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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“But you’re right to like Chen SiHan. General Chu is handsome, but he’s not someone to mess with,” Lin Fan said. Then he lowered his voice and said, “His General title was granted by the President himself, and the President thinks very highly of him.” Lin Fan held up two fingers, “I heard my father say privately that appointing him as General has two meanings. One is that his team was all killed in the line of duty on a secret mission, and only he survived as a commendation. The second is that the military needs a high-ranking official with no background to compete with other forces. As someone who grew up in the civilian area of Bayard, General Chu’s presence also appeased the common people.”

Seeing that Luo ZhouZhou was not surprised, Lin Fan analyzed to him, “No one knows the details about the mission he carried out, and the cause of death of his teammates was not released. Also, although his background is not high, no one dares to oppose him in this military department. Now do you understand?” Lin Fan said in a low voice, “This person is too complicated, and his methods are ruthless, those who have had trouble with him have all been taken care of. Luo ZhouZhou, I think you are right to choose Chen SiHan, General Chu can only be looked at from afar, don’t go near him.” Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders.

Then he regretted, “If it weren’t for these reasons, I would have pursued him like the other Omegas, like crazy.”

While Lin Fan was still rambling, Luo ZhouZhou’s thoughts began to wander. Chu Feng aside, he was drowning in the frustration of missing out again on his mate. It seemed that in order to get close to Chen SiHan, he would have to try his luck in Aleisha and go to the Bayard Police Station again.

When he thought of the Bayard Police Department, he remembered the whiff of the smell in the bathroom of the sheriff’s office. He couldn’t tell the exact smell, but the soul-stirring sensation was still fresh in his mind, sending shivers down Luo ZhouZhou’s spine.

Military building, 79th floor, General Chu Feng’s Room.

Chu Feng sat back on the large leather couch, his long legs folded over the coffee table, and asked with his eyes closed, “In other words, the Omegas who were killed, they didn’t cross paths with each other, nor did they have any similarities?” 

He was holding a silver lighter, turning it gently in the palm of his hand, occasionally opening the lighter cap with his thumb and making a clicking sound.

“Yes, so I think the murderer committed the crime impromptu, with no particular person in mind before the crime.” Chen SiHan replied, leaning against the desk.

“The Omegas were violated, their reproductive tracts were forced open, and there were signs of knotting, so the killer is obviously an Alpha. But there were no pheromones found in the semen, and no corresponding genes were archived in the gene pool,” Chu Feng mumbled, leaning his head against the couch.

They both fell silent, and the only sound in the room was the clicking of the lighter cap.

“SiHan, that man, I saw the back of his neck, his gland that was removed.” Chu Feng suddenly spoke, his voice low.

Chen SiHan stood up straight and looked at him in surprise, “The Alpha‘s gland was removed?”

“After the accident, I put away the safe he took and didn’t turn it in.” Chu Feng looked at the lighter in his hand and said, “No pheromones could be found on it, and the DNA extracted couldn’t be found to correspond.”

“Are you saying that the murderer of the Omega this time may be the same person as the last time?” Chen SiHan couldn’t help but raise the volume of his voice, and his words were filled with excitement.

Chu Feng opened his eyes and shielded his forehead with his hand. With a bit of fatigue in his voice, he said, “That’s why I’ve been investigating this case. I want to catch that person. As for whether or not it’s the same person, let’s just catch them first.”

Chen SiHan wanted to ask more, but when he saw that Chu Feng had closed his eyes again and looked as if he didn’t want to talk about it, he stopped.


On his first day of work, Luo ZhouZhou started working with Lin Fan as a junior researcher, doing odd jobs like copying documents, serving tea, or running errands. He took his job very seriously.

He would look at the documents one by one and categorize them. When someone washed the utensils, rinsed them and hung them out to dry, he would bring them under the light and take a dry towel to wipe off every bit of dirt he could see.

Even when serving tea and water, he would hold the pot in one hand and put the other hand behind his back. He walked through the institute with his back straight, like a well-trained waiter in a fancy restaurant.

“Here’s your coffee, sir,” Luo ZhouZhou whispered to an Alpha in a research uniform. Then he put the delicate, steaming cup of coffee in front of him and said, “One sugar and one spoonful of milk, as you ordered. Please enjoy it.” 

Luo ZhouZhou nodded his head slightly, and then walked to the next person.

The stunned Alpha was left to watch his back for a long time.

In just one afternoon, Luo ZhouZhou had attracted the attention of the whole institute, not only the Alpha and Beta researchers, but also Qi Fen, who couldn’t help but look at him frequently.

“Luo ZhouZhou, come over here.” He called the man to his office. Qi Fen asked. “What are some of the connections between pheromones and genes? What are the effects on the body if the gland becomes diseased?” 

This was the basic knowledge of blood genetics, and Qi Fen didn’t hold the extravagant hope that he was a top student of the Royal Academy, so he just asked the two simplest questions. As long as Luo ZhouZhou could answer the questions, he would teach him by hand, and it was possible for him to bring the child up.

But to his great despair, Luo ZhouZhou could not even answer them. He didn’t say a word, just blinked his big, watery eyes and looked at him calmly. There was not even the slightest trace of shame.

Forget it, let him continue to do odd jobs. Qi Fen waved his hand.

After work, Luo ZhouZhou, along with Lin Fan, just walked out of the military building, was picked up by the waiting Assistant Qin in the car and followed Luo Pei home.

“How do you feel?” As soon as he got into the passenger seat, Luo Pei asked from the back seat.

“Pretty good,” Luo ZhouZhou answered him.

A smile appeared on Luo Pei’s face, “Did you work hard this afternoon?”

“A lot of work.” Luo ZhouZhou replied.

“Oh, so what do you think? Tell me about it.” Luo Pei sat up straight with interest.

Luo ZhouZhou recalled, and said seriously, “I think I need a tray so that the coffee won’t spill, and I can serve several cups at once.”

Assistant Qin quickly looked at Luo Pei in the rear-view mirror, saw his face darken, and quickly concentrated on driving.

Luo ZhouZhou followed the furious Luo Pei home, and was greeted by Linda at the sound of the front door. She took Luo Pei’s hat and coat off, and asked nervously, “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with the test?”

Luo Pei took off his coat and walked upstairs, “Come to the study, I want to talk to you.”

Linda hung his coat and hat on the coat rack at the entrance, gave Luo ZhouZhou a worried glance, and followed him upstairs.

“Is there anything you need, young master?” As Luo ZhouZhou walked up the stairs to his room, Butler Li, who was standing in the living room, tilted his head and asked him.

Luo ZhouZhou looked up at him and was tempted to say, ‘I need a cup of blood, just a cup’. Even if it wasn’t warm and fresh, as if it had just been taken out of the freezer and defrosted in the microwave, it had lost most of its sweetness.

But instead he replied, “A glass of tomato juice, please.” Just as Butler Li turned around, he added, “Don’t use a mug, serve it in a tall glass, the kind that holds wine, please.”

The taste was different, but he could fool himself with the appearance.

Luo ZhouZhou returned to his room and had just taken off his clothes and put on a comfortable housecoat when there was a knock on his door. Thinking it was Butler Li bringing tomato juice, he said loudly, “Please come in.”

The door opened and Linda was standing in the doorway.

“Zhou Zhou, there’s something Mama wants to talk to you about.” With a cautious smile on her face, Linda walked in.

Luo ZhouZhou quickly buttoned up his housecoat, pointed to the small sofa in front of the round table, and said, “Please sit down, Madam.”

Linda, obviously preoccupied, did not bother with her title and sat down on the sofa. She deliberated on her tone and said, “Zhou Zhou, just now your father and I had a discussion. We both feel that in your current situation, it would be best to find an Alpha to take care of you.”

As if afraid of being opposed by Luo ZhouZhou, she said with gusto, “Today’s physical examination showed that your heat is approaching, and both your father and I don’t approve of the long-term use of inhibitors, which will cause harm to your body. You should know this, right? When you were in school, the college talked about this.”

Luo ZhouZhou didn’t quite understand, but he didn’t say anything either.

Linda took his silence as confirmation and continued, “And your work worries your father as well. Zhou Zhou, one of his subordinates is a very good Alpha. Would you like to meet with him tomorrow to see if he is to your liking?”

After Linda said that, she held her breath and looked at Luo ZhouZhou nervously.

An Alpha? The same kind of strong man I saw today?

“Do you mean to tell me to pick an Alpha that will take care of me?” Connecting Linda’s words, Luo ZhouZhou asked.

Linda thought about it, and that was right, so she answered, “Yes.”

“Okay.” Luo ZhouZhou nodded briskly.


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