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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


That person failed to ascend to Nascent Soul a hundred years ago whilst in seclusion and had disappeared from the Cultivation World, and even his sect has begun to decline.

That terrifying figure was engraved in their hearts. When that man was there, all the geniuses lost their radiance, and all the Golden Cores bowed before him in submission.

And the beautiful youngster who followed him.

“Patriarch Xuan Shan.”

“Chu WuQing.”

However, this was not the most frightening thing. What was frightening was that all the Golden Core cultivators they were well acquainted with had completely surrounded the LingYang Sect and were now on the enemies’ side. Everything was like Judgement Day.

Indeed, it was the end of the LingYang Sect. The entire sect had been completely eradicated.

This war had truly frightened the entire small realm.

No one knew how Chu WuQing made Patriarch Xuan Shan a Nascent Soul cultivator, and made him obey his every order. But everyone knew that Chu WuQing held the secret to allow them to ascend to Nascent Soul.

No one knew where Chu WuQing came from. Some people thought that he was the reincarnation of the remnant soul of an ancient omniscient existence. Some people thought that the Chu Clan was a hidden clan that was in existence since the ancient times, where only once in thousands of years did the people from the clan walk into the world, and they held resources that were unimaginable to cultivators.

Just like Chu Zu, who allowed the LingYang Sect to rise five thousand years ago, and Chu WuQing, who was now credited with the emergence of the XianLing Sect.


The LingYang Sect, which has been leveled, was now a huge deep pit where the aura of a Nascent Soul lingered.

Chu WuQing and Xuan Shan had returned to the XianLing Sect, but no one dared to check it out even if they were driven by a strong curiosity.

A crack appeared in the air above the pit, from which an exquisitely beautiful and immortal-like youngster walked out.

The place he walked out of was where Chu WuQing had been standing. The man’s clear and cold eyes closed slightly before he indifferently commented, “Now, no one in the whole small realm dares to oppose Chu WuQing. He will start to close his net. I wonder what his expression will be when he sees that all the people of Chu Clan have lost their lives?”

The man laughed lowly and seemed to find it very entertaining. He turned around and a conflict appeared in his eyes, but it soon dissipated. He murmured, “I followed him just to see the expression Chu WuQing will have in a few days when he sees something breaking free of his control. It must be very interesting. I just want to collect a little interest ahead of time, so that he would slowly sink into it and would not be able to escape the shadow of death.

He then flew to the XianLing Sect at lightning speed.


In the XianLing Sect, Chu WuQing was not as relaxed as one had imagined. With the Xuan Shan Patriarch as his backer, he could control the whole Cultivation World.

Even if it was just the second day, the power of repulsion had appeared in the small realm despite Xuan Shan being a Nascent Soul born in the Small Realm.

This repulsion was different from the situation where the spiritual energy in the Small Realm was not enough for people to ascend to Nascent Soul. Instead, it was because of Immortal’s Abode. Under the Immortal’s Abode, even the realm had to bow down to this rule.

Xuan Shan’s Nascent Soul cultivation had broken the balance that the Immortal’s Abode wanted. With the existence of Xuan Shan, the master of the Immortal’s Abode could not choose talented disciples below the Golden Core stage as he pleased.

Xuan Shan could control or kill all the cultivators below Golden Core that entered the small realm if he wished.

When Xuan Shan told Chu WuQing about this repulsion, his finger went straight through the tea cup like it was non-existent, “I feel that in seven days, I will be rejected from the realm. Does it mean that it was not that no one had ascended to Nascent Soul in the past, but all of them had been rejected from the realm after they became a Nascent Soul?”

“No,” Chu WuQing shook his head. “To tell you the truth, there is an abode of a True Immortal from the Higher Realm hidden in this Small Realm. Originally, the Chu Clan had been stationed in the Small Realm to guard the Nascent Soul Elder. When the Abode that had been asleep for thousands of years opened, we expelled all the cultivators above Golden Core who were not from the small realm. I thought a Nascent Soul that was from the Small Realm could be approved of, but looks like that’s not possible. On the surface, my purpose for coming to the Small Realm was to attain first place in the trial and get the spirit stones of the highest quality, but what I really want is to enter into the Immortal’s Abode.”

With a wave of Chu WuQing’s hand, a command token appeared in the air, with the words ‘Murderous Sword’ engraved on it.

An invisible pressure spread out the moment the token appeared, and even the flow of spiritual energy in the air was stagnant.

Xuan Shan felt a torrent of murderous intent hit him in the face as if there was nothing else in the world but the word ‘kill’.

The Nascent Soul cultivation in his body trembled under this killing intent and his cultivation was somewhat unstable.

But this killing intent appeared and disappeared quickly. Chu WuQing’s finger moved lightly, and the whole abode returned to normal.

“This is?” Xuan Shan was stunned. This token did not have the aura of a high-level magic artifact. It was just an ordinary spiritual jade token. Yet, why was it so terrifying?

“This is my father’s token,” Chu WuQing’s calm eyes showed a touch of rare tenderness and affection. “My father is the head of the Chu Clan and he’s at the peak of Soul Transformation. You’ll be able to use this token to get in touch with him. You can stay in the Middle Realm or go to the Higher Realm. If you take offense and don’t wish to step into the territory of the Chu Clan, my father will intervene on your behalf one time should you encounter a life and death crisis if you use this token.”

Xuan Shan already knew that the Soul Transformation stage was above Nascent Soul. He had seen a trace of the truth of Soul Transformation by relying on the power of the realm, and knew how lofty and unique the cultivators at the Soul Transformation stage were.

Chu WuQing’s father displayed such might with just a token. He must be a well-known figure among the Soul Transformation powerhouses, and was absolutely not just a peak Soul Transformation cultivator like what Chu WuQing had played down.

Xuan Shan took the token and bowed deeply. What kind of Opportunity was it for a Soul Transformation cultivator to intervene on one’s behalf one time? It was akin to having one more life.

“I have asked Gu Yu to speed up the research on the Restriction Rune Array and there should be results in three days. During this period, I’ll have to ask Xuan Shan to pretend to go into seclusion and consolidate your cultivation, so that I can obstruct all the visits from the other sects.” Chu WuQing said, “Calculating the time, Su BeiCi would also form her core within these few days too.”

After that, Chu WuQing reached out and tried to pat that fake rabbit by habit, but was surprised to find that the rabbit was not there.

“Could it be that it couldn’t bear to live in disguise anymore and had decided to leave?” Chu WuQing smacked his lips, “What a pity.” He still hadn’t played enough.


Xiao Yan, of course, did not get tired of the life of playing a rabbit and left XianLing Sect, but had headed for the largest Cultivation City in the small realm.

His mind was still haunted by the scene of the battle with Gu Yu. He had never imagined that he would not even be able to kill that little Qi Condensation Runesmaster.

Instead, he let Gu Yu stall for time through his arrays to allow Chu WuQing to arrive.

The sharp sword in Xiao Yan’s hand would have plunged into Gu Yu’s Dantian and ended his life in one breath. But after feeling Chu WuQing’s aura, he had no choice but to turn back into a rabbit, move to the side and pretend to be innocent and lovable.

He even wanted to smear a little bloodstain on himself and pretend to be seriously injured, but Chu WuQing had already quickly walked in.

At the moment when Chu WuQing stepped into the abode, the originally terrible and threatening array suddenly became incomparably tame and meek. Not only did it not have a trace of a defensive array’s shielding power, there were even beautiful waves of flowing light moving around.


This caused the originally somewhat crude cave to become a lotus pond paradise with the use of an illusion array. That lotus flower even drifted toward Chu WuQing, rubbing its petals on Chu WuQing’s clothes like a small animal competing for favour.

“Damn it.” Seeing this, Xiao Yan angrily cursed in his heart. This wretched Gu Yu, even his array was so disgusting.

The lotus leaves from the illusion array had even completely blocked him from view, making Xiao Yan unable to capture Chu WuQing’s attention even if he wanted to. He could not use a spell to break the array in this situation as the fluctuation of spiritual energy would only arouse Chu WuQing’s suspicion.

Chu WuQing walked into the array and saw Gu Yu kneeling in the middle while coughing up a few mouthfuls of blood from time to time.

“My Lord?” When Gu Yu saw Chu WuQing, his eyes suddenly lit up. His body that was originally held up through his stubbornness powerlessly fell to the ground at this moment, as if his last wish had been fulfilled.

This despicable and vile person. He did not even have the time to seriously injure Gu Yu. This was absolutely Gu Yu taking the opportunity to win sympathy and pretending to be injured.

Since he had been so seriously injured and was unable to support himself, where on earth did he have the energy to mobilize and control the array?

People could be shameless, how could they be so shameless till this point?

He did not expect that he could not even kill a servant with his status as the grand Successor of the ShangYuan Sect, and was also cheated of his Opportunity by others. Xiao Yan was furiously raging in his heart.

Especially so when Chu WuQing went out for a trip after emerging from seclusion, and came back with a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Xiao Yan was naturally unscrupulous in front of Gu Yu and these people, but it was impossible for Chu WuQing to believe him if the Nascent Soul was suspicious of himself.

As a result, the imagined end would be to only repeat Gu Yu’s mistakes.

Xiao Yan had run away when he felt that Nascent Soul cultivator enter the XianLing Sect’s mountain range. He secretly made up his mind to find a Spiritual Beast Garden and try his best to imitate a rabbit’s behaviour so that no one would be able to find any clues. It would be best to find a Beast Tamer to prove his identity.

The Beast Pavilion was the top Spiritual Beast Garden in the Small Realm. The female shopkeeper here had a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivation and was a master in beast taming. All the spiritual beasts raised by her had excellent natures.

The doorsill of the Beast Pavilion was extremely high. First-grade spiritual beasts were sold here at three times the price at an ordinary Spiritual Beast Garden. They had even established a breeding centre covering an area of one hundred mu in the Cultivation City where land was worth its weight in gold.

Such a place never needed too many customers. Sometimes there was only one customer in two or three months. However, everyone who could come to the Beast Pavilion to spend was either extremely rich or extremely noble.

Ordinary cultivators would feel inferior and dared not enter the courtyard of the Beast Pavilion just by looking at the circulating and radiant rune array, and the hundred zhang tall third-grade Spiritual Tree outside the door.

The chamberlain from the Beast Pavilion was idly sweeping the courtyard at this time.

Suddenly, a sword light fell from the sky.

The entire Beast Pavilion seemed to be shrouded in shadow the moment this sword light appeared, and everyone’s heart trembled.

The chamberlain raised his head respectfully and saw the sword light disappear, revealing a youngster in white.

The youngster had extremely exquisite features that were elegant and otherworldly. His eyes were as clear as a lake and as bright as light reflecting off the water’s surface. However, it did not make people feel lustful and enchanted. On the contrary, they felt a bone-deep chill at the moment they made eye contact with the youngster.

So much so that the spiritual sea within their bodies was somewhat unstable and they nearly spit out a mouthful of blood.

The chamberlain did not dare to slight him and quickly invited Xiao Yan to the inner hall.

The Foundation Establishment female shopkeeper deferentially walked out and offered Xiao Yan a cup of spiritual tea.

The female shopkeeper thought to herself, “This customer has an extraordinary bearing and cultivation. It’s obvious that he’s just a Peak Foundation Establishment cultivator, but his bearing from head to toe is far better than all the Golden Core powerhouses I’ve ever seen. He must have come from a first-rate sect. A big customer has come!”

“May I know what kind of spiritual pet you want to buy?” The female shopkeeper smiled gently. Each expression displayed her best side. Her tone was respectful but not flattering, which was the one most popular with high-level cultivators, “We have high-level spirit beasts that are not available elsewhere, like the third-grade Thunder Dashing Beasts, fourth-grade Winged Tigers, and even a fourth-grade Spirit Snake with the blood of a Jiao. May I know which one you want to purchase?”

Xiao Yan frowned slightly at the words of the female shopkeeper, with a look of disgust on his face.

These spiritual pets were practically rubbish to him. He did not expect that someone would sell them to him with such an attitude.

The female shopkeeper was even more pleased upon seeing Xiao Yan’s appearance. Unexpectedly, the customer did not even put such high level beasts in his eyes. This was definitely a first-rate noble customer!

If she managed to complete this transaction, let alone not opening for two or three months, they would also have made a profit even if there was no business for three years.

In the next moment, Xiao Yan demanded in an exceedingly impatient tone, “I want to see the Spirit Snow Rabbit. You should have them here, right?”


The female shopkeeper almost thought that she had auditory hallucinations. Such a distinguished and extraordinary customer, who looked like he was born in a famous top-notch family at a glance, actually just came to buy a Spirit Snow Rabbit?

Was he here to be funny? The Spirit Snow Rabbit could be purchased from anywhere and only needed ten low grade spirit stones.

She had brought out a rare spiritual tea, which was only provided when the sect leaders of the five major sects visited, in order to make the customer feel comfortable. One or two cups of them was worth ten intermediate grade spirit stones.

If it wasn’t for Xiao Yan’s imposing manner and the Golden Core cultivators their store hired to as guards feeling afraid from the aura released when he arrived, she nearly wanted to curse his mother. Yet, she could only hide her surprise in her heart and maintain a smile.

The shopkeeper couldn’t help but feel criticizing him silently. Xiao Yan looked extraordinary and came from a famous family. As a result, he only bought a Spirit Snow Rabbit and was downright petty. He even dared to look down on the Three Band Spirit Snake with the blood of a Jiao previously.

But out of fear of Xiao Yan, the shopkeeper still said, “Then please let this servant lead the way for you. The Spirit Snow Rabbit is–” She had decided to give the Snow Rabbit directly to Xiao Yan to secretly humiliate this petty and poor man.

“No need.” A bag of spirit stones was thrown out as soon as Xiao Yan waved, “I want to book the Spiritual Beast Garden for three days. Don’t let anyone disturb me.”

The shopkeeper took the bag, and searched the contents with her divine sense. Her beautiful eyes suddenly widened and she immediately bowed down respectfully and promised, “There’s no problem even if Senior wants to book it for a year.”

Holding the bag of spirit stones in her hand, the female shopkeeper mused in her heart, “This distinguished guest is so generous with his money. Buying a Spirit Snow Rabbit must be an excuse. Who would book the entire Beast Pavilion just to buy a Spirit Snow Rabbit? Could it be that he was here for the Wandering Jade Beast?”

The Wandering Jade Beast was the only fifth-grade Spiritual Beast in the Beast Pavilion. A fifth-grade Spiritual Beast was equivalent to an early-stage human Golden Core cultivator, and it was the treasure of the Beast Pavilion.

Three months ago, Wandering Jade Beast mysteriously fell pregnant. After checking, she found that the Wandering Jade Beast was pregnant with a cub that had the bloodline of a Snowfall Beast.

The Snowfall Beast was an extremely rare Spiritual Beast. It looked immensely kind and honest, and was very similar to the Spirit Snow Rabbit. But compared to the weak and small Spirit Snow Rabbit, the powerful Snowfall Beast could grow to the sixth-grade, which was equivalent to a middle-stage human Golden Core cultivator!


The Snowfall Beast was distantly related to an ancient mythological beast. It could couple with various beasts. The cubs born would be at third-grade from birth and their cultivation level in the future would certainly surpass that of their mother.

Spiritual Beasts raised from young would develop deep feelings towards their owner, and would never betray them. When fighting, they would be able to cooperate extremely well with their owner, akin to a tiger that had grown wings.

They hid the news immediately when the Wandering Jade Beast fell pregnant. Firstly, they were afraid of their competitors, or high-level cultivators, snatching the Wandering Jade Beast by force after they got the news.

Secondly, it was for the purpose of sending out invitations to a public auction to the various top Golden Core cultivators on the day the mother beast gave birth.

However, no one would be more generous with money than this young master even if the auction was held. What’s more, this young master had already achieved an extraordinary cultivation level that surpassed the Golden Core stage at his young age. It would be better to sell the Wandering Jade Beast today and leave a favourable impression.

No wonder this young master looked down on the third and fourth-grade Spiritual Beasts that they had mentioned before.

The shopkeeper who thought her guess must be right immediately took Xiao Yan to see the mother beast.

Xiao Yan’s face became dark upon seeing the snow-white mother beast, which caused a chill to suffuse into the surrounding air.

The female shopkeeper felt a crack appear in the Foundation Establishment platform in her body as soon as Xiao Yan’s eyes lightly swept over her and she was immediately dripping with cold sweat.

This distinguished guest, why was he still angry when he saw the mother beast? Could it be that he had seen that the mother beast’s pregnancy was unstable and the fetus born would have a congenital deficiency?

The shopkeeper quickly explained, “Senior, you’ve misunderstood me. Although the pregnancy of the Wandering Jade Beast is unstable, it is extremely rare to have a demon beast that has a blood inheritance! In particular, the bloodline of this child is much stronger than that of its father. Although its body is a little weak, it can be nursed back to health and will become your powerful helper in the future.”

“What’s more, deeper emotional fetters would be created between the owner and spiritual beast in the process of nursing it back to health, which will definitely make the young beast completely dependent on its owner. It would never abandon its owner even if the soul contract is cut off one day.”

The shopkeeper was extremely clear about the requirements talented cultivators had for spiritual beasts. However, after careful observation, Xiao Yan still looked indifferent after she spoke so many words. There was even a deeper chill in his eyes.

Based on Xiao Yan’s icy-cold appearance, he did not look like a person who could raise this kind of small animal. The shopkeeper immediately got a flash of inspiration and continued, “If you’re giving it to someone as a gift, especially to a Dao companion, such a strong and loyal beast is even more difficult to come by.”

“Oh?” Xiao Yan, who was almost unable to suppress his anger, changed his expression when he heard the words ‘Dao companion’, “Is that true?”

The shopkeeper thought Xiao Yan was moved by her words, and put in more effort into advertising it, “It’s especially so when the appearance of this cub is so lovely. Most of the powerful and loyal beasts look ferocious. How rare is it to have a beast with such a small and adorable appearance? Senior’s Dao companion would be very happy to receive such a gift and would think of you when they see the little beast. When you are not present, the beast can represent you and take utmost care of and accompany your Dao companion.”

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yan’s expression was already extremely ugly as soon as she spoke. He was obviously not letting out any pressure but the female cultivator felt that her knees were shaking, and there was even a sense of crisis in her heart.

Xiao Yan could see through the fetus in the mother’s body at a glance with his divine sense, but what he noticed was not that it had an unstable pregnancy – it was that the fetus in the mother’s belly was actually a rabbit-type beast!

What was she implying? This female cultivator unexpectedly made a supreme effort to sell the beast. Although the words ‘Dao companion’ very much matched his intentions, who would buy a stupid beast to compete with oneself for a ‘loved one’s’ favour?

She even had the nerve to shamelessly praise the loyalty and strength of this beast. What kind of beast could be more loyal than him and more powerful than him?!

But no matter how angry he was… Xiao Yan had to admit that the Spirit Snow Rabbit he was acting as was not of the same level as any rabbit with the bloodline of a something.

Indeed, the other party was not only strong and loyal just like the female cultivator had mentioned. It was also able to act cute and obedient, which was totally different from himself who could only pretend to be clever and adorable in front of Chu WuQing, but had no practical use at all.

Although he was really very useful and could ward off all dangers for Chu WuQing and pave the way for him in the Chu Clan’s trial, all of these were because of his status as a human cultivator and could only be carried out in secret.

Chu WuQing would never know that someone was secretly guarding him from the shadows. It was really hateful.

Xiao Yan’s eyes flashed slightly and without seeing him make any movements, the female cultivator saw that the powerful and treasured fifth-grade Spiritual Beast had suddenly lost its life, and the life signs of the beast cub had disappeared.

Under the female cultivator’s alarmed eyes, Xiao Yan took out another bag of spirit stones and said, “The mother beast died of dystocia half a month ago, leaving only one little beast to survive alone.”

The female cultivator’s face was pale and her eyes were full of fear. Her lips trembled as she spoke, “But, but the little beast is already dead.” It was even killed by you just now and the mother beast definitely did not die of dystocia half a month ago.

Xiao Yan sneered and turned into a rabbit to the female cultivator’s surprise. He looked up at the female cultivator with scarlet eyes and stated, “That beast cub is me. I was born without good care because you were busy with the business. This caused me, who needed loving care, to escape from the Spiritual Beast Garden for the sake of playing around, and mistakenly entered the Ancestral Peak of the XianLing Sect. Then I was taken in by Chu WuQing, the ruler of the XianLing Sect, as a spiritual pet.”

The female cultivator was originally extremely frightened and thought Xiao Yan was an enemy who had come for revenge. Unexpectedly, Xiao Yan turned into a rabbit and cooked up a backstory like this.

Had this senior powerhouse cultivated till he went into Qi Deviation and gone bonkers?

Unfortunately, Xiao Yan’s gaze was like a knife on her neck, and she did not dare to have the slightest resistance.

So much so that a drop of soul blood had flown out of her body when she wasn’t aware of it.

How powerful was he? The female cultivator helplessly watched her soul blood fly into Xiao Yan’s mouth. Her life and death were now tied to a single thought from Xiao Yan.

“What Senior said is absolutely right.” The female cultivator replied as she trembled.

“Because I am not pure blooded, I look like a Spirit Snow Rabbit. You have to explain it for me…” Xiao Yan secretly instructed the female cultivator.

The female cultivator was so afraid that her body wanted to shake uncontrollably, yet she had to look tranquil and calm under Xiao Yan’s eyes. She suppressed the fear in her heart and carried Xiao Yan in her arms, pretending to be the breeder of Xiao Yan.

She really wanted to cry. How could there be a breeder like her whose lifesoul was controlled by a spiritual beast?

Moreover, how could there be a powerhouse like this that transformed into a beast cub?

The female cultivator’s mind was unstable and she felt as if she was floating. She felt that her whole immortal life was illusory as she carried Xiao Yan, intending to walk out of the Spiritual Beast Garden.

As a result, Xiao Yan ordered, “Bring me to see the Spirit Snow Rabbit.”

Then, under the female cultivator’s gaze that looked like she had seen a ghost, Xiao Yan imitated the rabbit’s behavior. He even diligently and carefully learned all kinds of rabbit calls.


Xiao Yan vowed that a rabbit bleating like a sheep was the greatest disgrace in his life, and he absolutely never wanted to be in such an embarrassing situation again.

The Foundation Establishment female shopkeeper secretly criticized in her heart, “This Senior really has an unusual hobby. I really could not tell that such an extraordinarily handsome and excellent cultivator would have this kind of unspeakable hobby.”

The world of genius cultivators was really incomprehensible.

After two days of devoting himself to learning, the illusionary magic item that Xiao Yan had left in the XianLing Sect unexpectedly activated.

The unusual occurrences of core formation appeared in the sky above the XianLing Sect within the magic item.

There was no need to think to know who the person who would form their core in the XianLing Sect was. The one that had the audacity to claim they were a woman, and based on Chu WuQing’s excuse, she shamelessly clung onto her position as a so-called fiancée – Su BeiCi.

Such an insignificant cultivator from a small realm, even as a bed-warming servant girl that was part of the bride’s dowry let alone being the fiancée of QingQing, she was not worthy of touching QingQing’s finger.

Xiao Yan was immensely angry in his heart and he could no longer care to stay here and imitate a rabbit. He changed back to human form and hurried over to the XianLing Sect with the female cultivator.


Chu WuQing was meditating when he felt the strange fluctuation of spiritual energy around him. He frowned slightly and appeared outside the great hall.

Chu You came up, “Su BeiCi is forming a core.”

Dense spiritual energy rose into the sky and turned into heavy clouds. Under the layer upon layer of pressure, a hurricane of spiritual energy formed above Su BeiCi’s abode.

Core formation! Someone was forming their core!

All the cultivators in the XianLing Sect were seething with excitement. No matter how powerful the Xuan Shan Patriarch was, he was still someone from another sect. The Golden Core cultivators from the XiaoShan Sect could only serve as slaves to the XianLing sect for ten years.

Their hearts would never be with the XianLing Sect. Only when the XianLing Sect had its own Golden Core cultivator could they really stand on their own feet.

At this moment, the Foundation Establishment cultivators came from all directions to the bottom of the mountain peak where Su BeiCi’s abode was located no matter what they were doing, and looked up enviously.

There was a pure desire in the heart of every Foundation Establishment cultivator. Even the most stupid and untalented person hoped that they would be able to form a core.

Half an hour later, the clouds in the sky formed into a string that linked with Su BeiCi’s abode, and the spiritual energy was being absorbed by Su BeiCi.

At the same time, there were actually countless spiritual flowers blooming and a myriad of spiritual birds flying over from all directions in the mountains where Su BeiCi’s abode was located.

Even the wind had become refreshing and gentle, which lightened one’s mind.

At this moment, invisible laws were flowing through the air.

Now was when the core truly formed, the real unusual changes that happened the core formed. With such unusual changes, a False Path Golden Core would not appear. Neither would a Minor Path Golden Core. Only Golden Cores of Intermediate Path and above would appear.

This represented the recognition and celebration from the heavens. Each person’s Path was different, and the unusual changes that occurred when they formed their cores were also different.

“This is not right. Why is it these unusual changes?” Chu WuQing murmured, didn’t Su BeiCi cultivate the Path of Cleaving Emotions?

All emotions would be cut off at the time of core formation. The unusual changes should be the withering of all living things and the mountain range freezing over. How could it be such a free and leisurely unusual change?

Everyone in the XianLing Sect felt their minds undergo a purification when they saw these changes. It seemed as if all the rules and fetters in the world had dissipated. They were swimming freely within heaven and earth, doing what they pleased.

Chu WuQing frowned. Did his change cause Chu YunShu’s cultivation to soar and even caused Su BeiCi’s Path to change? That was impossible.

Chu Wuqing stretched out his hand, grabbed a former Foundation Establishment Elder from the XianLing sect out of the air and asked, “What Path is Su BeiCi cultivating?”

The Elder felt inexplicable when Chu WuQing suddenly caught hold of him. However, seeing Chu WuQing’s solemn expression, he had no choice but to reply, “What A’Ci is cultivating is…”


However, the originally gentle wind suddenly became violent before he finished speaking, and even the fine string of spiritual energy suddenly turned into lightning that struck down, shaking the entire mountain range.

After that, the clouds in the sky dissipated and the unusual changes disappeared. Su BeiCi’s abode opened and the pressure of a Golden Core spread from it. All the disciples of the XianLing Sect knelt down from the pressure.

A figure walked out of the cave, and the aura covering his whole body could not be retracted immediately as he had just formed his core. His whole person was like a bright moon hanging high in the sky, shining brightly.

It was not the cold and beautiful woman in Chu WuQing’s memory, but a youth full of elegance and talent.

In an instant, all the cultivators who had been watching the core formation gasped with disbelief.

Su BeiCi was obviously a famous beauty in the whole Cultivation World. Why was it a man who had walked out?

The face was still the same, bright and gorgeous with distinctive features. Yet, it did not have the slightest hint of femininity. The thin, long, shapely eyebrows, had become well-defined sword eyebrows. The slightly raised corners of his lips hid a tyrannical haughtiness, and one could discern his astonishing talent and grace.

It was more praise-worthy than his previous disguise as a female.

Su BeiCi walked step by step to Chu WuQing. The Foundation Establishment Elder automatically retreated, thinking that Su BeiCi wanted to tell the truth about why he disguised as a woman.

Who would have thought that when he stopped in front of Chu WuQing, his slender and flawless fingers gently stroked Chu WuQing’s hair that was tousled by the wind. Then he gazed into Chu WuQing’s eyes, bowed his head and said with a smile, “With WuQing here, how can I possibly cleave my emotions.”

Su BeiCi’s deep eyes could not hide his tenderness. His long eyebrows slightly frowned, and he seemed to play down his experience of forming his core, “I was unable to cleave my emotions and could only fall into qi deviation after being unable to establish my Path. But I was not willing to stay by WuQing’s side with a Minor Path. Even if WuQing did not dislike me, I would be disgusted with myself,” Su BeiCi’s eyelashes trembled slightly and the deep affection in his eyes was revealed. Chu WuQing’s reflection was completely branded in his black eyes, as if he wanted to swallow Chu WuQing whole, “So I changed to cultivate the Path of Carefreeness, so that I could accompany WuQing all my life.”

There was no need for Su BeiCi to say more. Everyone knew why the incident with the spiritual cloud happened just now. He was really an extraordinary talent to be able to comprehend a Greater Path after changing his cultivation at the last moment.

But how could the heavens allow such an extraordinary talent to exist? That was why Divine lightning had suddenly descended at the end.

“The heavens cannot stop me if it’s for WuQing’s sake,” Su BeiCi’s gentle tone suddenly sank. His body leaned forward and his lips almost touched Chu WuQing’s earlobe. His voice was filled with hidden bitterness, “A’Qing, you are my Path. You can’t turn your back on me. If you turn your back on me, I will fall into the depths with endless Internal Demons.”

Chu WuQing wanted to retreat, but he felt like his earlobe had been scalded. Su BeiCi’s hand was on his waist so he could not step back at all. Such a position seemed like it had almost encircled his whole body, and he could even hear Su BeiCi’s breathing in his ear.

“WuQing, why are you drawing back? Is it because I changed into men’s clothes? It’s just to make it more convenient to accompany you. You avoided being close to me out of courtesy when I was wearing women’s clothes, and I… was too immature before and caused a lot of unnecessary trouble. It was all my fault.” Su BeiCi’s voice suddenly softened when he said this, and his aura was no longer so forceful, but he was slowly leaning over.

He took Chu WuQing’s hand without tolerating the slightest resistance, kissing the back of his slender and fair hand. Su BeiCi raised his eyelashes slightly and said in a soft voice, “So I changed into men’s clothes. That way, I’ll be able to fight side by side with you and can better handle the sect chores that you are tired of.”

Su BeiCi made a script and acted it out. The Foundation Establishment Elder was totally shocked. He never knew that the child he watched growing up would be a person that could lie without leaving any flaws.

For the sake of Su BeiCi, he had to give up his old face and put on a happy expression. He had to try his best to circulate the spiritual energy in his body to prevent himself from showing any flaws.

Su BeiCi’s words made Chu WuQing a little relieved. It’s normal for women to disguise themselves as men.

Su BeiCi once dressed up as a man for Lin Yi in his last life. However, Su BeiCi’s Path was different from that of his previous life. It was a big surprise to him when he saw Su BeiCi appear in men’s clothes, thus he was unable to react for a moment.

Feeling Chu WuQing’s stiff body slightly relax, Su BeiCi straightened up with a smile hidden in his gentle eyes, “A’Qing, you don’t need to be nervous. I know you don’t like to be intimate in front of people. As your future Dao companion, I will follow your will and will never force you.” After that, he released his tight grip on Chu WuQing’s hand. But when he let go, his little finger gently scratched Chu WuQing’s palm.

The cultivators in the XianLing Sect naturally knew that it was their alone time and they all withdrew voluntarily as soon as Su BeiCi’s gaze swept over them. When all of them retreated, Su BeiCi said, “I haven’t seen you for many days. I want to wash WuQing’s hands and make spiritual food for WuQing. Will WuQing wait for me in the hall?” After he asked, he immediately changed the topic, “Now, there is no one. Can WuQing kiss me to comfort my yearning for you for the last half a month?”

Facing Su BeiCi who was in men’s clothes and was even taller than him, how could Chu WuQing bear to give him a kiss?

However, Su BeiCi did not wait for Chu WuQing’s consent and he once again reached for Chu WuQing’s waist. His lips turned towards the space between Chu WuQing’s eyebrows and a touch of shyness was revealed when he closed his eyes.

Originally, he thought he would taste the delicate, soft and smooth skin that he had longed for day and night, but Su BeiCi felt a stab of pain in his lips. When he opened his eyes, Chu WuQing, who had been held in his arms, was already three chi away.

Chu WuQing held a rabbit in his arms. The rabbit was just the size of his fist. It was as weak as it could be, but it stretched out its sharp claws from its meat pads, and its claws were still dripping with blood.

Seeing Su BeiCi look over, the rabbit even showed its teeth provocatively and its eyes were full of unconcealed disdain.

How could a low-level spiritual pet show such a human-like expression? How could it have appeared without his knowledge and wounded a Golden Core cultivator like him even if it was just a superficial injury?

A huge desire to commit murder broke out in Su BeiCi’s heart. This beast was either a cultivator who had transformed or a demonic cultivator’s hiding its aura.

It was impossible for it to be a low-level spiritual pet!

Unfortunately, that shameless demonic cultivator put on a naive appearance. When Chu WuQing looked down, it displayed the attitude of a little beast asking to be pampered, and even stretched out its tongue to lick the back of Chu WuQing’s hand.

It even hugged its belly with two claws and rolled around for a while, acting like it was extremely hungry and wanted to be fed by its owner. This made Chu WuQing so amused he laughed and he seriously pulled out a handful of grass and fed it to the rabbit’s mouth.


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