to accept for this?”

Chu ShuangFeng indifferently replied, “I know. Having lightning strike me for three years at the Thunder Cliff. I can bear the consequences for this. But I am unable to bear the consequence of giving Chu YunShu a respite and let him have the chance to take back the position of the Candidate Successor from me. Therefore, I chose the lesser of two evils. No matter what happens, I will abolish his cultivation and spare all later trouble.”

“Good, what a good ‘sparing all later trouble’. Such an unwavering determination is what the Candidate Successor of my Chu Clan should have.” The First Elder didn’t get angry when he heard Chu ShuangFeng’s vicious opinion. Instead, he laughed heartily, “I will ask the Grand Elders to excuse you from your punishment at the Thunder Cliff. Moreover, I will fight for the chance for you to cultivate for seventy two days inside the heavenly paradise.”

At this moment, all the cultivators of the Chu Clan who had been following Chu YunShu knelt down and saluted the new Candidate Successor, “We greet the Candidate Successor and congratulate him.”

Blood constantly flowed from Chu YunShu’s wound and his signs of life were getting weaker and weaker. Chu YunShu lay on the ground and his ears were filled with the earth-shatteringly loud vows of loyalty to the new leader.

It was only until Chu ShuangFeng and the First Elder left that those people only stood up.

No one cared about the former Candidate Successor who was lying in a pool of blood. No one asked him about the condition of his wound and his cultivation. No one took out a medicinal elixir to treat him. From the First Elder to the servants of the Chu Clan, everyone ignored him.

No, it was not everyone. When a disciple of the Chu Clan left, either he really did not look at where he was going or purely to demonstrate his loyalty to the new Candidate Successor, he tripped over Chu YunShu and caused the open wound to worsen.

The disciple crawled up and cursed, “What is this thing that blocked the road and made This Immortal fall down?!”

Golden Core cultivators would only consider themselves as an Immortal when facing a person who had a lower level of cultivation than them .

Another person walked over. He was a Chu Clan core disciple at the Golden Core stage who was brought out of the TuoHai Secret Realm by Chu YunShu. Seeing the core disciple approaching, the Golden Core cultivator guiltily moved his feet away, wanting to explain.

However, the core disciple first laughed, then with a wave of his hand, hurtled Chu YunShu out of the tournament grounds, “How can this be called a thing? It’s just a useless garbage.”

Now that his Dantian was destroyed, he would never have a chance to rise abruptly nor build his foundation in this lifetime. He was as different as clouds and mud when compared with such Golden Core Immortals and heavenly geniuses like them. There would be no intersection between them at all again.

Such a fall would have no effect on Chu YunShu when he was at the Golden Core stage. Now that he was seriously injured and at the Qi Condensation stage, even tears were appearing on his organs.

This is the Chu Clan that he was born and raised in, and the Chu Clan he wanted to repay with his kindness. 

At the moment of Chu YunShu’s landing, the low-level disciples standing around and watching the scene all avoided him. It was just as if Chu YunShu was the source of bad luck.

Chu YunShu’s hand was shaking violently. His meridians were further damaged with his every movement. He gritted his teeth and reached into his storage bag, taking out an elixir that he forced himself to swallow down along with a mouthful of blood.

He could not die, he didn’t want to die, he wanted to live, he wanted revenge.

He wanted to make the whole Chu Clan disappear from AnYang Realm!

Chu YunShu incrementally moved his body and crawled away whilst under the gazes of the people who laughed at and held him in contempt. He crawled out of the interior of the Chu Clan with difficulty and crawled to the fringes of the Chu Clan… A trail of blood was left behind on the ground he crawled on.

“The day I come back will be the day the Chu Clan will experience a catastrophe. I will let every member of the Chu Clan die in pain and despair.”


What met his closed eyes were the events of the past. Not only did this fail to restrain Chu Yunshu’s demonization, it even hastened the process. He could not go on like this, he would definitely be discovered.

Chu YunShu suddenly opened his eyes and took an elixir. A drop of bright red appeared at the corner of his mouth and the Demonic Qi stopped slightly.

Chu WuQing had left, thus he immediately followed after.


The female cultivator guarding the gate was dragged away to the Punishment Hall. Though they said that she would be executed after they captured Chu WuQing, the Punishment Hall received an order from the Eldest Miss. Naturally, they had to immediately abolish the female cultivator’s cultivation.

A cultivator at the Peak of Foundation Establishment used his hands to cover the crown of the female cultivator’s head. It was clear that he could abolish her cultivation in a single move, yet he simply had to use this extremely cruel way to slowly pull out the cultivation from the female cultivator’s body.

Every minute and every second was accompanied by intense pain and the sharp agony from the soul.

The cultivator from the Punishment Hall looked at the Hall Master’s daughter who was sitting above and said with a flattering smile, “Eldest Miss, how is this show?”

The Eldest Miss sitting high above giggled. Smiling like a flower, she clapped her hands and commented, “Good.”

How could it be bad? The female cultivator guarding the gate used to be proud and unyielding. She even dared to steal her limelight and walked around with a back as straight as a sword. But now she was curled into a ball and shaking from head to foot.

The female cultivator’s heart was filled with infinite despair, but she did not regret it. Her wrists trembled violently as she stretched them out with difficulty, trying to feel her chest and touch the sachet hidden in her lapel.

This action was immediately noticed by the Eldest Miss. A long whip lashed down and fell on the female cultivator’s wrist, leaving a scarlet and open wound.

With a sneer, the Eldest Miss stepped down from the Hall Master’s seat, and walked two steps to the female cultivator. She reached into the female cultivator’s lapel and pulled out the sachet.

The female cultivator shook her head violently. For the first time, an expression of begging and weakness showed in her eyes.

The Eldest Miss laughed out loud and under the anxious gaze of the female cultivator, she opened the sachet and pulled out a strand of silver hair.

“Why do you care so much about this hair?” The young lady grasped the hair strand with the fingers of her two hands and stretched it to the limit. “How about I tear it?”

“You dare?!” A distinct and cold beration suddenly came from the air, then it was followed by a pressure that eclipsed the sky.

Under this pressure, the knees of all the people on the scene softened and they sank to their knees. They felt that their souls were trembling under this tremendous pressure and even their cultivations showed signs of instability.

Only the female cultivator who was guarding the gate was spared.

The change before her eyes happened too fast. The Eldest Miss who wanted to break the strand of hair suddenly sprawled on the ground and the cultivator from the Punishment Hall who was abolishing her cultivation was also sprawled on the ground, shaking as much as when she was having her cultivation abolished just now.

She instinctively stretched out her hand in a trance, then her deteriorating body shook and fell to the ground, but she reached out and grabbed the hair strand.

Her five fingers were drawn close in a fist as she held on tightly.

“You silly child.” Chu WuQing’s voice drifted over from the top of her head, carrying with it a doting sigh.

The female cultivator was stunned for a moment. She raised her head abruptly and saw Chu WuQing stepping off from a Flying Jade Boat and descending from the air. His posture was confident and unrestrained and there was not the slightest scratch on him.

She immediately felt tears that were filled with a myriad of emotions pooling in her eyes. When Chu WuQing took her hand once again, they trickled down her cheek.

The prostrating cultivators also heard Chu WuQing’s voice. They realized who had arrived upon seeing the snow-white boots and this set off a storm in their hearts. Shouldn’t Chu WuQing be dead?

“Raise your head.” Chu WuQing calmly told everyone who was kneeling.

The pressure on their heads loosened a little. When they looked up, they saw that the Foundation Establishment cultivators who had gone out to capture Chu WuQing had already returned in an orderly manner. Only Elder Yuan was nowhere to be seen.

Moreover, there was a man floating above this group of Foundation Establishment cultivators.

The vast aura that came off this person was something they had never seen nor heard of before.

Just at a glance gave their minds a great shock. The spiritual power within their Dantian boiled for a short period before it completely disappeared. Then their blood vessels and Dantian jolted and their Foundation Establishment platform split apart with a bang.

Everyone’s cultivations dropped down to the Qi Condensation stage.

“Slowly drawing away her cultivation? Since you like this kind of show so much, you might as well act in for everyone to see. Wouldn’t it be beautiful?” Chu WuQing gently smiled. His voice was as soft as the spring breeze in April and carried a tipsy warmth.

But when it fell into the ears of the Eldest Miss and the cultivator from the Punishment Hall, they felt it was chillier than the Frozen Lands.

“Her cultivation has already been abolished. Getting revenge on us like this is just to pacify your heart.” It was not known where the Eldest Miss got her courage from. She struggled and roared but was soon suppressed by two XiaoShan Sect cultivators, “So what if you’re relying on the support of a Peak Golden Core powerhouse to kill Elder Yuan? So what if our Patriarch failed to break through the Nascent Soul stage again. When the Sect Leader comes back victorious, you will certainly die.”

“A broken Golden Core is incapable of being reconstructed. But, isn’t it easy for a Foundation Establishment cultivator to rebuild their Path?” Chu WuQing casually waved his hand and an elixir flew out of his storage bag, falling into the mouth of the female gatekeeper.

In a flash, the damage to her Dantian and meridians were repaired. Chu WuQing slightly tilted his head and looked at the Xuan Shan Patriarch in the air and said, “Xuan Shan, can you accept her as your disciple?”


This ‘okay’ set off a storm in everyone’s hearts. The Eldest Miss who was being restrained for execution suddenly raised her head. Why did this powerhouse always give her a familiar feeling? But she was sure that she had never seen him before.

It turned out that it was the Xuan Shan Patriarch!

Despair thoroughly filled the Eldest Miss’s heart. The gazes of the Punishment Hall cultivators who usually followed her were full of resentment and blame when they looked at her.

The cultivator, who had been guarding the gate with the female cultivator before, clenched his fist tightly and bit his lower lip with great force, so as not to let out a cry of surprise.

If… if only they were the ones who led the way for Chu WuQing! Although they would be arrested and have their cultivation abolished, what they got in return was a supreme Opportunity!

To become the disciple of the only Nascent Soul cultivator in the entire Cultivation World.

They would be willing even if they had to experience the torture of having their cultivation pulled out, or having their bodies dissipate and being left with no choice but to seize a body to be reborn and damage their soul in the process. 

Chu YunShu stood in midair. His fingers pointed downwards and a wisp of Demonic Qi flowed out from his fingertips. His limpid eyes that were fixed on Chu WuQing’s action of throwing an elixir into the female cultivator’s mouth turned red again.


The fringes of the Chu Clan was originally a desolate place, but because Chu YunShu lived there, there would occasionally be a few lower class members of the Chu Clan loitering around for the purpose of venting their hatred on Chu YunShu.

Their status was too inferior. In the Chu Clan, where status was based on one’s cultivation and blood lineage, even the servants could trample on them if they wished and they did not dare to resist in the slightest.

After feeling wronged once again, a cultivator at the Qi Condensation stage who lived on the fringes of the Chu Clan pulled Chu YunShu out of the cave and kicked him around with his companions.

The vicious curses mixed with obscene mockery fell into Chu YunShu’s ears. He had already gotten used to it and could even coordinate with these people to scream a couple of times and put on a trembling appearance.

At this time, Chu YunShu was already at the Minor Path of Demonic Skill and for his Immortal Path, he had reached Late Foundation Establishment stage thanks to his two souls. However, he did not show any trace of this. Even when such a despicable person trampled on him, he could put on a performance to cater to him.

The time had yet to come. Revealing himself too early would only attract the attention of others.

Chu YunShu had always been able to tolerate things that normal people couldn’t.

Only when the knife pierces the heart could people gain tranquility in the midst of ridicule, thereby giving themselves the drive to relentlessly cultivate.

A foot stepped on Chu YunShu’s hand and brazenly crushed it. The person laughed, “Learn to bark like a dog for this Master to listen.”

Chu YunShu opened his mouth, but could not make a sound. Even though he had learned to endure till he had become numb, he still could not let out such a sound. Seeing that he was about to be hit again, he curled up and closed his eyes.

But the fist did not fall like he had expected, instead cries of fear rang out around him, “Young Master.” That was an intention of flattery that was unable to be concealed in the voice.

Then a childish voice drifted to his ears as he was being kicked, “Why don’t you resist?”

Chu YunShu opened his eyes and saw a child, a child that was only four or five years old.

As smooth and delicate as a piece of polished jade, it was a child so beautiful he looked unreal. 

Cultivators aimed to ascend to immortality through cultivation, but had never seen how a real Daoist Immortal living in the sky looked like, and how beautiful an Immortal child that had a natural Immortal root was.

But at this moment, Chu YunShu thought he finally knew it.

Seeing that he wasn’t replying, the child kicked him and said, “I’m talking to you.” The voice carried the pride that was present in all the members at the centre of the Chu Clan, but there was something different. It was a kind of noble pride that resulted from being doted on by a myriad of people till they were spoiled.

Even such rude actions were full of innocence that had not been polluted by the fickleness of human nature.

The child’s quick-witted eyes darted around, “You were beaten up by them, right?” He squatted down and wanted to poke Chu YunShu’s body to confirm his guess, yet he felt it was dirty and took out a silk handkerchief to wrap around his finger.

It was extremely deplorable for other people to do such actions, but it was awfully natural for a child to do it. That jade-white adorableness naturally carried the brilliance of the sun. He wasn’t something that could be stained by mud.

He poked him a couple of times. Seeing Chu YunShu frowning, he took out an elixir under the surprised gazes of the low class clan members.

“Young Master, he’s a waste and won’t be able to recover no matter what elixirs he takes. We know that the Young Master doesn’t lack elixirs, but how can Young Master’s things be given to such rubbish?” The Qi Condensation clansman said and almost added that giving Chu YunShu elixirs was an insult to the elixir.

“Who is he?” The child curiously asked.

“I’m not sure too. He’s been here since I was born. From what my mother said, he seems to be a waste who was expelled by a direct descendant. There is no possibility of cultivating again in his life.”

The child gently tossed the elixir up and down and his eyes were full of slyness. As he tossed it, the eyes of those low-level cultivators who had never seen a cultivation pill and only relied on their limited contribution points to exchange for the residues left after pill refining were green with envy.

But taking into consideration the child’s identity, no one dared to step forward.

“Even if we are expelled, we still have the blood of the Chu Clan’s direct descendants. Who are you to humiliate him?” Power and influence were revealed in his words even at his young age. There was an aggressiveness that did not suit his age in the curve of his eyebrows and eyes, which made those little Qi Condensation cultivators kneel down quickly in fear.

The elixir was lightly flicked by the child and fell into Chu YunShu’s mouth.

He was not hurt at all and just deliberately cooperated because he wanted to hide his strength. Now he had to pretend to be healed by the elixir. Thus, Chu YunShu got up, knelt on one knee and said, “Thank you, Young Master.”

The child walked up to him. His figure was clearly still small, but he tried his best to show the attitude of an adult. He seemed to feel that his posture of looking up was too demeaning to his demeanor. This time, he did not care about being dirty and directly raised his hand and pressed it down on Chu YunShu’s shoulder.

Now, at last, he was able to look down from above. The child said in all apparent seriousness, “As a direct descendant of the Chu Clan, how can you give up all confidence in yourself? Even if you can’t cultivate, you can’t lose your lofty and unyielding character.” He spread out his palm and a jade bottle filled with elixirs appeared, “This is for you. Whoever dares to bully you in the future, give him my name, Chu WuQing.”

Chu WuQing, the young son of Chu HuanZhi, the current Clan Head of the Chu Clan!

Unlike all the Clan Heads before him, Chu HuanZhi was not a Candidate Successor, but had been tempering himself for a long time outside. Although he was a direct descendant, few people in the Chu Clan had ever seen him. They only knew that he had surpassed the Candidate Successor, and was a heavent-sent genius that despised the position of Candidate Successor.

Five years ago, Chu HuanZhi returned to the clan with a cultivation level at Soul Transformation and a baby, and seized the position of the current Clan Head.

These years, almost everyone said that Chu HuanZhi took the position of the Clan Head for the sake of that baby boy, so that his son could happily and carefreely grow up in AnYang Realm.

After they all left, Chu YunShu raised his eyes slightly. There was still a trace of weakness in his eyes as a cold glint flashed. He said with a smile, “The son of the Clan Head?” His lips opened and the pill that Chu WuQing threw into his mouth flew out. It was wrapped by spiritual energy from the beginning to the end and didn’t melt at all.

He put the pill in his lapel, as his heart was filled with hatred and mixed feelings.


Chu YunShu touched his chest. Beneath the layers of his clothes, he could feel the existence of the elixir. As he watched the female cultivator leaning on Chu WuQing’s arm, more and more Demonic Qi gushed from him.

He really, really wanted to kill the female cultivator. He wanted to slowly slice off the areas of her skin that touched Chu WuQing.

Chu YunShu’s eyes became redder and redder and an extraordinary feeling of monstrosity could be felt from him.

This was his prey. It could not be touched by outsiders. It could not be touched or sullied by anyone until he killed it

Chu YunShu body leaned forward and he walked step by step towards Chu WuQing. There was a voice in his heart calling with every step he took, no, he must turn back.

Those vows to kill the Chu Clan were unceasingly replaced with the fragments of his past, but he did not realize it.

Chu YunShu’s hand lifted slightly when he reached Chu WuQing and the female cultivator suddenly fell off due to the relapse of the pain of her wounds. Her tightly clenched fist was pried open and the strand of hair that was wrapped by Demonic Qi flew into Chu YunShu’s lapel.

Chu YunShu looked at the long silver hair that was almost within his reach. Except for that time, he had never stood so close to Chu WuQing.

So close that as long as he reached out his hand, he could  touch the soft silver hair that was practically occupying all his vision.

He really, really wanted to touch it…


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Translator Notes:

  1. Cut off the grass and take out its roots: to eliminate completely.

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February 8, 2021 8:15 pm

He likes the man yet he wants to kill the man. Chu YunShu you are confusing.

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February 8, 2021 10:09 pm

man this novel is sooooo good

February 8, 2021 10:25 pm

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July 30, 2022 12:06 pm

What are they all stupid, except for the main character.

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